13 / GRIEF

Falling Apart b/w Whither

(Riotous Assembly) Used Split 7-inch $10.00

Grim, mournful doom metal backed with all-female kult sludge / doom metal. Second pressing on black vinyl, from 1993


3... 2... 1... Zero

(Hot Cars Warp Records) Used LP $7.00

13 Gauge (Chris Corsano, Aaron Mullan, and George Moore) dedicate one side to alto legend Marion Brown and render a post-core, Chick Corea-less “Afternoon of a Georgia Faun.” Their third piece, “Montana Fix,” loosely pays tribute to mushroom legend John Cage. The Klatzker-Corsano duo (cello and drums, respectively) follows with a slightly more melodic but no less frazzled approach. Dieter Henkel abandons his main instrument (drums) and jams guitar, trumpet, and twiddled knobs into the works, bringing this 1997 release to a screeching halt. Hand-painted paste-on cover affixed to old Chopin jacket. Edition of 500



([ no label ]) Used LP $20.00

Sarah Bernat, Sarah Cathers and Shannon Walter live in Los Angeles and San Francisco 2010. Silkscreen folder cover.


Make Like A Fetus And Abort / Extract, Behold

(Ecstatic Peace) Used Split LP $5.00

Shiflet’s free-fall of acoustic wonder backed with noise improv by Sarah Bernat, Sarah Cathers and Shannon Walter. From 2007


When All Else Fails...

(Vision) Used LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Aggressive technologies, unconventional sound-generating devices and a positively industrial approach by Alex Buess, Markus Kneubühler, and Knut Remond. On ‘Pedestrian Dub,’ sax and guitar infused with enveloped, processed barbs make each bleat and downstroke sound like wavering sheet metal, and Remond’s shell tones all the more alien.” 1989 pressing



(Arkaplan) Used LP + 7-inch $50.00

Turkish folk prog album from the mid-’70s. Includes “Anlatamiyorum” b/w “Köy Dügünü” seven-inch. Numbered edition 348/400 from 2003


Kevin Drumm / 2673

(Kitty Play) Used LP $8.00

One side of abrasive noise by each. Edition of 500


... Against The Odds

(Unwucht - UN03) 2x7-inch $14.00

Six previously unreleased tracks of simian stomp, recorded live to half-inch tape in 1993. A planned seven-inch remained unrealized and the reels took a nap for seventeen years until Unwucht came to the rescue. Hand-photocopied gatefold sleeve, with a color postcard. Edition of 295.


3 Toed Sloth

(Slothful - SLOTHFUL1) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Sharon and Andrew began playing together in Sydney in 1987; in early 1989, Tom from Feedtime joined them on drums for three years or so, during which they played twenty live shows and self-released this album in hand-screened jackets. They ran out of steam after jacket number 400 was done and forgot about the leftover platters, until recently, when they were found in a box under a friend’s house. Just under two decades is a long enough rest by almost anyone’s reckoning, so they fired up the screens and finished what they started. So, back story out of the way, why does this record make anyone go apeshit? Because it's “Aussie mongoloid stomp with a real thick air of psych damage, and even some sleazy horn movements,” as Negative Guest List has stated most emphatically.


Bel Marduk & Tiamat

(U:r) Used LP $25.00

“Vigorous bouts of RIO energy amid a refined and literate sense of wordplay. 5UU’s swathe ornate lyrics in an equally hyper-intense and near-psychedelic aura of shrill guitars, keyboards that test the limits of 88-key endurance, and tumbling avalanches of percussive variants.” From 1986



(ReR Megacorp) Used LP $35.00

Darkened and more serious than Marduk, more severe and tighter, but not at the expense a certain sense of humor. From 1988


Wind Machines

(Free Porcupine Society) Used CD $15.00

(Free Porcupine Society) Used LP $15.00

Rob Fisk would loathe having the ten tracks from 2004 described as “super-psychedelic, no wave, beard-core, folk explosion.”
CD includes 16pp book of drawings by Fisk and Jeff Nerkumm. CD is sealed
LP is sealed.


Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock

(Thin Wrist - TW-J) LP $19.00 (Out-of-stock)

Wooden Bag (Other Music 2015) was all forward momentum, stomping and shaking, but Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock explores percussionist Rick Brown’s long-standing interest in odd and “compound” meters, enhanced by guitarist Che Chen’s modal investigations and melodic / harmonic tendencies. Reinforcements include Cheryl Kingan of The Scene Is Now on baritone and alto saxes; Andrew Lafkas of Todd Capp’s Mystery Train on contrabass; Karen Waltuch of Zeke & Karen on viola; Rolyn Hu of True Primes on trumpet; and Carey Balch of Knoxville’s Give Thanks on floor tom. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016.



(Qbico) Used LP $20.00

Collective freak-outs, surreal interludes, hypnotic drones, electronic motifs and strange experimental passages from 1991 — all edited together by Richard Youngs with an ear toward keepin’ it wild — released in 2003. Multicolor vinyl.


A Feast Of Snakes

(In The Red) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

This Dallas, Texas, psycho four-piece match the insanity of the berserk novel by Harry Crews with grimy ass-shakin’ swagger, splats of slide guitar, and the odd pained outburst of screaming distortion.



(Corpus Hermeticum - HERMES001) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

1993's no-fingers-on-the-strings opus, aka the free noise barrage heard 'round the world.


The Eightness of Adam Qadmon

(Ikuisuus) LP $21.00

Vinyl reissue of this 1994 Corpus Hermeticum cassette, a recording which Jon Dale says draws him in “for its utterly unique, acroamatic sensibility…. [C]ollective and solo eviscerations from the heart of sound itself.” Made when Bruce Russell and Alastair Galbraith were still formulating the “idea of A Handful Of Dust … through experimental practice. Some of it worked better than other bits, but it all made sense as a collage of sound, pointing in the direction of freedom.” Edition of 200


... A Thinking Plague

(Endemic) Used LP $35.00 (Out-of-stock)

Colorado’s answer to Henry Cow and Art Bears, exploring the frontiers where rock, folk, jazz and modern symphonic music meet. Spray-painted jacket, lyric sheet insert. Edition of 500. From 1984


Live In Nickelsdorf

(Roaratorio - ROAR32) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

The heavily textural, frequently perplexing, sometimes unsettling music of Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet), Sharif Sehnaoui (acoustic guitar), and Raed Yassin (doublebass) bears little relation to its cousins from similar outer realms of extended technique. Live In Nickeldorf is the sound of a collective ur-mind that favors the long gesture over pointillistic strokes. Using no electronics or overdubs whatsoever, the Beirut-based trio’s capacity for generating aural illusions is astounding; one would be hard-pressed to identify their sources as three acoustic instruments. Includes download coupon. Edition of 350


Gone Aiwa

(Siltbreeze - SB150) LP $16.00

Together for a short period in 1983, Above Ground was a fleeting yet crucial component in early ’80s Christchurch DIY. Bill Direen (Vacuum, Bilders), Carol Direen, Maryrose Crook (Max Block, Renderers) and Stuart Page (Axemen) combined a detached Velvet Underground vibe, a smattering of early Modern Lovers keyboard angst, and some kind of Sky Saxon / Seeds psychedelic mojo. Originally a made-to-order cassette, Gone Aiwa was no stranger to the shelves at various NZ shops and tables at the occasional gig; other than two tracks ("To Kill A Bat" and "Gray Goose") that saw the light of day on The Bilders' retrospective Max Quitz CD (Flying Nun 1993), it's a near-certainty that everything here in previously unheard by little ol' you. Includes download card.



(Dagored) Used LP $12.00

Original soundtrack recordings for the 1967 cult sci-fi movie. Bizarre voice-only tracks, electronic themes, organ-based rhythmic jazz with a psychedelic vibe — perfect background for tales of Perry Rhodan’s space adventures. Gatefold jacket. 180-gram vinyl


Tapes 81-89

(Vinyl on Demand) Used 5xLP + 7-inch $175.00

2007 reissue of Untitled (Body 1981), Numbers (Body 1982), Figures (Body 1983), Live (Body 1984), Tracks (Body 1989), Is There An Exit? (Blitz 1981). Numbered edition, 380/600


Accident du Travail

(Bruit Direct Disques - BRD4) LP $15.00

Twenty-four minutes of Ondes Martenot recordings by Julie Normal (Cradle of Smurf) and Olivier 2MO (Cheveu). Maximal repeatable sound beauty, “somewhere between the lilting decay of Discreet Music and the disorientating phantom flirt of Maryanne Amacher's Sound Characters (Making the Third Ear)” according to Doug Mosurock. “It's an impressive, subdued work, and anyone looking to end their evening on a restful comedown should look within.”


Bacteria Cult / Actuary

(Vomitcore) split 7-inch $7.00

Dark, haunting strangeness from Bacteria Cult, who put the "uuuuuul" back in peculiar. This experimental group features Chris Dodge (Despise You, Lack of Interest, Spazz), Kevin Fetus (Fetus Eaters, Lack of Interest), Eddie Nervo (+Dog+, Destroy Date, Final Solution), and Jay Howard (Circuit Wound, Wire Werewolves). The Los Angeles based Actuary made a big impact on our comrades at Dead Formats: "Really intense noise ... full of hatred.... I felt a little ill.... It sounds like someone is being stabbed and tortured.... It's brutal in a way that nothing will ever be brutal again. This is horror." Blue vinyl.


Freak Hallucinations

(Obfuscated) LP $11.50 (Out-of-stock)

An eighteen-minute track from Merzbow and three tracks of face melt from Actuary, with vocal work by Chris Dodge and Fetus K. Colored vinyl (a smokey mix of black and white), gatefold jacket, two-sided art by Fetus and Akita.


Ensemble Pieces

(Obscure) Used LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two pieces by a member of AMM (cheerful, repetitive carols on organ, bells and toy piano), one of which is based compositionally on the stiching pattern of a sweater, three austere and slowly evolving instrumentals from a live recording with Adams’s New Music Ensemble, San Francisco. And Bryars’s extraordinary ensemble piece performed by himself, Derek Bailey and Cornelius Cardew mimicking a pre-recorded cassette and shifting from lounge jazz music something more aleatory. 1978 repress of 1975 LP


Moss Side Story

(Mute) Used LP $8.00

Elements of rock, voices from news reports, blood-curdling wordless female vocals (courtesy of Diamanda Galás), lounge keyboards, and swirling funereal ambient music are interwoven on this taut and compelling, three-act concept album from 1989.


The Negro Inside Me

(Mute) Used LP $8.00

Six tracks from 1993. A burst of spiraling horns rushing headlong into an up-tempo Hammond-organ-versus-James-Bond jazz-funk groove; Latin-edged, cymbal-intensive percussion rhythm; scratched record samples, electronic noises and slow-mo hip-hop breaks that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Massive Attack album; orchestral textures and piano motifs; layers of hip-hop percussion and organ flourishes; sparse and funky wah-wah guitar; slow and lounge-y café jazz for piano and vibes.



(Vinyl on Demand) Used 3x10-inch $40.00

Synth / minimal-wave from the archives of Erick Moncollin. Includes "The Museum Sessions," "Éxhumation," "Rock Noire," tracks from "ADN La Catastrophe," and other rarities.


Deep In Ocean Sunk The Lamp Of Light

(VHF) Used LP $10.00

Stephen O'Malley (Sunn0))))), Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo), and Vincent de Roguin (Shora) scratching that NWW Spiral Insana / Schulze Cyborg itch in 2006. Screen-printed jacket by Alan Sherry of SIWA. Sealed



(La Scie Dorée - SCIE608) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Aged beauty and deceptively casual cinematic visions by Timo van Luijk. Piano, saxophone, drums, percussion, the voice of van Luijk’s grandmother, extra hiss and crackles evoking ritualistic mood swings and skeletal pulsations. Edition of 400.


Trois Mémoires Discrètes

(La Scie Dorée - SCIE912) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Three introspective instrumental compositions performed on English horn, flute, percussion, double bass, and Hammond organ, recorded and mixed by Timo van Luijk. Stripped-down with slow-moving sounds, less layering, nearing modern classical music more than drone.


The Austrasian Goat / Afflictis Lentae

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR047) split 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

One track each of machine-gun, blasting, old school black metal. First in a series of split 7s.


The Shirley Jangle

(K-raa-k3) Used 2xLP $15.00

“An intimate and subtle meeting inside a bubbling audio biosphere of noise, sound art and experimental improvisation” by Lee Renaldo, David Watson, Christian Marclay and Gunter Muller. Three sides and fourth etched by Renaldo.


Agathocles / Sissy Spacek

(Ultra Eczema - UE77) split 7-inch $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

The first in Ultra Eczema’s year-long series of monthly 7s in which anything goes: from the acid of Pierre Elitair to the mincecore of Agathocles or a prank by Frieder Butzmann. This one has ten songs by each band: Agathocles (raw, muffled, gruntly, painful, fast) drills holes in your skull and pours in a cocktail of ass-grinding diarrhea recorded during a rehearsal before a tour of Mexico; Sissy Spacek shaves off your nose and eyelashes with Gerogerigegege-style noisecore (a brutal slap of preparé right there). Fold open cover designed by Debby Tyfus, with lyrics, etc. 300 copies


Some Vague Desire

(Avant! - AV!045) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

This London-based duo draws on elements of English post-punk and French cold wave. The eight songs on their first full length combine angular guitars, lush and driven bass lines, hypnotic rhythms, and melodic croons.


Bypassing Time Passing

(Hospital) Used LP $50.00

Hulking, great slabs of noise from 2007. Two long tracks that veer between feedback squall, sheet metal scrapes, jackhammers and static. Silkscreened cover. Edition of 200


The Vertigo of Dawn Time

(Time Lag) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

A complete tonal voyage from 2008, opening with a dark ritual of dueling reeds and buzzing drones, erupting into seriously burning psych raga built from totally heavy, jamming, acoustic guitar licks, eastern grooving hand percussions, stoned backwards or fuzzed-out electric guitar splatters, and subtle creaky drones. Nearly unintelligible vocals swirl beautifully. Woozy, head-bobbing, and completely there. 180g vinyl in a custom fabric-textured heavy gatefold jacket with black and red ink.


True Love Never Dies

(Bunkerpop - BP04) LP $17.25 (Out-of-stock)

The historical footprint of this short-lived and little-known Dutch Messthetics post-punk band might have escaped detection were not for a self-released cassette in 1983, reissued here on vinyl for the first time. While the opening track hinges on the ululating yell of Tarzan, as portrayed by actor Johnny Weissmuller in the film from 1932, it also explores themes of genocide, racism, the destruction of culture and the melding of totalitarianism and ignorance. With lyric sheet, photos, and notes from the band.


Live '418

(Holy Mountain - 17) LP $15.00

Controlled panic by this Tokyo trio who are sure to spike the tongues of all those who purport to talk about the rock. It is primal, punk, eerie, harsh, vicious psychedelic no wave from start to finish.


Love And Addiction

(One Point Life - LP01) LP $30.00

Composed in 1978 and originally released under the alias McDullan (Dharmakustannus 1997), Love And Addiction explores sex and drugs — rendered coldly and harshly, like two dinosaur computers conversing or Perrey-Kingsley on a bad acid trip, yet not without Airaksinen’s signature hyperactivity and off-kilter drones.



(One Point Life - LP03) LP $30.00

“Everything ever released by Pekka Airaksinen is always worth a look,” our friends at Bleep remind us, “but this has completely blown our heads off…. Completely out of time with anything else around when it was originally composed [in the mid-80s], these five vast portraits of sound blend between new age dawdles to robust jazz improv. This is seriously deep listening that you can get lost in for days on end.”


One Point Music

(O Records - OROLP035) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

When The Sperm began to wither away in the early '70s, Pekka Airaksinen released One Point Music in 1972, a shining moment in his discography, characterized by a sense of improvisation and casual roughness that is rare in electronic music. Soon after he became a Buddhist and stopped releasing music for a decade. Regarded as a recluse, he returned to the public eye in the mid-'80s with a new but equally futuristic vision, exemplified by Buddhas of Golden Light (O Records 1984), an incredible mixture of Sun Ra’s cosmic free jazz and twisted rhythms programmed on a Roland 808 drum machine. Limited edition reissue.


Vertical Pillars

(One Point Life - LP04) LP $30.00

Electronic instrumental improvisational music inspired by mathematical information drawn from ancient texts. Rhythms are divided into four layers, to mirror the elements: earth (bass drum); water (tom); fire (snare); and wind (cymbal). Just as, according to Indian beliefs, Buddha is the pinnacle of human attainment, Airaksinen strives to create perfect rhythms that accompany the perfect life. Recorded in 1983-84, all tracks are previously released on limited-edition CDRs — three from Sugatas (Dharmakustannus 1997) and one from Jewel Comet (Dharmakustannus 1997).


Vitae Tennis Nest

(One Point Life - LP02) LP $30.00

Piano music composed and played in 1998 (notably influenced by Taylor, Tristano, Nancarrow, Stravinsky, Glass), in conversation with delay, resembling robotic baroque from the future.


Airway / Hijokaidan

(Harbinger Sound - HAS099) split LP $15.00

Released to coincide with the LAFMS retrospective in London. Legendary free jazz percussionist Sabu Toyozumi joins Jojo Hiroshige on guitar, Junko on vocals and Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai on electronics on this live recording from late 2009. The maddest of LAFMS mad dogs feature Joe Potts, Rick Potts, Tom Recchion, Dennis Duck, John Duncan, Fredrik Nilsen, Vetza, Linda Pitmon and Aaron Moore on this live recording from 2009.


Live At Lace

(Harbinger Sound - HAS047) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Limited vinyl reissue of the ultra-scarce 1978 Los Angeles Free Music Society album. Mastered by Airway founder Joe Potts during 2006. This set is limited to 500 copies with a sleeve based on the Japanese export edition of the original, along the same lines as the previous CD edition. Contains a portfolio of live flyers, etc. 41 minutes of bliss that's nothing like the shorter, messed with version that turned up on the LAFMS 10CD boxset.


Short Fuse

(Alt.Vinyl - AV071) LP + CD $24.00

Paul Thomsen Kirk’s fifth full-length album navigates the last of the concrete, glass and steel of the large urban cityscapes of Japan and enters the de-populated rural villages and barren rice fields. Sound-tracked by pounding rhythms; disembodied electronics; roughly hewn, effected samples; whirling dervish dance-marathons; concussive percussion; and twisted snippets of lost conversations, the album is akin to listening to a multi-waveband radio tuned into post-Fukushima short wave transmissions replete with static-laden, disembodied newscasters lamenting forgotten faces and life-lines to the gone forever, the extinguished firmament of normality. CD contains entire album plus three non-vinyl bonus tracks. With inserts. 180-gram, colored vinyl. Edition of 250



(Elevator Bath - eeaoa038 ) LP picture disc $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

A two-part composition by the artist behind seminal, vegan, straight edge, noise project Merzbow. Akita’s traditional soup of unidentifiable metallic clanging, crushing feedback, jagged white noise, and various effects. No drums, guitars, or vocals — just scorching electronic mayhem of the highest quality. Edition of 270.


Akitsa / Prurient

(Blasphemous Underground) Used Split LP $40.00

“Unstructured industrial noise elements with vocals that are shrill and penetrating, backed with violent harsh noise combined excerpts of classical violin.” From 2006


Au Crépuscule de l'Espérance

(Hospital - HOS268) CD $14.50 (Out-of-stock)

(Hospital - HOS268) LP $14.50 (Out-of-stock)

Dedicated to imperfection, obsessed by minimalism, Akitsa returns after three years with a full length album (their fourth) where primitivism, bitter atmosphere and youthful naivety clash together in a blaze of raw hate anthems. One of the cruelest factions of North American black metal.


Grands Tyrans

(Hospital - HOS442) Cassette $13.75 (Out-of-stock)

(Hospital - HOS442) CD $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

(Hospital - HOS442) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

Death, deprivation and an agnostic vision of a crumbling society.


Ripped From Death, Forced To Live, And Die Again

(Hospital - HOS318) LP $19.50 (Out-of-stock)

Split LP of esoteric and violent North American black metal, four years in the making. Edition of 500.


Duos With Guitars

(Silent Water - SW011) 2xLP $30.00

Side-long improvisations recorded between 2011 and 2013 at various locations in Brussels and Tokyo. “Ave Rara” has Di Domenico on Fender Rhodes and Lobo acoustic guitar; “Metaphysical Cowboy” has Di Domenico on piano and Akiyama on acoustic guitar; “Body Made Ear” has Di Domenico on piano and Rhodes, and O’Rourke on electric guitar. The fourth side is blank, in honor of the late Hans Reichel, who passed away before his duet could be recorded.
Have a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/giovannididomenico/duos-with-norberto-lobo-tetuzi-akiyama-jim-orourke-soon-out-on-monotype-records


Psychology of Love

(Hospital - HOS221) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Long-awaited first LP of heavy electronics command. Philosophies of war and love burn in the cauldron of mythology. Trade one power for another but be warned that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Includes tracks from Rumbala (Hospital 2007), the infamous cassette that started it all. For fans of Militia, Grey Wolves, Pal, and Esplendor Geometrico. Edition of 200.



(KBA - KBA001) LP $22.50

Delicious crunch flitting back and forth between the Norwegian noise supremo’s crashes and bangs and the saxophonist’s unorthodox techniques.


Live at Rotunda

(Open Mouth - OM59) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

Susan Alcorn on pedal steel. Drummer Chris Corsano. Guitarist Bill Nace. Cover silkscreened by Alan Sherry. Number six in Open Mouth’s Live At series. Numbered edition of 200.



(Sonor Music Editions) Used LP $30.00

Sweet funk-drama tracks from the ’70s, recorded as a sound library session for Italian television. Edition of 500.


Gang Wizard / Algebrassiere

(Ecstatic Peace) Used Split LP $5.00

Gang Wizard’s “gush of air is free from all known styles. Sure, these young Californians use ‘rock’ tools, but the stuff they get out of them is purist munge,” the un-hoodwink-able Arthur would like you to understand. “It varies between accreted noise-form and the kinda free-plonk that makes hot ducks wiggle from sea to shining sea. Algebrassiere’s blow is sweet and weird in a way that almost recalls some of Smegma’s early early crudity. Stylish!” Paste-on cover art. Numbered edition 246/264


Cathode Rays Are On Overload

(A-1 Records) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

Nice reissue of a 1979 treasure so mysterious and elusive that it’s one of the few things blowhards, Kerouac wannabes, compulsive name-droppers, and self-hating collectors all agree on. Beneath the unholy fervor, the album has a nearly Killing Capitalism With Kindness sense of song-writing — anxious, short vignettes strung together to paint a picture of mouths and neon green-gray blood-pumping hearts from a universe filled with busy, rambling minds. “Fuzz explosions” and “ego psych” are nifty phrases (just keep telling yourself that, you’re a real bloodhound for genius), but this is more like seeing a play by a Todd Rundgren-obsessed loner on Halloween with nothing but mannequin heads as the audience. A claustrophobic maze, to be sure, but full of outerworldy treasures and intimate, inexplicable wonders.



(Nashazphone - NP11) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Parisian free improvisation by Jean-Marc Foussat (VCS3) and Sylvain Guerineau (tenor sax). Jazzbos and apeshit Euro improv buffs know the former from his totally twisted classic Abattage LP (Pyjama 1983) and the latter from collaborations with Sunny Murray, Henry Grimes, Joe McPhee and Francois Tusques, to namedrop a few. Edition of 250


La Paix

(Sahel Sounds) Used LP $10.00

This garage rock band from Mali loads their battered hand-me-down guitars, drum kit, amplifiers, speakers and generators onto donkey carts, regularly tours throughout off-the-grid farming villages of the Timbouctou area, and blasts their trademark electrified sound under star-filled skies, sometimes getting paid in sacks of rice.


Mensch Mensch Mensch

(Alt.Vinyl - AV054) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

Electro-acoustic explorations by these two Berlin-based composer-performers, who draw on musique concrète, free improv, noise and industrial, utilizing synth, field recordings, trumpet and percussion. 180g vinyl. Edition of 250.


Without Tears: Noise In Theory & Practice

(Throne Heap - TH-OS-3) LP $21.00

Elden M. combines and arranges eclectic sounds, noise frequencies, and electronic music. Sources include manipulated cassettes, a scratched record, distorted feedback originating from amplified junk metal, vocals, pedal and rack effects, synths, drum patterns, and excerpts from a recent live performance. Two inserts. Edition of 400


Unifying Themes

(Misanthropic Agenda - MAR034) Used LP $18.00

A study of themes that unite as a whole across geographic, linguistic and cultural barriers. Edition of 90.


Alo Girl / Last Rape

(Urashima - U006) split LP $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

Alo Girl is an obscure Italian noise project. Deep roaring, subterranean, obsessive and paranoid tones, tinged with sleaze and an airless atmosphere. With Last Rape Richard Ramirez (Werewolf Jerusalem, Black Leather Jesus) and Sean Matzus (In The Land of Archers) focus on Italian thrillers. Silkscreened cardboard sleeve, with insert. Limited edition to 120 copies.



(Urashima - U002) LP $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

Deep roaring, subterranean, obsessive and paranoid tones by obscure Italian project tinged with sleaze and an airless atmosphere. For fans of C.C.C.C., Incapacitants and like that. Silkscreened cardboard sleeve, with insert. Limited edition to 120 copies.


Altar Of Flies / Sewer Election

(Release The Bats - RTB31) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Mean-spirited ugliness from a pair of fine Swedish bands. Sewer Election’s nasty “Rotten Corpse” is a crude and disgusting piece of monotonous, freezing coldness. Altar Of Flies buries claustrophobic lo-fi insanity dark within eerie forest rumblings. Straight from hell with heavy outbursts of feedback.


Every Actual Body / Brittle Bones

(Hasten & Korset - 043) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Concrète mixed with industrial. Darksmith does very little with not much at all -- the sound of movement in an empty, open room captured on cassette tapes crudely and minimally manipulated. At once meditative and unsettling. Sweden's Mattias Gustafsson scrapes and grinds metal like a true demon. Drawings by Tom Darksmith. Artwork by Daniel Fagerström. With a postcard. Clear vinyl. Edition of 100.



(Peripheral - PR014) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Angst-ridden experimental noise utilizing tape, field-recordings and various electronic sound generators. A true nightmare of epic proportions from Mattias Gustafsson. Edition of 250.


Rabbit Hole

(Järtecknet - 19) LP $27.00 (Out-of-stock)

Distorted tape loops, damaged field recordings, and shorted-out electronics by Mattias Gustafsson. Strong and passionate, monstrous and fucking creepy. Edition of 200.


Rörelsen Mellan Rummen

(Järtecknet - 29) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

With precision and a sensibility for details, Mattias Gustafsson explores the inner corners of a musical universe where the dull replicas of today’s hollowed-out experimental scene are left far behind. Intriguing sound collages and tape manipulations are more crystallized than ever, with density and restraint. Edition of 300. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016


Altered Beast

(Blak Skul - BSR005) 7-inch $9.75 (Out-of-stock)

Kansas City’s Altered Beast delivers riffs with the precision and rhythm of a death metal band — equal parts metal and hardcore without being metallic hardcore — punctuated with heavy youth crew breakdowns. Their blue-collar truth-dealer spits tales of city life with venom-tinged PMA. The result is tough-guy hardcore if your idea of a tough guy is a working class everyman, crushed by the slings and arrows of our post-industrial reality, but refusing to give up in his pursuit of some elusive transcendence. Besides a self-titled demo tape, this seven inch is the product of three years of gigging with countless unrecognized bands worthy of our respect, as well as opening for the likes of Napalm Death, Exodus, Madball, Phobia, Voivod, Prong, Noisem, Iron Reagan, etc. Edition of 440


Occult Rock

(Ajna Offensive) 2xCD $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

(Ajna Offensive) 2xLP $24.00 (Out-of-stock)

Eight hypnotic tracks, an ultimate entheogenic ceremony that reveals the 
power trio’s live energy and osmosis, and the individuality and roughness of each instrument, with an emphasis on the inter-penetration of all the components of an organic and tetanizing trance ritual.
 This opus recounts the alchemical transformation of the primordial vibration into matter, through all its elemental phases, leading to the sonic manifestation of the forces of the universe into the octagonal prism of Occult Rock.



(Ajna Offensive - FLAME99) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

(Ajna Offensive - FLAME99) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

This rhythmic, dissonant instrumental trio burrow into dark avenues of occult rock. They began working on the album after the release of their previous album in 2012. It’s one piece divided in six parts, composed as a multi-directional labyrinth with a constantly changing map. The focus this time is on precision, the space between the notes and beats, articulations, pulse, breath and resonances.


Alvarius B

(Abduction - ABDT004) LP $45.00

Twenty-eight instrumental acoustic guitar excursions into a realm of weird lo-fi rustic beauty that sketch retro-portraits of folk guitar styles from abrasive to delicate. Lucid antique paintings with acoustic guitar, recorded in the late 1980s, released in 1994, employing Appalachian polyrhythms, dark melodies, flamenco thrash, alien tunings, pseudo-Eastern drones, cinematic backroad twang, and other hybrid ideas. Sealed. Edition of 1000.


Alvarius B

(Abduction - ABDT011) 2xLP $175.00

Thirty-nine tracks from 1997. Raw solo acoustic guitar songs that are ugly, mean and funny. Really weird folk music from some parallel universe. Sealed. Edition of 500


Alvarius B vs Abdel Baqy Byro in Cairo

(Nashazphone - NP020) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Seemingly tossed-off spontaneity is the intoxicant with which Alvarius B vs Abdel Baqy Byro in Cairo is heavily laced. This 39-minute lenticular collage recalls Tangier-era Burroughs in its concealment of structure behind a veneer of arbitrary free association, with Alvarius B. delivering his take on contemporary behavioral dementia in a style that veers from the nocturnal yammer of legendary somniloquist Dion McGregor to salty neo-Yossarian ravings to the casual vitriol of a misanthrope who knows he’s entertaining. It’s the kind of trip a modern-day Slothrup might take after smoking polyester shrubbery and over-indulging in candiru sushi served by an erotic topiary gardener in exile for masturbating on the wall outside a 19th Century French orphanage — overseen by The Sinister Extemporizer himself, Alan Bishop. It was recorded live all over Cairo (in cars, trains, apartments, garages, cafes, bars, on rooftops, on the street) with a backline that includes little else beyond an acoustic guitar and a radio. Field recordings, glitchy wheeze underpinnings, and snippets of space murble garnish the album, but site-specific stuffing is what gives this kataif its particular flavor: a rapped tribute to the murdered members of a hardcore soccer fanclub; a pas de deux for laptop keyboard and BBC’s coverage of Gaza bombings; public demonstrations against the Muslim-Brotherhood-authored Constitution; Monte Carlo Arabic Service’s mention of the 70th anniversary of El Alamein battle. Bishop’s quilt of screenshots depicts a consciousness informed by an increasingly universal presumption that everything public should be interactive, if only to act as a vessel for contempt. An urbane cannibal fills the twilight bazaar with bacterial karaoke and falsetto bleating slicker than a goat’s uterus before disappearing into the crowd at Snotty’s Chill-Out Pentagram. Turn a corner and it’s an improv duet for acoustic guitar and the pachyderm grind of dirty delivery trucks. All around is mysteriously auto-tuned, proto-mahragan R’n’B crooning right out of a Saharan cellphone rave. A blue-blood places a call to an amplified insect tantrum, and is eavesdropped upon by a seductress loop. Delusional arms suppliers mansplain, as is their wont, and a beautifully dismissive monologue reduces music writers to literary dumbwaiters. The Invisible Hands take a moment to get in touch with their inner Sex Pistol. Prerecorded announcements are abused, quite comedically — the implication being that the only qualifications needed to engage in public discourse (telegenics and a piehole) are grossly insufficient. Alan Bishop stands before you not to praise anything (especially not the pathetic aesthetic championed by pork brosnans and Illuminati blood-drinkers stumbling from one end of their bleachy little swamp to the other, where mediocre meets bland and no amount of chlamydia-flavored tofutti with ground up glass in it will protect them from the constant tularemia rain), but to bury it, deep on the shoreline of Dunning-Kruger, a parting gift from The Sibling Unmoored as he withdraws in disgust. Maybe he’ll return after Ramadan, if only to crack open what’s left of their skulls like crème brulée, harvest the enlarged amygdala, and render tiny portraits of Pepe The Frog onto their lacerated morgellons. Maybe not.


Burmese Military Mandolin b/w Cadenza Freedom

(Chocolate Monk) 7-inch $12.00

Of interest to fans of SCG's mellower, ethno-forgered avant-psych material. From 1999. Semen colored vinyl.


Chin Spirits

(Unrock - EP003) 10-inch $15.00

Heavy, Sun-City-Girls-flavored dada deluxe, previously released on cassette (Chocolate Monk 2014). Crackling midgets and purist psychedelia from the spiritual wonderland within a cocoon of seven dirty pearls.


Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On

(Abduction - ADBT052) LP $25.00

Brain-splattered, pre-Sun City Girls weirdness from 1981-1983, consisting of raw, live and unfiltered home recordings on acoustic and electric guitars with effects, vocals, flute, harmonica, and miscellaneous odd instruments. Edition of 400


Sugar: The Other White Meat

(Catsup Plate - CPR17) LP $45.00

Side A features each in solo mode: quasi-ethnic and wordless vocals, background television, and Django-esque guitar runs from Alvarius B; sanshin-playing from Nyoukis, morphing into subtle tape manipulation and musique concrete. The B-Side is a side-long collaborative track of broken electronics, field recordings near a Gas 'n' Sip, shortwave radio, actual songs, ambient cafeteria noise, thunderstorms, and drunken answering machine messages from Harmony Korine. Silkscreened jacket and inserts. Edition of 500.


The Tongue

(Bimbo Tower) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

"The Chilean with the singing nose," legendary for the Drinking My Own Sperm LP (Squeaky Shoes 1977), combines Chilean traditional music, post-punk feeling and a little spirit of the European avant garde. Joining Alvaro (voice and Casio) are Jens Volk (bass and voice) and Giorgos Notaras (percussion and voice).


4' 33"

(Hungaraton) Used LP $10.00

Ionization by Edgard Varèse; Toccata by Carlos Chávez; John Cage’s 4’33, Third Construction, and Amores; and Double Music by Cage and Lou Harrison. Zoltán Kocsis, piano. Aurél Holló and Benedek Tóth, percussion. From 1989


Ragtime • African Music

(Hungaraton) Used LP $7.00

István Márta’s Doll’s House Story; László Sáry’s Pebble Playing In A Pot; John Cage’s Second Construction; two pieces of traditional African music, and two by George Hamilton Green. From 1987



(Disembraining) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

The second LP from Brisbane acoustic pop destroyer Ivan Matthew Hicks is an eleven-part atonal poem to the desecration of the hallowed halls in Eastern Europe by UFO cults, a soliloquy to the radiation blossoming in clouds from its broken windows as the populace flee down ropes. Early pangs of Chris Knox’s solo material ring out quite nicely. Guests include Paul Salter on drums, Josh Watson (Sewers) on violin, and the Ecclesiastic Uprising Of The Comet’s Tail on spiritual and literary support. Includes free download.


Ambarchi / Flaherty, Corsano, Yeh

(Krayon Recordings) split 7-inch $9.00

The Flaherty, Corsano, Yeh Trio's oceans of bawling drum kit fire and fluttering string overtones fuse a complex web of ear asterism. Infiltrated by a woozy sax line that soon reduces in duration and increases the overall vehemence, with fragmented reed chewing rasp and roar joining myriad coordinates in this dense labyrinth of free magic. On the flip, an unexpected monolith from Ambarchi, stunningly crafted harmonic percolations of feedback glare, and riff particles slam into tantric drum force blast beats by Matt Skitz Sanders. Art by Paul Coors.


Devil Wolf Men

(Pica Disk - PICA010) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

A tapestry of location recordings and studio collaborations made during Ambarchi and Marhaug's tour of China in 2005.


Grapes From The Estate

(Southern Lord - SUNN61) 2xLP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Four side-long tracks of guitar exploration that begin with slowly layered, short electric guitar loops and build to haunting effect, as organ, drums, piano, tuned bells, percussion and strings increase the density. 180-gram vinyl. No idea if the vinyl is black (edition of 670) or purple (edition of 330).



(Jerker Productions - SKUN3) LP $45.00 (Out-of-stock)

Influenced by both the-then burgeoning Austrian/German scene of digital audio (Mego, Touch, Staubgold) and his love for the music of Feldman and Lucier, Ambarchi recorded his first solo LP at home in 1998 in one take. Calmer, more meditative, and textural than anything he'd done up to that point.



(Textile) Used Split LP $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Alien beauty and impossible explorations by the Australian guitarists backed with Takehito Nakazato’s manipulation of feedback noises and squeal, bad cable connections, loud mic tapping, electric hum, feedback squeals.


Worried Friends b/w Nervous Enemies

(Pica Disk - PICA02) 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

An inside-the-piano scrape-fest of anti-music. Recorded in Oslo, November 2006. 300 copies.


Yankee Psychic Hygine

(Spirit of Orr) Used 7-inch $3.00 (Out-of-stock)

Explosive subtle motion and jarring delicateness collide and co-mingle through two long sides on this collaborative joint by one half of The Magik Markers and the psych mind behind Axolotl.


A La Lu La

(Ultramarine - UM003) LP $25.00

Aaron Moore (Volcano the Bear), Dave Nuss (No-Neck Blues Band) and Sheila 16 (Laboratory Theater Group) create compositions from improvisations centered around strong elemental percussion, radical theatrical vocals, and classical acoustic instruments. Recurring themes are the pain of relationships, the affirmation of the feminine in myth, the hero’s journey, and continuous need to flame the passions of the heart. “A La Lu La” specifically addresses the gap of language in facilitating accurate communication, a gap that only music at its most primal can fill. The back of the album features text by Portuguese authors Jose da Fonseca and Pedro Carolino, who in 1855 created the English phrasebook “English As She is Spoke,” even though they didn’t know any English. A La Lu La mirrors the linguistic train wreck that ensues with the play of language, sound, and unintentional humor. Clear vinyl, die-cut jacket.


Nordiska Ljud Nr.1

(Järtecknet) split LP $28.50 (Out-of-stock)

Amph focuses on a less fragmented and layered sound than usual, creating a more nuanced and varied expression. Their 19-minute track explores new territories with a delicate sense for well-crafted sounds and composition. On the flipside, Arv & Miljö’s conceptual piece derives sound from traffic and highways. A rather demanding recording; cold and distant. Edition of 220.


Une Saisin En Enfer

(INA-GRM / Harmonia Mundi) Used LP $22.00

For soprano, child’s voice, piano, percussion and electroacoustic device. Based on Rimbuad’s poem A Season In Hell. Treatments vary from the linear to polyphonic choir to ambiguous, sometimes strongly distorted by electronic processes, sometimes mixed with fragments of recorded vocals. Au Français, naturellement.


Anakrid / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

(PsychForm - PFR08) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Pure refined terror with each artist manipulating source material from the other. The BSBC-does-Anakrid side is two tracks, the first sounding like the gates of hell slamming shut on your head five hundred times as demons circle about. The second track has a minimal, pretty and clangy loop, over which some of the most inhuman vocals ever heard are placed. The Anakrid-does-BSBC side is one track filled with textures and rhythmic industrial sounds with a strong sense of motion. 324 copies on coke bottle clear vinyl, offset vellum sleeve printed in silver and black, with a digital laser printed vellum insert, all housed in a picture disc sleeve. Co-released with Black Horizons and Stereonucleosis.


Fever Dream Fever

(Stereonucleosis) Used LP $11.00

Includes a black and white insert. #140/200


Bombay 2: Electric Vindaloo

(Motel - ROOM4) LP $10.00

Same formula as Bombay The Hard Way -- Dan The Automator and DJ Shadow grafting beats and loops onto the original secret-agent-man soundtrack music of the Shah brothers, Kalyanji and Anandji -- but with a more spicy leap forward into the electro-'80s, when Bollywood soundtracks moved on from funk to drum-machine-driven, synthesizer-heavy sounds a la Miami Vice. With Ursula 1000, Kid Koala, Mix Master Mike, and Dynamite D bringing in a turntablist's cut-and-scratch aesthetic. From 2001.


Bombay The Hard Way: Guns, Cars & Sitars

(Motel - ROOM3) LP $25.00

As if ripped from American or European spy flix, but with Eastern Indian twists like sitars and Indian-chord-influenced moog licks, Bombay The Hard Way features the music of Indian composers Anandji and Kalyanji, who composed and conducted music for 1960s Brownsploitation and '70s Bollywood films. Expect no classic modal stuff; instead, Indian-ized American grooves full of funk and jazz-based ideals, some bearing the unmistakeable hip-hop influences of producers Dan "The Automator" Nakamura and DJ Shadow, especially the emphasis on rough, thuggish beats laid out over sitar loops, flute solos and heavy string and moog accompaniment. From 1998. Gold vinyl.



(Ini Itu - 1303) LP $21.00

Ethnographic surrealist Kraig Grady captures the sensations of places that just feel different, where the external and internal terrains become one — from an anonymous musical homage with a touch of nostalgia and rural landscapes experienced during personal pilgrimages, to beggars playing the Kalan (a trapezoid-shaped instrument resembling a hammer dulcimer or santur, played using sticks with crescent-shaped heads that draw upon the energy of the moon), to a metallophone called a Meta-Slendro played at the water’s edge while adhering to fluid guideposts. With three postcards. Numbered edition of 250.


Anatomy of Habit

(BloodLust! - AOH01) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Emotionally charged doom metal that pensively slashes and burns by Chicago ballcrushers Blake Edwards (Vertonen), Dylan Posa (Flying Luttenbachers, Cheer Accident, Brice Glace), Kenny Rasmussen (No Funeral), Greg Ratajczak (Plague Bringer), and Mark Solotroff (Bloddyminded, The Fortieth Day). The two side-long tracks display enviable balance of power, heaviness, and delicacy. Die-cut jacket, printer innersleeve.


Technicolor Skull

(Ajna Offensive) Used LP (one-sided) $14.00

This multi-media sound and video project features Anger on theremin and Butler on guitar, effects, and related gadgets, released to coincide with Anger’s Icons opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Twenty-one minutes. Red vinyl, 180g. Edition of 666.


Beatings With Gimpy Flighted Wings Entrapped By Post-Fence Of Garish-Land

(Menlo Park - MPK7017) LP $25.00

Chris Cooper's 1999 album of prepared guitar abuse. Back cover has individual prints and stamps. Solve the anagram and get a ten percent discount. What the hell, let's make it twenty.


Bump Head Go Home

(Sophomore Lounge - SL073) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

The camcorder-shorts-turned-classic-stoner-pop visions of Chicago’s long-running rhythm-and-boozers evolve restlessly with each passing project, pig-roast after pig-roast, year after year. Here they trade the lakehouse electronic tricks of 2013’s See You In The Funny Pages for raw and honesty — full-on rock modes, jazzed up and peaking-out pawn shop amps, peripheral nods toward posters of Thin Lizzy, Magic Sam, Joe Walsh, and Wilco.


Never Bought Never Sold

(Mississippi) Used LP $8.00

Three 45s and early demos, all recorded between 1979-1983. For fans of early UK DIY, Messthetics, Hyped2Death, etc.


Ankersmit / O'Rourke

(Tochnit Aleph - TA054) split LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Side one features "Weerzin'" by Ankersmit on computer, saxophone, Serge & EMS synthesizer. Side two is O’Rourke from 1992 on oscillators and guitars. Edition of 750 copies. Cover photo by Alexandra Leykauf.


Ballet Mécanique

(Phillips) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

The notorious title track has a now-predictable history as a provoker of violence within the papered seats of the symphony hall, though it started as a soundtrack for a film by Fernand Léger and Dudley Murphy. This 1982 edition predates any performance of the piece as written, since the tools to synchronize all the instruments weren’t readily available until the 1990s (plus, its New York performance in 1927 was so godawful, fifty years had to elapse before anybody wanted to touch it). Includes “Jazz Symphony” performed by Netherlands Wind Ensemble, “Violin Sonata No. 1 Finale,” and “Violin Sonata No. 2” performed by Vera Beths (violin) and Reinbert De Leeuw (piano). Dutch pressing.



(Pulled Out - PULL01) LP $20.50

Anthony Guerra, Matt Earle, Sumugan Sivanesan and Nick Dan summon the evil spirits in this documented live ritual that runs the gamut from Neu! metal pummel to sinecore minimalism. The Sydney quartet “ruck’n’wreck the classic bass, drums, guitar combo into a thick, crunchy gale of righteous off-kilter riot-groove,” observed UK porn mag The Wire, “The piece ends with a long and beautiful neon ribbon of feedback that carves a vivid sine-wave of blood-red intensity across a stage scene fading to black and bleeding carmine crimson around the after image of a group on fire.” Includes insert printed on thick pink card with individually hand numbered silk screened pink on black covers. Edition of 275 on one-sided hot pink vinyl with an etching by Rizili.



(Peripheral - PM6) 7-inch $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

COMING SOON. Soundtracks of human erosion, soul disgust, sorrow and violence and brilliance, and refusal. Hexes cast back harder and blacker, sublime and childlike and concrete and diamond. Special sleeve, insert. Edition of 99


Night Wearing Feathers / Sunshine Bus Rider

(Black Horizons) Used LP $10.00

Surreal concrete assemblages by Jennie Richie and irr. app (ext). Both tracks are rhythmic, spacey and dada inspired weirdness – one from 2005, previously released by PsychForm Records label in 2006, backed with a new recording from 2012. Edition of 234.



(Drag City) Used LP $14.00

Aquariana’s album was started in the early 1970s, during The Source Family’s move from their base in Los Angeles to Hawaii. Forty years later, one can finally hear her questing passion and soulful devotion, with all but one song performed solo on the piano. Her lyrics sing of the spirit with pure visions, but are all directed to the source through the focus of her true love: Yahowa.


Pick Up & Run 2007

(What The ... - WHAT003) LP $19.50

Reed instruments, singing, percussion, and a thick haze float over the flower fireworks captured in the two performances here by the Lexington KY-based duo of Sara O'Keefe and Trevor Tremaine (Eyes and Arms of Smoke, Hair Police, Burning Star Core, Sick Hour, Death Unit, Rampart Tapes). Pick Up & Run 2007 makes fleeting "jazz" references, sports male/female lowlife love vocals, drags electroacoustics to the drugstore basement, and is in general warm and cloudy all over like a yesterday today. Packaged in complicated and unique covers, handmade and silkscreened by Paul Coors. With a mini-poster. Limited edition of 177.



(Isounderscore) Used LP $3.00

Two eleven-minute, creepily relaxed compositions by San Franciscan pianist Arastoo Darakhshan and producer / sound artist Brandon Nickell.


Music In The Nine Rings

(Poodle) LP $23.00 (Out-of-stock)

Immersive, psychedelic new age masterpiece with a jazz sensibility in the overall structure and playing, performed, most likely, by the same un-credited musicians who played on other early ’70s artifacts Heaven and Audition released by Arica Institute (whose cultish teachings were used to indoctrinate, among others, Jodorwsky’s film crew before shooting The Holy Mountain). The unhurried improvisations on this eminently listenable record — created with piano, synth, hypnotic percussion and plenty of tape delay (mmmm, tape delay) — has more to do with the subtle manipulation of musical tension than wallpaper relaxation promises. Comparable to Agitation Free, Limbus 4, Deuter-D. Silkscreened tip-on jackets.


They Sent Me Into Space Today b/w Cicadas Birds + Gtr

(Greatdividing - DD011) split 7-inch $10.00

Arob and Soottyb’s collaboration “They Sent Me Into Space Today” mixes and dweedles electronics “until they slip over your head like a soft mosquito blanket,” according to Byron Coley, who also pegs the instrumentation (drums and “flapper”) as the tools for accessing a “wormhole into some strange rock universe.” Arob’s “Cicadas Birds + Gtr,” as the title suggests, combines field recordings from the countryside with a home recording made in a bedroom in the city. Plays well on either 45 or 33 rpm, which is rarely a bad sign.



(BloodLust! - B!170) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

Tsushima uses historical narrative as a basis for its diverse, hard-sound song cycle – specifically the climactic naval battle in 1904 of the Russo-Japanese War. In Arriver’s uniquely vicious hybrid of rock, metal, and prog, tempos and time are pushed aggressively, with vocals to match. The stately fanfare of “Winter Palace War Council” leads to chaotic grind in both “Togo, Son of a Samurai” and “Dogger Bank.” “Around the Cape" builds over a churning, massive riff while the relentless precision “Dark Clouds Above the Fleet” relates the abject misery of life at sea. Silkscreened gatefold jacket, insert, download card.


Boto [Encantado]

(Ini Itu) LP $16.00

(Ini Itu) Used LP $11.00

“Decomposed and recomposed” landscapes and details, mostly centered around the Boto (Inia geoffrensis geoffrensis), also known as Amazon River Dolphin or Pink Dolphin. Sounds are isolated, cut, scaled up or down, modified and finally reassembled in a delicate and peaceful collage. At times enigmatic, intimate and pastoral, it slowly reveal its nuances. Liner notes include descriptions of the source sounds and a short essay on metamorphic animals. Edition of 250.


Arv & Miljö

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB008) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

A ten-minute ode to Gothenburg, focusing almost entirely on the sounds of seagulls and rain, with only tiny hints of the troubled A&M past. Recordings from a window. Edition of 200


Hold On

(Family Bookstore - FBR01) 7-inch $5.25

Asdsska is a duo consisting of Aska Matsumiya (The Sads, Moonrats) and David Scott Stone (The Sads, Get Hustle, Unwound, Melvins). Matsumiya is a classically trained pianist and the A-side features a slow Satie-esque piano refrain accompanied by her delicate voice and Stone's ethereal modular synthesizer drones. The B-side, "We Feel it More Than They Do," is an ambient instrumental variation on Hold On's melody.


For Which He Plies The Lash

(Hospital - HOS267) CD $14.00 (Out-of-stock)

(Hospital - HOS267) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Second full length. Eight songs of big bang black metal by Dominic Fernow (Prurient, Cold Cave, Hospital) and Kris Kapke (Alberich, Northern Cross). Our comrades at Second Layer tell it like it is: "The duo blasts out raw and disgusting primitive black metal, with lots of balance between neck-breaking speed and lurking mid-tempo howl, with even some grind-ish elements for good measure."


Saturns Slave

(Hospital - HOS229) 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two new tracks of raw black metal from the cold gas of the cosmic crucifixion. 900 copies on blue vinyl and 100 on clear vinyl.


Deadicated to The Sensory Armada

(Memoirs of an Aesthete) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

The seven new numbers recorded between summer and autumn 2011 in the first AshNav vinyl LP since 2009 arrives with a heartfelt dedication to the lost and unrecorded '60s London psych duo of the title, and to all sounds sucked into the air, gone forever. Deadicated to the Sensory Armada is the latest stage of Phil Todd and Co's immersion in the synths-and-sequencers cosmos which has edged into recent Ashtray Navigations releases. A few new moves should give an indication of future directions. Piled-up guitar structures, cascading rhythms and the first recorded appearance of drummer Mr. Seth Cooke. Edition of 100.


Six Imaginary Scenes From The Life Of Muhammad Al Aqil

(Nashazphone - NP009) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

This candle-burning outing from Phil Todd continues the quest for the farthest possible cosmic frequencies through effects, guitar, synth, and saz –- spread eagle on a bed of field recordings. Edition of 200 copies.


The "o" Mouth Direct Input Raygun

(Turgid Animal - TA409) 7-inch $9.00

New tracks from Phil Todd and Mel Delaney. Leeds UK's finest experimental movers and shakers of the last decade or so. Perhaps their noisiest material yet. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.


Use Copenhagen 69 Guitars & Park Drive Circular Effects Pedals Exclusively

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Solo guitar effectery by Phil Todd (Inca Eyeball, Target Shoppers, Ceramic Hobs). Overdub upon overdub of acidic, vibrating good-sound that should surely complement the eye lids at a comfortable half mast, especially on the synth-drenched side-long “Phaser Like a Block of Salt.” Numbingly electric. Edition of 500. Sealed


Here We Are Together Again b/w Yellow Dollars

(Destijl - IND086) 7-inch $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

The last of the vintage, tipple-era Askew, before the fingers cramped and began tickling digital ivory. Two wondrous cuts that would've been included on the Little Eyes CD were time not space: live versions of "Here We Are Together Again" and "Yellow Dollars," taken from David Porter's Show on WYBC, November 1969.


Little Eyes

(Destijl) Used LP $40.00

Outsider folk 1970 originally recorded for ESP as a follow-up to Ask The Unicorn but never released until 2005. Little Eyes was performed in one take, and features Askew on voice, piano, and tipple (a cross between an adapted lute and larger, ten-string ukulele). A grand, sad and beautiful seduction. Rice paper front cover, photocopy back cover.


Satanispiritus b/w Lady of The Moon

(Unseen Forces - UF004) 7-inch $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

Reissue of the elusive and only known recording by this mysterious late 1960s Motor City proto-street metal ensemble. Two powerful offerings of Goetic psychedelia and occult street metal magic. Edition of 300.


Closed Fuel Cycle

(Orgasm - SPASM41) LP $27.00

Twelve tracks, recorded in 2012 at the tiny Fadequarter (where the equipment is exhausted), haunted by a New Zealand taste, bearing an uncertain, disastrous vibe. Edition of 100.


Oeil Céleste

(Doubtfulsounds - DOUBT13) 10-inch $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Six tracks that mix the noise experimentation of Stéphane Récrosio with Sébastien Borgo’s field recordings and short waves in Sydney and Tasmania. Digital precision, lo-fi fog, junk sounds, clean noise, kitchen utensils. Cover is hand-stamped on heavy cardboard. Includes postcard. Clear vinyl. Edition of 200.



(Kye - KYE19) LP $15.25 (Out-of-stock)

Debut LP by a new seductive and puzzling voice from the Australian wilderness of Ferntree Gully, Victoria -- collecting the crème de la crème of a string of micro-edition CDRs. Field recordings of humble organic activity bend against a foundation of discreetly processed electronics and piano, creating sonorities that are as indefinable as they are unforgettable. Ideal for fans of fringe position electro-acoustic study and Delphic audio confusion, or anyone who pines for the days when Small Cruel Party still roamed the earth. Edition of 350.



(Kye - KYE26) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Mark Harwood and sometime collaborator Maja Larsson complicate reason with dark and circuitous audio constructs. Inspired by Gerard Murnane’s 1988 novel of the same name, and executed using piano, bells, tapes, gong, autoharp, hammer, television, organ, and dry ice pellets, Inland explores a personalized perception of space, both real and imagined. The duo’s fabricated dreamworld teases logic, tricks the ear, cuts the face of expectation, and exposes a ten-part fractal sonic geography, governed by its own laws, and flushed with all the beauty and horror of the natural world. Edition of 400.


Astral Social Club / Glockenspiel

(Krayon Recordings - KR014) split 7-inch $8.25

Machines groan and distant melodies ascend on the face-chewer by Neil Campbell on one side, while Glockenspiel’s vinyl debut on the flip weaves wooly tones with the harmonics of rubbed toms and bowed metal. A snow-blind haze of feedback, amplified string scrape and analogue electronics.


Wet Wheel / Hot Wheel b/w Syvät Svyät

(Tipped Bowler - TBT012) split LP $16.50

On “Wet Wheel / Hot Wheel,” Neil Campbell of Astral Social Club succumbs to the heartbeat throb of house, but tops the bass with a frenetic squall of darting alien melodies. On cursory listen, the elements congeal into honest-to-goodness body music, but the track is riddled with stutters and gaps that flooded synapses fill with aural afterimages. On the reverse, Jan Anderzén of Tomutonttu buries the dance influence, retaining only the genre’s neon shimmer and linear logic. The cuckoo loops of “Syvät Svyät” briefly cohere into musical shapes before casting off, replaced by an ecstatic march of manic squiggles. 150-gram vinyl. Stamped and screened sleeves by Siwa. Edition of 300.


C'est Pourquoi Il Importe, Aux Époques D'adversité...

(Nashazphone - NP007) Used LP $12.00

Somewhere between five and nine people (on vocals, guitar, bass, trumpet, drums, two synths, electronics) deliver a deafening wall assault, directly inspired by Japanese legends such as Hijokaidan or CCCC. Consisting of hippies, crust punks, industrialists, garage rockers and a jazz fanatic -- a sort of No-Neck Blues Band doppelganger -- they dwell in and around Pau, in the southwest of France, near the Pyrenees and the Spanish border. Scarce and violent live appearances have been greeted with aggression and emotionally charged reactions. Edition of 190 copies. With insert.


Astro / Family Battle Snake

(Pan - PAN1) split LP $16.00

Delving into the realm of deep listening, transported by way of analog synthesizers, Family Battle Snake (aka Bill Kouligas of Sudden Infant) weaves an electronic web that cocoons the listener in warm cascading frequencies, calling to mind classic electronic composers such as Charles Dodge, Eliane Radigue and even a hint of NWW. Astro (aka Hiroshi Hasegawa of C.C.C.C.) melds waves of squealing feedback and oscillating waveforms with biting distortion. Enveloped by haywire electronics and burbling loops and skree, Astro has constructed an impressive piece of modern electronic music of devastating magnitude. Limited edition of 330 hand-numbered copies, pressed on 140g vinyl, jacket housed in a two-tone silkscreened PVC sleeve with interweaving geometric designs.


Japanese Royal Blue

(Turgid Animal) LP $20.00

Two live recordings of pure and painful synth noise bliss from psychedelic harsh noise master Hiroshi Hasegawa (ex-C.C.C.C., Mortal Vision, etc.). Edition of 250.


Live at Muryoku Muzen Temple

(Important - IMPREC198) LP $14.00

Two side-long tracks made with oscillators, synth, ring modulator and vocals by Hiroshi Hasegawa (ex-C.C.C.C.), a companion piece to The Echo At The Purple Dawn (Important 2008). Black vinyl.


100 Keyboards b/w 100 Rock

(Meeuw Muzak - MM045) 7-inch $6.25 (Out-of-stock)

A headscratcher from this Kanazawa-based sound artist and general experimental noise chef. Two pieces are sourced from a recent installation work of a hundred toy keyboards, with the A-side bearing the disassociated feel of a Super-8 footage loop — bleached colors, perhaps a lone bird wheeling in the sky, or a holiday fragment of a blinking child with an uncertain smile walking toward the camera, clutching an ice cream. A beautiful, nebulous, everything-and-nothing sound, while the noisier B-side maintains a sort of relentless calm, like the optimum flow of a factory environment that 19th century socialists might have shrugged at. A demonstration of the patterns which emerge from the balance of order and chaos. Subtly energizing.


Empires Should Burn

(Small Doses - DOSE113) CD $11.00 (Out-of-stock)

(Small Doses - DOSE112) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

When Strings of Consciousness opened for ASVA in Paris, Philippe Petit and G. Stuart Dahlquist discovered a profound like-mindedness and decided to combine their creative forces. “Root compositions [bathed] in a seething, simmering stew of languidity,” says Gumshoe Grove, this here’s some “quality introspective drone music.” Guest vocalists include Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots), Jarboe (Swans), and Bryan Lewis Saunders.


... And Six Dark Hours Pass

(Dais - DAIS015) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Brooding intimate soundscapes composed mainly with tape loops and minimal synth by Sasha Grey, Pablo St. Francis and Anthony D’juan. Parts of the album remind Mishka Bloglin of “a darker, twisted offshoot of something you might have heard on Angelo Badalamenti’s score for Twin Peaks.” Numbered edition of 500.


Atelier Méditerranée

(Bruit Direct Disques - BRD6) 7-inch $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Music by children from the Institut Médico Educatif Ambroise Croizat in Saint Ouen, performed and recorded as part of a workshop led by David Lemoine (Cheveu) and Antoine Capet. Arranged by Lemoine, this “outsider electro-noise or something” throbs with the vibe of disturbed humanity. Part of a series that includes the homeless, convicts in jail, and street musicians.



(BloodLust! - B!146) 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

The A-side of this new single by cult Italian death-industrialists Atrax Morgue was originally submitted as an alternate B-side to the Her Guts 7-inch (Bloodlust 2005), but the unsettling "Sinfonia Per Un Sadico" was chosen for that record instead, leaving “Omicidio” shelved and untouched until after Marco Corbelli’s death in 2007. It is vocal-driven Atrax Morgue song favored by Bloodlust, while the B-side is a 2009 remix/edit of "Autoerotic Death" (a choice segment of heavy, dark analog synth). Multicolor marble vinyl (ranging in tenor from dark bruises to sick bile spit up by a dying plague victim). Edition of 500.


Musik för Tomma Rum

(Järtecknet - 18) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Folky and desolate music that reeks of plague, desolate countrysides, heathen rituals and long, harsh cold winters. Another anti-urban masterpiece from members from Leafes and Sewer Election, their third full-length release, with slow and monotonous percussion, deeply buried vocals, crude electronics and droning guitars, tortured synths and flutes. Edition of 200


Vattnet Drog Sig Tillbaka, Stenarna Blev Synliga

(Järtecknet - #27) LP $22.00 (Out-of-stock)

On their fourth LP of stripped down bleakness, the ever miserable Ättestupa explores minimalist territory with subdued voice fragments and distant synth melodies hovering over slow, looped field recordings. Edition of 300


Cerebral Disturbance

(Anomalous) Used LP picture disc $25.00

Three pieces of harsh, piercing noise from 1998 using the sounds of brain waves / electroencephalogram as source material. Two-color silk-screen on both sides of outer bag. Edition of 625



(Meeuw Muzak) Used 10-inch $12.00

RLW used recordings of an electronic organ and a ringing bell both played by Akifumi Nakajima. Aube used recordings of a church organ made by Ralf Wehowsky. Red vinyl from the mid-’90s. Edition of 300


Pulse Resonator

(Praxis Dr. Bearmann) Used LP + 7-inch $35.00

Coherent VCO recordings from 1995. “Highly electric and often piercing sound,” says Freak Animal, “but not very ripping like loudest of the noise. More ‘artistic’ with perfection on capturing the sonic qualities.” Red twelve-inch vinyl. Clear seven-inch vinyl. With obi. Numbered edition of 275.


Sensorial Inducement

(Alien8) Used LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Akifumi Nakajima uses one monophonic analog synthesizer, a Roland SH-2, which allows hints of very abstract techno, but is at times most prominently reminiscent of Alien Bog-era Oliveros or David Kristian’s Cricklewood.


Spiral Tricle Distillation

(Rund Und Dem Watzmann) Used LP picture disc $18.00

Composed, mixed, and recorded at Studio Mecca, Kyoto, Nov. ’95 – Jan ’96 using only the sound of water as source material. Silkscreened plastic sleeve


Axilogue / Thermidor One Five

(White Denim - WD12) 7-inch picture disc $10.00

Crafted in their fine tradition, Aufgehoben continue to carve harsh chunks of noise with their first departure on seven-inch vinyl. Guitar and electronics sound like neither, while sprawling percussion tumbles across the rotten landscape. The two tracks on this monochromatic record jump right for the jugular, leaving little time for subtlety or reflection. Not recommended for antique styluses. 524 copies


Fragments of the Marble Plan

(Holy Mountain - 1986) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

Music as apocalyptic as Fragments of the Marble Plan has few peers, but some approximate touchstones are the most radically out and knotty moments of Norwegian post-jazz ensemble Supersilent, This Heat after realizing that Brise-Glace didn’t pay them a penny in royalties, or Farmers Manual after extensive immersion in Mainliner’s back catalog. Fragments of the Marble Plan is a terrifying force of nature, a Rube Goldberg machine run amok, the sound of civilization atomizing into controlled chaos. It’s so cold, it’s hellish. Although Aufgehoben feels your need for catharsis, they convince you that being ready to jump out of your skin is the new normal. Includes download coupon. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2012


Volcano / Ten Phases Of Fallen

(Nihilist - NIHIL79) split LP $16.50

Entomologist Irene Moon’s work blends the insect world and her version of performance and electronics. Joined here by Hair Police’s Trevor Tremaine and others, Auk Theater’s side utilizes voice, various acoustic instrumentation and synthesizer. Photographer and visual artist Suzy Poling investigates electronic vocal processing, Moog organ, drum machines and modular synthesizers on the Pod Blotz side, creating eerie and haunting compositions, with a driving force. Paste-on jackets. Edition of 300.


Agere Urendum Mentis Epode

(Mobilization - MOB-AU1) LP $21.00

Immersive, dark ambient, soundscape, sound art collaboration by Scot Jenerik (solo, F-Space, 23five) and Aleph Omega (Chrome, F-Space, Altar De Fey). The soundtrack for falling through a wormhole on your way to creation. Foil-stamped, die-cut linen jacket. 180-gram vinyl. Numbered edition of 555


Almost Dead

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR076) 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Aunt Mary's most recent record was a split seven-inch with Man Is The Bastard in 1992. Their total noisecore combines very basic drum beats (resembling pipes banged on a couple of industrial tanks), feedback, wailing guitar, and brutal vocals, all utterly maxed-out. Not too dissimilar to early AxCx. Edition of 300. Full-color sleeve.


The Austrasian Goat / Chambre Froide

(At War With False Noise) split 7-inch $7.75 (Out-of-stock)

The second in the Austrasian Goat split seven-inch series delivers more funeral doom from the home town team, totally desperate stuff. Chambre Froide is Darkthrones-style raw black metal. Crusty, filthy.



(Worldmadefleshrecordings - 001) 7-inch $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

From 1996.


Ich verkündige festtage, furcht, etliche nachrichten, beweinenswerten Tod

(Éditions Vibrisse - iiss04) 7-inch (lathe cut) $15.00

Inscrutable tape manipulated field recordings by AKA_Bondage, Anla Courtis, Franq De Quengo, Ogrob, that reference the 500-year-old death knell at Strasbourg Cathedral. Serene yet unsettling. Two inserts. Edition of 33.


Le Souffle De l’Avorton (l’Aarqlmedal’a à la Rencontre de Jean-Philippe Borbollono)

(Ogrob) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Aka_bondage, Alan Courtis, Frank De Quengo and Ogrob shepherd music by Jean-Philippe Borbollono (a composer stillborn during the 17th Century) out of the ether and onto the world stage. The para-spiritual Argentine-French quartet combines shamanism, Art Brut, medicine and occult literature via extra-human voices, distortions, litanies, guitar, short-wave tuners, electronics and effects. Handmade sleeve, inserts and liner notes, postcards, poster. Edition of 300.
Order this album and get a free copy of Fug Gum Vol. Two, with a new l'Autopsie track. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2013


Musica Acouscousmatica

(Chienne Secrete / Komma Null) LP $19.50 (Out-of-stock)

Anla Courtis, Franck de Quengo, Sébastien Borgo and Nicolas Marmin first gathered around Damo Suzuki for a memorable 2004 performance in France. Since 2007 they have collectively identified with shamanism, art brut, medical references and literature. Their strident music mixes distortions and strange litanies with non-human voices. Here they slap the faces of intellectual / jet set / "serious" electroacoustic musicians with their genetically modified fragments -- a collection of forty-one pieces of no more than a minute in length. Chipboard jacket with glued-on cards and rubber-stamped text. With inserts, stamps, postcards and an Acouscousmatic poster. Edition of 200. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2010.


The Prophecy Of The Somnambulist

(Chienne Secrete / Komma Null) LP $19.50 (Out-of-stock)

Transatlantic shamanoise, musique acouscousmatique, universal electromagnetic crisis, société de l'harmonie, and sometimes brutal art brut by Anla Courtis of Reynols and members of Dragibus, Sun Plexus, and Aka Bondage. Eight hands (at least two each from Argentina, France, and Romania), recorded live during a tour of France in 2007. Silkscreened chipboard jacket, poster, inserts. Edition of 200.



(Ultra Eczema - UE62) LP $27.00

Arttu Partinen, Roope Eronen and Tero Niskanen made it to the USA in a small boat, bringing with them in the way of musical instruments nothing more than a few balloons and a beat-up Casio. Upon arrival, a microphone, a drum and toys were secured, adequately preparing the trio for this crazy WFMU session. Imagine a bunch of children discovering in a single afternoon '50s Euro avant garde scene, '60s psychedelic free jazz and proto-punk, the '70s sound poetry and punk and '80s disco. or give yourself a break; this LP sounds like a mix of all of the above. 300 copies. Psychedelic jacket by Dennis Tyfus.


Nova Feedback

(Freek) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Rumbling, bass-heavy sludge from 1988-94 by Anthony DiFranco (Ramleh, Skullflower, JFK, Ethnic Acid), whose metallic immensity is indebted to industrial electronics, Krautrock, and heavy psychedelia.


Big Cheap Motel

(Siltbreeze - SB115) LP $13.00

The first of Siltbreeze's Axemen reissues is the trio's difficult third album from 1983. Rarely heard outside the Southern Hemisphere, this montage of rough-and-ready live performances and Peterboro Studio recordings teeters on the precipice of chaotic genius alongside such stalwarts as Alternative TV / Hear & Now's What You See Is What You Are and 1/2 Japanese's Loud. With a reproduction of original insert and original cover design. Edition of 500.


Sac Tap Nut Jam

(Spacecase) Used LP $8.00

The first new full length in twenty-one years by this New Zealand quartet with 1980s releases on Flying Nun and a string of reissues on Siltbreeze reunites Steve McCabe and Stu Kawowski with Dragan Stojanovic (who played on 1987’s Derry Legend) and brings in William Daymond. Like The Swell Maps, The Axemen sound is hard to define and defies easy categorization, but don’t let that compel you to withhold a warm welcome for the Beatles / Dylan pop of Stojanovic’s “These Days,” nor to McCabe’s post punk-influenced “Doctor’s On Speed Dial” as well as his inimitable voice and stream-of-consciousness lyrics at the forefront on “Google That Girl.” Black vinyl. Edition of 500.


Scary! Part III

(Siltbreeze - SB119-SB120) 2xLP $17.50

The second of Siltbreeze's Axemen reissue series, Scary! Part III originally saw light as a cassette-only release in 1989. Unlike the hyper-punk-charged Big Cheap Motel, Scary! operates from a gestalt concept and sensibility. While on the surface the contents might sound fragmented, ruminative, or obfuscatory, dig deeper (or listen better) and you'll see (and hear) the mystifying ooze lactating out of the four sides not as individual, insurmountable constructs of bizarreness, but as a coherent pattern of brilliant phenomena. Novice ears that have made it though this Bunyanesque giant find themselves making comparisons to a mixture of S.Y.P.H., Royal Trux, and Ptose.


Three Virgins

(Siltbreeze - SB122-SB123) 2xLP $17.50 (Out-of-stock)

Setting up shop in Christchurch's State Trinity Centre over Easter holidays 1985, The Axemen went to work recording every sound and second that could be captured during the legendary lost weekend. Fueled by enhanced adrenalin (Tiger Blood) and super human zeal (Adonis DNA), The Axemen chewed up dozens of reels of tape, assaulting all those who entered the erstwhile ecclesiastical chamber with a barrage of splendiferous blabber 'n' croak. The resultant eighty-eight minutes sound like a mutant hybrid channeling of Trout Mask Replica, Exile On Main Street and Tago Mago. Includes free download card.


Frozen Hammer Vs. Ancient Axe

(Hot Cars Warp Records) Used LP $6.00

Eccentric free jazz and jazz rock from 1996. Paste-on cover with rubber stamp. Edition of 500


Music For Scattered Brains

(SG Research) Used LP $18.00

Abrasive and non-musical solo album from 1985 by Azita Youseffi of The Scissor Girls and Bride Of No No. With areas of vintage-sounding synthesizer seemingly set on “ducks farting,” tape manipulation, and out-of-nowhere accordion solo. Silkscreened jacket with metallic tape.


Black Dots

(Caroline) Used LP $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

1979 snapshot of a band at the cusp of their utmost aesthetic purity, wailing through a punk rock masterpiece that downplays the guitar in favor of the bass and soaking wet dubwise drums clearly influenced by Jamaican and British space reggae, and overdriven vocals. Includes great liner notes that dryly recount the dismal dead-end existences of the musicians that inspired the songs, every one of which are terse expositions on existential panic. Colored vinyl, numbered edition of 1000. Sealed.


No End

(Chondritic Sound - CH-267) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Sarah Bernat and Alex Lukas weld industrial hymns out of gritted synth tones, mutilated samples, darkly protracted guitars, icy vocal delivery and swollen frequencies. The two have an affinity for hardware, dead-panned vox and loaded, unpredictable live performances, and Bad News reveals a penchant for unsavory frequencies, achieved with artful brutality and control of their uniquely industrial sound. Edition of 250



(Bruit Direct Disques - BRD15) LP $16.00

Affiliates of La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l’Est posse, Krine (Headwar), Armelle (The Dreams) and Solene (Dudu Geva) add their own reverbed idiosyncracies to post punk akin to Liliput / Kleenex, chanting in indecipherable Italian, mock German and plain French, not unlike three priestesses offering voodoo enchantments.


BBC In Concert

(Turning Point Music) Used 2xLP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Complete BBC sessions recorded during 1972 and 1973. 180-gram vinyl


Legend Of The Blood Yeti

(Infinite Chug) Used LP $10.00

Unhinged improvisational soundtracks for the blackness enveloping lonely holy nights from 1997 by Alex Ward on clarinet and sax, and percussionist Switch, collaborating with guitarists.



(Backwards - BW06) LP $24.00 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded variously in Toronto and Berlin, Smudging is a beautiful and dreamy listening experience spread across six songs in two epic tracks with guitar textures and hypnotic rhythms. Guitar drones and enveloping electronic sound-carpets alternate with more rhythmic and structured brackets, thanks to the involvement of Baker’s drummer brother Richard, who divides his time between more consistent raids, near-improv evolutions, and softer special interventions. In both execution and structure, the stylistic code of Smudging elegantly delivers listeners to multiple parallel worlds.


Balinese Beast

(Balinese Beast) LP $20.00

Looped chunks of sound and feedback from microphones / saxophones, and screaming lo-fi electronics from a hacked remote control, chopped up into a vibrant collage. Includes three inserts. Edition of 287.


Les Géométries Souterraines

(Tanzprocesz) split LP $20.00

Fusiller's side: France. Electronic passion. Electronic romance. Lowered fist. Balinese Beast's side: Greece. Electric wires. Cartoon saxophone. Feedback loops. Dead mix table. Secret rhythms


Soft Offerings

(Balinese Beast) 7-inch $15.00

Three tracks of frenetic cut-up rhythm coming from treated feedback and overdriven saxophones, recorded live at Olga’s Laundry in Athens, Greece. Includes two inserts. Edition of 287.


Crazy Horses

(Ultra Eczema - UE61) LP $27.00 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded September 24, 1998, in the building and garden of Fundacao de Serralves and Porto Palacio Hotel, the same day as the Privacy exhibition. Belgium's captain of contemporary painter Luc Tuymans and Poland's giant brutal sculptor Miroslav Balka used the sound of running horses for their collaborative public sound sculpture, during which other sounds (such as a drunk Venezualan singing “vacuum cleaning” and discussing Maurizio Catalan and the snake of Jungle Book, who, by the way "has a very stupid expression on his face") transformed the running horses into crazy horses. Released for the Involved exhibition in Shanghai, China, curated by Phillippe Pirotte. Limited to 500 copies, B-side etched by Tuymans and Balka.


Bark Haze / Our Love Will Destroy the World

(Krayon Recordings - KR009) split 7-inch $8.25

OLWDtW’s Campbell Kneale (ex-Birchville Cat Motel) closes in on the glistening, levitation altar, with backwards bliss-shimmer, spooked chant, and analogue squawk’n’squeal. Bark Haze (Thurston Moore and Andrew MacGregor) hit back with focused power-drone guitar dueling from the heart of the bong.


Alex Barnett / Fielded

(Nihilist - NIHIL73) split LP $19.00

Barnett's two subtle and sinister soundscapes delve into synthesizer soundtrack territory, eerie enough to turn any situation into a potential death scene. Pounding, anthemic drum machine battle beats by Fielded (Lindsay Powell, also of GA'AN/Festival) lay to waste foundations of synthesizers, while multi-layered and processed vocals command with definitive power. Edition of 200.


Sunday Night, Sunday Afternoon

(Kye - KYE17) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Bassett and Lubelski have both played crucial roles in the development of underground sound over the last twenty years, tinting the broad waters of abstract folk, chromatic noise and long-form drone. The two sidelong forays into deep, black-string meditation here hang in the air like ghosts on Ludlow Street. Edition of 500.


Uncertainty Principle

(Small Doses - DOSE121) 7-inch $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

Yasutoshi Yoshida of Government Alpha joins the brotherhood of the skull flag on Side A for a creeping, crawling track where dark ambient swells underpin Eric Wood’s trademark vocals and noise loops. Side B has the harsher track, with Hiroshi Hasegawa of Astro tearing through synth lines with blasts of noise while leaving room for Wood’s growled and screamed vocals. Olive green vinyl, printed vellum envelopes with an insert.


A Ghost From The Darkened Sea

(Now Sound) Used LP $14.00

Earthy folk-songs from 1995 by guitarist and singer of Ghost.


Bats / Songs

(Spring Press - SP03) split 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two tracks of signature understated NZ guitar-pop on one side (an excerpt from the Bats’ The Guilty Office album and an unreleased outtake from the same sessions); two tracks by the photographer Max Doyle’s Sydney-based group on the flip (an acoustic version of “Keeping it Clean” and an unreleased recording of “My Number”). Edition of 500


Spare Parts

(Dutch Boy) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

After a stint in the world of amateur wrestling Bad Boy Butch Batson, based out of North Carolina, took up the blue-collar lifestyle and spent ten years producing this labor of love. With help from dozens of studio musicians, Spare Parts cavorts recklessly through the annals of popular song, wrestling rock anthems delivered in almost heroic Beefheartian gaudiness, mid-80s slasher vibes narrated with congested indignity by a self-hating eunuch, and uneasy love songs from the acne-scarred panty-collector. Interspliced is a series of gawky real-life tape collages, but that goes without saying. Real outsider WTF here, according to the label.


The Sky's Gone Out

(4 Men With Beards - 4M511) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Writhe and horrify yourself to the 2008 reissue of the third album by these ambassadors of goth, originally released on Beggars Banquet in 1982.


Metal / Flesh

(Bocian - BC05) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

This Australian avant garde percussionist’s long-standing preoccupation with extended technique and acoustically generated noise applied to the conventional drumkit in a freely improvised context has helped push the bounds of the acoustic drumkit’s sonic potential (alongside compatriots Robbie Avenaim, Tony Buck, Steve Heather, Joe Talia and Will Guthrie). Baxter’s concise improvisations, performed with unconventional implements, extract unusual timbres from the drumkit. His vast and dense sonic worlds, created without overdubs or processing, allude to avant garde electronic music, Modernist chamber music in the style of Xenakis and Lachenmann, extreme noise and the maximalist spectrum of post-AMM free improv. On “Metal,” piercing untuned aluminium windchimes flail against the rims and membranes of the kit in a chaotic flurry, creating a barrage of stochastic rhythms and accidental harmonies, exploiting the high frequency ranges of metallic sound. “Flesh,” in complete contrast, employs the exclusive use of the body; fingers, hands, fists and elbows strike, coddle and pummel various components of the drumkit, coercing and coaxing more rounded, but equally uncompromising and slightly uncomfortable bottom-end sounds from the instrument.


Ill Communication

(Grand Royal) Used 2xLP $50.00 (Out-of-stock)

Their fourth album, the last to be recorded primarily in Los Angeles before the crew went home to New York. A seamless synthesis of 60-second hardcore, supreme ’70s flute rock, stoned jazz-bongo solos and good ol’ shit-talking rap music. One corner of jacket is slightly bent. Green vinyl. Sealed


The In Sound From Way Out

(Grand Royal - GR013) LP $75.00 (Out-of-stock)

The one you always hear in bars, the instrumental-groovalicious jam-cut collection, the bomb, the thing, the one you can't live without. The hella-mella stomp with tracks from Ill Communication and Check Your Head, as well as crowd pleasers, "Son of Neckbone" and "Drinkin' Wine." Yellow vinyl. One copy in stock, # 845 / 5000. Sealed.



(What The ... - WHAT009) Used LP $20.00

In spring 2009, Robert Beatty (Three Legged Race, Hair Police) traveled as a collaborating and touring member of Burning Star Core; written into the set list every night was slot for an improvised solo on his special electronics rig, synthesizer, space echo, question boxes, etc. "Solos" cuts them together into a work of their own. Not a collage, but a document not comprehensive to the originating context. Ten complete solos, in chronological order, for fans of detailed-driven minimum electronics. Paste-on jacket with a creepy poster to get to know. Edition of 166.


Soundtrack For Takeshi Murata

(Glistening Examples - GLEX1302) CD $12.00

(Glistening Examples - GLEX1302) LP $20.00

The collaborative relationship of your dude inside Hair Police and Three Legged Race with the titular digital video glitch pioneer has spawned some of Beatty’s strongest work to date. The rubbery pulsations of “Escape Spirit Videoslime” and the ghostly buzzing harmonics of “Untitled (Silver)” are obvious highlights. Moving between hypnotic minimalism, dense processed atmospheres, and spacious drones, these pieces are the perfect corollary to Murata’s fractured and viscous visuals. LP includes a free download code and an 11x17 poster. CD includes a non-LP bonus track.


Lucifer Rising OST

(Ajna Offensive - FLAME100) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

The legendary, notorious soundtrack as it was originally composed for Kenneth Anger’s film of the same name. Recorded in 1976 in prison, originally pressed on LP in 1980, and then presented in an elaborate multi-platter boxset (including related recordings from the original soundtrack sessions).


The Lucifer Rising Suite

(Ajna Offensive) 4xCD $25.50 (Out-of-stock)

(Ajna Offensive) 4xLP $60.00

At the age of 16, BeauSoleil played guitar for several garage acts, including a brief stint with Arthur Lee and The Grass Roots. (As would prove to be the case throughout his life, BeauSoleil's brief impression was lasting and Lee soon re-christened his band Love, reputedly a winking homage to the young runaway's romantic proclivities.) Bandless but unbroken, BeauSoleil landed in Haight-Ashbury just prior to his 18th birthday. Marching into the thriving psychedelic street revolution, he formed artrock band The Orkustra and began gigging regularly at Be-In events throughout the city. During this time, just months before the onset of the Summer of Love, underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger discovered him during a psychedelic arts festival called The Invisible Circus. He immediately cast the handsome musician as the lead man and fallen angel archetype in his latest celluloid ritual, Lucifer Rising. With typical melodramatic pomp, Anger approached him in a parking lot after the festival, declaring, “You are Lucifer!” He agreed to play the part under the condition that he would also compose the film's soundtrack. Caged first in San Quentin and later in Tracy State Prison, BeauSoleil's creative impulses could not be squelched despite his repressive surroundings. With diligence he was able to set up an inmate music program at the latter institution in the early 1970s. Now, for the first time, all the music composed for the soundtrack has been compiled into a single public release. The Lucifer Rising Suite begins with the 1967 version of the soundtrack and continues through a logical sequence of the recordings made in the years spanning 1976-79. With respect to the latter, the original master tapes were mined for music that had not been heard by anyone in nearly three decades. The newly unearthed recordings were then restored, cleaned up and combined with those previously released to make the anthology as complete as possible. With lots of artwork inserts, posters, essay.


Stereopathetic Soulmanure

(Flipside) Used CD $7.00

(Flipside) Used LP $50.00 (Out-of-stock)

Hidden within the shambolic mess of lo-fi recordings, live performances, field recordings, sound collages, and abstract noise experiments, scattered from 1988 to 1993, are a few straightforward country folk songs that aren’t too dissimilar from music Beck would write later for listenability-obsessed normies.
LP is sealed.


Piel's Session

(Flipped Out) Used 7-inch $2.00 (Out-of-stock)

Four tracks. Distorted, stoned, grungy. From 1996


Matters Of Life And Death

(Chondritic Sound - CH-278) 12-inch $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

The roots of this aggressive, rhythmic electro-industrial outfit based in New York City begin with DIY punk, but their harsh, driving dance sensibilities recall the likes of early Skinny Puppy or Front 242. Featuring members of Kama Rupa, Cult Of Youth, Drunkdriver, and Missing Foundation, Matters Of Life And Death’s themes put subjects such as addiction and mental illness at the forefront of many of these songs, and aspire to transition, growth, compassion, hope and love. Edition of 300


Recovery Suite

(Ini Itu - 1304) LP $21.00

Dystopic lounge ambiance inspired by Ross’s time convalescing from a back injury. The interaction of his customized analog oscillator and baptized drosscillator with Bell’s evanescent melodic lines on the shakuhachi evokes the perplexity and obfuscation of the experience of illness, and slow, uncertain recovery. This is a nocturnal record with circular, maze-like undertones galore, where mental landscapes are built on the contemplation of opioid numbness and extraction. With two postcards. Numbered edition of 250.


Amplified Piano Duets

(Anarchymoon) Used LP (one-sided) + CDR $10.00

A lost journey to unknown planets, defective machinery, dead pilots at the controls, recorded December 2006, released in 2009, paste-on jacket


I Don’t Remember, I Don't Want To

(Superior Viaduct) Used LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

First-time stand-alone reissue of late ’70s home recordings by legendary Cincinnati DIY art-damaged mastermind whose minimal lo-fi electronics layer fractured melodies over distorted synthesizers, hollowed-out rhythms and claustrophobic vocals with a distinct punk-meets-experimentalist sensibility.


Still Insane After All These Years

(Ultramarine - UM023) LP $22.50

Belgian duo Alain Neffe (synth, beats, loops, strings) and Nadine Bal (vocals) return to their 80s cassette culture roots and take advantage of newer technologies and sonic textures. Their mad variety of instruments and moods, punchy beats, hypnotic strings, groovy organ, crazy sax lines and an inventive use of sound shaping do not exclude a choir of frogs (lucky you). Bal sings like an angel, a child, a siren and an alien – a perfectly weird combo of pop, avant garde, surrealism and emotion that shares aesthetic choices with Anne Clark, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Laurie Anderson, Kraftwerk, and Die Form. Edition of 300.


Tough Man

(BloodLust! - B!066) 7-inch $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

Rhode Island artist Peter Lee (Force Of Nature) crafts a mixture of old-school industrial and power electronics, with intense vocals, tempered by dark, death-industrial-influenced, ambient soundscapes. Eleventh release in the BloodLust! Private 7" series. Plain white sleeve. 300 copies.



(Misanthropic Agenda - MAR044) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

The first collaboration by Prix Ars Electronica’s Golden Nica award-winner Bernier (who explores the balance between the cerebral and the sensual, and between organic sound sources and digital processing) and Meirino (who explores sound and its possibilities for failure while exhibiting his masterful editing and compositional skills) challenge listener perceptions and raises questions about what reality and fiction truly are in this study in feedback and psychoacoustics. Edition of 300
Listen to a four-and-a-half-minute sample here: https://soundcloud.com/misanthropic-agenda/sets/nicolas-bernier-francisco


The Cartesian Plane

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa033) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Deep, meditative tranquility inextricably linked to Berry’s otherworldly painting -- absorbing, heavy with the slow unraveling of emotions, expansive and unreal. Edition of 233


Here and Now / Unknown

(Sonambient) Used LP $55.00

Spatial and tonal environments created by sound sculptures, huge metallic gongs and beryllium rod fronds crafted in different shapes, length and thickness in order to achieve a range of gentle and sharp sounds, all of them organic and mysterious, resonating and flowing into each other. Deeply oceanic from within an intense cauldron.


Light Silence, Dark Speech

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB005) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Intimate and perplexing alto sax by this New York-based artist. Ten stripped-down mesmerizing minutes that owe just as much to free jazz skronk as they do to contemporary sound art. Edition of 200.


Love​-​In​-​A​-​Mist, Edible

(Nyahh) LP $16.00

Recorded over a three-year period in Ireland, Amsterdam and Morocco on pianos in various conditions of ideal concord, these immediate, unfussy recordings, comparable to holiday snapshots, are only half about the playing of a piano, according to the Ireland-based sound-receiver herself. “They are also about the people around each piano and the room in which it lives.”


Two Phases of Emanation of Light

(Heard Worse - HW07) LP $15.00

Markos Zografos’s complete composition for music and text contains a total of four phases; Heard Worse’s LP contains the third and fourth. It’s a noise drone work, made of slow building intensity, inspired by Xenakis, one in which “time stops [and e]verything disappears except for the sensation of infinity....” Paste-on cover.



(Vinyl on Demand) 5xLP $125.00

With A4 insert. Each platter in its own outer printed and inner protective sleeve, all held together by a banderole. No seven-inch. Numbered edition 497/500


Burial Ground

(Saxon Gregory) LP $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Audio from the Andrea Bianchi film Burial Ground aka Le Notti Del Terrore (1981). Edition of 150.


Das Testament

(Backwards - BW05, BW05-7) LP + 7-inch $45.00 (Out-of-stock)

The two Das Testament suites were recorded in 1982, released by Mectpyo in 1983, and can be included among the most extreme and uncompromising MB recordings; Bianchi’s synthesizer parts and tape loops create an incredibly oppressive soundscape. Remastered for the Backwards edition, his bleak, dark electronics, rhythms, and neutronic effects reach the avowed goal: “to produce technological sounds and in such a way to work on [the] complete realizing of the modern decadence.” The bonus seven-inch on white vinyl includes two previously unreleased tracks: “Defected Piano (Part One)” and Defected Piano (Part Two).” Includes insert. Edition of 100.


Das Testament

(Backwards - BW05) LP $26.00 (Out-of-stock)

The two Das Testament suites were recorded in 1982, released by Mectpyo in 1983, and can be included among the most extreme and uncompromising MB recordings; Bianchi’s synthesizer parts and tape loops create an incredibly oppressive soundscape. Remastered for the Backwards edition, his bleak, dark electronics, rhythms, and neutronic effects reach the avowed goal: “to produce technological sounds and in such a way to work on [the] complete realizing of the modern decadence.” With insert. Edition of 300



(Dais - DAIS013) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Reissue of Bianchi’s self-released LP from 1982, representing a turning point toward what he calls “bionic music,” aka “prerecorded sounds that are electronically generated and then treated through the use of nucleic echo-machine.” Insert includes contemporary notes. Numbered edition of 500.


Evidences Vol. 1 - Final Industrial Music 1980

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD38) 5xLP $65.00

Deep, nihilistic, and depressive psycho-electronics / noise / drones by The Master. No Nazi speeches or samples. Includes Mectpyo / Blut 1 and Mectpyo / Blut 2, Atomique / Murder, Gene-P (a never-released Industrial Records album), and Nervo / Hydra, all officially unreleased material on vinyl. Limited edition, imported from Germany.


S.F.A.G. 81

(Recursion - STRANA1) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

A year and a half after the initial release of Symphony for a Genocide (Sterile 1981), Broken Flag reissued it on cassette, along with entirely new recordings drawn from the audio of the original LP. S.F.A.G. 81 is a radically different work comprised solely of two side-long tracks signaling the desolate introspection that would come later on The Plain Truth and Armaghedon. Remnants of the relentless mechanical rhythms and synthesizer churn of the original Symphony remain, though as if heard from a distance, lost in the midst of a massive blizzard. Strains of recognizable sound drift in and out of earshot like hallucinations, echoing across the bleak stretches of grayed-out sound. Recursive’s remastered and fully authorized reissue is the first time S.F.A.G. 81 has been available on vinyl complete and unabridged. Edition of 500


The Hot Guitars Of Biller & Wakefield

(High Tone) Used LP $15.00

Like Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant, Dave Biller and Jeremy Wakefield are rooted in country as much as jazz — from wild and swinging to smoky and moody. There’s plenty of stretching out and cutting loose on this 1999 album. Wakefield’s straight steel lends a consistent hillbilly air. With the cool piano of Carl Sonny Leyland.


Bilbo's Incinerator

(w.mo/r - w.mo/r17) 7-inch $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

An atypically gushing review at Siltblog says this 7-inch "erupts like fissures of primordial ash 'n' pumice from a toxic lava of Punk Brut that is most refreshing & revelatory." Art For Spastics concurs, describing it as "abhorrent pummeling scuzzrock that is so extremely harrowing," filled with "unbridled anger and despair." Other people have good things to say about it as well, but fuck 'em.


Urban Disease

(Pan - PAN11) LP $12.00

It has been said that Billy Bao doesn't believe in hypnagogia because he always sleeps with one eye open, and when he dreams, all he sees is AIDS deniers, German shepherds, and soldiers disguised as UN peacekeepers. Before Mattin and anarchism ruined his life, Billy was a bit of a troubadour who accompanied himself on acoustic guitar and warbled wild songs of protest in his native Nigerian patois. This new album, his third on vinyl, is a transitional one dating from late 2006. The gaztetxes of Bilbao hadn't yet burrowed into his marrow, Mattin was still plotting his moves for acting as Merle to Billy's G.G., and the herpes sores in the mouth of global capitalism revealed no visible symptoms. What began as a relaxing session in which Billy conducted a pickup band of itinerant improvisers through a song-by-song cover of Amon Düül's Psychedelic Underground got fucked up by Taku Unami. Likewise, Margarida Garcia lends astounding skill and highly personal idiom on the electric double-bass (in her hands an instrument with the tension of string on wood and the disruptive potential of a crackle box); Barry Weisblat, meanwhile, teases out a century of drone from a Cornell lunchbox of filament and circuitry; the sainted Tim Barnes plays drums and percussion with a saintly touch; Mattin, thumb and forefinger compulsively pinching (or stroking) his Hitler mustache after every take, funnels Billy's malaise through laptop, percussion, and folk instrumentation; and a women's choir eerily fills out the atmosphere with wordless vocals and incantations. The result is a fragmentary, extremely loud hippie jam session punctuated by stretches of uneasy silence and scrape. Cover artwork by Henry Flynt.


Bipolar Bear / Pope

(Rococo - RCC0010) split 10-inch $11.75 (Out-of-stock)

Performing on bass and drums with enough effects and thwap to make your eyeballs leak blood, Paul Kneejee and Fiddles Watson (aka Pope) are kindred spirits to the Boredoms and godheadSilo. Bipolar Bear, led by guitarists Kneejee and Bryan Thadius (both of whom run the Kill Shaman label) massacre Dischord-influenced garage rock in a frenzy of swampy-ass guitar-driven madness, with bassist Luke Birk’s angular lines and Kerri Kirchhammer’s off-beat drumming. Limited to 330 copies. Screened covers on chipboard.


A Living Room At The Bottom Of A Lake

(Nashazphone - NP004) LP $25.00

Birds Of Delay have been sculpting their psychedelic-electronic-noise-drone for more than five years (that’s over half a decade in human years). Previous releases on Chocolate Monk, American Tapes, Troniks, Hospital Productions, and their own Alcoholic Narcolepsy.


Ball of Tallow

(Troniks) Used LP (one-sided) $10.00

Experimental electronics, noise and abstract sounds by Steven Warwick and Luke Younger from 2007. Black jacket with photocopy paste-on. Dinged corner


The Cut

(Ultra Eczema - UE86) LP $25.00

Pure droned filet Americain, conceptual artpiece, back to old school cards on the table, and poetics re-invented by dolle smurfen repeating the same word over and over. Classic tones, properly sliced feathers, and intense poetics. Metallic green cover design by D. Tyfus. Edition of 300.


Gramofonu = Voice of The Universe

(Opax - OPX30A) LP $23.00 (Out-of-stock)

The first meeting of Prague-based turntable-and-8mm band and Italian psychedelic troubadours. Two different approaches yield a sound from the unknown realms of the outer space and the somehow-well-known world of old cracking records. BBNU provided MCIAA with some live improvisations, which were subsequently laced with sounds of guitars, space toys and ray guns, wordless singing and alientronics. Never has music of the spheres crackled so nicely. An improvised speech by a Czech avant garde poet Vítezslav Nezval kicks this off. Edition of 300



(Little Big Chief) LP $14.00 (Out-of-stock)

Shred, dread, sweat, spit and busted bottles from the city of brotherly scuz. “There’s so much snarl all over this thing,” marvels Buffet of Loathsome, “I’m surprised the mic ain’t slumped in the corner, nursing an ulcer…. [Insufficient] pronouncements like ‘Free or The Groundhogs as seen in the busted-mirror mosaic of Japanese underground psych’ [bust] a lil balloon of acid anxiety … in yer gut.” Edition of 350.


Birth Refusal / Cassis Cornuta

(Ultra Eczema) LP $18.00

(Ultra Eczema) Used LP $9.00

Dream-team hook-up between legendary Belgian avant/industrial/savant-goof Cassis Cornuta (one of the most singular synthists/conceptualists to come out of the post Nurse bag) and John Olson and Mike Connelly of Wolf Eyes. Housed in a massively ill fold-out six-panel cover with art by Dennis Tyfus and pressed on a one-sided LP with an etching on the B-side, the sonics match slowly rending circuit boards, cold beams of Euro glare and what appears to be the first drawled chord of “Iron Man,” and fluttering electronics that hover in the air with all the malevolent anti-gravity of leather wings.
Corners of the poster jacket of the used copy are a little bent, but the vinyl is pristine.


Lost in the Cove

(Troniks) Used LP (one-sided) $15.00

Olson and Connelly from 2007. Paste-on photocopy. Edition of 118


Solo Acoustic Volume Eight

(Vin Du Selecte Qualitite - VDSQ008) LP $17.50 (Out-of-stock)

Sun City Girls’ master guitarist, in 20,000 leagues of his own.


Fresh Hair b/w Bopper’s Hat

(Permanent) Used Split 7-inch $4.00

The respective side-projects of Cave and Wooden Shjips make for a good pairing. Each band specializes in minimalist psych obviously influenced by Krautrock, with Bitchin Bajas focusing on melodic repetition while Moon Duo is heavier on rhythm and quite a bit darker. Edition of 750


A Strange Functional System

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD104.3) 12-inch $20.00

Early minimal synth wave from Paul Nova and company. Alternate versions four tracks on the Bizarre Unit's 2xLP (“Hot Like a Lizard,” “Ladytron,” “Not Saying Anymore,” and “Reinstate Domination”) plus “Wave My Hands and Say Hello,” exclusive to this EP.


Bizarre Uproar / Macronympha

(Trash Ritual - TRASH048) split 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Conflicted pairing of Dominance Aggression. Bizarre Uproar's unrefined Finnish harsh noise (along the lines of the ultra-violence sessions of Liha-Evankeliumi) vs. calculated composition of electronics and raw acoustics from one of the USA's strongest, Macronympha. Two counts of assault with difference of intent. Fold-over sleeve with two double-sided color inserts.


Basic Black

(Bizarr'd) Used LP $20.00

Beautifully bleak Chicago mugwump (and war vet, apparently) who does an inside-out, dark-and-ugly version of Rod McKuen poetry (or did, anyway, back in 1969, when this LP was originally issued on Chastity Records). Hatred of authority, shallow people, dead people and social workers are all covered topics. Stock sound effects slink around behind the words to underline their effect. Redacted liner notes (attributed to Mary S[weeney]) pull no punches the way only a self-hating poet using a pseudonym can, and recount Black's stints in mental institutions, being a child alcoholic, and his rescue by W[CFL] disc jockey S[tan Dale]. Photocopy paste-on jacket. Numbered edition of 100.


Frozen Energy b/w Push You

(Avant! - AV!036) 7-inch $11.00 (Out-of-stock)

Avant’s second Black Bug single features vocals by Shawn Foree (Digital Leather), reestablishes the savage force of the band while at same time probing previously unknown areas. A perfect balance of straightforward, stripped-down synthetic punk and a glance to the dark side of early UK post-punk. Edition of 300


Black Dice / Wolf Eyes

(Fusetron) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

A collaborative album from these two WMD specialists, recorded with fury, revenge, lust, and danger in their blackened hearts. An EQ-jacked rocket blast of dude-fueled, beer-drenched, and smoke-choked volumania for fans of total onslaught everywhere.


Cold Hands

(Catsup Plate) Used LP $12.00

Feedback, five-thumbed clatter, and crash from 2001


Cone Toaster

(DFA) Used 12-inch $3.00 (Out-of-stock)

“A four-on-the-floor rumble excursion into the nether regions of ugly escapism. Cut-up cymbals on the left, warped guitar samples on the right, and a big messy whump in the middle. A dance band with a noise fetish.” B-side is a remix of “Endless Happiness” from the Beaches and Canyons album by Eye from The Boredoms. Generic white centerhole jacket


Miles of Smiles

(DFA) Used LP $5.00

“Field-recorded rhythms of a marching band’s celebratory processional swim between worlds alternately mundane and nightmarish. Tape manipulation. Noises, sounds, and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not. It lounges like Martin Denny’s tiki hut, a place where tropical thumb pianos coo with the washed-out vocal harmonies, serenely slurping back out to sea after nearly 15 minutes out of joint. Less musique concrète than a chunk of asphalt.” From 2001. Sealed


Smegma Vs. Black Leather Jesus

(Axis Mundi - AMLP01) LP $28.00

Four years in the making, reworking and obsessing over. Silkscreened jacket, color insert, download card. Edition of 220



(Not Not Fun) Used LP $5.00

“Crawling outta the caverns of a babeless summer, Flowstone collects tracks from the cassettes Murmur (Maim & Disfigure) and V (Buried Valley), plus a side of previously unreleased wastoid subterranean percussion and roaring magma.” Edition of 270.


Technical Ecstacy

(Earmark) LP $15.00

1996 reissue of the 1976 album that, though ambitious, succeeds at nothing more that documenting The Great Unraveling. 180-gram vinyl.


Romance / Black Sand Desert / The Cherry Point

(Troniks) Used LP (one-sided) $10.00

Harsh noise and high-grade resonance by Phil Blankenship, Dean Glaister, and Grey Holger from 2006 that “will sew you up with dragonflies.” Edition of 200


Code Black / First and Only

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR063) split 7-inch $7.75 (Out-of-stock)

Black Sun are still as heavy as their Paralyser LP but this rager's much more in the short, fast and loud vein. They Are Cowards play focused, grim, Northern waste-inspired misery, building from a massive Celtic Frost-esque riff. Beastly.



(At War With False Noise - ATWAR037) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

First vinyl release from the UK's heaviest band. Pummeling doom / post-industrial metal in the vein of Godflesh, early Swans, etc.


Black To Comm

(Dekorder) Used 10-inch $5.00

Hamburg computer music artist Marc Richter’s 2003 debut release cascades “short bursts of electronic gibberish, woven into sheets of shimmer that fall through space glistening, then wiggle on the floor with all the grace and beauty of twitching Moray eels.” Clear vinyl. 45 RPM. Edition of 250


The Jaguar and The Yellow Colours

(Destijl - IND014) LP $20.00

That Liebfried Loch has been making his found sound / voice / guitar / organ recordings more or less unnoticed since the late 1970s is a real shocker. He has played among and with the bigger names of a DIY, Velvets-Barrett-Drake-inspired scene in and around Berlin, with connections to 39 Clocks, Phantom Payne, Beauty Contest, etc. But Loch has no patience for a melody, preferring layers of sound, a method that has yielded tiresome results by a great many artists, but for whatever reason, is much kinder to Herr Loch. Edition of 300.


Katharsis: Kalte Lieder aus der Hölle

(Hospital - HOS288) CD $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

(Hospital - HOS288) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

Blackdeath keeps fighting, living life as war. Wildness and violence have hardened into an idiosyncratic and cracked style: manic vocals that switch from a black rasp to psychotic singing; Nordic riffs bent into a weapon with sharper angles; and song progression equal parts percussive brawl and wide-eyed revelation. Black metal stubbornly focused on quality of riff and refinement of composition. Potent.


Mojo Kitty

(In The Red) Used 7-inch $7.00

Three blues punk Molotov cocktails from 1994 by Mick Collins, Alejandro Cuervo, Janet Walker, and Darin Lin Wood, delivering gloriously sludge-crossed feedback, reverb and bad vibes.


Now Is The Time

(Bubble Core - BC030) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Powerful and mesmerizing modern jazz recorded live at The Knitting Factory in 2000, led by one of the world's top upright bass players, a veteran of groups with Sun Ra, Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz and McCoy Tyner.


Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers With Thelonious Monk

(4 Men With Beards) Used LP $16.00

On the 2002 reissue of this 1958 date by Art Blakey (drums), Johnny Griffin (tenor sax), Bill Hardman (trumpet), and Spanky Debrest (bass), Hardman immediately ups the ante with a pile-driving lead during “Evidence” that underscores the heavy-hitting nature of this particular jazz confab. Monk counters with some powerful and inspired runs that are sonically splintered by the enthusiastic — if not practically percussive — chord progressions and highly logistic phrasings from the pianist. The inherent melodic buoyancy on “In Walked Bud” contains a springboard-like quality, with Griffin matching Monk’s bounce measure for measure. Griffin’s incessant efforts create a freshness to the tune that often escapes other less inspired readings. From Blakey’s boisterous opening on “Blue Monk” through to Monk’s single-note crescendo during the finale, the Jazz Messengers’ lethargic propulsion showcases the melody’s bluesy origins. This directly contrasts the uptempo charge of “Rhythm-A-Ning.” The quirky yet catchy chorus glides with the dual-lead horn section as the entire arrangement is tautly bound by the understated Debrest and Blakey.


Diana (The Herald)

(Sacred Bones) Used LP $5.00

The second twelve from this mysterious bedroom synth project that’s been shrouded in secrecy from the start, and slinks through the gray area between early minimal synth pioneers and current experimentalists like Blues Control and Excepter. Edition of 500 with hot yellow-green front cover


Heatless Ark

(Not Not Fun) Used LP $5.00

These Australians’ “weirdest, deepest, punkest, and freakiest album: open electric ecstasies, dissonant outsider-wave art-punk, loner Jandek-isms slow-diving dreamgaze, and beyond. Varied, wild, and ambitious.” Red foil printing


Sex Magik

(Troniks - TRO282) CD $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

(Rude Fans - M164) LP (one-sided) $30.00

A legacy-destroying new low. A single session spoken word interpretation of the complete lyrics to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' landmark album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. All audio stumbles, mispronunciation and apartment squeal preserved. Edition of 100.


Solo Acoustic Volume One

(Vin Du Selecte Qualitite - VDSQ1) Used LP $14.00

A new voice in the ragtime and American primitive guitar-playing lineage, Blatchley offers a unique interpretation of both new and traditional compositions. Blatchley performs in the band Mountain Home with Marissa Nadler and Greg Weeks of Espers. Letterpress jacket, liner notes.


Children’s Suite and Live at PBS

(Dual Plover) 7-inch + CD $15.50 (Out-of-stock)

Possibly the sickest release produced by a label that specializes in a sweet variety of ill. Contrary to expectation, Kevin Blechdom (Belctum From Blechdom, Erase Errata) transforms the Beatles classic “Twist and Shout” into a celebration of prenatal pleasure. The first 500 copies come with a bonus CD of La Bleckles recorded live at PBS FM during her 2006 tour of Australia. Nice ’n’ womby.


Blind Jesus

(Von Archives - VON006) LP $8.00

SALE PRICE. Stefano Pillia (guitar, audio collages and effects) and Andrew Hooker (electronics) exploring the essence of improvised ambient music. Edition of 300.


Käre Jesus b/w Mandys Bil

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB013) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Spun from the circle around Enhet För Fri Musik, Gustaf Dicksson’s nerve-wrecking tape collage work uses found cassettes to create bizarre glimpses of an extremely cold but thrilling north. The private nature of the source material — thrift store gems like home recordings of children singing, random conversations and crude boom box experimentation, sometimes spiced up with sparse instrumentation and always layered with a rudimentary pause-rec-ff-rewind editing — adds a disturbing flavor, as if one has snuck into someone’s living room on a Saturday night and hidden behind the rugged IKEA family couch. The A-side is based on repeated snippets from a Christian congregation in Sweden, while the slow-burning B-side investigates the grueling nature of car-ownership. Edition of 200


Issue #5

(Blood Book) Magazine + 7-inch $40.00 (Out-of-stock)

Interviews with Boyd Rice, Merzbow, Francis Bacon, Lisa Carver, and Taint. Thirty-six pages, photocopy. Includes seven-inch with “ATF Assault” and “Jagged Visions ’96” by Integrity, and The Kids oF Widney High doing “Let’s Get Busy” and “Pretty Girls.”



(No Part Of It) Used LP $15.00

Directional recordings of Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Corrections House), Dave Purdie (Silver Abuse, Satan 2000), Brian Klein (The Machinist), Andy Ortmann (Panicsville, Nihilist Records) and Arvo Zylo playing mostly untrained brass and woodwind together inside a meat locker, subsequently cut into hundreds of loops, layered, and massaged. Playable at all speeds (always a good sign). Unique, handmade covers. Hand-stamped and –numbered inserts. Edition of 200. Listen to excerpts here: https://soundcloud.com/nopartofit/blood-rhythms-side-b-excerpt/s-f0BFk


Blood Stereo / Hair & Treasure

(Discrepant - CREP29) split LP $20.00

Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance create complete immersion for people who don’t immerse easily on one side, making livid eyes at confused glitter vixens up and down the squalid isle, while prankster randy dust duo Alex Jones and Gonçalo F. Cardoso dwell on tape loops and webbed finger piano ballads culled from a mound of who-cares electro-acoustic improv sessions as an offering to the associated deities of the zwieback buttermilk trade. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016


From Tapes and Throats

(Giant Tank) LP $16.50

A couple years back, Glasgow was consumed by the collective throats of Antwerpian weirdo Ludo Mich and Brightonian/Lothian noise-family farmhands Blood Stereo (Karen Constance and Dylan Nyoukis of Prick Decay / Decaer Pinga / Chocolate Monk). Hear their night-terror-inducing Nosferatu yap melt the minds attending the Instal '06 festival on side A, and neck the swallie of post-everything sound poetry and tape-dirt manipulation on Side B. A real out odyssey. 250 copies. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2008.


Guff Vout Mulch

(Nashazphone - NP10) LP $20.00

Trans-Atlantic collaboration that sounds like what happens when Blood Stereo's re-imagined thousand-year-old Druid chants are invaded by Smegma's looped, psychedelic-folk-stomps. Liner notes by John Olson. Edition of 450.


Red Brut / Blood Stereo

(Chocolate Monk - choc.410) Split cassette $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Containment of the shadow self is a pointless exercise, friend. After all shit is shadow and we are all full of it. Better out than in, right? Red Brut and Blood Stereo both understand and present a side each of tape manipulation, sound collage, etc. For fledglings of all ages. Numbered edition of 52


The Larval Tuning Fork (& Other Visions)

(Twisted Knister - KNACK004) LP $16.00

Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance use tapes and toys and their mouths to bring you creaking doors, aviaries, doddering old ladies, a troupe of muppets grunting and puking their guts out, some old drunk sailor squeezing a harmonium, etc. But what’s important here is the overall bulge and slump as their record breathes. Recordings from Brighton, Blackburn, Dunbar, London, Albany, Jersey City, Amherst, Glasgow, Berlin, Schiphorst, Gerlesborg. Edition of 300.


Your Snakelike King

(Pan - PAN5) LP $27.00 (Out-of-stock)

These Brighton mongs -- Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance -- pick up where they left off with 2008's The Magnetic Headache. Midnight-to-three recordings fueled by grape and smoke conjure a blurred narrative, the meaning of which is never clear, like weird off-camera sounds in a tripped out movie. A shape-shifting and strange mix of tape collage, free vocals and electro-acoustic mischief. Limited edition of 330 hand-numbered copies, in jacket and a two-tone silkscreened PVC sleeve. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2009


Ready to Do Damage

(Gaping Hole - GH3) LP $13.50

Ready To Do Damage seethes with malevolence: sustained piercing feedback; crashing and ripping metal; distortion flaking off every corner; dank; violent. The A side contains a live collaboration (a first for Mania) between these two artists, while side B holds a solo track from each. Mania has terrorized the world of noise and power electronics since 2002 with releases on Bitewerks, Freak Animal, Harsh Head Rituals, Abisko, Vemod, and others. Ryan Bloomer is currently a member of industrial scuzz unit Piss Horn, lives in Canada surrounded by amplifiers, and heads up the Traumatone organization, makers of noise devices most vile. Black vinyl, 11”x17” color poster, edition of 300.


One Less Summer

(Tinker) Used 7-inch $2.50

“Nervewracking squall and chatter” is how our friends at Subterranean describe the five tracks here from 1996, “with some soft, low-frequency pillow-rumble that is positively asphyxiating.


Planetary Engineering

(Oaken Palace - OAK007) LP $16.00

A journey into the heart of spaced-out psychedelic noodling by members of BONG, 11 Paranoias, Haikai No Ku, Drunk In Hell, Khunnt, and Pigs Pigs Pigs. Two twenty-minute tracks evolve around rolling basslines and driving percussion, like a giant spaceship venturing deeper and deeper into the universe, with Mike Vest’s waster-infused guitar freakouts going nowhere and everywhere at the same time.
Have a puff here: https://oakenpalace.bandcamp.com/album/planetary-engineering


Solid State

(Flipped Out - FOR04) LP $8.00

Freaked and stretched excursions and blazing, bursting explosions from Philadelphia 1996. Edition of 400.



(Akarma) Used LP $15.00

Only eight months after Vincebus Eruptum, Outsideinside “contains Leigh Stephens’s paroxysms [and] proved to be some of the best the ’60s ever produced,” promises Pitchfork. “ ‘Feathers from Your Tree’ begins with a drowsy hush before escalating to a strikingly driving pop song, complete with tortured teenage vocals and backup singers…. ‘Sun Cycle’ is a slow rotating blues that reigns in fuzzed and tangled guitars. The version of Booker T.’s ‘The Hunter’ begins as a bluesy hobble until strains of piercing guitar raze through the dinginess. ‘Just a Little Bit’ and ‘Come and Get It’ slow down the tempo and create … tense interaction between players … absent on Vincebus. The result is vastly more atmospheric and fulfilling, if not quite as stunningly anarchic. The one exception is the cover of ‘Satisfaction,’ perhaps the most exemplary version ever recorded, focused less on the music than the energy. It’s as if Stephens is torturing the original…. If it doesn’t sound as influential as Vincebus’s cataclysmic insanity, it’s because it defines ‘classic’ rock. Everyone else was just shooting for this.” 1999 repress of 1968 album on orange vinyl


Vincebus Eruptum

(Akarma) Used LP $15.00

“The juncture of the lethally lethargic, basement-murder morass of Sabbath and the vomit-spewing anxiety of early punk rock,” is how Pitchfork characterizes this 1968 debut album. “The band makes several attempts to get their instruments to sound like they’re playing together, but whenever singer/bassist Dickie Peterson and drummer Paul Whaley accidentally forget that they’re in the same band…, a mind-expanding psychedelic gundown” rushes in, courtesy of guitarist Leigh Stephens, “one of the progenitors of those gloriously nauseating spaz-outs we now know were to be the future of rock: undulations of deafening wreckage and turbulent reverb. The rhythm section is barely audible, and when it is, it can barely stay ahead of Stephens…. And while Blue Cheer, at this early stage, have yet to work out their kinks, their songs are already stunning: ‘Out of Focus’ croaks tales of ‘the magic madness.’ ‘Mystic dream’ [is] a prepubescent version of Zeppelin’s bombast, while ‘Second Time Around’ is a grimier and more explosive predecessor to Yes’s ‘Heart of the Sunrise’…. Eddie Cochran’s version of Summertime Blues’ actually sounded like summer [but Blue Cheer’s] sounds like whatever kind of season they have in a coal mine with skeleton scaffolds. The production is so lo-fi, it’s practically transcendent.” 1999 repress, black vinyl, embossed jacket


Blue Sabbath Black Fiji

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR078) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

This record translates the French/German Glasgow-based duo’s contagious live sets perfectly, where overdriven guitar scree, feedback, heavily-effected vocal distortion and brain-pummeling drum machine are all at the forefront. Within a mostly noise free-for-all, a moment of cohesion pops in -- a great groove, possibly the most head-nodding noise release on the label. Edition of 300. Screen-printed sleeves.



(Holodeck - HD030) LP $16.75 (Out-of-stock)

Two thirds of the now defunct electro-trio Medio Mutante, José Cota (Ssleeperhold) and Mariana A. Saldaña (ex - //Tense//) continue to deconstruct, sharpen, and enhance their idiosyncratic cold wave tradition. Cota’s vivid analog compositions form a solid foundation for Saldaña’s indelible and predominantly Spanish vocals to sink into, reflecting a unique confluence of Texas’s vibrant electronic music scene with its rich and inextricable history of Hispanic culture. The dark romance of Saldaña’s alluring vocal delivery seamlessly oscillates between the sanguine and the apocalyptic with cold, stoic detachment. Cota’s bass-lines and sequences fuse into dense melodic structures that lock-in with his signature half-time drum beats, propelling each piece forward with aggressive momentum. With a variety of punchy downtempo swing rhythms Boan’s innovative vocabulary of beats makes room for deeper melodic refrains to confidently emerge while simultaneously drilling themselves deep into the unconscious. Saldaña suspends lurid and haunting lyrics above Cota’s rich bass lines and arpeggiator hooks, creating lush and complex melodies that are meticulously integrated with massive drum hits and intoxicating effects processing. Mentiras is deeply saturated with stereo chorus, reel-to-reel tape delay, and countless other elaborate studio experiments in order to create nuanced layers of vocals, drums, and musical phrasings that continually unveil refined subtleties with every repeat listen. Includes free download card


Five Tracks 1991-1993

(Ultra Eczema) Used LP $12.00

Strange radio-play-ready combination of library space music, radical satire, Fassbinder, Klaus Schulze and bizarre precision by the field recording / electro-acoustic synth duo Peter De Ceulaer and Luther Vanhoof, both of Spacecactus. With photo and poster of archive pix. Edition of 200


Volantà Di Amore

(Chondritic Sound - CH277) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Electro-goth anthems, uplifting and ripe with sad romanticism by Alex and Andrew Jarson, whose modern maximal-wave is rich in tone and content, melodically sound and incredibly catchy, with pulsing arpeggios under synth leads and swells. Includes download card. Edition of 170


Frantic b/w Mystery

(540) Used 7-inch $3.00 (Out-of-stock)

2010 reissue of the self-titled debut seven-inch originally released in 1979 by Savage Music. Inspired by the likes of The Gang Of Four, the A-side is a re-write of a Just Urbain song while the flip is a sped up / hacked up cover of “Venus in Furs.” Vocals are more whispered than yelped, the vintage drum machine drone adds a spectral quality, and it has the trademark bass-heavy, non-production values much loved by the Savage Music family.


Country Blues

(Revenant) 2xLP $40.00

Over sixty minutes of music including Boggs’s twelve tracks from 1927 and 1929 and five previously unreleased outtakes. Clear vinyl from 2004. Sealed


False Hearted Lover’s Blues

(Monk) Used LP $8.00

If Boggs’s 1960s recordings for Folkways don’t get you where you need to go, this Italian pressing from 2009 of twelve tracks from the late 1920s will deliver you to the crossroads of black and white folk styles.


When My Worldly Trials Are Over

(Monk) Used LP $5.00

On this 2010 reissue of his late 1920s recordings, you can hear the pioneering singer / banjo player blend Appalachian old-time music and early blues. Generic label chipboard jacket with centerhole.


Bunhill Row

(Paradigm Discs - PD19) LP $17.50

In 1980, Adam Bohman (Morphogenesis, The Bohman Brothers) made his first recordings using two budget cassette recorders, an ordinary trumpet, and a variety of other acoustic instruments and objects, many of which are still part of the current Bohman armory. Bunhill Row was his first complete album of material, but it and subsequent releases from the time remained in tiny cassette editions made for friends or exchanged through the mail art network. On vinyl for the first time, Paradigm Discs' hand-numbered reissue opens another window into the incredibly fruitful astral alignment that occurred over London at this time. "Beautifully raw, dirty, and mesmerizing," opines Ed Pinsent in Sound Projector, "A genuine masterpiece of grown-in-the-UK genius." Edition of 500.


Room Service

(Rural Isolation Project) LP $15.00

A dense collection of intricate, close-mic'd small-object improvisation, homemade instruments and slippery tape music whir and skrong. All held together with a skilled sense of pace and humor. Many of duo’s past recordings revolve around collages of voice, but Room Service sets aside the deadpan humor of some of their earlier works and gets down to an intense tape collaged funhouse of squeaking spring, resonating wine glass, clattering bric-a-brac and bowed whatsit.


Bonesaw / Lobotomized

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR089) split 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Bonesaw's old-school death metal is fast and raw, with sludgy slow parts and horrible vocals. Lobotomized offer two tracks of punky death metal, similar to Abscess or maybe even newer Darkthrone. Heavy vinyl with full-color insert. Edition of 350.


Orfeu Da Conceição E Otras Histórias

(Get Back ) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Tracks from the mid-’50s by the fathers of the Bossa Nova revolution in Brazilian music. Sealed.


Sculpture Gardens

(Future Audio Graphics) Used LP $15.00

Using hydroponic and contact microphones, Guthrie makes audible certain silent sounds present at Overton’s installation at the Whitney Museum of American Art, consisting of large aluminum ponds housing a variety of plant life and aerated by two silhouetted windmills, which in turn respond to the conditions of the Whitney’s fifth floor deck. Adjacent to this outdoor component and separated by a wall of large glass windows, a gallery space holds several sculptures made from reclaimed wood, everyday objects and metal pipes, among other materials. As fall turned to winter, it was reconfigured and the ponds were emptied and inverted, creating drumhead-like objects that further amplified their sonic possibilities. Guthrie’s work offers access to the inside and outside of the installation. The subsequent compositions delicately mix electronic treatments, French horn and synthesizer, furthering her interest in non-musical sounds and the natural acoustic phenomena of architectural space. Bonnet’s commissioned essay, “Emanations,” reconsiders the early avant-garde innovation of the found object in relation to the temporality of sound, revealing the impermanent, changing nature of both. This text suggests the category of art shares much in common with the mystery, uncertainty and environmental unpredictability of this installation. Hella interdisciplinary.


Fog Frog b/w Ladies Ladies

(Meeuw Muzak - MM039) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

The 2003 mix of "Fog Frog" (involving electric heater percussion and subsequently disparaged as "too Neubauten") is updated with judicious sense of organization while retaining the tipsy-sounding execution of the original -- recorded by Goldt in a hotel room with a Fellini-inspired choir of wine-filled glasses. The post-feminist pre-ejaculate that is "Ladies Ladies" gets a gentle re-agitation as well, with Boombastik and Kubin filleting Goldt's words and music from the historical timeline with their human-beatboxing and dada production, respectively.


Plastik Lieb / Hoffnung

(Meeuw Muzak - MM031) 7-inch $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

A studio piece and a live track by the human beatbox from Berlin, who does his thing with voice, tape loops and effects. Through the years he has worked with Trainingslager, Fischmob, Hofoku Soshi, Funkstoerung, Patric Catani, Felix Kubin, and Khan. Raw and tight beats, pure intensity, and combative notoriety.


The Eastcote Studios Session

(Dancing Wayang - DWR-011) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

Fire-breathing saxophonists Jim Sauter and Don Dietrich and face-flaying guitarist Donald Miller summon one of their most forceful yet detailed sonic onslaughts to date. It’s dense and slab-like on first approach, impenetrable and resistant. This studio recording is a new kind of peak. Merciless, undeniable and monstrously beautiful. Hand-screenprinted wrap-around sleeve designed by Richard Wilson. Liner notes by Edwin Pouncey. 180-gram vinyl. Edition of 500. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016


Man Is The Bastard / Born Against

(Vermiform) Used Split 8-inch $18.00

All five “A Call For Consciousness” tracks by the big mac daddies of power violence on one side, and Born Against’s final four recordings on the other, some of their most creative and captivating tracks by a mile, especially “Wearing a Lampshade,” “Five Dollars an Hour” and the killer “My Favorite Housing Project.” From 1994.


Chop Socky

(Dossier) Used LP $12.00

This short-lived trio from the late 1980s, headed by drummer Samm Bennett and including the talents of Kumiko Kimoto and Yuval Gabay, combines percussion from various world sources with electronics and fuses them in a rockish rhythmic execution. Experimentalism is generally put on the back burner in favor of the groove. Guest appearance by guitarist / violinist Hahn Rowe.


Ins Kahle Zimmer Sinken Blaue Firne

(Ultramarine - UM024) 7-inch $13.50

Fantastic “chamber” recording from these two masters of the screeching acoustic metal-on-metal -- Amsterdam-based artist Dijkstra (whose extremely personal work, redolent of opium, crusty wallpaper and taxidermy, involves accordion, unknown electronics, and voice) and Swiss violinist extraordinaire Boss. Violin, organ, fork and spoon are the credited instruments here, blowing ice cold gusts into your listening parlor, like twisted classical music from a distant century. Silkscreen jacket. Edition of 100.


Ljudskulptur För 5 Kontrabasklarinetter 5 Qaraqeb & Elektronik + Solon För Kontrabasklarinett & Basklarinett

(Ideal) Used LP $20.00

“Entrancing microtonal drone excursions for reed and percussion” from 2016



(Recloose Organization) Used LP $75.00

“A record with intensity,” declares the Dutch magazine Vinyl. “You will get from [this 1984 album] very clear views with a murdering vitality and a passionate, deathly atmosphere, icy parts of filthy noise. So far, Throbbing Gristle never managed to get such penetrating, powerful and significant sounds. Heavy metal percussion cuts through visionary areas, chunking bass accompanies the delayed orgasm of sunset sex and headstop.”


Laughing Afternoon

(Recloose Organization) Used LP $75.00

“Something of a gem,” is how Sounds UK describes this 1983 debut LP. “A mixing pot where pounding rhythms are thrown against wailing trumpets, electronics pulse, tom-toms thump, [and] tuneful guitars melodically flutter by…. [P]retty odd but … contagious.”


The Spike

(Dossier) Used LP $35.00

“Bourbonese Qualk’s music has an immediate effect,” according to Sounds UK about this 1985 album. One is “absorbed into the strong, fluctuating stream of noises and then awakened by very loud strident noise…. The tracks flow almost unnoticeably from one to another to form an organic whole. Inside this process … a lot of small things happen that attach themselves to your senses and take control…. [With a] kind of ‘Body-ness’, their … sound-treatments have … a magical hallucinating effect.” With sticker. Black vinyl


Site / Realm

(VHF) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Elemental guitar noise, feedback washes, bowed cymbals from 1994. Silkscreened fold-over jacket.


The Bowles

(Kye - KYE705) 7-inch $11.25 (Out-of-stock)

The briefly extant Australian trio of Matthew P. Hopkins, Christopher Schueler (R.I.P.) and Mary MacDougal came together in 2009 and plied their craft across the patchwork of warehouses, attics and D.I.Y. artspaces connecting the Blue Mountains of New South Wales to inner city Sydney, before imploding later that same year. This six-track overview, recorded live to Dictaphone in Sydney, consists of murky cassette montages, strung-out 3am ballads and exquisite-corpse-style constructs that unify and define an original voice few have heard. Includes color postcard. Edition of 350.



(After Music Recordings) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

All hail The New Desolation. One of America’s premier noise bands, Boy Dirt Car returns with a sermon, or possibly a soundtrack to a beautiful yet disturbed mantra, with a possible insight to breakdown. Darren Brown, Dave Szolwinski, Dan Kubinski, Keith Brammer, Steve Whalen, and Jeff Hamilton are joined by guests Rico McCoulm, Mike Sawyer, Josh Mead and Jarrod Olman for this journey into enlightenment or dementia. Found sounds combine with interludes of thrashed out bass, distorto guitar, and manipulations alongside vocal musings, tantrums and almost choral-like insertions within and around. Seems like one for the headphones. Jackets silkscreened by Josh Mead. Vinyl includes one track not available digitally. Edition of 300. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2010.


Treacherous Young Witches

(After Music Recordings) split LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Boy Dirt Car has got the drift again on this textural affair with layers of echoing and twisting noises, guitar undercurrents, razor'd electro interruptions and erosions. Their twenty-minute, bounce-heavy, clanking rhythm-bed, touched by marimba, fused with found sounds, is organic as a kitten and possessed as the Oracle's mono-toned pronouncements. On the flip, Andy Gallagher enlists the help of Mike Watt (Minutemen), Mike Hoffman, Steve Summers and Graham Brown for four songs. The instantly memorable opener “Should've Stayed in Bed” is reminiscent of a melancholy Grant Hart and won't leave your memory anytime soon. If you're into Dinosaur Jr and Sebadoh, Gallagher has you covered. Original artwork from Josh Mead and Astrid Young (Neil's sister). Edition of 300.


irr. app. (ext.) / Mykel Boyd

(Somnimage - som10009) split 7-inch $12.00

Matthew Waldron's avant-brewski meets Boyd's drones and sputters, like a cicada in Lake Michigan. White vinyl, silver on black silk screened sleeve. Limited to 200 copies


Painting Petals on Planet Ghost / Mykel Boyd

(Somnimage - som10014) split 7-inch $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

The Opalio brothers (My Cat is an Alien) with Ramona Ponzini bring the mellow on the Painting Petals on Planet Ghost side with ambient noise and bells. Boyd's sweet ride consists of processed field recordings. White vinyl in opaque wrap-over sleeve. Limited to 200 copies.


Rapoon / Mykel Boyd

(Somnimage) split LP $21.00

One side of beautiful ethno-ambiance by Robin Storey, formerly of Zoviet France. One side of "recordings of things" altered by Boyd to sound like planes taking off. Black, letter-pressed jacket. White vinyl. Edition of 200.



(Hot Releases) Used LP $5.00

“A witchy mosaic of psychedelic, haunted tape jams, exposed circuit melodies, EVP, Casio moaning, deteriorating cassette playback, ebbing dreamy confusion and harshness coalescing into a final metal echo by members of Relay for Death, Secret Boyfriend, and Jeff Rehnlund” from 2010. Paste-on jacket. Edition of 300.


Petrified Conditions 1979-1981

(Restless) Used LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

LAFMS royalty Tom Recchion and Fredrik Nilsen, plus Alex Gibson and Pat Delaney (formerly of the Deadbeats). Trouser Press is impressed by the quartet’s “artsy sophistication,” citing Gibson’s songwriting displaying “structural abilities far beyond the punk club milieu in which the band existed.” 1985 pressing. Price tag on the jacket.


The Brain Police

(Akarma) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

The band’s sole LP, originally a demo platter in a plain sleeve made with the intention of attracting label interest in their baroque pop, the tight interplay between guitars and organ, the bluesy, heavy psych solos, and the nearly-AM radio pop/rock bounce. 2005 reissue of 1968 rarity. Gatefold jacket.


The Ascension

(Superior Viaduct) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Four guitarists (Branca, fellow composers Ned Sublette and David Rosenbloom, and future Sonic Youth member Lee Ranaldo), with Jeffrey Glenn on bass and Stephan Wischerth on drums, tear down the genre-ghettos between 20th century avant-garde and ecstatic rock’n’roll on this 2014 reissue of the 1981 LP. On “The Spectacular Commodity,” chiming, shimmering tones unfold into sinister drone-territory à la Tony Conrad, while abrasive guitars and repetitive beats retain the raw primitivism of No Wave. The title track attains a densely packed, larger-than-life sound and (as author Marc Masters says) “never stops climbing skyward.” Sealed



(KDB) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Lo-fi, droning, tape-looped improv spew devoid of drums, with most rhythms coming from tape loops or guitar parts, and generally levitating the consciousness pretty effectively in a ceilingward direction. Headphone listening reveals some pretty cool mix-work while retaining a unique Nordic grittiness in sound. Paste-on front and back cover


Kjetil D. Brandsdal

(Ecstatic Peace) Used LP $5.00

Intense and mesmerizing instrumentals from 1999 by this Norwegian sound-explorer. Experimental guitar, turntables and electronics.


Kjetil D. Bransdal / Mikaël Trémel

(Smalltown Supersound) Used LP $5.00

Distracted guitar picking, disharmony, flimsy organ tones and a peculiar rhythmic sense make up the main body of this relatively low-key album from 1999, which at times leans toward jazz and then recalls a seething little kid’s first discovery of the piano. Generic black jacket with centerhole and paste-on artwork


Rogalands Lydigste

(Swill Radio) Used LP $15.00

Distinctive, uncompromising and minimalist instrumental music from 1999. Guitar played with the imminent threat of screams, whines and surreptitious tones. Definitely rock for the advanced. Sealed


Necking / Breakarts

(Neck And Tongue) 12-inch $9.75 (Out-of-stock)

Brooklyn-based drums-electronics-voices duo on one side (Rop Vazquez [ex-Rice, Peechees, Semi-Automatic] and Nick Lesley [Alien Whale, ex-Oma Yang, Scarcity of Tanks]), doing their hyper-active improv noise rock influenced by the San Diego hardcore they grew up with in the ’90s, and on the other the Bay Area quintet described by SF Weekly as “inscrutable” and “threatening,” consisting of RandyLee Sutherland (vox, tape loops), Tomo Yasuda (bass, Korg, keys, Casio), Kevin Woodruff (drums, sample pad), Anthony Iamurri (guitar, bass, cowbell), and Jonathan Holland (bass, guitar). 45 RPM. Edition of 500.


At The North Pole, Easter Day, 1982

(What The ... - WHAT012) LP (one-sided) + 3in CDR $14.00

In comparison to the only other available 1980s recording of a complete live performance by the BLE (the side-long “Industrial Barbecue,” on the BUFMS boxset), At The North Pole, Easter Day, 1982 is starker and more minimal overall. Performing as a quintet at an open mic night in a student cafeteria, the group had played live only once prior and had yet to amass the collection of ubiquitous tape players and answering machines that accompanied most subsequent performances and recordings. The absence of overt forward progress in some parts gives the performance an incidental resemblance to those tense moments in grim power electronics just before the singer goes berserk, but then ridiculous verbal repetitions and Top 40 references come out of nowhere like nerdy Fluxus rehearsals in the middle of a New Orleans funeral. Other segments highlight the difference between aboriginal metal percussion and pots ’n’ pans getting banged together by people with a remarkably spastic sense of rhythm. Visually, Bren’t Lewiis were like a cross between the jackets of early Nurse With Wound albums and a bunch of hicks impersonating Spike Jones and His City Slickers. Television sets flickered throughout. Doug Roberts brought his bicycle onstage. Dressed in a labcoat and white wool-felt USAF boots, howling into his signature plastic lawn flamingo, Lucian Tielens stretched the limits of publicly acceptable intimate congress with inanimate objects. Tim Smyth wore a bunch of Christmas lights attached to a Civil Defense helmet. Amoeba Man had a garbage bag filled with helium balloons taped to his head and toilet paper wrapped around his face. As some sort of oblique Day-Glo homage to Carmen Miranda, Gnarlos wore a handmade upside-down sweatsuit. The amplified 21-foot aluminum sailboat mast, the undisputed star of the show, was so unwieldy that use of a special freight door was required just to get in and out of the building, and yet a single, lonely metallic “ploong!” was pretty much the limit of its sonic palette -- appropriate testament to the methodology of this absurdly inefficient group. Includes insert printed with glow-in-the-dark ink, and a reproduction of the flyer advertising the show. Edition of 129. All orders placed here include a 3-inch CDR of previously unreleased hoot, not available elsewhere.


Fix It Again, Tony

(Butte County Free Music Society - 45) LP $20.00

This first-time collaboration by avatars of the new generation of European improv and blue-haired spazimodo mutants is something of a gloriously awkward thwack marathon of crumbled guitar noise, otherworldly howls, and stuff falling down stairs. The spontaneous recordings, performed in a single 90-minute session, are cut-up, multi-tracked, looped, and reassembled into thirty-two pieces that are more scrambled than the unrealized fears of an acute entomophobe, and, according to Morgia, “sometimes sound like Twin Infinitives chewed by Polyphemus.” Cover art by the amazing Todd Emmert. Edition of 175.


Make It Stop

(Training Bra) 7-inch $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

The debut vinyl by this early ’80s free-improv, Smegma-influenced outsider collective of Butte County-based freaks. Found objects, homemade instruments, prerecorded tapes and vinyl, psychotic cover versions of AM fodder, and a resolute lack of music skills abound. "Deeply peculiar," Weird Record of the Week — CMJ. Members went on to play in Vomit Launch and Glands of External Secretion.


Refreshing Hemorrhage

(Butte County Free Music Society - 44) 7-inch $8.00

Both versions of “People,” the aloof masterpiece by Mancunian iconoclasts Gods Gift, are covered simultaneously on the A Side, as Bren’t Lewiis shambles along on fuzz guitar, warped keyboards, and Colour Out Of Space field recordings, while the imperious Silvia Kastel intones her dispassionate but resolutely negative critique of mankind. The B Side continues with a severely bent cover of both versions of “O Jackie O,” itself a damaged charm song by Chicago trio ONO, here performed on messed-up kazoo, holiday wrapping paper tube, and tape-manipulated field recordings from the swamp where Annette Funicello’s head was buried by The Allman Bros. An unhealthy tape piece brings the record its queasy conclusion. Overall, totally appalling, but in a good way, like the talent show scene in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Edition of 100.


Three Christs of Ypsilanti

(Siltbreeze - SB131) LP + 3-inch CDR $15.00

The first post-BUFMS-boxset disgorgement of ramshackle outsider clatter and howl from one of California’s many rural nowheres exposes previously hidden, 25-year-old whack-off (à la Smegma and other bent LAFMS trippers, the UK’s A Band, 5 Starcle Men, Yximalloo, Gastric Female Reflex, Id M Theft Able, and the sort of visionaries currently promoted by labels such as Chocolate Monk and Beniffer Editions). The murky “Take It Out And Kill It” whirls around in conflicting directions in a manner one critic long ago described as “schizophrenic muzak.” “Dark Surprise,” a 1986 recording from the crossroads of DIY autism and darkened psychedelia, is previously unreleased (the first playback of the master tape didn’t happen until 2008). In contrast to the group’s usual embrace of any and all kitchen sinks in the immediate vicinity, this recording was made solely with electric guitars, voice and prerecorded audio frottage. Book-ending both sides are excerpts from an after-hours, no-audience, guerrilla action recorded in a multistory, split-level university student union, using hurled cafeteria cutlery, defective boomboxes and answering machines blaring prerecorded tape, the public piano, and a variety of unidentified flailing objects. “[As] secretive as a posse’ve Masons bidding in a goat auction … a weird , befuddlin storm comin’ outta the night … tryin’ to charm you into the muddy arms of the undertow.” –Roland Woodbe, Siltblog NOTE: Copies of this LP purchased here include a 3-inch CDR of previously unreleased bonus tracks.


The Wolf Shall Also Dwell With The Lamb

(Important) Used LP $8.00

Guitarist / composer James Blackshaw and lutenist / composer Jozef van Wissem recorded at Locksley Hall, Amsterdam in April 2008. Four long circular compositions in which the duo unify in historical reference to the musics of both the ancient lute and contemporary acoustic guitar. Black vinyl. Sealed


Broder / Cartwright

(Roaratorio - ROAR08) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Andrew Broder (aka Lex Records/Ninja Tune recording artist Fog) and George Cartwright (leader of the long-running avant/jazz group Curlew and Gloryland Ponycat Trio) lay claim to some barrier-crashing and genre-splicing within their respective bodies of work. Together on a Minneapolis stage in February 2004, they cross-pollinate like killer bees with their array of saxes, laptops, turntables, keyboards, and various effects. Broder and Cartwright’s free improv would work fine as a soundtrack for documentaries on paranormal phenomena, so start filming, auteur. Limited edition on red vinyl, with hand-silkscreened covers.s/t


Solo Acoustic Volume Three

(Vin Du Selecte Qualitite - VDSQ3) LP $14.00

Twelve-string arrangements from a true master of the instrument, Brokaw shows a range from waltzes and ballads to experiments and rhythms. Member of Codeine, The New Year, Come, Thurston Moore and the New Wave Bandits and many more ensembles. Letterpress jackets, liner notes.


Home of the Brahma Chopp

(Vertical Industries - NR19635) LP $10.00

A solo project by Jim Sotille of Squirmbo, executed between 1988 and 1993, released 1994. Dominated by free guitar noises backed up with percussion and crackling.


Move Ever Onward

(Ikef) Used LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

2002 pressing of this 1975 album of spiritual jazz with a more worldly sound that incorporated robust African and Asian influences. Its eight eclectic tracks feature vocals from by Dara, Aiisha, Kwesi Gilbert Northern, and Ayida Tengemana, along with cacaphonous percussion, flute and stringed instrument flourishes. Liner notes by Jean Carn


Sound Awareness

(Ikef) Used LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two side-long tracks by renowned French horn player Robert Northern with notable appearances by percussionist Max Roach, the M’Boom Re:percussion Ensemble, and a 90-piece vocal choir. 2002 pressing of this boundary-pushing album recorded and originally released by Strata East in 1972 after much extensive work with the Sun Ra Arkestra. Liner notes by Roach



(Sleeping Giant Glossolalia) Used LP $5.00

With its combination of late-night-loner electronic drift, dream-inducing rhythmic workouts, and masterful avant-pop orchestrations, this record by a member of Beast Coast stays with you. Written and recorded during a period of personal turmoil, it travels the arc from the deeply melancholic to the triumphant, leaving bad dreams to die on the bedroom floor. Guests include Nels Cline (Wilco), Rebecca Coleman (Pageants, ex-Avi Buffalo), Josh Klinghoffer (RHCP).


Tender Wreckage

(Gameboy) Used Split LP $5.00

One side of noisy remixes of material from the Brutum Fulmen catalog, backed with the favor returned in a musique concrète vein.


The Sinking Of The Titantic

(Obscure) Used LP $50.00 (Out-of-stock)

Bryars’s deeply mournful masterwork from 1975, still strangely haunting after all these years. Realized with The Cockpit Ensemble, Sandra Hill, Derek Bailey, Angele Bryars, Michael Nyman, John White, John Nash, and Miss Eva Hart, the performance contains more light that one has any reason to expect for such a dark project. Stunning. 1978 Polydor reissue in Island jacket.


Of The Bridge

(free103point9) Used LP $5.00

Field recordings of traffic, subway trains, and construction and repairs on the Williamsburg Bridge from 2002, with sampled sounds from Sonny Rollins’s 1961 recording, and performances by three New York sound artists who live next to the structure. Silkscreened jacket. Numbered edition of 300.


Les Mystère Des Voix Bulgares Vol. 1

(4AD) Used LP $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

The classic beyond-mesmerizing folk choir recordings from the mid-1970s, reissued in 1986.


Bullet In The Head

(Bulb) Used 7-inch $2.00

Three short tracks of proto-industrial noiserock from 1993


Bum Kon

(Local Anesthesia) Used LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Raw thrash emanations with a frenetic instrumental attack and intense vocals from Colorado 1984.


Ground Round

(Sun Baked) Used LP $20.00

“Power is the name of the game,” assures the German language zine Trust about this Colorado hardcore band’s second and final album, released in 1986. They “are not overly fast, but they do make very passionate music [with] absolutely weird rhythm changes and the … nasal vocals…. Bum Kon play around with … studio tricks, so that it hisses, hums, or farts … unexpectedly. Hot…. HC with a difference, but good.”


Bunny Magick

(Blackjack) Used LP $10.00

“Nothing exceeds like excess.” So Douglas Wolk sums up this LP from 1994. “The Bunny Brains have built a Taj Mahal of psychedelic sludge, a two-chord Trump Tower, a Mount Rushmore of everybody playing really loud at once and sort of trying to make sure they’re playing the same song. The Connecticut band, known for way-over-the-top live performances (half-naked dancers, dozens of stuffed animals flying everywhere, very long songs) and why-did-they-do-that? recordings … has topped itself again. Bunny Magick has a handful of digressions, like the ridiculous acoustic tribute to a favorite DJ (“R U Ready Carolyn Keddy?”) and an even more ridiculous, fume-addled jig (“Erin Go Boom!”), and a couple of short found pieces (like the hysterical children’s choir anti-drug song that opens the record). Most of it, though, is what the Bunny Brains do best: hugely fun, near-improvised two-chord rock for lots of people to jump up and down to, with songs that go on as long as they’re still fun for everyone to play and end when everybody’s gotten bored with the main riff and wandered off into solos. Sealed


Jeff Burch

(Spring Press) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

Composed and recorded over a year between his home in New York City, and on residency in Stockholm, Tangier and Venice, Burch’s follow-up to his 2015 album summons a once familiar spirit caught inside the single note and the endless reverberations of the Fluxus streets. He sounds out endless violin and cello wail and draws long interstellar synthesizer vowels, pushing them up against a clangor of bells, dizzying organ-fed Leslie, glassy bows of cymbal and gong.


Bagirwa Hymn

(Von Archives - VON003) LP $20.00

A tribal funeral ode in the form of two dense, obscure messes, from one of the masters of the new mysticism. Edition of 300.


Burial Hex

(Scratch And Sniff Entertainment - SNSE068) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Dark and focused, utterly joyless mixture of field recordings, synths, and tortured vocals by Clay Ruby. Edition of 306.



(Aurora Borealis) Used 2xLP $15.00

A metaphysical odyssey of uncertain outcome. From the psycho-religious clamour of “Will To The Chapel” with its jihadic cries, through the somnambulant, subterranean oscillations of “Eight Pentacles,” the way ahead is far from clear, the atmosphere claustrophobic and threatening. The album ends with the half-speed collisions, static miasma, and white noise squawl of “Bo -II- Ne.” Black card disco bags with a wrap-around black sleeve, hand screenprinted in white ink; includes two inserts. 180g vinyl.


A Black Balloon

(Criminal - PATR55) LP $5.00

Sealed copies of the original pressing (from the early to mid-'80s) of the second solo outing by one of the Parasites of the Western World dudes. Crashing syndrums, pomped riffs and dramatic vocals, steering just the right side of Thomas Dolby and Peter Gabriel territory with unique traces of synth-pop and an untouchably aspirational intent.


Silence and Timing

(Criminal - PATR555) LP $8.00

Sealed copies of the original pressing from 1981 of this solo oddity by a member of the Parasites Of The Western World. Not as many avant rock maneuvers as the Parasites' album (reissued by Destijl), but still a knockout, albeit less overt. Burke blurs the boundary between dreamy psych and melancholic post punk, with passing overtones of both Brian Sands and Gignoux's The Broadway Boys, though this has got a darker overall cast.


Owl Leaves Rustling

(Feather One's Nest) Used LP $20.00

“A brilliant collage of four-track chaos,” declares Shelfdwindle about the first pressing of this 1995 LP. “A timeless collision of folk and noise [with an] overwhelming loner psych vibe [that] combine[s] with … deeply personal yet muddy sound…. [F]or convenience’s sake let’s make an offhanded comparison of early Jandek meets Tall Dwarfs.” Recycled jacket with spray paint on front, paste-on photocopy on back. Edition 200


Body Blues

(Hospital - HOS182) 7-inch $6.75 (Out-of-stock)

Spencer Yeh’s voice of rapture emerges from the tunnels of noise. Two side-long pieces that drift between driving, nostalgic, road-weary, headlong plunges into human mysteries and sombre, rose-pedal synth write private and voyeuristic existentialism.


Brighter Summer Day

(Thin Wrist - TWB) LP $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

Burning Star Core's first vinyl full-length and first widely available recording after numerous private releases that began surfacing in 1993. Massive layers of sustained sound driven thru violins and electronics direct to climax, backed by broken organs dropped into shifting darkness and cracked computer hypnotics.


Burning Star Core / Del

(Quasi Pop - QPOPREC08) split 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

A blend of wild rock energy with anarchic noise weirdness in a complex, explosive, multi-layered sound. Traditional instrumentation (violin, drums + guitars) and noisy, chaos-generating electronics, unified in celebration of the power of primal natural forces and the creative energy of sexual instincts.



(Hospital - HOS216) CD $13.75 (Out-of-stock)

(Plastic - P007) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

On this composed work (as opposed to BxC's propensity for improv), each piece revolves around a central melodic theme with field recordings, an audio diary bridging the gaps, ranging from pure tonal mood to huge electronic crescendos. Challenger uses space remarkably, with parts coming and going, dropping, building or receding. When the piano crashes in “Mysteries of the Organ,” it's almost a frustration of paradise, a rejection of perfection or maybe a jolt of inexplicable life, unable to be translated into proper communication. Juxtaposed with the quiet haunting of “Hopelessly Devoted” which sounds like a love letter written to outer space, it makes for an album that is both dynamic yet consistent as a full statement. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2008


Comets On Fire / Burning Star Core

(Yik Yak - 005) LP $12.00

Noise-damaged psychedelia from the trippy year of 2005. No roadhouse numbers, just pure expando-band blown-jam sorcery. Shirts were shed, inhibitions were forgotten, magic was made. Silkscreened sleeves. Edition of 1000.


The Very Heart of The World

(Thin Wrist - TWG) CD $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

(Thin Wrist - TWG) LP $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

An incredibly heavy record, built on dense, layered drones, pulses, splintered vocals, and deep rhythms that euphorically build to total overload. With a lineup including the Hair Police front line and other luminaries from across the exploding Midwestern psych/noise/folk underground, BXC's C. Spencer Yeh shifts through epic movements and pushes pure electronic/concrete/physical/rock energy to undeniable, massive sound.


Yellow Swans / Burning Star Core

(Blossoming Noise) Used LP $8.00

Collaboration from 2005-2006 by GMS, Pete Swanson, C. Spencer Yeh, and Mike Shiflet. Red marbled vinyl


Dogs And Boats and Airplanes Choir

(Big Pond Small Fish) LP (lathe cut) $30.00

A collaborative effort by this “seriously idiosyncratic” conceptual artist and a hundred children between the ages of eight and twelve, who chorally mimic dogs, boats and airplanes in a libretto of their own making. Side A was originally devised as incidental music for Burns’s book Dog and Boats and Airplanes Told In The Form Of Ivan The Terrible. On the B-Side, the children voice the sounds of dogs lapping milk, a tugboat, a kennel, and an airplane cockpit with their “guttural and throaty resonances…, whispers, blows, whistles…, elaborate … and dexterous manipulations [that are unsettling because of their resemblance to] death moans,” observes The Senses And Society. “The sonances reproduced by the students represent a clash between the animals of the natural world and the vehicles of industrial society…. The sonic disharmony … reveals intractable tensions.” Plain white jacket with information embossed on it. Edition of 75.



(Affinity) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

1979 reissue of volume twenty in BYG’s Actuel series. Seriously high-energy, free jazz action recorded in Paris 1969 by pianist Burrell, along with Archie Shepp (tenor), Alan Silva (bass), Sunny Murray (drums), Clifford Thornton (cornet), Grachan Moncur III (trombone), and Arthur Jones (alto sax).


Tokei Nikki

(RRRecords - RRR999) LP $15.00

Kyoto noise turntable trio BusRatch began in 1998 (and have disbanded after eleven years, making their debut vinyl release their swan song) and performed improvised music on eight turntables simultaneously. Later on, as a duo, Katsura Mori and Takahiro Yamamoto "play back" on turntables a variety of items including prepared records, cymbals, metal objects, and mouse pads, as well as constructing sound improvisationally by using the cartridge and arm as amplifiers. Plenty of abstract needle fingering, processing, repetition and extreme noise. Side one contains two elegant, contemporary avant garde compositions. On side two are ninety-nine locked grooves. They've performed with Christian Marclay, Otomo Yoshihide, Keiji Haino, Tetuzi Akiyama, Thomas Ankersmit, Utah Kawasaki, Bruno Meillier, Computer Soup, Olivia Block, Seth Nehil, and TV POW.


Bottle Breaking Heart Leap

(Alt.Vinyl - AV0000060) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Intense 2012 live recording from The Left Bank in Leeds (a deconsecrated church with great acoustics) by two world-class improvisors who continue to develop a radical attitude to sound and interaction. 180-gram vinyl. Edition of 250


Induced Musical Spasticity

(Butte County Free Music Society - 25) 4xLP + CD $65.00 (Out-of-stock)

Induced Musical Spasticity commemorates the nascent pollination — in the musty shadows of the real ersatz Sherwood Forest, a couple hundred miles north of San Francisco — of the Buttecounty Free Music Society, an apocryphal institution that encouraged anything and nothing, in musical and amusical contexts, sometimes intentionally, sometimes because no one knew any better or cared. Highbrow concept tracks by The Marques (brothers Cole and Steve Marquis) and the dramaturgical Unlikely Modernists, along with Ambivalent Dosage’s pre-Vomit Launch nihilism, mutter and howl next to mad paisley destructo by Dilwhip and the quartet edition of 28th Day, Hypnagogic Jerk’s overmodulated roar, and sweet, YMG-influenced instrumentals by Hallucinatory Companion (aka Barbara Manning and Cole Marquis). Ripe dementia by Experimental Artists, Lawrence Crane and John Young, and Tops Inc. stops rational people in their tracks, while turntable experiments, tape yoink, and high-lonesome electro-twarnk by Rory Lyons, Ziplok, Sidney Afrika, The Conduits, Lucian Tielens, and Richard Streeter shuffle the consciousness. And then you’ve got primitard rock dunt by The Flamboyant Offals, Walking Jock, Dead Boy 3, and shockingly raw 28th Day material that predates most anyone’s idea of the original line-up of that influential band. Four episodes of Matt Mumper’s serial radio play Beor The Friendly Thing appear, in all its inscrutable, deadpan glory. The Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble pollutes the lion’s share of real estate with a side-long tape cut-up a la Faust Tapes called “Goat Embryo (Covered With Glue),” and their entire live set from the Industrial Barbecue. Also here are the spot-on country lament “Plastic Jesus”; the electronic damage of “Mid-Range Phase/Link 3"Dome”; the Smegma-influenced “Lightbulb Incident,” infamous for its live, on-air sodomy; a KCSC radio interview that includes the group’s first recordings; and a handful of previously unreleased tracks. Two-thirds of the material here was previously released (translation: a few dozen cassettes were dubbed one at time and passed through the hands of people in the same rural Northern California area code 25 years ago). All the relics in this boxset are likely unheard by anyone not specifically mentioned above.


I Am A 7-inch Single

(Ultra Eczema - UE83) 7-inch $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

The German hero of prank art, weirdo live shows, and real head-scratch records is back with a single about a single. Jacket is a stencil-print of Elvis. Edition of 200.


Wie Zeit Vergeht

(Pan - PAN14) LP $15.00

The Berserker of Berlin's uninterrupted stream of timbre-changing and alternating sounds takes influence from aspects of Stockhausen's work, albeit certainly far from Serielle Komposition methods. Using an entirely different array of equipment and caring less for technical finesse, a raw and sometimes absurd quality emerges. In spite of the dramatic character of the compositions, Butzmann works with the same joy and intuition as when he first heard them almost 40 years ago. Manipulating analogue sounds culled from old electronic recordings that he made at STEIM in Amsterdam back in 1995 (using the infamous Black Box modular system), a dadaistic influence shines through in the semi-naive use of electronics, vocals and undefined sound sources. For Butzmannm the basic idea is always more important than the perfect realization. The lyrics are excerpts of ... wie die Zeit vergeht ..., Telemusik and Kurzwellen by Stockhausen plus re-writings of lyrics used in the first section of the composer's concrete and electronic composition Hymnen. 140-gram vinyl, color jacket, silkscreened PVC sleeve. Edition of 500.



(Alt.Vinyl - AV059) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

This German post-industrial electronic innovator works with a curetronic modular system, a mopho, and Korg MS-20. Inspired by the awful and yet fascinating process of observing a close friend’s coma following a motorcycle crash, the album moves through initial hopes of recovery, followed by melancholic hopelessness as time passes. 180-gram vinyl.


Coma Box

(Alt.Vinyl - AV059BOX) LP + CD $60.00 (Out-of-stock)

This German post-industrial electronic innovator works with a curetronic modular system, a mopho, and Korg MS-20. Inspired by the awful and yet fascinating process of observing a close friend’s coma following a motorcycle crash, the album moves through initial hopes of recovery, followed by melancholic hopelessness as time passes. Contains LP, CD with bonus track, stacks of handmade inserts and photos. Outer black box with hand-punched metal plates showcasing the coma artwork. Edition of 50


The C&B

(Siltbreeze - SB132) 7-inch $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

The C&B is short for The Cat & Bells Club, a brief 1991 precursor to The Shadow Ring (whose early recordings fuse equal parts Tyrannosaurus Rex’s mystical recitations with Throbbing Gristle’s aural idolatry). The C&B seem divinely born out of the sputtering taps of brown ale that flowed freely down the gullets of various first-generation DIY shufflers, most notably 49 Americans or Door And The Window. And while this is just dumb luck, there's no denying a genus, unintentional as it may be. The templates for the ruminative, droll and original wordsmithing, not to mention the threadbare musical accompaniment, that would soon become the hallmark for The Shadow Ring sound are now available for the first time ever. Four tracks, 300 pressed. Original artwork by Graham Lambkin.


C-Schulz & Hajsch

(Sonig) Used LP $5.00

Acoustic instruments, field recordings, concrete sounds in the vein of Zoviet France, Coil, and Nurse With Wound. Guests include Monika Westphal, Katinka Reinert, Jeph Jerman, Daisuke Suzuki, Sack Ziegler, Gregor Hotz, Lu Hübsch, Andrä Klauken, and Hein Bruehl.


Cave In

(Discaire) Used LP $5.00

One-third of the San Francisco psych band Bronze makes the perfect soundtrack for an underground, cryogenic techno-house rave. A haunting, brooding atmosphere where impending sub-bass frequencies are matched with icy synth melodies. Packaged in custom ziplock bag with insert and Discaire logo pen. Record insert can be used to decode secret info on the label. Edition of 300


Clinik Organik Muzak Anatomik

(Danger Records - DR001) LP $20.00

An avant-garde cold-wave / weird synth-punk masterpiece by this French trio whose members went on to Charles De Goal and Danse Macabre on the ’80s. First-time legit reissue of the original album (Flamingo 1979).


Stolen Public Toilets

(Trash Ritual - TRASH040) LP $18.00

Thirty minutes of psychedelic harsh noise by Joe Roemer (Macronympha, One Dark Eye, OVMN) on guitar noise and effects, Ed-Um Bucholtz (Telecorps) on junk metal and electronics, and Nick Painter (Lord Bird Golden Cobra) on electronics and tape loops. Self-described as primarily electro-acoustic, Stolen Public Toilets is far more aggressive and raw than the term suggests. Limited edition of 200 copies with fold-over silk-screened cover.



(Rough Trade) Used LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded live in Tokyo in 1982. Sparse rhythms and dark, abrasive montages, loops and samples of found sounds. The material is less raw and fragmented than the band’s initial punk releases, but the rhythmic component is still central to the equation. U.S. pressing from 1982


Johnny Yesno

(Doublevision) Used LP $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Beautifully echoed, broodingly psychotic, morally compromised atmospheres that bridge the paranoid bricolage of their early records and the increasingly minimalist, dancefloor-conscious rhythms of latter era.



(Rough Trade) Used LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

Their first album, released in 1979, impressively harnesses noise, primitive rhythm box percolations, tape loops, garbled vocals, and blasts of Farfisa. Look for ugly slabs of dub with frizzling snaps of white-heat buzz, clunky percussion, and plodding basslines forming skanking, roiling rhythms. Both the bass and incidental vocals are relegated to the back of the mix as the piercing detritus takes center stage. For all the manual binning and sandblasting of rock’s elemental properties, the band makes an acid-damaged rock song like The Seeds’ “No Escape” sound even more damaged while retaining its spirit, nerve, and structure. The remainder of the album hisses and hectors in a similar fashion, tidily bundling pop-song length pieces that will do nothing for that headache of yours.



(Get Back ) Used LP $20.00

Mid-1980s BBC recordings from the godfathers of electro-industrial; arrangements are stripped down to a barebones, minimalist approach that is harder and funkier than the studio album cuts from three period. Includes three tracks from nowhere else in the Cabaret Voltaire discography. 2001 pressing


The Voice Of America

(Rough Trade) Used LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Displaying how noisy, abrasive, and unpleasant an album can be without becoming a total drag, this 1980 record has an anchor in its increased use of rhythm. Sickly demented drones of cacophony are twisted and doctored in new ways and make for compelling listening. Recordings of dive-bombing war planes may or may not be intertwined and distorted (not knowing for sure is only part of the thrill). Dubby rhythms are equally anemic in the background. Electro-surges predict comic doom behind a deep, growling voice.


Three Crepuscule Tracks

(Rough Trade) Used 12-inch $10.00

“In transition between the found-vocals / art-noise period and a commitment to dance-floor electronics,” notes Trouser Press, “ ‘Sluggin’ fer Jesus (Part One)’ is a masterful combination of the two, as a right-wing TV preacher demands large cash contributions over a powerful, trance-inducing synth beat.” U.S. pressing from 1981


Three Mantras

(Rough Trade) Used LP $15.00

Two sidelong pieces that expand the trio’s avant-electronic-grunge into trancier realms. The alien feeling at the core of Cabaret Voltaire remains, though, strong and strange as always. 1980 pressing


Wallpaper The Witness

(Birds Go South - BGS1) Used LP $8.00

This San Francisco trio’s dense, scattershot rock goes right for the jugular, a concoction of math rock, free jazz, metal, prog, and dance music flavors, expertly blended, and ready to ignite. Silkscreened jacket.


Feast Of Wire

(Quarterstick) Used 2xLP $15.00

The overall feel of this 2003 LP is one of restraint and refinement. The predominance of shorter tracks inject impact into Calexico’s gorgeous, film noir / spaghetti western fusion.


Hot Rail

(Quarterstick) Used LP $15.00

The Tijuana Brass already met Giant Sand and Ennio Morricone in a dark new-wave spaghetti Western and long ago decided to stick around. One of the highlights of this vivid and cinematic LP from 2000 by multi-instrumentalists John Convertino and Joey Burns is the spooky “Fade,” with its late-’70s Miles Davis feel, jazzy drums, spacy vibes, and ominous cello. Sealed


The Black Light

(Quarterstick) Used LP $15.00

Deeper and richer than Spoke, Calexico’s second album expands upon the sun-baked, cinematic sound with the addition of Latin jazz rhythms, mariachi trumpets, and pedal steel. So fine is their sense of texture and atmosphere that Calexico travels into another dimension, a world where scorpions surround you as you struggle to find water among the vast desert landscape. The group moves from ballad to western standoff to instrumental without any kind of break in flow or consistency.


The Marianne

(Kye - KYE23) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

The questing, narrative themes of The Rising (Kye 2011) and Incidents of Travel (White Denim 2012) extrapolated into a three-part conceptual odyssey. Set aboard the cruise liner of the same name, The Marianne charts the epic voyage of Capt. Fletcher and his patrons as they passage across the “sour ocean,” through a prism of supernature and on toward an uncertain end. Sea-foam green vinyl. Edition of 400.


The Rising

(Kye - KYE12) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Tim Goss and Chloe Mutter have been locked in perfect isolation since 2010, teasing every nuance of their sound into sharp focus, mastering cryptic intent. Homespun keyboard minimalism, wavering teenage laments, and foreboding pronouncements of doom synthesize into new, original matrices of thought. The Rising also introduces the guitar heroics of some-time third member, Big Rob Stewart, who lays down the law in crude basement style. Edition of 1000



(Sub Rosa - SRV156) Used LP $22.00 (Out-of-stock)

Late ’90s integration of melodic structures with urban soundscapes from a strange and electric, dark and ambiguous universe — a parallel world between offbeat Texas rockabilly and soundmass of ’60s New York avant garde.


Infinite Floor

(Holodeck - HD034) LP $17.25 (Out-of-stock)

The sophisticated and nuanced debut by this Austin native interweaves a spectrum of electronic subgenres, moving seamlessly from abstract drum’n’bass into screwed four-on-the-floor and ambient 2-step rhythms. Sharply honed samples, intricately layered drum beats, and crafted analog synth tones churn through a host of studio hardware. Cameron’s effortless procession of songs subversively cycles forward, reacting to the hyper-sensory state of the current DJ culture in America, and adapts the modern platform of dance music into a refined format. Includes free download card


Revengeful Is The Mask Of Darkness

(Zaius Tapes) LP $20.00

Camp One’s sole album from ’81 by the mysterious quartet of D Jones, I Good, L Williams and P Sage is almost a Baroque-like, outsider take on prog rock and postpunk with eccentricity crackling off its grooves. Imagine the fattier bits of A Moore’s oeuvre, the suet of L Voag, and the gristle of Mark Perry, all baked into a most succulent Yorkshire pudding for the ears. 2022 repress, edition of 250


How The Garden Is

(Harpendon - HP271) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Campbell and Youngs have recorded together in various forms (most notably A Band and the Durian, Durian LP), but How the Garden Is is their first true collaboration. Recorded over two days in the spring of 2000, this LP is mainly acoustic, hovering in, around, and between Youngs's meditative solo work and the density of Vibracathedral Orchestra ... stripped bare and built up around itself. Edition of 300. Jacket is near-mint with beginning of two-inch split on top edge of jacket; vinyl is mint. Includes 2-inch insert.


Suite: Bittersweet

(Strange Attractors) Used LP $12.00

Incendiary playing and massively inventive improvisation recorded at Sonarchy Radio, Seattle, in 2007, shifting from break-neck free-jazz to more minimalist, esoteric fare.


The Colour Circle

(Cadence) Used LP $12.00

An ingenious pairing of the drummer’s structured solo method with top-notch collaborators from 1989. Though only three strong, all possess such acumen that a truly orchestral experience is delivered.


Telephone Free Landslide Victory

(Independent Project) Used LP $100.00

The legendary game-changing debut album that merges Eastern European folk, tropical grooves, post-punk atmospherics, country laid-back good times, and psych / garage band aesthetics. White paper innersleeve with letterpress printing. Two inserts, live show flyers from the era, and original sticker on outer bag. Numbered first edition from 1985 (#0111 of 1250) in letterpress jacket printed on chipboard cover.



(Vinyl on Demand) Used 2xLP $70.00

Remastered reissue from 2006 of tracks from the album released by Schmockstajn in 1985, plus a side of outtakes and a side recorded live in Montreal 1985.


New Secret

(RRRecords - RRRCANT) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Can't is Jessica Rylan, a n-n-noisician who exercises both restraint and vengeance in her ability to cause emotional discomfort and physical pain in the ear, as well as a unique kind of closeness and shared ecstatic state. Using analog synthesizers, a little rhythm box here, a couple distortion pedals there. Observes the Bay Guardian, “The sounds breathed from her homemade modular synths don't come off as ladylike - they're as monstrous and violent at the appropriate volumes as the harshest noise…. [G]entle intimacy with her instrument, the lightness of her voice as it passes through … bent circuits, and the passivity of her gestures as she moves the chaotic parameters of the machine in front of her … imbue her performance with femininity.”


Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold

(Hands In The Dark - HITD022) LP $16.75 (Out-of-stock)

A two-part journey to darker spheres led by Frenchman Vincent Caylet, from the depths of a dense, uncanny and unpredictable jungle that the sun never reaches, to unexplored territories deep under the ocean or among the highest layers of the planet (listener’s choice). Having mutated Cankun’s magic formula into a more mature and direct lo-fi psych dub, Caylet's instrumental opus flirts with prog, postrock and ambient electro. Edition of 500


Lens Deficiency

(Sham Repro) LP $25.00

Lens Deficiency works as a story intentionally withholding several of its components (dialogue, music), requiring the listener’s individual pattern recognition development to determine how the phantom linearity of Pete Cann’s half-hour construction is “viewed,” processed and evaluated. But it’s even better as pure musique concrète sound collage. Aspiring game-show contestants could feel provoked into trying to recognize what movies the hundreds of sounds here are appropriated from; thoughts and prayers they’ll become bored by such meaningless, dead-end cochlea-flexing and instead discern the new, unique path Cann has machete’d out of the darkness for their benefit. He leaves impenetrable saturation to career edgelords, cartoon-y kitsch to pie-throwing idiots, and dialogue to the French. The favored strategy here is measured placement of audio events that are complex enough on their own; which is not to say moments of sublime layering are absent. On the contrary, one’s imagination might linger on John Cage’s sound-effects-only score for The City Wears A Slouch Hat, the original 250-pager that CBS balked at and is gone forever, or perhaps the blunt force trauma style of the Lanz / Eb.er radio show Psychic Rally. The range of genres and eras represented is wide, which accounts for the dynamics and contrast, while at the same time Cann’s ear leans heavily on compatibility. Neither random nor composed, Lens Deficiency’s heavy lifting is done by intuition and the joy of a perfect coincidence.



(Primary Information) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

This disorienting tour de force of the lower forms of music. Guided by a collective deftness for derailment, Destroy All Monsters’ Cary Loren, Cameron Jamie, and the Belgian minister of exploitation Dennis Tyfus hallucinate fifteen tracks of erratic electronics, deranged and incantatory narration, harmonica, jaw harp, dollar-bin records, found poetry, vocal sound techniques, etc. Silkscreened jacket. Edition of 450. Have a listen to “Phantasm” here: https://soundcloud.com/primaryinformation/cannibal-phantasm/s-LEECR


Mondo Music

(Yerevan Tapes - YER003) LP $20.25 (Out-of-stock)

Two trippy fifteen-minute tracks by the Italian drums-and-organ psych duo. “The first side takes … a hypnotic journey to the afterlife,” says Microphones In The Trees, a la early Amon Düül, German Oak, and Jacks. “The other side begins more meditative and at times ethereal, until the percussion of Gaspare opens the path to a ceremony of a secret brotherhood with dissonant textures and hypnotic pulse.” Die-cut jacket, color insert on tracing paper. Edition of 500.



(Oxen - 005) LP $10.50 (Out-of-stock)

Blasts, squeaks, rasps, and uncommon squelch frequencies comprise the aggregate sum of the three unsettling tracks by this Los Angeles trio with connections to XBXRX, tik///tik, and Fenian. Clear vinyl. Free download card. Listen to a sample here: http://fenian.bandcamp.com/track/remainderless-sample-edit-of-tracks-from-12-ep


Faceless Kiss / Blut Mond

(Emerald Cocoon - EC008) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Cantu-Ledesma’s guitar beams directly down from Souvlaki Space Station and arrives gorgeously mangled via modular synthesizer. Romantically haloed chorus guitar floats widescreen across relentless static drum machines until the sky splits open in the final movement, spilling burning guitar fragments over everything. The pink-out bliss explored on Love Is A Stream (Type Records, 2010) is unapologetically pop here, and more aggressive. The B-side is a bass-heavy covert floater – night sky music this member of Tarental and The Alps, a regular collaborator with filmmaker Paul Clipson and founder of the Root Strata label. Volume six in Emerald Cocoon’s Alone Together series. Edition of 300.


Comic Book Heroes

(Mainstream) Used LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Spy jazz and ’60s beat tunes from 1966 mixed with sound effects. Side two contains tracks from Irving Joseph’s 1960 album Murder, Inc.


The End Of Irony

(Dual Plover) LP + CD $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Electronic breakcore disco by Jonathan Snipes and crew. Dual Plover's edition (aka the red edition) is similar to Deathbomb Arc's (aka the blue edition), but not identical. Fifteen tracks total, five of which are not on the blue edition, two are on vinyl for the first time, and three are drastically reworked.


The Sun Will Turn On You

(Discombobulate - BOB008) LP $19.00

This mixture of ultra-brilliant-synth-darkness and Rumplestiltskin slow-rap calls to mind Steel Pulse raised on home-dubbed noise tapes rather than heavy Handsworth pressure. Fluent and fluttering “whaps” coil Uzumaki-style under sheets of neon-blue keyboard. Lightening shudders in freeze-frame, a zoetrope in sound. But the one constant is the voice... the voice and the song, half-remembered by any parent or nurse, familiar as mumps yet distant as those splendid ivory toothpicks. Red vinyl. Edition of 250


Reek Of Putrefaction

(Earache) Used LP $45.00 (Out-of-stock)

The late ’80s debut album that created grindcore and ushered in a whole new wave of extreme metal miles from the mainstream metal dominating the pop charts is a complete anarchic musical experience, a messy affair with lo-fi production values made all the more filthy sounding via down-tuned guitar abrasiveness, overdriven bass and frenetic drumming.


Symphonies Of Sickness

(Earache - MOSH18) Used LP $60.00

2002 reissue of the second cadaveric album from necropti-core fleshlords. Ten bowel-eroding tracks of super-heavy metallic devastation and decapitation. Colored vinyl. Edition of 1000. Sealed


Thälmann Variations

(Matchless - MR10) Used LP $30.00

The side-long title track was written in 1974 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of Ernst Thalmann, the Secretary General of the German Communist Party, and is based on a popular German Worker’s Movement song, incorporates music from Eisler, Charles Koechlin’s “Let’s Free Thälmann”, funeral dirges and, perhaps unintentionally, outside-the-room sounds, especially car horns. Six short pieces are on the flip: joyous march called “Bethanien Song,” which commemorates a change in plans regarding the conversion of an old hospital from an artist center to a children’s hospital; “The Red Flag,” based on the changes to “O Tanenbaum”; the lovely, quasi-minimalist piece “Soon,” based on a pamphlet of Mao’s from 1930 promising imminent revolution; and a trio of Irish songs, “Croppy Boy,” “Father Murphy” and “Four Principles on Ireland.”


Thomas Carnacki / Vulcanus 68

(Alethiometer / Gigante Sound - WHISTLE05) split LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

On one side, real-time manipulation of found objects by Gregory Scharpen, an original members of the live incarnation of irr. app. (ext.), using coffee grinder, half a pair of time-worn epaulets, a large bowl of sand, violas, pages from a book, broken autoharp, jar of marbles, chandlestick, rocks, and field recordings from the Antarctic by Cheryl Leonard. On the flip, two tracks by Jared Blum and Dominic Cramp take the cues from pioneers of musique concrete, such as Ussachevsky, Xenakis, Ruth White and BBC Radiophonic, with quick slices and jarring movement of manipulated tape and electronics.


Where’s My Love, My Eyes Are Gone, The Rains Are Coming

(Alethiometer - WHISTLE06) 7-inch $10.00

A slippery slab of vinacular gravitas that continues the Begemotian crusade initiated with Oar Of Panmuphle in 2012. Once again the streets run red from the exsanguination of countless pomegranates, and this third installment might very well reveal what your darkest imaginings should not hazard to contemplate.


Escape From New York

(Dagored) Used LP $22.00

On the appropriately futuristic soundtrack to this 1981 film, director and composer John Carpenter and sound designer Alan Howarth favor simple, repetitive keyboard figures played on synthesizer, generally two per sequence, set in a fast-slow counterpoint. They borrow from Debussy and an ersatz show tune written by Nick Castle shows up, but most of the music sounds like earlier Carpenter scores — tense, ominous. 2000 pressing includes six pieces previously unreleased. With poster.


Halloween II

(Death Waltz - DW007) LP $25.00

Big, dark and nerve-shreddingly intense synths wail and stutter as the score progresses to the point where you feel your head might implode. Colored vinyl.


Halloween III

(Death Waltz - DW008) LP $25.00

A tour de force of experimental synth tones, intense melodies and dark brooding mood pieces. Sleeve notes by Howarth and Jay Shaw. Colored vinyl. Includes lithograph and poster.


Bastard Wing

(Eclipse - ECL018) Used LP $10.00

Piano, electric guitar, voice and bells from 2003 by one half of Charalambides. Edition of 250



(Wholly Other) Used LP $8.00

“Long lines of sound that waver brightly and dissolve utterly” from 2007 by a Charalambide. “Carter layers her digitized wails one on top of the other, and serpentine mixing intertwines the vocals with the guitar(s), which themselves seem to be bouncing off mirrors.” Numbered edition 112/500


Live At CBGB 1986

(Roaratorio - ROAR30) 7-inch $7.25 (Out-of-stock)

These archival recordings from the NYC punk club capture a moment in time when free jazz got its first chance since Detroit’s Grande Ballroom ca. 1968 to organically meld with sheer metalesque maelstrom. The twisted, thrashing power chords and shrieking licks of Dissipated Face guitarist Kurt “Hologram” Ralske, fueled by the throbbing rhythms of Steve “X Dream” Popkin and Ben “Face” Munves, who alternated on bass and drums, blend with special guest saxophonist Carter’s cathartic alto wail. Cover artwork by Raymond Pettibon.


L’Etoile de Mer

(Emerald Cocoon - EC012) LP $17.50 (Out-of-stock)

Unlike Man Ray’s dreamlike 1928 surrealist film of the same name, her score for it is severely in focus: carefully placed single notes of electric guitar hang in a space made so tense by expectation that the air feels like glass under pressure. Buckling under the weight of their own naked intensity and the film’s obscure ritual logic, both takes end with a sudden descent into a seasick pitch-shifted blur. On the flip, seven etude-like songs recorded in an Austin hallway, were inspired by solo saxophone exercises. These pieces are meditations on sound rather than words. Tongue and throat animate the air, unconstrained by lyrical concerns; vocal shapes are carved, probed, turned over, and discarded. Previously released on cassette (Freedom From 2000). Sillscreened jackets. Edition of 300


Meditations on the Ascension of Blind Joe Death Vol One

(Ecstatic Yod) Used LP $35.00

Somber and shadowy guitar and piano duets


New Nixon Tapes

(Roaratorio - ROAR16) Used LP $15.00

Since 2003, NYC's Talibam! have been charting a course through improv waters where rock, jazz, noise and all stops in between collide in an aggressive mix that defines free music in the best sense of the term: nothing is deemed out of bounds. Too much fun to be a po-faced postmodern exercise, and too expertly played to get sunk in a morass of good intentions, The New Nixon Tapes hurtles through two side-long pieces in an agile cascade of rhythmic and melodic ideas. Kevin Shea (drums) and Matt Mottel (synthesizer) have worked with Cooper-Moore and Rhys Chatham, among others; here they're joined by master saxophonist / trumpeter / flautist Daniel Carter. Recorded live in the WFMU studios. MP3 download coupon included. Sealed


Obelisk / Tholos

(Emerald Cocoon - EC003) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

A lone voice, tangled bells, the caw of a crow, a plane passing overhead… A fortuitous overlapping of sound moments, trapped in amber an act of white witchcraft, a healing spell that defines time with the merest of tools. Volume one in Emerald Cocoon’s Alone Together series. Edition of 300.



(Milestone / Universe - M-55004) Used 2xLP $10.00

Recorded 1977 at Sweet Basil in New York City with Kenny Barron on piano, Buster Williams on bass, Ben Riley drums and, of course, Carter on piccolo bass.


Root King

(Eclipse) Used LP $5.00

All of side one is “Lighthouse,” a slow, shimmering glissando of gonging bells and elongated swells of feedback, a glacial yet effervescent guitar piece. The second side offers more elusive notes and flowing, held tones that constantly waver between a vague throat / tonal source.


The Dance From Which All Dances Come

(Wholly Other) Used LP $8.00

Galactic guitar ooze from 2009. Silkscreened cover.


Tom Carter / Pat Murano

(Kelippah - KEL014) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

A side stream of excellent deployment by a Charalambide and a NNCK who incorporate mell-harshing loops into their psychedelic, abstract configuration. Silkscreened jacket. Edition of 300.



(Roaratorio - ROAR19) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded at various Minneapolis venues throughout 2009, Rag captures freely improvised meetings between saxophonist Cartwright (longtime leader of Curlew, associations with Ornette Coleman, Half Japanese, Alex Chilton and Loren Mazzacane) and percussionist Seru, whose playing is a trompe l’oreille marriage of forward motion and suspended stasis; witness his work with Milo Fine, Paul Metzger and Evan Parker, among others. Cartwright can be restlessly melodic or jaggedly guttural on the reeds, although his bedrock lyricism is never far from the surface. Edition of 300, each copy with unique print by Anne Elias on the jacket. Colored vinyl. Includes digital download coupon.


Siberian Field Recordings / Interview with a Whale Hunter

(Von Archives - VON004) 7-inch $12.00

SALE PRICE. The oldest whale hunter of Lorino in Chukotka, speaking about his life and experiences in chukchi (a language that it is danger of extinction, one of Siberia's oldest).


Tense Nature

(Hands In The Dark - HITD029) LP $18.50 (Out-of-stock)

The guitarist from Disappears and Bambi Kino Duo focuses on space, minimalism and repetition, with songs built around the idea of tape loops or lock grooves, working with snippets and phrases of sound, randomly cut samples of guitar and small drum loops. The sequences and their imperfect nature build their own sort of momentum throughout twelve primarily electronic, abstract, visceral, ambient tracks. They depict a dark environment, an uncanny landscape with its own contained world. Includes free download card.


Get Rhythm

(Get Back ) Used LP $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

Eleven tracks recorded between 1955 and 1958, but not released until 1969, featuring Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant. 2002 reissue on 180-gram vinyl


I Walk The Line

(Topline) Used LP $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Reissue of classic Sun-era tracks “I Walk The Line,” “Doggone Lonesome,” “Big River,” and “Luther’s Boogie,” and others.


Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams

(Get Back ) Used LP $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

2002 reissue of 1960 covers of “I Can't Help It,” “You Win Again,” “Hey Good Lookin’,” and “I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You,” as well as originals “Folsom Prison Blues,” “I Walk The Line,” and more. 180-gram vinyl.


Now Here’s Johnny Cash

(Get Back ) Used LP $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Twelve Sun tracks from 1961, showing off Cash’s deep, resonant baritone and spare, percussive guitar. 2002 reissue on 180-gram vinyl.


Original Sun Sound

(Get Back ) Used LP $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Twelve tracks from 1965, including “Belshazzar,” “Born To Lose,” “Two Timing Woman,” and “Big River.” 2002 reissue on 180-gram vinyl.


Story Songs Of The Trains And Rivers

(Get Back ) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Late ’50s tracks originally released in 1969 on Sun. Includes “Hey Porter” and ten other gems with Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant. 2002 reissue on 180-gram vinyl.


With His Hot And Blue Guitar

(Get Back ) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

2002 reissue of his debut studio album from 1957. Includes “Cry, Cry, Cry,” “So Doggone Lonesome,” “I Walk The Line,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” and eight others. 180-gram vinyl



(Rococo) Used 7-inch $4.00 (Out-of-stock)

Owen Ashworth turns Paul Simon’s buoyant travelogue into a painfully lonely journey from one dark bedroom corner to another with a delightfully mopey cover. Includes Xiu Xiu remix of “Casiotone for the Painfully Alone in a Yellow Shirt” and the B-side “Sunday Street.”


Mag Ik Eens Even In Uw Broek Pissen

(Ultra Eczema - UE69) LP $25.00

Since 1974 Daniel De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus has been combining musique concrète, analog synthesizer carpets, weirdo acid, noise, field recordings, tape music, and free jazz in a puddle of madness spiced with odd staring, dozens of plants (cacti, to be more specific), an encyclopedic knowledge of sound art, and an insane collection of hats. Mag Ik Eens Even In Uw Broek Pissen is playable in at least four different ways, depending on how many extra holes Mr. De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus has drilled into each by hand (some copies have three extra holes, some around twenty; none have just one). This beautiful collection of loner synth sounds makes hangovers or LSD trips worth going for. Strange beat-oriented 303 and 808 acid snoop, and a combination of piss, wind and wood that bring back the good ol’ plunderblur of The New Blockaders. Cover design is a collage of pictures from the De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus archive, with an insert and an extra photo. 300 copies.


The Kyvu Tapes Vol. 1 (1990–1998)

(Hands In The Dark - HITD025) LP $16.75 (Out-of-stock)

The fruit of The Oscillation’s frontman’s long obsession with the possibilities offered by the electric guitar played with forks, knives, and bits of paper. Largely influenced by British psych / shoegaze scene of the time, these home recordings could be described as analogue and guitar-based ambient music or room drones — a vast auditory map of the unreal. Totally immersion-ready.


Spectre Of Historys Design

(RRRecords - RRRCTS) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

(RRRecords - RRRCTS) Used LP $5.00

Debut LP by leaders in the new American school of Power Electronics. Features members of Yellow Tears. “Staggeringly focused compositions, possessed data streams screaming at faster-than-life shred.” —Silvum


Relax On Everyone

(Def Lep Rex) LP $12.75

“Steeped in the kind of splintered ’90s indie rock filigree that comes with triangulation between Philly college radio / WPRB saturation, a sideline in Jersey Shore pop punk regionalism … [and] raspy female vocals in the Peppermint Patty vein,” says Doug Mosurock of Still Single. “The lack of polish across all tracks here works to their advantage … as this five-piece crawls and scrapes their way through two sides of hooky, tire-kicking material, jumping carelessly between budget studio and noisy four-track.” Edition of 225. Check out “The List” here: http://youtu.be/ffnDakN-umc


Forever In Another World

(Oaken Palace - OAK002) Used LP $12.00

Aidan Baker (Nadja, Whisper Room, ARC) spreads multi-layered, heavily affected guitar across the propulsive rhythms of bassist Gareth Sweeney (Gout) and drummer Felipe Salazar (Muerte En Pereira). Equally influenced by krautrock, post-punk, and spacerock. Edition of 500, 180g vinyl. Free download code.


The First Born Is Dead

(Homestead) Used LP $22.00

Ghostly minimalist blues from 1985 in a nightmarish, almost apocalyptic swamp.



(Homestead) Used 12-inch $22.00

The opening track from The First Born Is Dead, plus “In The Ghetto,” “The Moon Is In The Gutter” and a drastic overhaul of Birthday Party live staple “The Six Strings That Drew Blood.”


Absence of Canary v. 1.1

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD30) LP $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

Reissue of the minimalist techno LP from the early ’80s by the Canadian duo of Brett Wickens (ex-Spoons) and Roger Humphreys, whose short instrumentals bridge together the longer tracks. Includes songs from an untitled seven-inch and eight unreleased tracks from 1981–83, originally recorded for a second album that never materialized.



(Bruit Direct Disques - BR-D-20) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

This pataphysical collective lead by Lyon-based Christophe Petchanatz since 1985 uses dismantled toys, organs with burst pipes, squeaking, detuned guitars, and loose broom to recreate a world within a world where children’s music boxes transform into a carousel for adults, waltzes mutate into progressive drunkard chants, and postpunk revisits lo-fi chamber music. All the songs on “Dealings” are adaptations of poems by John B. Cornaway, author of “Heligoland”, who published Petchanatz’s first texts while the late Eric Chabert was releasing the first cassettes of his group Los Paranos and of Klimperei. Over Chabert’s scratchy voice, Klimperei unloads its makeshift bric-a-brac, melodica, banjo and metallophone throughout woozy cabaret cantatas, potluck selections from the Canterbury school, punk waltz under a sad sun, acoustic free-blues, and haywire krautrock. Nino Rota or Erik Satie have been invoked in past descriptions, and one could also find parenthood with other unclassifiables such as Chris Knox, Pierre Bastien, Ghedalia Tazartes or Pascal Comelade.


Country Music Of Southeastern Australia

(RRRecords) Used LP $13.00 (Out-of-stock)

Noisy free improv meets country & western from the mid-’80s, recorded in trademark ultra-lo-fi fashion. Covers of Willie Nelson, Duke Ellington.


LSD C&W: The History of the Chadbournes

(Fundamental) Used 2xLP $13.00

Recorded in studio for the most part with Tom Cora, David Licht, and Michael Kramer forming the core of the band with hotshots and ringers like John Zorn filling in the gaps, LSD C&W includes a hefty Beatles medley, a couple Hendrix songs, a tune by Albert Ayler. Roger Miller, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash also pass through Chadbourne’s grinder. Anarchic guitar solos, weird tape editing, excited tempos, fantastic cello playing from Cora, and a special kind of humor you get whenever you try to attach the words “avant” and “Western.”


Zupa Dupa Kupa

(Monotype - MONO007) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

A Renaissance man, a rebel among rebels. What began with a boyhood dream and a Herman's Hermits record is now Chadbourne’s musical odyssey that connects the dots between the Appalachians and the edges of the known musical universe.


This Fits / This Is Familiar

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB012) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two tracks of just guitar and vocals, stripped down to the bare minimum and driven by an austere ambience, recorded during the Roses Always Die sessions. Edition of 200.



(Anomalous) Used LP $22.00

An hypnotic, slowly-evolving drone from 1998 by the Mirror / Ora / Ferial Confine mastermind reworking materials by the P16.D4-nicator into waves of mysterious sounds, static and glitches, backed with the latter’s frenzied journey into otherworldly realms using sound material from the former and the dude from the label. Subtle, full of detail. First pressing, on blue vinyl


Live In New York

(Danceteria) Used 2xLP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Brutal yet danceable French reissue from 1991 of a live cassette (ROIR 1981), a timeless attack that combines screeching alto sax and vocal rants with a relentless disco beat. Ornette Coleman, Ronald Shannon Jackson, guitarist Bern Nix, trombonist Joseph Bowie and background vocals by the Discolitas provide the sleazy stage pageantry Chance champions. Perfectly hazy sound quality. Covers include “That Old Black Magic” and two by James Brown, “I Got You” and “King Heroin.”


Solo Acoustic Volume Eleven

(Vin Du Selecte Qualitite - VDSQ15) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

In tribute to his influences and contemporaries, this all-instrumental album by the godfather of alternative guitar summons the spirits the greatest guitarists of all time.


Ana / Kata

(Beta Lactam Ring) Used 10-inch $10.00

Two long tracks from 2002 that trade in the currency of stratosphere, sounding like distant decayed echoes of supernovas. “Ana” rings out with phased vocals that dance within quartertones of each other, an extended intro to spacious guitar double helixes swimming through plasma. On the flip, “Kata” resembles lost soundtrack material to a Maya Deren film. Numbered edition of 500



(Eclipse) Used 2xLP $15.00

Tom and Christina Carter’s four side-long excavations of the auditory plane from 2001, defined by interweaving threads of lap steel and chord organ, swept by intermittent currents of breath-born voice and serene modalities cycled upward into towering microtonal dissonance, and then flung down into corners of dark intimacy. Sealed


Joy Shapes

(Kranky) Used 2xLP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Five extended tracks that atomize and absorb blues, psychedelia, gospel, improv, folk, and more by Tom Carter (electric guitar, lap steel guitar, acoustic guitar, chimes, wind wand), Christina Carter (electric guitar, voice, bells), and Heather Leigh Murray (pedal steel guitar, psaltery, voice).


Market Square

(Siltbreeze) Used 2xLP $40.00

This lumbering beast from 1995 begins with a harrowing message left on the Carters’ answering machine from a guy threatening to kill himself if someone didn’t pick up the phone. There are some gentle moments here too, but overall it’s an emotionally draining, uneasy, and frightening ninety.


Our Bed Is Green

(Time Lag) Used 2xLP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Originally released on cassette in 1992 and later reissued on CD by Wholly Other label, Charalambides’ debut roped folk, improvisation, psychedelia, blues and gospel into a crackling sound world unlike any other.


Rose / Thong

(Klang Industries) Used LP $8.00

A stark, unsettling and beautiful slice of invocation / incantation, recorded in 2000, featuring extraordinary chord organ and vocals from Christina Carter, and signature lap steel mastery from Tom Carter. Horizontally serene and horizonless.


Songs From The Entopic Garden Volume Two

(Time Lag) Used LP $22.00

Ben Chasny’s stunning “Resurrection,” backed with the Carters’ and the Murray’s trance-y, blissful “Second Rehearsal.” A real psychedelic phenomena from 2001. 180gm vinyl, letter-pressed jacket, insert. Numbered edition of 800.


Three-Lane Blacktop

(Two-Lane Blacktop) Used LP $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

One side from the Cooler, NYC, at the 1995 CMJ fest (with swirling vox sound courtesy Kurt Wolf), backed with the 1994 Siltbreeze Festival set at the Khyber Pass in Philly. All live freak-rock tracks from Market Square and Strangle The Wretched Heavens, heavy on analog atmosphere and ecstatic, blown-out gtr-vox interconnectivity. Stickered cover, insert. Edition of 500



(Siltbreeze) Used LP $50.00 (Out-of-stock)

Tom and Christina Carter’s 1995 debut album opens with “Florian” — 11+ minutes of “shimmering, gentle waves of distorted guitar that warrants use of the word ‘transcendent’. A brief reprise of the same song completes this Union. In between you’ll find original indie-folk perfect for watching dust motes drifting across a sunny room, curtains curling near an open window, the cat licking its paws. Time doesn’t so much stand still as it ceases to be relevant while the tone arm eases its way across this lovely artifact.” Jacket is silkscreened, hand-painted, and has a paste-on photo.


Kid Brother

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB010) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

A splendid, minimalistic mixture of post-Savoury Days UK DIY slow-motion pop by Russell Walker and Tom James Scott. Shimmering organ melodies, sparse drumming, piano and field recordings. Edition of 200


Kaspian Black

(Alt.Vinyl - AV061) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

Former kingpin of the Athens pop / electronic scene and founding member of In Trance 95 uses unorthodox cello techniques, in collaboration with the French improv clarinettist known for vibrating speaker installations, noise and electro-acoustics. The duo balances between extremes of uninhibited cacophony and painstakingly detailed exploration of static floating sounds, powerful attacks and serene atmospheres. 180-gram vinyl. Screen-printed sleeve. Edition of 250


Vermont Spring

(Botticelli) Used LP $40.00

Dixon-influenced free jazz from the mid-1980s. Covers of “Sorry… Ballada” by Jimmy Lyons and Ornette Coleman’s “Broken Shadows,” plus the traditionals “Stand Back” and “Rise Up.” Original 1986 pressing



(Danger Records - DR009) LP $24.00

Reissue of the debut LP (New Rose 1980) by Etienne Lebourg, Jean-Philippe Brouant, Patrick Blain, Thierry Leray, whose stylish and sublimely awkward synthesizer workouts rely on choppy guitar to keep their cold wave / minimal synth skittish and tense. Unpredictable beats, cyberpunk lyrics, a cover of Bowie’s “Hang on to Yourself.”


Chris Corsano & Ben Chasny / Paul Metzger

(Roaratorio) Used Split LP $15.00

“On guitar modified with music box innards and an accompanying tambura, Metzger dives deep into the raga heart of a moonlit day and returns with the jewels. On the flip, Corsano’s drums and Chasny’s guitar chatter and clatter with jittery hyper-articulation, worrying the meat off the bone in short sharp strokes.” Silkscreened poplar wood covers. Edition of 766


Piano Music (Echo Solo)

(Azoth Schallplatten Gesellschaft) Used LP $10.00

Slightly atonal, minimalist piano tinkering from 2003, commissioned by the Robert Kovich Dance Company. Rather similar to Arnold Schoenberg and remarkably free of echo, considering the title.


Rêve Parisien

(Primary Information) Used LP $13.00

Four compositions performed live at Jacob Kassay’s 2010 exhibition at Art: Concept in Paris, loosely functioning as an audio catalogue and soundtrack to the exhibition. Chatham abandoned the trumpet style he developed in the ’90s for a non-distorted, less effects-driven sound that complements his minimalist compositions and free jazz training. Gatefold jacket with die-cut cover.


For Twisters Only

(Wax Time) LP $12.00

2016 pressing on 180-gram vinyl. Sealed



(Affinity) Used LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two 1971 live trio sets—one recorded August 11th in Carpentras, France with Han Bennink and Mocqui Cherry, the other recorded April 22nd with Jonnhy Dyani and Okay Temiz.


The Avant-Garde

(Rhino) Used LP $12.00

Coltrane’s debut studio recording on soprano sax on one track (“The Blessing”) recorded during the summer of 1960 and then shelved for nearly six years. With Ed Blackwell (drums), Charlie Haden (bass), Percy Heath (bass). Neither Cherry nor Coltrane make radical departures on this album but their ability to complement the other both in terms of modal style and texture lends the album its success. 2003 reissue. Mono. Sealed


The Cherry Blossoms

(Apostasy) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

A 2005 mind-bender from Nashville’s number one clatter-folk band that “sounds like a combination of Harry Smith and Sun Ra.”


Casual Sex

(Troniks) Used LP (one-sided) $28.00

Subterranean scorch collaboration from 1996 by Phil Blankenship and Matthew Sullivan. Paste-on photocopy jacket.



(Troniks) Used LP $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

The duo’s second collaboration uses source sounds by Blankenship, a full-on 100-mph fury carefully atomized and reassembled by Stelzer, who leaves plenty of empty space, a nuclear device draped in lovely gauze. Edition of 161 copies. Paste-on jacket.



(S-S Records) Used LP $12.00

2008 glue wave that’s equally classic garage and free / experimental. All songs are home-recorded, superimposing live and not-live takes, creating a kind of real / old / current feeling. White vinyl


Chicken Shit

(Siltbreeze - SB133) 7-inch $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

This debut vinyl from Kyle and Mike (two-thirds of FNU Ronnies, with a drum machine) follows a cassette on Fan Death and a track on Skulls Without Borders 10-inch (Siltbreeze 2009). Prime Euro movers such as early Dieter Meier and Geisterfahrer come to mind as reference points, not to mention the vibe of early Amphetamine Reptile (Halo of Flies' "Insecticide Stomp," in particular). Edition of 400 copies.


Child Abuse

(Rococo) Used LP $12.00

Heavy, machine-gun spurts of atonal tech-metal combined with confusing, off-time blurps and murps, Residents-style hump-funk, aspects of wildly enthusiastic children’s music, growls and howls of 1973 mud improvisations. The spirits of Drumbo and Carl Nielson hover ominously overhead. Sealed


1978 Hound Dog Recordings

(Ace & Duce / Negative Jazz) LP $15.00

Vintage antisocial punk from Los Angeles with obviously comic over-the-top attitude and sentiments. Four hilarious vile and hideous tracks. Liner notes by Tork Lugnutz. 2017 reissue, mastered from original tapes. Edition of 500


Alone Together

(Sacred Bones) Used LP $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

The Seattle duo hovers between abstract soundscape compositions, Jandek-inspired bouts of melancholy droned-out dementia, and stripped-apart abrasive punk. Silkscreened jacket.


Polyamorous Love Cult

(Drunken Fish) Used LP $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

Gavin Shaw of New Zealand’s Sferic Experiment cooks up a dirty spoonful of fuzz and coughs out his first solo LP in the mid-’90s. Cover is a nice folded paper sleeve.


Like Flies On Sherbert / Live In London

(Earmark) Used 2xLP $60.00

2003 reissue of the controversial 1980 album, considered by some fans an anarchic mess and a collapse of a major talent, while others loved it for its chaotic rock’n’roll wreckage. Bonus platter was recorded at Dingwalls, May 28, 1980.


Lost Decade

(Fan Club) Used 2xLP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

1970s recordings made as both solo performer and producer. The Artist half features the brilliantly sloppy “Bangkok” / “Can't Seem to Make You Mine” single, outtakes from the chaotic Bach’s Bottom period, and four songs from a post-Box Tops, pre-Big Star session. The Producer portion features rare Chilton-produced recordings, including Grady Whitebread’s “Bus Trip” and an entire side by Scott Adams. 1986 pressing


La Plaine des Respirs

(Tochnit Aleph - TA073) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

The latest works by the legendary poet, musician, and key figure of the French avant-garde during the second half of the 20th century, especially the 1950s through the 1970s. Known primarily as a concrete and sound-poetry pioneer, Chopin has also worked as graphic artist and designer, typographer, independent publisher, filmmaker, broadcaster and arts promoter; his use of early tape recorders and studio technologies, and the sounds of the manipulated human voice -- with a focus on the relationship of balance between order and chaos -- serves as a reminder that language stems as much from oral traditions as from classic literature.


Chora / Quivers

(Ultramarine - UM0061) split LP $25.00

Chora on this recording is joined by Ben Nash and Karl Brummer who only enhance Rob Lye’s and Ben Morris’s already gorgeous mix of psychedelic free-form improvisation and ecstatic free jazz, with hypnotic percussion, cymbals, bowed instruments, eerie reeds, and an overall ritualistic, shamanic vibe. Guitarist Ninni Morgia and upright bassist Jordon Schranz have drummer extraordinaire and Milford Graves student Mike Pride on board for the Quivers improvisations; get ready for amazing timbral research and creative interplay, sometimes reminding of great historical groups like AMM, Musica Elettronica Viva and Smegma. Artwork by Pascal Nichols (Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides). Edition of 300.


Ruined Parabola

(Chironex) LP $20.00

A huge seventeen-minute blast kicks off side one with Gamelan-inspired percussion and metallic drones. The rich and expansive sound feels like the scouts of a storm have amassed with invisible bodies among the bones of a weathered shipyard. Warm tones ebb in cycles, while the percussion thins and a strangled horn blasts a Fire-styled cry. Vocals holler at a ghostly distance. Chimes and cymbals are met with thudding, hard wooden knocks. The end draws near with elongated guitar tones that add a sense of arid landscape to what originally feels like a nautical storm. Violent, caustic, organic noise and improvised calamity. Instruments twist and arch in suffocating formations.



(Sergent Massacre - SM03) LP $14.00

First vinyl outing for Peckham-based trio — Ben Morris, Rob Lye and Chris Boyd — who use a revolving approach to composing, improvising and recording, with sounds moving between shingled, skeletal percussion and kitchen-sink Gamelan to electronic attack and ecstatic vocalization.


Enthronement By God As The First-Born Of The Dead

(Hospital - HOS338) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

Released first as a limited-edition quadruple-cassette box set, now condemned to vinyl. As part of the trinity of electronic projects where Dominick Fernow of Prurient examines anxiety and fear, lightning drums pound the rhythms for lost souls, trumpets of the heavens command the threshold, ancient notes and structures are scrambled and returned with information loss. Soundtrack for judgement of souls. Edition of 500.



(Beta Lactam Ring) Used LP $15.00

1997 collaboration by Matt Castille and Eric Lumbleau with Christopher Moock (their second). Psychedelia-from-hell, krautrock studio manipulation, freakily pitched drones, Suspiria witch screams, bubbly acoustic guitar and whatever seems handy in derailing detached meditation.


Down, Willow

(Siltbreeze) LP $16.00

Paul Bonnet and Nathan Roche’s third long-player for Siltbreeze hones in with a top gloss of new and proto-experimental, post-punk, recitation vibe. This fusion of The Fall’s Grotesque and Morton Subotnick’s Sidewinder into a sole entity yields lots of sparks, flash fires, smoke of all colors and bickering, but from this vantage, what a light show! There’s even some shredding on here that sounds like they may have lit this fucker with Martin Kippenberger’s copy of Guitar Hero.



(Siltbreeze) LP $16.00

One the second vinyl outing from Nathan Roche and Paul Bonnet for Siltbreeze, vocal recitation and percolating electronics are honed to perfection, moving them beyond whatever references were made in the past, now comparable it to that giant Zardoz head flying around the French countryside, drolly enunciating dystopian affirmations, predicting the future, rewriting the past, ordering off-menu, spitting a rain of Aperol, Pernod and Gitanes to their brutish followers below. Basically free drinks and smokes. What’s not to follow? You can Cabaret Voltaire this or Shadow Ring that all you want, but Dust puts CIA Debutante in the catbird seat.



(SDZ) 7-inch $12.00

CIA Debutante has been cultivating its brain fog for years, stashing away in places that consistently experience connectivity issues. Grey humor is a basis for life and the therapy of homemade electronic chaos, the nature of which is yet to be determined, as a reflective blanket. In this techno-cocoon like no other woven by Paul Bonnet (Disposition Matrix), Nathan Roche (Le Villejuif Underground) develops thoughts-counter-brains, his lobes like pet iguanas surfing on the essential vibrations of the useless. The images are there, those of countless extremophilic organisms, fractured cosmic debris, the ocean floor cracking, the international station stalling and a general instability that spreads tirelessly like the devil’s worm in the oldest gold mines. Perpetually reachable on a number that doesn’t exist yet, the duo is once again working wonders with stellar musical foam. Handmade sleeve. Edition of 200


The Landlord

(Siltbreeze) LP $16.00

This expat duo from France have been murking the waters of the cassette underground for the latter part of a decade. With its peaks and percolations like a sci-fi absinthe of future past, their debut vinyl release is most succinctly described as a cross between the Shadow Ring and Cabaret Voltaire. Edition of 250.


Dell’Universo Assente

(Die Schachtel) Used 2xLP $60.00

This all-acoustic music occupies a space between the devotional music of Florian Fricke and the deep spiritual places of what would later be called holy minimalism (minus religious intent), with a surprising anticipation of the crystalline sparseness of pieces like Arvo Pärt’s “Fur Alina,” and the feeling of intense suspension of time associated to some of the most intimate compositions of Ligeti or Feldman, yet maintaining a definite position outside the contemporary music of serial and academic inspiration. 2013 reissue with inserts. Edition of 500. Corners have minor dings, one is pretty noticeable. Feel free to request a picture.


Bruise Constellation

(Siltbreeze - SB140) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Royal Trux rocked 'n' cocked it through the '90s, and at the beginning of the 21st Century's second decade, Circle Pit saunter into the boozy sway with a debut seemingly born out of the tar and tobacco of Nellcôte / Exile on Main Street-session blooze. Their torn and frayed sound oozes raw talent possessed of uncanny sensual / sexual osmosis. It's the Summer of '72 all over again (again).


Circle X

(Insolito) LP $21.00

Formed 1978 in New York, Louisville’s first punk rock band was born out of the ashes of No Fun and the I-Holes. Once the lineup solidified, Circle X lunged headfirst into weirder, artier territory. Unique, mysterious, and unheralded, they went to France for nine months to tour, write new material, and get noticed. An untitled four-song EP saw the light of day in 1979 -- a lurching, squalling monster identified only by a spray-painted circle with an "X" through it on the cover (the spelled-out name first appeared in '83). Tony Pinotti's vocals screech against Bruce Witsiepe and David and Rik Letendre's bass-less, barely contained distorto-blare. The hatred and rage on this thing is palpable. They arrived in New York at the tail end of No Wave, when equally ornery bands like Swans and Sonic Youth were getting revved up. Circle X are every bit as distinctive and attitudinal as Throbbing Gristle, PiL, Theoretical Girls, DNA, or Mars, yet they don't much sound like any of them. Limited to 500 copies, 180-gram vinyl, tip-on jackets, liner notes.


Ode to Fidelity

(Destijl - IND085) 7-inch $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Seemingly inspired by something or someone that has pierced her young, little heart, Haley Fohr has established herself as an ambitious songwriters. Three songs that form part of the sound arc it is difficult to believe has apexed. This single promises to echo between the ears till Fohr's next full-length is complete, surely a monster.



(Destijl - IND093) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Haley Fohr’s third LP is a massive step in cohesion and fidelity. The modest, clarion sparkle of Portrait is expected considering the arc of Symphone and Sirenum, and it stands as a cornerstone and a monument, a testament to the daily practice of channeling her twenty-one-year-old roiling emotions into sound recordings.



(Destijl - IND070) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

Circuit des Yeux made Sirenum in Indiana, where there aren't exactly pipers at the gates of Lafayette. It's the sound of “issues,” the sound of “troubles.” You don't get but one phone call, and, honey, the girl's voice makes this message a bit rubbly anyway. Take the manic snorts of Captain Liberty, dissonant as chalk and the next moment as melodic as sharp yet slick, metal teeth. Take the mermaid, 1988, turn the tides, gently, gently away. Selected breath / silences / selected feedback. Take an argument you have here with an empty street while the memory of high traffic is leaking back. Sirenum has a real “spiritual food” vibe and it's fucking pain and pleasure relief in this real met en zonder sort of way. This world is her world, and pipe if you like it.


Density And Assimiliation

(Troniks) Used LP (one-sided) $7.00

Classic American harsh noise by Jay Howard. Paste-on photocopy jacket. Edition of 111.


Cloudland Canyon / Citay

(Intercoastal Artists) Used Split 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Cloudland Canyon pushes Galaxie 500’s “Temperature’s Rising” further out, out, out into outer space, while Citay does a stripped down cover of G500’s pop masterpiece “Tugboat.” Hand-stamped, numbered edition of 300


Collection of Isolated Tracks 81-84

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD41) Used 2xLP $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

The ultimate compilation with rare, unreleased materials and demos of early work by French goth legends. #550/600



(Ecstatic Peace - E!#60) Used LP $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Heavily attacked articulations that burst forth and leave trails of echoes behind them” from 2002, says Dusted, with “tinny, scratchy atonal guitar scribbles… clouds of guitar tremolo… [and] distant-sounding drum loops.”



(Eclipse - ECL006) Used LP $15.00

This album is drawn from a pre-dawn session in a stone silo at Mount Saint Francis, a Franciscan friary just north of the Kentucky-Indiana State Line. Four of the musicians, Keenan Lawler and Pelt members Patrick Best, Mike Gangloff and Jack Rose, had played earlier that night at Rudyard Kipling's Cafe in Louisville. They were joined at the friary by Eric Clark, a multi-instrumentalist and metal worker who makes musical instruments, such as singing bowls and bronze didgeridus. Mikal Dimmick used a stereo microphone to capture events as they unfolded in the early morning hours of 12 July 2000. Only acoustic instruments were played and no electronic effects or processing were used. Play at 45 or 33 RPM.


Keyhole II

(Eclipse) Used 2xLP $20.00

Their beautiful and memorable follow-up from 2001


With The Gosdin Brothers

(Sundazed) Used LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

2000 reissue of the influential 1967 debut country rock album from the former Byrd with help from Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke, Clarence White, Glen Campbell, Jerry Cole, Leon Russell, and Van Dyke Parks. Liner notes by Sid Griffin. 180-gram vinyl


Vengeance Candle

(Hospital - HOS392) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Clay Rendering is a new band born of Aries couple Mike (Wolf Eyes, Failing Lights) and Tara Connelly (The Pool At Metz, The Haunting). The two began work on the project in the fall of 2012, dedicated to resurrection (much like their sun signs), with a focus on arcane structures. Electronics mix with acoustics, vocals and guitar to create these songs inspired by last days.


Waters Above The Firmament

(Hospital) Used LP $10.00

This second EP from Mike and Tara Connelly recalls everything from Cocteau Twins and The Cranes at their most desolate to classic Sonic Youth, colored and mis-shaped through abstract production. Sealed


Say There’s A Reason

(Roaratorio - ROAR41) 7-inch $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

The members of this mid-’60s San Francisco combo came from jazz, flamenco and R&B backgrounds, but together their psychedelic brew verges on Blue Cheer heaviness. They gigged everywhere but left behind no recorded artifacts. A deal with Vanguard went nowhere when their manager absconded to Mexico with the advance money on an ill-fated mission to buy a kilo of pot. A later incarnation of the band — with a completely different lineup and musical style — released a 45 that has since become a favorite of crate-digging DJs, but This ain’t That. These two tracks hail from 1967 and 1968. The A-Side was recorded at Nick Gravenites’s studio in Sausalito, while the sonics on the live “Hat Full Of Dreams” recalls VU’s guitar amp boot (with a solo as overdriven and atonal as this, it’s a plus). Liner notes by Jim Moscoso, rare photographs. Edition of 505.


Jimmy Cliff

(Earmark) Used LP $12.00

2003 reissue of Cliff’s 1969 classic, including “Vietnam” (which Bob Dylan famously called the best protest song he had ever heard), and “Wonderful World, Beautiful People.” All-analog mastering from the original tapes. 180-gram vinyl


Ritual Smothering

(BloodLust! - B!079) 7-inch $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

Milwaukee’s Alex Kmet unleashes chilling power electronics. The fifteenth release in the BloodLust! Private 7-inch series. Plain white sleeve. 300 copies.


Dream Cut Short In The Mysterious Clouds

(Anomalous - FBT006) LP $25.00

(Anomalous - FBT006) Used LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Subtly manipulated tones, instruments, static, ethereal vocals, lush drones, field recordings and five-second punk wipeouts from 2000. Edition of 500


Live Vol. 1

(Anomalous - FBT005A) 10-inch $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

Field recordings, percussion, electronics and tape machines, viola, duet for a coat rack and living room furniture performed by Doug Theriault, Jeffery Taylor, Jesse Miller, John Vallier, Robert Millis, and Scott Colburn as part of the Other Sounds series at Seattle’s Speakeasy Cafe in 1996. Previously released on cassette (Fire Breathing Turtle 1997). Edition of 200


Live Vol. 2

(Anomalous - FBT005B ) 10-inch $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Jeffery Taylor, Jesse Paul Miller, Robert Millis, Scott Colburn, Spencer Sundell performing in 1997 on Matt Moses’s WKCR show, Live Constructions. Side one is what was played in Seattle; side two is what was actually heard on the airwaves in New York City (the transmission of their performance live in Seattle via telephone mixed and processed at WKCR with prerecorded material sent in advance). Edition of 200


Live Vol. 3

(Anomalous - FBT005C) 10-inch $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Guitars, drones, electronics, voices, and bladders played by Eyvind Kang, Jeffery Taylor, Jeph Jerman, Jesse Paul Miller, John Vallier, MNortham, Patrick Barber, Robert Millis, Scott Colburn. Edition of 200


Live Vol. 4

(Anomalous - FBT005D) 10-inch $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Jeffery Taylor, John Vallier, Robert Millis, and Scott Colburn recorded in 1996 using strange objects and processed improvisations. Edition of 200


The Ocean Above Your Heads

(Starlight Furniture Company - *26) LP $15.00

This first-time collaboration by Italy’s premier transcenders of time and space and guitarist extra­ordinaire from Wilco, Scarnella, Nels Cline Singers, and L. Stinkbug throbs like an Argento soundtrack for an astral perv lair, recalling vintage cassette gorp from the golden age of Industrial, when field recordings of howling dogs were repurposed as documents of institutional degradation and mind control. The Opalio brothers improvise an instant composition with the first-time playback of Cline's prerecorded space noise, bold cosmic disruptions, and nattering squibs from decommissioned satellites. No overdubs, no second takes, no leftovers. Dusted with loops from a lunar cathedral where palsied zombies dragging pots and pans skid across the soap-slathered narthex, The Ocean Above Your Heads splays the hemispheres better than Subotnik goin’ off his meds.


Gettin Personial

(Inyrdisk - IYD37) LP $17.00

Eight mystic grunge-pop singles and B-sides for the charts in heaven, plus one long guitar cryer for the heads by Blake Hargreaves -- prolific experimenter and a cog in the braintrust that gave the world Dreamcatcher, Thames, and Cousins of Reggae. Wordy, buried lyrics; thick songwriting magic; mystifying recording techniques; candy riffs; sub-glam moves swathed in smoke; chewed, pig-piled guitars; and obsessive drum kit recording. Seem like Psychic Hearts-loving Royal Trux outsider ’90s worship to you? Cuz it am. Stenciled, screened and stamped sleeve and lyric sheet. Includes free download. Edition of 333.



(Turgid Animal - TA381) split 7-inch $8.00

Finland's best kept secret meets England's vilest in a power electronics showdown with lyrics and artwork based on dementia. Limited 250 copies on black vinyl.



(Fan Death) Used LP $8.00

Written while singer / guitarist John Sharkey was suffering from a weeks-long case of bilateral amnesia, Nevermind is darkly humorous, acidic, misanthropic noise-rock spew. Includes a free download coupon.


Shapes Of Venus

(In The Red) Used LP $35.00

Foul-mouthed, dirty, alcohol-fueled aggression from 2003 that rightfully blasts out of the hi-fi at a pill party. Lead by wildman-about-town Tim Vulgar, the band mixes glam rock, Killed-By-Death-style punk, and natural born Midwest insanity. Some bands go out of their way to act weird, wild and fucked up, whereas the Clone Defects can’t help it. This is the real article. Clear vinyl.


Lie In Light

(Kranky - 117) Used CD $5.00

(Kranky - 117) Used LP $10.00

Kip Uhlhorn and Kelly Winkler add flourishes of baroque pop to their 1970s German underground sound, and also a tinge of ’80s New Zealand. Locked down grooves, dense buzzes, pastoral psych and gentle washes from 2008.


Instruments of Attraction (II. Sociale Hygiëne)

(No Basement Is Deep Enough - NBIDE02) 10-inch $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

These seven steps away from social hypochondria were culled from the large body of Club Moral live recordings, along with rare compilation tracks, all dating from the 1980s. Includes twelve-page booklet (Club Moral history lesson by Jan Landuyt, archival photographs and a bunch of literary quotes).


Delight In The Stream

(Amen Absen - AA001) LP $20.00

Three long tracks of piercingly bowed objects, flutes, and voice with electronic embellishments by this frequent collaborator of Richard Youngs and Neil Campbell. The scattering of sounds swirl around to disorienting effect, mesmerizing as the music draws itself out. Edition of 300.


Hegemony of Delete

(Primary Information) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Electronic music in dialogue with the real rhythms of work and leisure by Baltimore-based Matt Papich, whose six songs here are structurally digressive, rhythmically protean, and littered with distorting spatial impressions and musical non-sequiturs (the interjection of anonymous voices, ambient noise, dryly evocative samples, etc.), all of which contribute to Hegemony of Delete’s sense of artifice. Yet the music never gets carried away with itself, mysteriously articulating its own obscure, fleeting circumstances, even as it shapes them — a delicately maintained feedback circuit, a relaxed conversation with a synthetic atmosphere. Edition of 500. Have a listen to “BB Burn” here: https://soundcloud.com/primaryinformation/co-la-bb-burn


Ten Compositions (New Frontiers In Free Rock)

(Ecstatic Peace - E#99) LP $7.00

A deft and transcendental blending of aleatory strategies, free jazz, psychedelia, and progressive garage-rock from 1997 by Thurston Moore and cartoonist J.D. King.


Destination Moon

(Blackjack) Used LP $10.00

First full-blown piece of vinyl from New York’s purveyors of clatter and jazz scramble from 1996. Paste-on cover art by Shadow Ring’s Graham Lambkin.


One-Armed One-Man Band

(Giardia) Used LP $5.00

Incredible free jazz howlings from 1997 recorded live. Paste-on jacket.


Anal Staircase

(Relativity) Used 12-inch $4.00 (Out-of-stock)

Promotional edition from 1987. Rico Conning’s Dionysian remix of the title track, backed with “Blood From The Air” and “Ravenous.”


Astral Disaster

(Threshold House) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Rebuilt and re-made reissue from 2015 of Coil’s limited-edition subscription-only Prescription album from 1999. Esoteric and mystical themes with a strong folk influence transfigured through industrial and electronic means. Gray vinyl


Horse Rotorvator

(Force & Form) Used LP $60.00 (Out-of-stock)

Coil’s second full album continues their “refinement of brute noise and creepily serene arrangements into a truly modern psychedelia, from tribal drumming and death march guitars to disturbing marching band samples and back,” observes Ned Raggett. “John Balance shares the … haggard, mystic vocal delivery [of] fellow explorers of the edge like David Tibet and Edward Ka-Spel, but [with] his own blasted and burnt touch.” Dave Pinella concurs, “The album is full of the excesses of Roman times…, sex, horns, drugs and death. Aside from the military motif, the album also brings to the forefront the music’s homoeroticism…. ‘Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini)’ is the album’s centerpiece, with soothing insect-like percussion and strings over a plaintive vocal by Balance.” With insert.


Musick To Play In The Dark - Vol 2

(Chalice) Used 2xLP $150.00 (Out-of-stock)

Three sides of moon music (and one etching) by the trio of Balance, Sleazy and Thighpaulsandra, with additional vocals by frequent collaborator Rose McDowall. Swooshes of air, deadpan recital, bass throb, melancholy-drenched piano, unsettling digital-glitch-and-too-cute-synth melody mixes, eerie declarations, creaky interludes, angelic singing, strange tongues — bizarre, beautiful, spiritual, tidal, suicidal. Second edition on white vinyl, number 111 of 300. Upper right corner of jacket has noticeable crease; vinyl is near mint.



(Wax Trax) Used 12-inch $10.00

Three tracks from Scatology: a re-arranged version of “Panic” with Jim Thirwell on sampling and programming; a truncated “Aqua Regis,” and a cover of the Gloria Jones and Soft Cell classic. From 1985.


Presents Black Light District - A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room

(Eskaton) Used LP $175.00

Not technically an album by Coil proper, but by their mid-’90s alter ego Black Light District, specializing in drone-based music. Clear vinyl, number 2452 in an edition of 2000



(Eskaton) Used LP $100.00

The one and only recording by John Gosling (Mekons), John Balance (Coil), Min, and guest Sleazy from Throbbing Gristle, recorded live at Berlin Atonal Festival 1983, backed with the first recordings by Coil, in harsh industrial noise / performance art mode. Originally released on the Austrian label Nekrophile. Clear vinyl from 1998.



(Threshold House) Used 12-inch $20.00

Rose McDowell adds backing vocals to the truncated version of a track from Love’s Secret Domain, while the flip has the instrumental Astral Paddington remix. Black vinyl from 1990



(Tulpa) Used LP $20.00

Free jazz from 1993


Endangered Species

(Cadence) Used LP $14.97

Tightly wound, hallucinogenic and intricate free jazz from 1989



(Cadence) Used LP $18.00

Free Jazz from 1990. Sealed


Primal Burn

(Tulpa) Used LP $8.00

Agitated, freaky free jazz from 1991.


The Fourth Way

(Tulpa) Used LP $25.00

Free jazz from 1992. Sealed



(Hospital - HOS248) CD $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

(Hospital - HOS248) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

The early demos, live and unreleased tracks collected here document the development of this singular musical entity from their isolated beginnings to the recent full band line-up, in all its icy, electronic glory. From Cold Cave’s infancy, sexual identity and oblique existentialism have been expressed through biting lyrics and electronic minimalism. Rarely has the human condition been exposed so brazenly as in “Sex Ads.” Melodies, noise and rhythms clash as stories from below the surface are retold. From the Coma Potion LP, which featured a rugged, stripped-down distortion, to the suggestive Electronic Dreams tour cassette (featuring the voice of Max Morton on the track “Heavenly Metals”), Cold Cave’s genre-defying electronic music never betrays its dark roots. Love and pornography, industrial music and traditionalism, poetry and profanity all mix together in a hedonistic cocktail of nihilistic nights and mournful mornings. Cremations collects all this work for the first and last time.


Painted Nails

(Hospital - HOS226) 7-inch $8.50 (Out-of-stock)

Hospital's first venture directly into the controversial and rhythmic world of trance, power noise, synth pop, and '80s industrial music. Three authentically morose, epic anthems with the texture of a shattered champagne glass. Imagine a highly damaged, Downward Spiral-era demo hitting the raw nerve of a heart, where all breaths freeze in rapture and all feelings croak in the blood of the beat-less heart.


Stars Explode

(Hospital - HOS266) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Vinyl edition of the collaboration tape originally released in an edition of 100 for a UK tour. Pulsing, heavy ambient electronics, with one new track not on the tape.


Torch Songs

(Die Stadt - DS93) 2xLP $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

Liles reworked a live recording of Coleclough performing solo at Intergration 3 in 2004, later adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing additional live recordings supplied by Coleclough. Gatefold jacket features “I dreamt I was a river,” the poem composed and painted by Geoff Sawers during a performance with Coleclough in Geneva in March 2005 (the sound of his brush painting this lettering is audible on side B). 180-gram vinyl.


It’s Dance Time

(Norton) Used LP $10.00

The first-ever roundup of the wicked sixties soul dance hits of Mr. Booga Lu himself. Twenty-two tracks including the 1959 smash hit “(Do The) Mashed Potatoes” (performed with Nat Kendrick & The Swans), “The Boo Boo Song,” “Alley Rat,” and “Do The Booga Lu.”



(Misanthropic Agenda - MAR036) Used LP $32.00 (Out-of-stock)

The title track, subtitled “Static For Empty Life” and previously issued on CD in 2011 by Crippled Intellect, is a long-form tonal study with contrasting climax. Side B edits together “(Reconciliation Of) Twin Interference Channels,” “Playtime Imbalance (L/R Discharge),” “Heartbeat And Dying Cassette Deck, ..............Loop#999999” (all from Triptych For Paranoia Calibration [Banned 2006]) and Crawl Unit’s “How Far To The Other Edge” (from Coalescence (Alien8 2001). Edition of 200.


Deformation of Tone

(Total Black) LP $20.00

Joe Colley’s skeleton key is an intra-dimensional sense of humor. It exists in a place between and beyond dry, deadpan, and defeatist, and is not actually funny. He has a knack for unlocking the essence of the absurdly uncomplicated, elevating it to a place of near-iconic significance, and leaving it there. Hovering in a void. Or mashed in the jowl of an insect getting doused with regurgitated chyme and rumen bacteria. Consistent with his past efforts, Deformation Of Tone contains no sturm und drang or exhausting dra-a-a-a-ama. This spectacle-free album delivers abrasive-adjacent electronic judders cloaked in a feeling of intimacy distilled from primordial ooze. The opening snippet from a lecture by a New Age devotee dissolves into Lucierian mosaic yammer, a droll nod to Colley’s upbringing, and plummets into a negative space populated by an unadorned clicking, that most elemental physical manifestation of audio phenomena, the antithesis of awareness and enlightenment and transcendence. Of sentience, even. A quintessential example of his streamlined, efficient hilarity. The episodes continue without pause, as if one is moving through an exhibition. Compared to Colley’s work, which he once described as “little noises arranged on a piece of plastic,” a lot of other noise seems hell-bent on shameless over-compensation. Embarrassingly so. His material has always been low-key, and Deformation Of Tone finds him shuffling in a colder, harsher, more desolate direction. The single-malt rasp of an unnamed conspiracy theorist / motivational speaker, present more for his intonation than anything else, punctuates this rather sculptural 33 minutes of machines whirring, devices beeping, blank-face rotary drones swelling and merging with unnaturally regimented hive rustlings and perfectly unpleasant high-gain squelch — all constructed with a master’s timing and sense of scale.


Disasters of Self

(Crippled Intellect Productions - CIP022) 3xLP $45.00

Fractured electronics; rich, multi-level drones; digital bite, the sounds of decaying technology; analog twists and turns; and recording experiments and documents by one of the giants of West Coast noise. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2010


No Way In

(Glistening Examples) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Considering the terrain of internal dilemma, mental stress, paranoia, and the pessimistic contemplation of one’s fate, here is a 2016 soundtrack to distract from such thoughts, or a trigger that stirs ’em up. Either way. Clear vinyl. Edition of 400


Folk Roots New Routes

(4 Men With Beards) Used LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

2010 reissue of this 1964 landmark folk recording, bringing together the haunting vocals of Collins and Graham’s innovative guitar-playing.


Loosen The Lead And Spoil The Dogs

(Fabulous Jackpot) Used LP $5.00

This third full-length masterminded by Comets On Fire drummer Utrillo Kushner embraces unhinged power pop, bleary-eyed classic rock, and channels the late-night, art-with-meaning vibe of early ’70s singer-songwriters. Guests include Ben Chasney (Six Organs Of Admittance), Noel Von Harmonson (Sic Alps, Comets On Fire), Ben Flashman (Comets On Fire), and members of Aislers Set, East Bay Grease, Howling Rain and others.


Divine Songs

(Tummy Tapes) Used LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Hindu devotional songs with Coltrane on Wurlitzer organ, synthesizer and vocals, accompanied by students of the Vedantic Center singing and playing percussion, originally release on cassette (Avatar Book Institute 1987). Paste-on covers. Euro import.


Sad Finger

(Stateart) Used 7-inch $4.00 (Out-of-stock)

Dark ambient, ritual and experimental music from 2000. Numbered edition of 300. Seam-split along top edge of jacket.


W. Transmission 2

(A.N. Column Release - CRLP001) Used LP + 7-inch $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Electronic industrial from 1993. Edition 500


My Degeneration Electronics 1974-1983

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD130) 5xLP $115.00 (Out-of-stock)

Includes Fluence (Pôle 1975); Paralelo (Parasite 1980); Sentimientos (Dys 1982); Sequences Païennes (Parasite 1979); Ready-Made (Parasite 1980); “Irregular Organ / Musique Par Correspondance” from the Precis de Decomposition Bruitiste cassette comp (Parasite 1983); Bel Canto Orquestra en concert, Montpellier (Medamothi 1983), Bel Canto Orquestra en concert and Slow Musics (Eurock / Parasite 1981).


Dead Light

(What The ... - WHAT007) Used LP (one-sided) $12.00

Debut wax from this young band of Italians, now residing in Berlin. Five catchy, minimal tunes of noisy, surfing, churn-chord guitars, boy-and-girl vocals, anemic fuzz, the brittle and cold snap of a drum machine, keyboard haze, endless sexy echo and reverb. Silkscreen artwork and design by Paul Coors, which captures the electric thrill of hot and cold whips on the lonely body. Edition of 112.


Bong Voyage

(Bad Glue) Used LP $15.00

A pummeling furnace of on-the-edge-of-collapse heaviness from 2004, recorded live. Edition of 800.


Comets On Fire

(Comets On Fire - COF01) Used LP $100.00

First full-length release from 2001 by these psycho-psych freaks who deliver dark and damaged acid rock served in a crude and blown out speedball of methamphetamine and Schnapps. 4/4 power rock shifts to imploding free form. Echoplex-treated tales of drug-crazed space travelers, graverobbers in love and cosmic cannibals.



(Flying Panda) Used LP $25.00

Five tracks from 1981 by William Parker on bass, drummer Takeshi Zen Matsuura, Will Connell Jr. on flute, alto, bass clarinet, and violinist Jason Hwang. The music is free-flowing, with slow themes setting the scene for lengthy improvisations and communal creation of sound. “Famine” is the highlight — a staggering composition; a sparse, discomforting environment — created by Parker and Hwang working around the same tonal center, gradually increasing the intensity without creating variation, well illustrating and expressing the title of the piece. Three decades later, one can only be amazed that these young musicians already had some of the great musical personalities and vision that they expanded on during the years to follow. It’s all here — the freedom, the spirituality, the approach that getz more from their instruments than artists had done before.


Fantastic Picnic

(Insignificant) Used LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

A rusty conglomeration of squeaks, scrapings, organs, whistles and clarinet farts stuck together with cheap glue and buried in the dirt. Three inserts indicate that the album is a soundtrack for an unrealized film, including details about the convoluted plot. Packaged in large screen-printed poster folded to LP size.


Compound Eye

(Spring Press - SP16) 10-inch (lathe cut) $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two extended tracks where drifting pulses of modular synth, echoes of home-made electronics, and a ukelin played with the utmost restraint summon the ever-elusive energy of ’60s downtown experimentalism. “The first side,” says Volcanic Tongue, feels like “an occult working, with ectoplasmic forms channelled via acoustic and electronic receivers, jump-cutting between realities with soft synthesized thuds. The flip … is just as spectral, with deep Morse Code melodies bisected by butterflies of bright white light.” Edition of 70


Origin Of Silence

(Spring Press - SP12) LP $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

This long-standing collaboration between Drew McDowall (ex-Coil and Psychic TV) and Tres Warren (Psychic Ills and Messages) employs automatic composition, drone and concrète music in the creation of subterranean explorations on the nature of signals and time.

The duo’s “exacting minimalist logic … locate[s] distant Morse Code tones and blurry EVP sightings on the very fringes of liminality,” observe our comrades at Volcanic Tongue. “[V]ague, nagging melodies … come out of the Goblin / Suspiria song book alongside long passages of single tone narcosis.” Clear vinyl, printed polyvinyl bag. Edition of 200.


First Utterance

(Get Back - GET541) 2xLP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Taking British folk as a point of departure, First Utterance twists and oozes like vile snakes, pairing gorgeous melodies with ecstatic, altered vocals and vicious lyrics about rape, murder, witchcraft and abuse, all cooked with raging madness. Get Back's 1998 reissue includes three bonus tracks from their rare maxi-single (Dawn Records 1971). 180-gram vinyl, gatefold jacket.



(RRRecords) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

In the 1986 post-industrial wasteland of upstate New York, what else was there for Damian Catera (guitar, voice, programming), Steve Lombardi (computer stuff, voice, visuals) and Roxanne Benedetto (guitar, voice) to do but make textured soundscapes at times rhythmic and at others chaotic? Doesn’t matter, so long as there’s a strong conceptual foundation rooted in a desire to use the medium of music and multimedia as anthropological tools, engage the audience in a critical discourse, and explore the negative outgrowths of various belief systems. Nailed it. With inserts


Familiedrama / Pain

(Praxis Dr. Bearmann - TH17) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

From 1997.


Artificial Madness

(BloodLust! - B!172) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Vinyl reissue of the CD (Relapse 2011) by this Chicago-based Scotsman (ex-Ministry, ex-Revolting Cocks) whose suite of contemporary, heavy, high-energy postpunk defines a truly dystopian landscape, setting stories in invented locales where inhabitants lead a dark, dehumanized and anxious existence. Guests include Sanford Parker (keyboards, engineering and production), Will Lindsay (bass), Dallas Thomas (guitar) and Noah Leger (drums). Red vinyl. Includes download code for free MP3s.


Cosmic Debris Vol. 5

(Opax - OPX012) split LP $125.00

On the fifth and final volume in the Cosmic Debris series the space duo shares the vinyl with legendary avant-blues guitarist, whose tracks "Improv" and "Thomas Paine" document his now-defunct project HAUNTED HOUSE (featuring his wife Suzanne Langille, Andrew Burnes, and Neel Murgai). MCIAA's "Everything Tears Like Cosmic Debris" seals the concept behind this series of "art manufacts" and collaborations. In the silence of The Great Void, sparse melancholic guitar chords and eerie vocalizations build up an astral chant in celebration of the end of an old age and the beginning of a new one. Packaged with an original acrylic painting by Roberto Opalio on 30x30cm canvas, with a unique Polaroid instant film installed on each piece, representing one of a hundred different perspectives of a same subject related to My Cat Is An Alien's own cosmic imaginary. Limited edition of 100 copies.


Vol. 2

(Menlo Park) LP $50.00

As the saying goes, “The sorrow flowing red flutters and it flies and it aims to overflow and aims at the sky to emerge. It is led toward the shining light and dazzle of light, the wailing black fills the red of sorrow and the red of sorrow pushes the lament of black. Each other’s passion counteracts each other’s color, and it is being purified to a transparent single tone like air like water. Examining that feeling, it is only a sad song — to the listener; it is the final tonic that tramples the last blow; it is clean water to wash away abominable creaks and obsession.”



(Sigma Editions) Used LP $15.00

“The best record by Vladislav Delay made during his pre-Luomo days,” argues Todd Dealer. “Essential for anyone interested in … deconstructive experimentation with the form of dance music.” From 1999. Generic black jacket


Lady-Bug b/w Square Root

(Payola) Used 12-inch $5.00

Electronic music from 1996 by Martin Gretschmann, lead programmer for The Notwist.


Day Music / Night Music

(Amerige - Choc.548) LP $27.00

(Chocolate Monk - Choc.548) Split cassette $7.50

Constance the insomniac presents heavy, processed electronics, field recordings, mangled voices and tape wrangle constructed late at night in bed. Fend off the darkness fears with some Blackburn Academy of the Arts sun glow bloom insight. #pro-peasantmusic. On the flip, synth, tape players, loops and delay squelch and skitter into dream as early bird and morning whistler Nyoukis takes a wee stumble into a low T tower of crud. Recorded during the day live to tape. No nightmares allowed.
LP reissue, edition of 330.


Jackie Stewart / Karen Constance

(Giant Tank) Split cassette $5.00

Blurred-out fairytale fractures melt on top of warm and limpid music boxes just trying to keep up (including the wind-up ratchet, should you feel compelled to boogie down) in the Smegma / Tenses maestra’s futuristic transmission of indecipherable lullaby residue. An ideal ramp-down into a turntablist ravine where how to properly shit in the woods is the blotto topic du soir. Bears do it, the Pope does it, no reason you should be left in the dark. On the flip, Blood Stereo / Smack Music 7 sister’s mosaic of instructional voice vanishes into and reconstitutes out of parallel tone ribbons and subdural electronic quack. C40


Shadow Of A Lonely Man

(Destijl) Used 7-inch $10.00

2009 reissue of 1996 about which 7 Awkward Inches said “Nasty little hermit bastard locks himself in a room and poops out hyper-dense alcho-folk over two sides of seemingly moss-encrusted vinyl. I’m a huge fan of music that is as depressing as humanly possible. I hope he didn’t die, though.”


Mutual Transgressions b/w Solitary Solace

(Oxen - OXEN011) 7-inch $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Wrong Hole’s Nial Morgan slashes paths through forests of electro-tape destruction with sleep-deprived swagger with “Mutual Transgressions.” his compositional prowess is on rare and inspiring form throughout Mutual Transgressions’ specifically obtuse personal narrative. On the flip, the equally malicious and unhinged “Solitary Solace” by Contrain’s Kevin McEleny ladders to a crushing apex of sublime cacophony. Edition of 100


Consumer Electronics

(RRRecords) 3xLP $150.00 (Out-of-stock)

Eight tracks from their 1982 self-released cassette Public Attack, eight more from Leathersex cassette (Iphar 1982), plus live recordings from The Nailsea School and The Centro Iberico. 1993 release. Box with paste-on art. With insert sheet. Edition of 300


Nobody’s Ugly

(No Fun) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two tracks from 2007 by Philip Best, produced by William Bennett. “A symphonic tirade of distortion and industrial noise signals…. On ‘Black Cotton Wool’ there's some rampaging, squealing menace lurking beneath the surface, whereas ‘Grubbing’ relies upon a low frequency throb that seems to have undergone some sort of time-stretching and EQing to maximize the stomach-upsetting potential.


Homme Sauvage

(Danger Records - DR010) 7-inch $10.50

Previously unreleased cold-wave synth punk by this Brussels group that rose in 1979 from the ashes of Chainsaw, Streets, X-Pulsion.


...Until Next Morning

(Avant! - AV011) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Pierre-Marc Tremblay’s antidote for love -- a four-track EP that shows the darkest and most anguished side of human feeling, where drum machines sound like heartbeats and synthesizers are as liquid as tears. Deep, somber vocals filled with sorrow and anger cap it all. Includes insert. Edition of 400.


Bloody Language

(Backwards - BW13) 7-inch $13.00 (Out-of-stock)

Three tracks by Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia that reconnect the duo to the tradition of rock’n’roll in all facets (psychedelia, industrial, punk, no wave). Silkscreened jacket. Have a look at their video for the title track here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC4f7YXHOFw


Elegy For Rusted Souls

(Backwards - BW08) Used LP + 7-inch $18.00

The first new, previously unreleased music since 1982 by San Francisco industrial pioneers Factrix, together with Italian duo Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia. The quartet uses guitars, bass and electronics in their fusion of acoustic and electric elements, primitive rhythm patterns and ghostly, No Wave-ish vocals. Edition of 500. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2013


Gate & Control Unit

(8MM - 062) LP $22.00

Six hallucinatory tracks of stoic free noise, abstract electronics and industrial landscapes by Micheal Morley, Ninni Morgia and Silvia Kastel. Edition of 300


In A Frame

(Alt.Vinyl - AV043) LP $20.00

Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia’s second full length-LP that continues their development of a new, more contemporary form of industrial music. Recorded with old tape machines, vintage synths, beat boxes, crude fuzz boxes, tape echo, heavily filtered bass, and sound and dialogue samples from Italian television.


The Fugitives

(Backwards - BW02) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Four intense episodes of pure madness sound, obscure and sensual at the same time, courtesy of Ninni Morgia’s devastating technique and delirious strings, and Silvia Kastel’s hypnotic groans, biting screams and caustic, powerful synthetic raids. A perfect car-crash between two industrial music currents of yore: the American (e.g. Factrix) and the European (e.g. Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire). Silkscreened jacket. Edition of 300


Between Tides

(Multimood) Used LP $30.00

“Almost a tour de force in auditory shaping and tone manipulations,” raves Carl Johnson. “It is not a soothing record by any means, nor is it boring. It is an intense spin. Most of their songs do not rely on rhythm, though melodic patterns are recognizable.” Swedish pressing from 1986. Black vinyl


Songs from a Sewer of Dreams

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD47) 4xLP $94.50

Previously unreleased music from Controlled Bleeding’s very early days up through the present: a long lost Knees and Bones session; live recordings from CBGB supporting Suicide 1979; a 25-minute live piece from 1977 (sounds like John Cage/Penderecki); free jazz live improvisation with Borbetomagus; some new total noise.



(Beniffer Editions - BFF129) Used LP $16.00

Convergence formed in 1976 (and disbanded around 1980) as an appendage to the Humber College Ensemble for Experimental Music. With written music for the ensemble scarce, improvisational sessions became more frequent. Their first few concerts at The Music Gallery had a somewhat haphazard and random mix of students, some of whom didn’t quite get the notion of free improv. Eventually director Michael S. Horwood whittled it down to a quintet of the most spirited and creative of the student improvisers. Recorded live at the Music Gallery in September 1979, their instrumentation includes trumpet, trombone, piano, percussion, home-made instruments and toy instruments, which puts them in a zone between the boundaries of avant-garde jazz and free-form contemporary classical, a la Le Sonde, New Phonic Art, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza. Screenprinted jackets, two inserts. Edition of 200.


Les Conversions

(Kelippah - KEL015) LP $5.00

Metal percussion and electronic modulation, improvisation and ritual darkness quite dark by Jason Meagher (NNCK, Coach Fingers, Black Dirt Studio), Pat Murano (NNCK, Decimus, Blah Blah Blah), Dave Shuford (NNCK, D Charles Spear, Rhyton). Silkscreened jacket. Edition of 300.


Present Derek and Clive (Live)

(Island - ISP1033) Used LP $3.00 (Out-of-stock)

Hilarious spoken word from 1976 by a couple of teabag cunts.


Basement Recordings 1978-1982

(Ultra Eczema - UE76) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

An unearthed treasure by Belgian free jazzman whose 1970s associations include WIM, Fred van Hove, and Ivo van der Borght at their most disturbing. One might expect to find decent free music here, relating to other Antwerp freaks of the era, but as usual, Ultra Eczema confounds expectation. This batch of seriously strange outsider weirdness kicks off with “Aerosol,” a duet for undertone singing and asthma inhaler machine. The instrumentation of “Watermuziek” includes tubes, saxophones, mouthpieces and Coomans's voice in a bathtub half filled with water. Untitled droning harmonica pieces clearly link him to raga folks such Wannes van de Velde. Elsewhere vacuum cleaners are attached to metals and soprano saxes. A cover of “Louie Louie,” played on piano and vacuum cleaner, is simply wacko. With insert and photos.


Light On A Wall

(Backwards - BW14) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Spirit songs” — vocal works constructed by chopping up (à la Burroughs, Gysin, Phillips) Pynchon’s novels V and Gravity’s Rainbow recorded live on Radio Lebanon in Beirut — accompanied by electric Vietnamese lap steel (heavily processed through a vintage Kaoss pad and Zoom SampleTrack looper). Chords, melodies and harmonic patterns are unplanned improvisations unique to each performance. The final track is a thundering cover of “Masters At War.”


The Collected Works

(Beniffer Editions) 2xLP $25.50 (Out-of-stock)

Memorial tribute to the composition and performance of this obscure genius. Recordings from between 1972 and 2001, including the complete set of three Phantasie Impromptus; four Incantations; lengthy passages from his two continuing works, Mix of the Month and The Book of Floating Music; the Introduction from his magnum opus, Ashley: My Dear; a clever take on I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad; and short passages of Cooper speaking about music and his works. A must-have for all lovers and collectors of out-of-the-way electronica and keyboard aficionados. With essay by M.S. Harwood. Screen-printed five-color gusseted jacket. Edition of 300


Al Anon

(Catsup Plate) Used LP $8.00

“Small inner dialogues and isolated mind caves, where an idea may only last a moment and is captured and tweaked into fragments of many memories. Copeland sometimes disappears into a ‘behind-the-scenes’ role on this strangely curated time capsule from 2009, where birds beat-box with car-stereo subwoofers and the neighbors’ Español sings on top of the Sabbath siren. The familiar becomes mysterious and the unknown feels normal.” Screen-printed jacket. Edition of 500.


Heavy Afternoon Buzz / Late At Night A Day Lay

(Catsup Plate) LP (lathe cut) $75.00

“Broken into a pair of sidelong suites,” observe our friends at Arthur, “this album is a pure experimental response to the dictates of archaic huzz, generated entirely by an old tone generator and a broken digital delay unit. A variety of apparent loops are blended in shifts, and the whole moves through the air in your head like a buttery soft saw blade, slowly unwinding its way across the room. There are parts that have a weird similarity to some of No Pussyfooting, but let’s assume that’s unintentional.” Numbered edition of 50



(Post Present Medium) Used LP $8.00

“Through bouncy rhythmic loops, sprightly vocal chants, and child-like melodies, Copeland crafts pieces that feel sunny and breezy even at their roughest,” explains Pitchfork about the first solo album by a member of Black Dice. “In that sense Hermaphrodite evokes Gang Gang Dance’s early séances and Animal Collective’s brighter rain dances. But it’s even closer to the wide-eyed art loops of the Residents. As simple and bright as many of these pieces are, none of them scream at you, instead approaching at off-angles and sloping curves.” From 2008


Battutosso / Bone Pulse (And Other Nature Musics)

(Ricerca Sonora - RS5) LP $27.00 (Out-of-stock)

Gamelan-ish solo recordings from 1989-97 using bones, the 100 most beautiful cow bells, breath, flute, rock, and Geoff Hendricks's xylophone sculpture. Edition of 300.


Gong / Ear : dance-ing, 1 & 2

(Roaratorio - ROAR27) Used LP $32.00

As part of “Metal Meditations,” Corner’s decades-long series of improvisations with dancers, Gong / Ear utilizes his favorite Paiste tam-tam; the two recordings here -- from his NYC Leonard Street loft in 1989 -- are a feedback loop of perceptions between gong and dance: “the initiating sound (or perhaps the dancer’s posture) is made physically audible. Responsive movement is turned back into sound. Musicianly attentiveness sends it back, and it continues.” Handcut facsimile brass gong, silkscreened with Corner’s calligraphy and mounted onto the jacket. Includes download coupon. Edition of 305.


Italian Air: Wind, Water & Metal

(Ricerca Sonora - RS1) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

Three previously unpublished compositions by one of the giants of Fluxus, recorded in various locations: "Ear Wave" (Venice, October 1994) for Korean cymbal in water, ecstatic with acousmatic interjections of metallic resonances, subtle water, and the midnight bell of San Marco; "Gong/Ear" (S. Andrea di Rovereto, June 1990) for gong together with rain and thunder; and "I Respiri/The Breaths" (Teatro Scandicci, 1992) for alphorn and gong. Second edition of 200 on clear vinyl.


Metal Meditations

(Alga Marghen) Used LP $15.00

“Three pieces extracted from a performance recorded at Merce Cunnigham’s studio, performed by David Behrman on electronics with the sound of dancers’ feet on wood floor in the background, against minimal yet plangent bell strikes beautifully recorded to a quadrophonic microphone array. The fourth piece, recorded in Italy, 1977, has a slight, rippling, almost wood-blocky timbre and tribalistic rhythm; the B-side recorded at Charlie Morrow Studio, incorporates the sound of footsteps creaking on wooden floor with strange, radiant metal tones; the final piece is outdoors in Cambridge, MA in 1978.” Second edition from 1997 with cover printed in black.


Piano Work

(Slowscan) Used LP $50.00

Numbered edition of 300 from 2000 with eight-page book. Blue vinyl


Through Two More-Than-Mysterious Barricades

(Roaratorio - ROAR36) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two very different takes on “Les Barricades Mistérieuses,” the harpsichord gem by French Baroque composer François Couperin. The first dates from 1992, in collaboration with dancer Paulette Sears (who provides the “singings and screamings” of the album’s subtitle) and moves from a frenzy of abstraction to a more meditative zone, with diversions and tributaries along the way. The second, from 2004, is a rougher beast, recorded with wildly over-saturated levels; the tape machine itself becomes a participant in the performance, with its heavy distortion bringing out stormclouds of overtones from Corner’s piano. Download coupon included. Listen to excerpts here: http://roaratorio.com/uncategorized/philip-corner-through-two-more-than-mysterious-barricades/


“Musiques des Ailes / Wingèd Music”

(Ricerca Sonora - RS2) Used LP $15.00

Corner and Neville experiment and improvise with the metallic resonances, obscure low frequencies, drones, silences and pure vibrating sonorities of Vogel’s eight steel bells and gongs, modeled after flat bronze or copper placed in the doorway of the Kachins or Mungs of Burma. Recorded in Paris, 1999, at the Archipel (the atelier of French artist Polska). Edition of 350.



(Anarchymoon) Used LP $7.00

“Oppressive, naval wall of hurricane noise / drone out of Puerto Rico, a place where the residents know from hurricanes,” says Doug Mosurock about this 2010 platter by Jorge Castro and Claudio Chea with Robin A on voice. “Side A is immense, a gut-buster of layered white noise, while Side B adds in queasy sine wave bass beneath prop-plane engine scream. With silkscreened obi strip. Promo. Edition of 200


Another Dull Dawn

(Ultra Eczema - UE71) Used LP $27.00

Absolute madness performed on a variety of different drum sets, toy percussion, baritone sax mouthpiece on a two-foot metal pipe, violin strings, banjo and violin bridges, contact mics, effects pedals, claw bell, metal strips from windshield wipers, toy comb, clarinet, toy gamelan, guitar cable, gongs, metals, triangle, nylon guitar strings, amps, melodica, pot lids and of course the al important et cetera. Through innumerable collaborations, Corsano, with a non-academic and unlimited interest in sounds far behind any traditional school of music, has helped change and refresh improvised music forever; he has blown the "free" back into into free music again, and thrown an energy molotov cocktail over western Massachussets. Hairy black and white cover by Dennis Tyfus, with an insert. 400 copies.


Bounced Check

(Records) Used LP $12.00

“Totally improvised double sax and drum explosions that break down into duos and solos and re-ignite as trio howlin’ paint splattered madness gone butt-naked wilder” from 2007. This companion to The Blank Check LP released by Finnish label Tyfus, was “recorded at an art gallery with artwork melting off the walls and frightened fans nervously mopping their furrowed blood-stained brows.” Sealed


Made Out Of Sound

(Palilalia) Used LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded in 2020 with Corsano cutting drum parts on his own and Orcutt adding improvised guitar later. “Corsano’s free playing seems at all times to hover in the space between a steady beat, an explosive roll, an exploratory warm-up, and an ecstatic solo,” notes Pitchfork. “He hits his kit with the same pace and force as Brace Up! (Palilalia 2018), but here it’s a touch less pugnacious…. And Orcutt’s guitars are less cutting and sharp, with a warmer tone that rings and clangs while notes hang in the air, as if we are hearing a recording of a giant wind chime left outside during a hurricane.” Sealed


Scraps and Shadows

(Roaratorio - roar26) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

This follow-up to the duo’s Under A Double Moon finds McPhee largely on tenor sax rather than alto. Seven dedicatory pieces recorded live in Milwaukee in 2011, from the delicate balladry of “For Adrienne P” to the appropriately combustible “For Han Bennink.” Corsano’s stupendously detailed drumming and McPhee’s free-soul love cries weave a master latticework. Cover art by Judith Lindbloom. Download coupon included.


Steel Sleet

(Tyyfus) Used LP $15.00

Timeless free soul fire from 2005.


Under A Double Moon

(Roaratorio - ROAR22) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

With a career now spanning over forty years and more than one-hundred recordings, Joe McPhee has shown that in the world of creative improvised music, emotional content and theoretical underpinnings are thoroughly compatible — and, in fact, a critically important pairing. Since recording The Hated Music with Paul Flaherty in 2000, Chris Corsano has been active in far-reaching corners of the free improvised world. Recorded live in Paris during their spring 2010 tour of Europe, Under A Double Moon is McPhee and Corsano's first album together. Cover artwork by Judith Lindbloom. Liner notes by John Szwed. Includes download coupon.


Effigy Mounds

(Psychic Sounds And Research) Used LP $15.00

Million Brazilians founder’s hallucinatory cave field recording where collaged snippets of tape reveal the waves of a deep portal opening, bubbling ingestion of strange and luminous compounds, and the rhythmic pulse of spores landing in Earth’s atmosphere by way of shooting stars. Corum’s self-described “ceremonial music for spore alter” plays like an alternate soundtrack to the film Altered States in a forbidden South Pacific lodge during the magical dialogue of an extra terrestrial speech. Silkscreened jacket


Bizarre and Tortuous Rituals of the Primitive World

(Secret Devil - SRD001) 7-inch $7.50

Noise rock from Leeds, UK, 1995.


Secouez… Crevez!

(Costes Disques) Used LP $20.00

The ever-perceptive Quietus picks up on the “tortured romanticism that runs through his work, a great cry of separation, (self-)punishment and perseverance.” Track B6 is intentionally defaced to add a unique, erratic percussion effect, or, some would say, makes it unplayable. Color paste-on cover. From 1989. Price sticker on front panel.


When I’m Gone

(Folkways) Used LP $50.00

2009 repress of the third volume in the original Folkways series of albums by this master fingerpicker and acoustic music legend, originally released in 1979. “This album features several songs with lyrics by Cotten’s granddaughter Johnine Rankin. ‘Freight Train’ is revised here, but of more interest are numbers such as ‘Willie,’ ‘Jenny,’ and ‘Gaslight Blues,’ all played with a delicate, precise touch, as if the guitar was speaking to her of its own power.” Insert with anecdotes, historical information, lyrics.


Mammal Insect Marriage

(Ludwig Van Ear) LP $30.00

The lyrics of the opening track of this 1983 album by Jay Tiller and Neil Socol “immediately make it clear you’ve checked into a real hellhouse of collegiate weasel weirdness: ‘I saw a car accident near the zoo / There were mangled bodies all over / I felt sick, but I found a finger / I still have it in my freezer.’ In total, fourteen warped and funny B-movie haikus. Brilliant and extraordinary.” From 1983. Sealed


The Day The Music Died

(It's Only A Record Records) Used LP $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

After a slow start with the instrumental title track, this 1985 album revs into high gear with “We’ll Go Through the Windshield Together,” a romantic tale of vehicular homicide (complete with sound effects) told from the victim’s perspective. Other highlights include the pessimistic “Life’s Rough,” a feedback-filled mantra that recasts an old 7-Up slogan (“You Hate It, It Hates You”) and Socol’s “Curtains for You,” in which the protagonist makes a major educational discovery: “I hate Shakespeare / He’s too hard to read / I wish he were dead / Oh, he is?”


Home Aged & The 18 Month Hope

(Dais - DAIS051) LP $20.00

Rare and unheard archival recordings from the transgressive ’70s performance art group founded in 1969 by Genesis P-Orridge. This release collects various selections spanning the years 1971 through 1975, including a rare live performance opening for Hawkwind, lost radio interview, obtuse poetry readings by early member Fizzey Peat, piano and violin compositions by Genesis, and field recordings.


Sounds of Porridge Bubbling

(Dais - DAIS008) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

The first in Dais's series of rescued recordings by COUM Transmissions. Considered their first proper record, never released due to the fast pace of COUM actions and line-up changes, this bizarre album was shelved and forgotten until now. Liner notes by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. Edition of 500



(Dais - DAIS023) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

One of the most far-flung, experimental COUM recordings, dating from 1974 at the Ho Ho Funhouse. Genesis P-Orridge’s candid kitchen recordings of solo broken piano improvisations accompanied by reel to reel tape from 1965, from which a young Neil Megson made countless field recordings and homework dictations. Playful, chaotic, imaginative, and historic.



(Pyramid Scheme - PSR002) LP $12.00

The second album-length collaboration by Times New Viking’s Jared Phillips and Ron House of Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts tosses a DIY Dragnet over a belch from an Ohio furnace that most assumed abandoned. The drums are pots and pans, the vocals are pot and pants, always too big for themselves. The lyrics strain to upgrade every downsize of life. No insult is forgotten. Compared to Sheets of Hits (Pyramid Scheme 2013), this one is less lo-fi, more anxious with catchier tics.


Sheets of Hits

(Pyramid Scheme) LP $10.50 (Out-of-stock)

Not-totally-French-existentialist Ron House (Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Psandwich) teams up with eater-of-the-free-chicken-of-Bob-Petric Jared Phillips (Times New Viking) to hit all the lo-fi indie-punk buttons of The Columbus Sound — loose, clever, catchy, intense, and wrong. Second edition, with offset printed jackets.


Black Suite

(Get Back ) Used LP $30.00

“The presence of Anthony Braxton as part of the band really makes for an intoxicating brew,” says Eugene Chadbourne about this exploratory improv masterwork from 1971, “if abstract free jazz is the cup of tea on order. Braxton is fantastic in a collaboratory role, adding texture with his contrabass clarinet that brings to mind the fog rolling into the forest right before the scene where the villagers storm the evil castle. Arthur Jones cuts loose on alto sax… fiery, full of spirit, always an exciting presence. As kind of the lost voice of the trumpet in modern jazz, Coursil is not only a great discovery for the modern jazz fan, but a fine creative vintage that holds up to repeat visits over the years…. It is one of the best examples of just how beautiful modern jazz can be.” 2002 reissue on 180g vinyl


Way Ahead

(Get Back ) Used LP $20.00

“A highly overlooked and absolutely stunning free jazz session” from 1969, according to All Music Guide, retaining “an openness that makes dates by AACM associates like Roscoe Mitchell more palatable for those inexperienced with the freewheeling ‘energy music’ of the late ’60s. The first side finds the group tackling two Coursil originals, while the entire second side is an extended version of Bill Dixon’s ‘Paper’.” 2001 reissue. Gatefold jacket


Brokebox Juke

(No-Fi) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded via correspondence between Buenos Aires and Brooklyn, the sounds of a full, multi-faceted band in a warm room rise from the vinyl as Courtis (Reynols) and Moore (Volcano The Bear) throw down delicious rhythmic textures, mariachi-tinged improv, brooding desert psych and more. In beautiful gatefold jacket with photos by Moore.



(Ini Itu - 1302) LP $21.00

Pre-dematerialization, pre-Reynols material, based on cassettes, possibly reworked but maybe not. Courtis’s music here transcends time; these balanced and measured exercises in subtle conversion are detailed monoliths, borderline cases of slightly aggressive and noisy surfaces, autumnal goofy primitivism, and detached stoner electroacoustics that bridge the gap between Earthy tape conjuration and cosmic drift and drone.



(Riot Season) Used LP $8.00

2004 reissue of 1997 cassette of hypnotic drones, guitar, field recordings, effects, and processed feedback by one dude from Argentina’s Reynols and Lee Stokoe. Clear vinyl. Edition of 500. Sealed.


Sunburst Lux

(Quasi Pop - QPOPREC03) split 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Heavily processed field recordings (geyser sounds), weird cassette loops, tape manipulations, oscillations.


Yaguá Ovy

(Mie Music - 007) LP $10.00

Based around the Argentinean mythology of the Werewolf, or “the blue dog” that lives on the “land without evil” of Mbya-Guarani, the first collaboration by Menche and Courtis whips up primal and natural noise. Menche draws out the sound and resonances found lying in snow and rocks while Courtis bewitches pizza sauce cans and his guitar, creating this mind flaying homage to the mythical wolf.


Cousins Of Reggae / Mouthus

(Olde English Spelling Bee) Used Split LP $5.00

“A side each of fertile noise-rot from 2005. Cousins’ five-track suite about the Hudson Bay sets sail with hyperactive stompers and narcoleptic stumblers intent on capsizing all vessels in their path before coming under attack by a squadron of pissed off jet-skiers. On the flip, two massive Mouthus jams capture a day spent peaking on mescaline at the Daytona 500.” Edition of 500 with handpainted covers and full-color inserts.



(Spanish Magic - SM013) LP $24.00

Blake Hargraves and Liam Thurston’s dirty rock overdrives everything from under a sickening haze -- guitar, drums, turntable, homemade feedback devices and homemade drum triggering systems. Volcanic Tongue admire “this Canada-based riot squad” for their “riffs that sound like ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ tied to streamrollers and dragged on their face through industrial warehouse [combined] with the deforming use of clotted effects [and] endless vistas of crunch.” All covers are handmade (screenprints, stencils, hand carved stamps). Australian import.


Coïtus Int.

(Bunkerpop - BP003) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

Reacting to the punk bands in Utrecht at the time of the original release of their debut album (1981), this Dutch quartet embraced an approach slower, darker, and more bass-driven than on their Dead Excitement EP from 1980 (reissued by Bunkerpop in 2011). Heino L’Ortye’s bass is the lead melodic instrument here, while Gang Of Four-inspired attacks issue from Marcel Uffing’s guitar. Drummer Ron van Asperen churns the heaviness in different directions, particularly on tracks like “Birds” and “My Ideal Man.” But it’s Jos de Groot’s thoughtful lyrics and unique voice that separate the group from rest; his delivery is distant but honest, with a tone that makes you feel like he’s seen things you don’t and may never understand. Check out “My Ideal Man” here: http://youtu.be/-SAG_xk-wQ0


Dead Excitement

(Bunkerpop) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Reissue of the first seven by Dutch post-punkers, originally self-released in 1981 with appropriated Rock Against Records logo. If later material is comparable to Joy Division, this could be considered their Warsaw-era: rhythm-driven, upbeat punk with a dark vibe, pulsing with jagged guitars and snarled yet blasé vocals. Includes all original artwork, extra photos and a band history by an original member.


Soap Opera Suite / Snake Oil Symphony

(Lutra) LP $18.00

Original copies of this pioneering cut-up work from 1982 by self-taught legend. One side is a plunderphonic montage that contrasts hysterical dialogue from early 1980s soap operas with quieter, bland remarks, punctuated by library music jingles and short enigmas that appeal to one’s sense of paranoia. The other side-long track also traffics in found sound, this time snatched from instructional salesmanship LPs and television programs, edited into a depiction of people as merchandise living lives that oscillate between buying and selling. All copies are unplayed, but there is no shrinkwrap and slight wear on the jackets.



(Gold Soundz - GS31) split 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Gastric Female Reflex transmits songs through the cackle of thirty-meter Bronze Age jump ropes, and then swats them with unspooled tape from faulty tape recorders. On the flipside, deepwoods Maine-based Crank Sturgeon takes a similar story and runs it into the side of a convent full of shark-eating nuns, who respond with high-powered leaf blowers, stopping now and again to play a little violin and pee in their Dixie Cups. Not your typical avant electro-acoustic record, but still glorious, spacious, snakey, and primitive.


Upon My Discovery Of The Huso Dead Pain Lair

(RRRecords - RRR002) LP $15.00

Dadaist sound-stew from half-man, half-fish noise-flapper who lovingly assaults (and forces into slavery) a babbling mesh of cheap electronics, found crap, unorthodox techniques, clanging junk, spiels, mantras and who-can-tell.



(Nostilevo - #77) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Neue dark electronic power. Heavy, rhythmic industrial with a large dose of synthetic experimentation and goth club flavor. Creeping and drenched.


Crash Course In Science

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD67) 3xLP + 7-inch $75.00 (Out-of-stock)

Legendary minimal synth / wave band from Philadelphia formed in 1979. Choosing toy instruments and live drums out of necessity, CCIS began by experimenting with a series of recording devices. The toy instruments gave way to crude drum machines and “Frankenstein"-type homemade instruments. Their first seven-inch (also included with bonus tracks) introduced listeners to their noisy, unpredictable world and went on to become a classic minimal synth record. In 1981 they went in a darker, more sinister direction, resulting in “Signals from Pier Thirteen” (included are eight unreleased demo tracks from this period). “Cardboard Lamb” and “Flying Turns” gained exposure through club play during the '80s. Two live recordings from 1980 and 1981 are also part of this box set, including a performance opening for the Philip Glass ensemble in Philadelphia. The third LP, Near Marineland, contains completed mixes of previously unreleased studio material (along with remixes) arranged and produced by John Wicks, CCIS’s original producer.


My First Stop

(Rococo - RCC008) LP $12.75 (Out-of-stock)

These Parisians dare to fuse garage punk, funky loops, and digital cut-and-paste and actually pull it off. Hum, dance, break things, jump up and down to the compu-punk groove these Frenchies lay down.


Pillar of Fire

(Alumut - RFR3) LP (one-sided) $60.00

Recorded 1989, released in 1990. Most renowned for its live shows in which three stand-up percussionists hammered out concussive poly-rhythms to abstract, mutated guitar, synthesizers, effects and dualling vocalists, this San-Diego-based experimental-aktionist-industrial-noise performance group regularly showered the audience with various substances such as blood, wine and honey, and also set stuff on fire. B-side has elaborate etching. With insert. Edition of 500.


What So Ever Thy Hand Findeth - Do It With All Thine Might

(¡Alarma! - RFR1) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Within an atmosphere of bacchanalia, Crash Worship's recordings explore different aspects of rhythm and psychedelia. This essential early work from 1989 was released in an edition of 2000.


Minimum To Exist

(Supermodern Music) Used LP $7.00

Fourteen addictive instrumentals from 2003 by Flavio and Fabrizio Steinbach, who’ve played with Barbara Manning, Cakekitchen, Woog Riots and others. With guests Volker Zander and Martin Wenk (both of Calexico) and Chris Cacavas. Clear vinyl


The Exquisite Fucking Beauty Of Crawlspace

(Majora) Used LP $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Recorded live to radio with the group again tripping hard,” reports Chris Sienko in Vulcher, this 1995 album “comes on like a Hell’s Angels band cranked on teeth-grinding blotter acid and pills. It’s nasty and buzzy and anti-social but has an eerie instrumental mind-meld even by Crawlspace standards. The side-long improv, ‘The Exquisite Fucking Beauty of the Murderous Matador Impaled by the Righteous Bull,’ is clearly an in-studio jam, but nothing we’ve heard to this point prepares us for just how in-sync each member is with the others, dipping and twisting and turning through all sorts of slippery permutations…. Side B’s ‘Slippy Slowdown Town’ is a doomy plod, heavy and gritty, Eddie Flowers in full rock-mumble mode…. An even heavier ‘Lake Daddy Jim’ closes, with the band blaring, all fuzz cranked to maximum.”


Crazy Backwards Alphabet

(SST - SST110) LP $5.00

The 1987 album by Henry Kaiser, John French (Beefheart), Michael Maksymenko, and Andy West (Dixie Dregs). Covers includes ZZ Top's "La Grange" in Russian and Ayler "Ghosts," both of which almost make up for the fact that the phrase "Dixies Dregs" is now on tediumhouse.com. Matt Groening cover art puts it over the top.


Crazy Dreams Band

(Holy Mountain) Used LP $5.00

Guitar-free “thug pop” dirge with creeping crooning and brassless horn blasts. As with the best Giallo films, you’ll be as turned on as you are terrified. The channeled inner voices of members of Religious Knives, Lexie Mountain, and Mouthus are expelled as cave anthems into neon text in Linear A, while bones poke through the skin atop a witch’s brew of venomous sludge. Crazy Dreams Band is the urban tribal music that survives whatever “end is nigh” theory you choose. They’re jamming this music outside the thunder dome, beneath the planet of the apes, and the day after tomorrow.


Augurs & Auspices

(Deleted Art - dLTD024) LP $9.00

Long-running Toronto group with ties to Sick Lipstick, These United States, Parts Unknown, Martyrs, and Memories Forever. Inspired by The Ex, Pere Ubu, and The Fall. Compiles tracks from Half Saboteur (Bloodworks 2002) and other new and previously tracks.


Haz / Crystal Dwarf Opens His Eyes

(Monotype) 7-inch $9.75

A beastly, dynamic noise piece on one side by Ferran Fages (feedback, mixing board) and Alfredo Costa Monteiro (electroacoustic devices). Bitter, swirling electronics with a suggestion of a pulse by Karol Koszniec (electronics), Dominik Kowalczyk (laptop) and Jakub Mikolajczyk (modular synth) on the other.


Collected Songs

(Swarf Finger) Used LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Brothers Matt Jones (Amp) and Sam Jones (Flying Saucer Attack) move from slow, rhythmic, trance-like compositions to Walls of Sound, drawing equal inspiration from the more experimental end of British psychedelia and krautrock, using organic instruments and set-ups and adding just enough spoken vocals to imply a human presence. Many of these recordings from the late 90s wind up with the cinematic sound of Movietone, but other moments tend toward effective grooves, punctuated by dynamic organ work.



(Planet) Used LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded in a two-day session in 1998 that yields careful arrangement, exquisite tension, and a free see-what-happens approach. Crescent is rougher, more brusque, than Amp or FSA, with Jones’s speak-singing delivered in a semi-snarl, not really intelligible at many points, and the moody groove the band creates even at its calmest seems laden with a hint of threat. The unclean, commercially unfriendly production helps all the more.



(Atavistic) Used 10-inch $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Sun” is a fantastic mix of fierce playing from the band and aggressive, intentionally dirty production. “*” sounds something like a drunk jazz band late at night with Matt Jones muttering low vocals in the distance. The extended “Unit System” closes the disc with a low, clattering drumbeat in the distance, guitar, bass and keyboard parts emerging from the production murk and a lengthy movie or interview segment unfolding throughout.


Guya / Greed

(CX) split LP $20.00

“Guya” is eighteen minutes of noise from Masami Akita, structured by feedback and electronics both digital and analog. A devastating masterpiece. Cris X (aka Cristiano Luciani) is joined Keiko Higuchi (vocals, piano, lyrics) and Sachiko (vocals, electronics) for a dark and visionary journey through expressionist ambient atmospheres. White vinyl. Edition of 300. Sealed


Live In Berlin

(Black Saint) Used LP $20.00

“One of the major avant-garde pianists to emerge during the 1980s, Marilyn Crispell shows a great deal of passion on three of her originals, including the 23-minute ‘ABC’ (dedicated to Anthony Braxton) and the free ballad ‘Chant.’ Violinist Billy Bang (who has some strong solos of his own), bassist Peter Kowald and drummer John Betsch complete the quartet on this intense concert performance.” From 1984


Cro Magnon

(Bruit Direct Disques - BRD3) 7-inch $7.25 (Out-of-stock)

Teenage female duo Haley Fohr (of Destijl recording artists Circuit Des Yeux) and Katie Leming power their way through three gloriously fucked lo-fi cassette jams with squonking, mis-articulated garage guitar licks and drums as detonators. Classic destructo-punk. Not to be confused with the 1960s Cromagnon, but you knew that.



(Get Back ) LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Get Back's 1998 reissue of underground free tribal music from 1969 by Austin Grasmere, Brian Elliot, and The Connecticut Tribe. Dadaist psych-folk vibes dominate, with chanting, tribal percussion, short wave radio, maniacal, almost black metal vocals, hysterical laughter, bagpipes and more.


Birth Of The Cruel

(SST) Used LP $5.00

The 1988 debut album by Southern California free jazz outfit with Lynn Johnston on saxophones and clarinets, Jacob Cohn on alto saxophone, Guy Bennett on bass and trombone, and Jason Kahn on drums. Cut corner


A Personal Hell

(Small Doses - dose47) 7-inch + CDR $10.50 (Out-of-stock)

Rarely is harsh noise done as well as when Crumer's in charge: deliberate, personal, and soul-shredding. Metal drags, scrapes, bangs, and creaks - blowing microphones, speakers, and your mind. Edition of 300 on brown/green vinyl.



(Blossoming Noise - BN062) LP $17.25 (Out-of-stock)

Dense brass, concrete sounds and mutated noise reveal a pointed narrative and unmatched compositional stroke in Crumer’s sixth full-length studio recording. Equal parts harsh and ambient. Guests include Jeff Stockham on French horn, Chima Faraji on tuba, Jeremy Mann on trumpet and Julian F on drums. Letter pressed jacket. Free download code. Edition of 250.


Suppression In The Third

(Ecstatic Peace) Used 10-inch $10.00

Deep and considered brainmelt that moves from dark drone solace to sick shards of noise hell by ultra-weirdo troublemaker and one half of Relay For Death.


Crystal Fantasy / Hair Police

(Liquid Death / Hello Pussy) Used Split 10-inch $4.00

Tracks by the Milwaukee quartet are from another world, “one where Lisa Frank designs come to life, roads are built of rainbows and the sky is illuminated by every color across the spectrum,” according to Adam Strohm. “Modulated vocals [and] synthesized squiggles cross a field of minimalist fluorescent electronics as tasteful effects accompany the dialogue,” after which Hair Police seem “positively ugly,” with their “mismatched pieces and sharp edges, shuddering oscillations [that] overpower static squeals…, sounds drown[ing] under sounds, and human screams [getting] swallowed in the polluted mix…. The two groups certainly share a determination to explore the far reaches…, [with] Crystal Fantasy drift[ing] into cartoon clouds and Hair Police writhing underground.”


Elephant Ball

(Roaratorio - ROAR37) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Following Roaratorio’s release of Family Evil in 2012, this West Coast psychedelic band reunited and began playing out again, with their vintage sound intact. This second helping of unearthed material from the band’s archives starts with three tracks from their earliest recording sessions in 1967 – the swaggering garage-rock miniature “Dawn Sermon” and the folk-rock “For All Of My Life” and “Tell Her For Me” – and then moves on to a Fillmore West gig from November 1969, featuring the final incarnation of the group during their original run. With the same complex harmonies, nuanced songwriting and top-drawer musicianship that won Family Evil its accolades, the half-dozen tunes here range from the crunchy riffs of the title track and “It’s Winter” to the lightly jazzy “Don’t Fall Brother” and the Latin-tinged moves of “There Is Light There.” Includes digital download. Listen to two tracks from the album here: https://soundcloud.com/roaratoriorecs


Family Evil

(Roaratorio - ROAR25) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

Originally a Beatles / Byrds-influenced unit called the Morlochs, this “lost” West Coast psych group came together in Merced, California in 1965, but soon shed their original moniker and moved in a more psychedelic direction, becoming a fixture on the ballroom circuit from 1966-1970. Despite nods in the direction of the New Tweedy Brothers and Quicksilver Messenger Service at times, Family Evil is imbued with a distinctive sound that arose from practicing up to six nights a week. The band entertained offers from various labels during their existence, but as they insisted on complete artistic control and ownership of their music, no deals were struck. Contains studio tracks, rehearsal tapes and a live recording from the Fillmore West. Cover art by Norman Orr. Extensive historical liner notes. Includes free download.


Death of an Asshole

(Widowspeak) Used LP $8.00

Eight poems from 1989, released on Lydia Lunch’s label, with guest appearances by J.G Thirwell, Mark Cunningham, Roy Nathanson, Michael Hrynyk, and Lunch herself. Sticker on cover, clipped corner.


Press My Hungry Button

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD45) 2xLP $41.25 (Out-of-stock)

A selection of the best work by this English post-industrial/electro group spanning 1980 to 1983, who were included in "Wild Planet," Dave Henderson's overview in Sounds of approximately 150 artists, labels and significant influences associated with the UK and European cassette culture of the late '70s and early '80s. Includes remastered tracks from their three released cassette albums, Video Rideo, The Uncle of the Boot and Sinclair's Luck and from compilations, plus previously unreleased tracks, including pieces from two unfinished later period albums.


Cherry Blossom Girls

(Turgid Animal - TA204) 7-inch $7.50

Two tracks of dense, thick, cloudy, foggy drone in tribute to fetishist Lee Stokoe’s beloved cherry blossom girls. With three inserts featuring Stokoe’s original artwork. 200 copies pressed on black vinyl.


Night Of The Killers Moon

(Turgid Animal - TA256) split LP $16.00

Gateshead drone legend Culver and Mutant Ape sideproject Murder Book deliver long sides of blackened heavy music. There is nothing pretty about this record other than the sexy girl on the front. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.



(Edition Telemark - 628.02) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Dhrupad singing by the Milan-born longtime resident of India meets the minimalist and experimental approach of the builder of homemade saxophone, Iranian ney, and other wind instruments. The album is sub-titled “Ancient Trends and New Traditions in Indo-European Music,” and its centerpiece is “Hiss (Mastered Noise)” for dhrupad singing, invented wind instruments, Indian percussion and samples of historical recordings by Indian singers —partly based on their earlier work “Gramophone Saraswati,” which involved replicas of Luigi Russolo’s Intonarumori instead of the Indian recordings. Edition of 300


Cured Pink /Penguins

(Vacant Valley - VV08) split 7-inch $20.00

Cured Pink’s effectively creepy side is a chain-rattling death march of single-chord electric guitar, mournfully strummed amid stormy ambiance and shouted vocals. Penguins’ militaristic drumming and formidable hedge wall of guitar are tough enough to withstand the start-stop chug of their track, along with menacing brass and shrieking. White vinyl. Austrialian import.



(Roaratorio) Used LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded summer of 2001, released mere moments ago, this spectacularly well-recorded live document of free improv by veteran outists George Cartwright (saxophones), Davey Williams (guitar), Chris Parker (piano), Fred Chalenor (bass), and Bruce Golden (percussion) delivers a squawk most supreme. No over-the-top noise, no meandering wank, just fine jazzbo tweak. Hand-drawn covers signed by Anne Elias. Edition of 436.


Christ & The Pale Queens / Mighty In Sorrow / The Red Face Of God / Emblems / As The World Disappears

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD75) 4xLP $150.00 (Out-of-stock)

The second of two wooden box sets, with embossed cover depicting a different blood-red C93. The is the first time As The World Disappears has been available on vinyl. Emblems only made it as far as test pressings, but has never been released on vinyl either. Includes a different metal badge, a different booklet (also with embossed cover, full of personal photos from David Tibet’s archives). Edition of 600.


Unreleased Rarities, Out-takes, Rehearsals and Live 82-95

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD74) 4xLP $150.00 (Out-of-stock)

Volume one of two wooden box sets, with embossed cover depicting blood-red C93 symbol. Two LPs of unreleased rarities, out-takes, rehearsals and demos dating from 1983-1995, plus two more with four live performances from Amsterdam (1984), Hamburg (1985) and Tokyo (1988). Includes silkscreened poster printed on paper hand-made in Nepal, metal badge, 28-page booklet with embossed cover, full of personal photos from David Tibet’s archives. Edition of 600.


Rain in Skull

(Olde English Spelling Bee - OESB24) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Fragments of disjointed folk melodies move across a plain of wheezing chords, tape hiss, children's voices, ambient washes, amp hum, electronic glitch and bits of buzz in general. The contrast between this Australian freakazoid’s downcast guitar playing and the physical claustrophobia-inducing weight of sound is both perplexing and intriguing. Color spray-mounted jacket. Edition of 200.



(Asthmatic Kitty) Used LP $12.00

One astute RateYourMusic user characterizes Calamity as a “continuation of Chris Cohen’s songwriting … [on Deerhoof’s] The Runners Four (Children Of Hoof 2006) but with a lighter, more minimalist touch. He does an excellent job of mixing a sound of naive twee-ness with off-kilter jazzy-but-catchy experimentation.” With guests Nedelle Torrisi and Yasi Perera on harmonies, and Half-Handed Cloud’s John Ringhofer on trombone.


Fast Talks

(Thin Wrist) Used LP $10.00

The trio’s first album “walks the line between childlike invention and rigorously pared down song structures,” says David Keenan. “Guitarists Chris Cohen and Trevor Shimizu circle each other with clean simple shapes and wobbly chords, while drummer Jamie Peterson slow marches between them with her combination of martial rhythms and chugging encouragement.” 180g vinyl. Includes insert.


Fly Bys

(Thin Wrist) Used LP $10.00

“Moderately and purposefully irritating, difficult listening / indie pop instrumentals which have a weird way of generating a genuine, arty allure,” says Slipcue. “The band (drums, keyboards, geetar) crafts perversely off-kilter, yet not too alienating melodic elisions.” From 2002


Clear Day

(Analog Sound) Used LP $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Dreamy, dissonant heavy rock. A large dose of guitar, bass and drums banged out in a wide array of minor notes, ringing octaves, heavy distortion, hovering harmonics, cymbal crashes, drum splashes and big-britches bass throb. Letterpress jacket. Hand-numbered edition of 600


Interlude With Fun Machine

(Starlight Furniture Company) CD $14.00

(Starlight Furniture Company) LP $14.00

An all-instrumental album recorded in one week Steve Fisk (Pell Mell, Pigeonhed) and Bob Beerman (Pell Mell). Noticeably inspired by Hematic Sunsets’ odd combo of kitschy lounge, quasi-soundtrack and “modern” electronics; the casual, homespun aesthetic of French Paddleboat; classics such Dieter Moebius’s Tonspuren and Eno’s Another Green World; The Young Marble Giants’ unadorned rhythm boxes and Wurlitzer frailty; and minimal electronics by Thomas Leer and Robert Rental, Cabaret Voltaire, Pyrolator, Cluster, Harmonia, et al.


Major Works

(Siltbreeze) LP $17.00

Formed a couple years back around the nucleus of Austen McMillian, Matthew Plunkett (ex-Trendees), and Lisa Preston (Nux Vomica, The Portage), Cuticles chew through the 18 tracks here with abandon. Someone just yelled out from the tree next door, “Sounds like the Pastels! With guns!” One could make a case for the South Island Sound coursing through their veins (they’re from Oamaru, about 80 miles north of Dunedin, after all), for the sheer abandon-pop that gushes out of these grooves, but you can’t ignore a mutant strain of Shoe This High meets The Swingers either. Plus, when bathing in hyper-mesmerizing aural swirls, no one can hear you answer wrong.


What About

(Affinity) Used LP $10.00

Recorded in Paris 1969, Cyrille’s first session as a leader sparkles with amazing solo drum and percussion work — strong yet not so hard as to forego nuance. “From Whence I Came” incorporates breath and vocal sounds. “Rims and Things” is self-explanatory in its use of extended techniques, sound-sources and textures. Two more orthodox trap kit workouts maintain control of the progression of rhythmic and melodic ideas. “Pioneering” counterpoints snare and toms with whistle, slide-whistle and finger cymbals. 1982 reissue of volume 16 in BYG’s Actuel series.


Rosa De Sangue

(Time Lag) Used LP $10.00

The Brazilian legend backed by The Mountains Band, further assisted Alceu Valenca, Flaviola, Ze De Flauta, Paulo Rafael and many others. This wild audio experience recorded in 1980 covers many styles and moods: crazed ethno folk-rock; magical, gentle, jungle folk psych; hard-hitting, coke-dusted fuzz rock; insane, mutant-disco dance floor grooves; tweaked Americana; acid vocal raga trance; and way beyond. Côrtes’s smoke- and booze-steeped voice darts between crazed abandon, deep sadness, and glowing soulful humor. When things are mellow, you could easily imagine you’re hearing an outtake from Marconi Notaro or Paebiru, but the next moment you’re dropped into a raging street party or a dimly lit booze-drenched bar. Frenzied guitars are all over, including some tough fuzz, as well as powerful rolling bass grooves, soaring violin, moog weirdness, dusted backup vocals, and great drum kit / regional percussion interplay. Psychedelic at heart, but brimming with flashes of tropicalia, punk, prog, and pure, hot-blooded rock’n’roll. A bizarre and amazing album, thought for decades to be permanently lost due to insecure corporate lackeys. Heavy vintage-style jacket, foldout poster, plus an extra insert with new liner notes for this 2009 reissue. 180g vinyl.



(Time Lag) Used LP $35.00 (Out-of-stock)

Written, recorded and released just as Brazil’s military dictatorship reached the climax of its long black arc, the one and only Satwa album is a divinely subtle protest, often cited as Brazil’s first independent record. On the 2005 repress of this 1973 grail item, Lula Côrtes and Lailson jammed cross-legged and produced folk trance gems largely devoid of voice and word, a succession of ragas and mantras, powered by incense, magic mushrooms and other “mental muscle expanders,” with Côrtes plucking steely leads on sitar while Lailson’s 12-string thrums crystalline chords. Robertinho Do Recife guesst on “Blues do Cachorro Muito Louco,” the most explicitly fried track.



(Soul Static Sound) Used LP $7.00

Darryl Moore joins influential Berlin-based trio (bassist Stefan Schneider, Robert Lippok (electronics, guitar) and Ronald Lippok (drums, effects)), and adds sinuous, chirpily subtle distortion to instrumental post-rock and electronic music. From 1998



(Olde English Spelling Bee - OESB38) LP $17.00

Debut album by sci-fi oriented, vintage synth duo who began recording after being commissioned to make soundtracks for flotation tanks at a new age center in Texas. Now based in Los Angeles, they perform private rooftop concerts overlooking training grounds for the L.A.P.D. riot squads, where scrambling helicopters and practice gun battles complement the sinister, dystopian vibe of their compositions. Silkscreened jackets. Edition of 400.


This Is Not A Dream

(Majora) Used LP $140.00

Jay Hinman said it best in Superdope: “The Dead C. blares and scrapes, the Terminals twist and wind, but Dadamah positively shimmers with a beautifully earthy, lo-fi Velvets / Ubu sound.” Peter Stapleton, Roy Montgomery, Kim Pieters, Janine Stagg. First pressing from 1992


Des Kreis Des Gegenstandes

(Monotype - MONO008) LP $16.50

(Monotype - MONO008) Used LP $11.00

Dörner’s unique style of trumpet playing is based in part on unusual, self-invented techniques. Dafeldecker’s projects are inspired and deduced by outside influences such as architecture, physics, photography and film. Longtime sound and structure studies and the formulation of distinct articulations are in the center of his work as a composer and musician, parallel to technological developments connected with with electronic formats. Johansson is a composer, musician, poet and visual artist, writer and legendary protagonist within the European free improv.


Lucy & Aaron

(Hanson) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Get ready to examine your consciousness, seeker, as this righteous duo pushes you to focus clearly on whatever thoughts happen to arise in the moment. Dalt and Dilloway's repetition builds tension rather than hypnotizes; their minimal palette mimics incidental sounds from every day life while their expertise at blending them with alien electronics renders the familiar inscrutable.


Dead Gods / Dandi Wind

(Rampage) split 7-inch $7.00

Dead Gods' “The Perfect Lie” is polished, new-wavish, angst-ridden and packed with New Order-esque bass lines; swaying melodies and detailed synth arrangements recall something Johnny Marr of The Smiths would whip out. Mope-y lyrics, a touch of glockenspiel and pizzicato strings, Phil Spector-style production, driving and danceable. Guest appearances by Jim Magas (Lake of Dracula), Bobby Conn and Monica Boo Boo, Josh (Majhonng). Dandi Wind are a Vancouver-based duo who consider their peers Glass Candy, Crystal Castles, or SSION. “Incubation” is a trippy blur of pounding, almost tribal music with astonishing and chaotic vocal arrangements, dark lyrics, intricate production, and throbbing lead synth lines. Edition of 300 copies.


From Dust To Dust b/w Warm Up

(Dadjo) 7-inch (lathe cut) $30.00

“With absolutely no connection to the lead singer of country rockers Black Oak Arkansas or the LaVerne Baker R&B classic comes this mysterious single,” explains WFMU’s David Noades. Both songs of this early 70s obscurity from Saginaw, Michigan, have “a deliciously dubious home-made quality about them…. The A-side … uses the old Christian burial idiom as a moral look at life and death…. [A]wkward and shaky vocal delivery [is] not helped by the staccato rhythms of the verses and the over-use of the word dust … [while] the chorus … ends in a clumsy but obvious rip off of Billy Preston’s organ coda from ‘Let It Be’…. [L]udicrously overlabored drum fills and Phil Spector-esque harmony backing … add to the unintentional comic effect…. [A] truly bonkers fairground-style organ solo … is in complete contrast to the somber mood of the rest of the song. Drowned in reverb and tape delay, and with more bum notes than a colitis sufferer…. [The jaw-dropping dance number on the B-side is] a complete U-turn…, where the home made harmonium [competes] with an equally ham-fisted harmonica.” Canadian bootleg edition with screen-print replica labels. Edition of 10.



(Ecstatic Peace - E70d) LP (one-sided) $11.00

Plenty of noise (in the form of processed guitar squall) and the influence of synth-pop (simple Casio beats and vintage keyboards galore). Dara seems to be singing mostly to herself, with a voice distant and sporadic. The songs meander; favoritism clearly for noisy textures more than obvious pop hooks. Not especially poppy, and the noise is far from confrontational.


Tristesse Psychotronique

(RRRecords) Used LP $10.00

“Tortured high frequencies, crumpled magnetic tapes, superimposed layers. Marc Alhanati’s fascinating sound hallucinations from 1991 are drowned in a maelstrom of modulations at the limit of power electronics. At high volume, you almost end up feeling the symptoms of a drug addict in withdrawal yourself: nausea, agitation, anxiety.”


Voltigeurs / Dark Bargain

(Turgid Animal) split 7-inch $8.75

The alter ego of Skullflower (Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies) rips dark psychedelic noise. On the flip, Newcastle-based trio (Jamie Stewart of Wrest, Lucy Johnson of Rife and Smut, and Mike Simpson of Xazazz) offer seven minutes of thunderous rhythms and harsh, distortion-laden and feedback-drenched noise rock. Edition of 300.


Hatred Of Sound

(Second Sleep - SS086) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Years away from the previous Darksmith album. Limping sounds not easily identified. Phantom appearances of music, deteriorated, elsewhere. Edition of 200.


Million Year Spree

(Kye - KYE14) split LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

No-fi acoustic sewage from Hamilton, Ontario's Fossils, a stream of dire handcut confusion. Darksmith of California combines wilting electronics, floppy turntablism and sun-baked cassette protocols and destroys them in a claustrophobic void. Edition of 400.


Total Vacuum

(Hanson - HN208) CD $11.00 (Out-of-stock)

(Hanson - HN208) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

California sound artist Tom Darksmith's crude musique concrète uses tapes, voice, records, radio, guitar, drums, objects, and field recordings. Assembled on cassette four-track in 2008 and 2009, this total mystery of perfectly paced dirt sound -- not harsh, not mellow, just unclean, weird, and confusing -- tests your audio Rohrshach; Hanson hears weedwacking, getting zipped into a suitcase and shipped via train, ghost voices roaming in sewers, riding in a helicopter with mid-grade noise reduction earmuffs on, a shitty metal door locking on a crew of mumbling idiots, and a garbage disposal. Whatever you hear, that’s your problem. Recommended for fans of Yeast Culture, Agog, Joe Colley, Graham Lambkin, Jason Lescalleet, Hands To. LP is an edition of 300, with hand-stamped labels, and heavy-duty two-color silkscreened sleeves with Darksmith’s hilariously macabre artwork. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2010.


The Sun Splits For ... The Blind Swimmer

(Destijl - IND063) CD $13.25 (Out-of-stock)

(Destijl - IND063) LP $13.25 (Out-of-stock)

The bedrock of this NJ-based concoction is folk, but there's no headband and King Darves (Asps, Gorgot, Human Adult Band) does not sing about pixies in the moss. This is somewhere between rolled cigs and the foggy vision of Big Pink from somewhere on Jersey Avenue. “An excursion into mountain man folk music, with a few surprises thrown into the mix here and there,” as Smooth Assailing puts it, “Pure and earthy.” This one-man Meat Puppets with a deep, rich voice has really cobbled something together in his kitchen sink –- a shocker, a pleaser, a toe-tapper, a head-nodder.


Das Damen

(Ecstatic Peace) Used LP $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Original pressing of the six-song debut from 1984 by Jim Walters, Alex Totino, Phil Leopold Von Trapp, and Lyle Hysen. The quartet’s sound “melds ’60s psychedelia and heavy acid rock with … noisy, punk-derived alternative rock.” Clipped corner.


Frequency Conquistadors

(Pan - PAN6) LP $27.00 (Out-of-stock)

Das Synthetische Mischegewebe's track titles here stem from El Mundo Alucinante by Reinaldo Arenas (which itself is inspired by François-René de Chateaubriand's Mémoires d'outre-tombe). It is about time rather than history, and about being in history. Having lost the war of time, the only thing that remains to do is be, and here we go, 'being infinitely required' as a means of expression. DSM began in the early '80s, partook of the international industrial cassette scene; composed for light installations with open-reel machines, cassette recorders, microphone and guitar fuzz boxes with loud, quiet, occasionally full blast and frequently snuck-in little sounds, all alternating within a few seconds; created an electroacoustic anti-music; performed unusual concerts in the underground network as well as in high art institutions and museums (such as Centre Pompidou); created mixed media installations, exhibitions and conferences on cognitive science and neurologic research related topics; toured with changing line-ups; and participated in international festivals throughout Europe and the US. Limited edition of 330 hand-numbered copies, in jacket and a two-tone silkscreened PVC sleeve.


In Budapest

(Hungaraton) Used LP $8.00

“Tintala 16/4,” “Rupaka Tala 7/4,” and “Matta Tala 9/4” performed by Dass on tabla, Sándor Kiss harmonium, Zoltan Kocsis on harmonium, and László Hortobágyi on sitar-dronika. From 1983


Waa Jiè Méng Xuun

(Ini Itu - 1301) LP $19.00 (Out-of-stock)

Frogs from Taiwan meet modular synthesizers. Darmstadt is in the jungle. With three postcards. Hand-numbered edition of 250.


Un Autre Voyage

(Holodeck - HD033) LP $17.25 (Out-of-stock)

Intimate solo work by one of Montréal’s foremost electronic artists in contemporary pop. The handling of synthesizers and drum machines by his long-time member of Les Momies de Palerme, Hotel Monochrome, DKMD, and Essaie Pas coalesces in synchronized harmony, punctuated by Davidson’s hypnotic vocal delivery, sung and spoken in French and English. Her surreal, atmospheric compositions show irrepressible traces of exuberance, displaying a fresh luminosity in her palette, while her use of direct experience and candid self-examination as topics for song convey a newfound serenity that playfully underlines her otherwise brooding and pensive soundscapes. This is a potent assembly of real life expositions that are coarse and organic, yet undeniably nuanced and refined. Includes free download card.
Check out “Balade Aux USA” here: https://vimeo.com/112065630


And Air Swept Clean of All Distance

(Alt.Vinyl - AV057) LP $28.00 (Out-of-stock)

The radical, virtuoso harpist from Wales continuing his extended deconstruction of the instrument’s historical, cultural connotations, employing E-Bow and other preparations to make the harp sing, chatter and convulse in a way it has rarely done elsewhere (perhaps best compared to Derek Bailey’s treatment of the guitar or Okkyung Lee with the cello). Rivetingly tortuous and life-affirming. 180g, green vinyl. Screen printed jacket, with artwork by Jean Luc Guinnet and an essay by David Toop. Edition of 500 (250 of which are included in the Pedwar boxset).



(Alt.Vinyl - AV058x) 4xLP $100.00 (Out-of-stock)

Definitive solo career retrospective of this seminal improvisational harpist — a mighty, almost unparalleled treatise on the harp within free-jazz and free-improv contexts, from the prepared explorations of Trem (Confront 2002), through the shimmering microtonal drone tunings of Over Shadows (Confront 2007), to the visceral metallic tone of Wound Response (Alt.Vinyl 2012) and the adroitly complex, yet almost playfully folkwise patter of An Air Swept Clean Of All Distance (Alt.Vinyl 2014). All platters are 180-gram (three on colored vinyl). Includes fliers, photographs, posters, printed scores, essays, liner notes and a free download. Hand-numbered edition of 250


The Mystical Path of the Number Eighty Six

(Holy Mountain - 8655) LP $20.00

Released in 1997, following Steven Wray Lobdell's release from a mental institution. Heavy psychedelic guitar compositions -- think Takayanagi Masayuki backed by a Crazy Horse-like force attempting Sun Ra's "The Invisible Shield" with organ, analog synth and various other electronics.


Selectie 02

(Ultra Eczema - UE41) LP $32.00 (Out-of-stock)

The second in a series of archival LPs by Deyster, who died in 1999 but left an incredible amount of reel tapes behind full of beautiful analog synthesizer music. The incredibly sad and lonely synth tunes here are presumed to be from 1975, plus or minus. Limited to 500 copies.


I See Beyond The Black Sun

(K) Used LP $3.00

This record from 2008 is less the apocalyptic doom of his ramshackle post-punk group Old Time Relijun, and more of a raga influenced anthropological meditation.


So Close Yet So Far Out

(Beta Lactam Ring) Used 2xLP $22.00

De Kleer’s initial solo offering from 2002 outside the chemical playschool of The Legendary Pink Dots reveals the depth and profundity of his own visions, obsessions and flashbacks. Nods to psychedelia, krautrock, industrial and electronica are all evident. And de Kleer’s fuzz-driven guitar is at the heart of it all. ‘Once upon a Guitar’ is an acid freak-out worthy of Ash Ra Tempel and early Neu. ‘You Are…’ roils with the submerged psychosis of Barrett-era Floyd welded to the manic axe-grinding of Helios Creed. ‘Jet Lag,” with its organ-driven trancescape is a blissful, mind-numbing anthem for psychonauts everywhere. The utterly bizarre ‘What Happened to a Young Man in a Place Where He Turned to Water’ is the kind of Zen parable one might expect a cyber acidhead to put to music, or in this case sound decomposed and reconstituted as music. But the album’s centerpiece is clearly the epic length ‘The Apple Crumble Trail,’ a nearly 30-minute voyage through the inner spaces of Eastern-tinged psychedelia to the outer limits of kosmische rock. Evolving out of a primal drone, waves of shimmering organ rise and fall in a mantra of coalescing exotica, from Tibetan chants and natural sounds to metallic percussion and looping bass. Moving through successive cycles of stasis, hypnosis and pathos, it climaxes with de Kleer’s mutated guitar soaring raga-like over an ocean of sound, before decelerating into a terrestrial orbit filled with the echoing remnants of what has turned out to be a phantasmagoric astral trip.” 220-gram vinyl. Edition 500.


SLC Engine Decima MAS b/w Amore, Morte, Amore

(Peripheral - PR017) split 7-inch $14.25

A terrifying odyssey into harsh noise by two of the world’s hardest hitters. Uncompromising walls of icy static that soothe and hurt. Edition of 200


Clyma Est Mort / Tentative Power

(Ba Da Bing - BING066) 2xLP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Considered The Dead C’s “Ed Sullivan moment” (except it wasn’t performed live on network TV), Clyma Est Mort was recorded in a practice room in Port Chalmers, New Zealand, in 1992 with Tom Lax of Siltbreeze as the sole member of the audience. Audience noises from a Renderers show were dubbed later. The second platter, Tentative Power, a collects non-album tracks "Hell Is Now Love," "Bone," "Mighty," "Power," "Peace," "Radiation," "Power (Fallujah version)." CD also included.


Dead C. vs Rangda

(Ba Da Bing - BING081) LP $14.00

Four tracks recorded in 1989 by Bruce Russell, Michael Morley, and Robbie Yeats during the Eusa Kills sessions in 1989, backed with two tracks recorded in 2010 by Ben Chasny, Rick Bishop, and Chris Corsano at Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana.


DR503 + Sun Stabbed

(Ba Da Bing - BING060) 2xLP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

When it was first released (Flying Nun 1989), DR503 sounded like nothing that came before -- a furious pastiche of unrelenting drones, noise and menace that staked a fork in the road, dividing the New Zealand Pop Sound from its black sheep brother, New Zealand Noise. Still vicious after all these years. The Sun Stabbed EP includes bonus tracks not on the original seven-inch (Xpressway 1988), making this the first release of those sessions in their entirety.


Eusa Kills + Helen Said This

(Ba Da Bing - BING061) 2xLP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

The Dead C's second album (Flying Nun 1989) with a 45 RPM reissue of their 1990 Siltbreeze 12-inch. Eusa Kills adds ominous aggression to the abstract sounds being created at the time by Dustdevils, This Kind of Punishment, and Dadamah. Sneering vocals drift over improvised melodies and unstructured rock songs. Truly intense and unparalleled.


Future Artists

(Ba Da Bing - BING053) 2xLP $17.00

Another uncompromising realization of the surreal and undefined expressed via fine rock improv, genius drone and barbarous clashing sounds. From the first track, “The AMM of Punk Rock” through to the last, “Garage,” The Dead C's intensity is unyielding, their inventiveness jaw-dropping.


Harsh 70s Reality

(Siltbreeze - SB1112) 2xLP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Originally released in April 1992, Harsh 70s Reality conspired with Twin Infinitives and Lake to slaughter rock music in its sleep with a tremendous grinding thud. Described by one freelance poet as "a garbage truck backing over the abyss," this reissue is remastered with no editing, compression, equalization or normalization. Gatefold jacket, free download card. Edition of 1000.



(Siltbreeze - SB42) 7-inch $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

From 1995.


Operation of the Sonne

(Siltbreeze - SB30) LP $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

Suites of corrosive feedback and swaying slow-motion rhythm. Beginning with a collage of overdriven synth improvisation and pulsating sine waves, concluding with the interlocked guitars of Messrs Russell and Morley wavering feedback tendrils that float over Mr. Yeats’s rhythm network. Originally released in 1993.



(Ba Da Bing - BING070) CD $12.00

(Ba Da Bing - BING070) LP $14.00

Four unforgiving instrumentals. Thick and thundering electric drones compound and retreat like a Pacific Ocean of noise. LP includes free MP3 download card. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST 0F 2010


Relax Fallujah - Hell Has Come

(Ba Da Bing - BING049) 7-inch $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Side A is a brutal, never-released version of "Power" from the band's archives. The B-Side reissues "Bad Politics" (their most famous song if the fact that it's been covered by Yo La Tengo and The Rogers Sisters, among others, is any indication). Limited to 1000 copies, released to coincide with Vain, Erudite and Stupid: Selected Works 1987-2005 2xCD.


Secret Earth

(Ba Da Bing - BING059) LP $14.00

The elegance of howling guitar noise meets the tenets of alienation in society with unrelenting force -- a focused soundtrack to accompany Knut Hamsun novels, Samuel Beckett plays, and Ingmar Bergman films. Michael Morley's monotonic vocal moan anchors the inherent isolation of our modern world, earnest and lost. Oceanic feedback, catastrophic drumming, and a return to the cripple rock blasts of their early material.


The Dead Sea Perform Max Harris

(Ba Da Bing - BING067) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

The first recordings The Dead C ever made, back in January 1987. Each side displays a different and uniquely raw version of "Max Harris" -- reinterpreted both times by a group who can truly say they have never played the same song in any form the same way twice. Slicing tension that drives right through your bones, on vinyl for the first time. Includes free MP3 download card.



(Ba Da Bing - BING114) 2xCD $12.00

(Ba Da Bing - BING114) 2xLP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Trouble springs from a glorious realm where churning discontent is deadened by pounding drone. “Extrusions of static and microaggressive twitches of dissonance, courtesy of the guitars of Russell and Morley, dot a minefield rife with Yeats’ percussive skitter,” notes Pitchfork, “Halfway through [the] twenty-minute sprawl [of ‘One’], the song splits open just wide enough to hear Morley’s ghost-moaned vocals, a sound halfway between a mumble and a hymn…. Though Trouble is nimble and fluid, the Dead C draw mainly on the gravity of their years. There’s a mournful air to ‘Two’ after the opening drumbeat crawls to a momentary halt. The guitars helix around a sour melody, curling in the empty space where something used to be. Here, the album’s utilitarian non-titles make sense, as if to avoid conferring any context or intent…. [T[he ten-minute middle of [‘Three’] lapses into unhinged, human-like cries of confusion, weariness, surrender, and ultimately rage. It’s an uncanny-valley effect that captures a primordial eeriness, ancient and unsettling.” TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016



(Phase!) LP + CD $29.25

Guitar and voice through minimal effects to create instant songs, psychedelic collages and direct, stripped-down bursts by Panagiotis Spoulos. Partially improvised but fully psychographic, Gainer has anthropocentric characteristics and lo-fi character, and flirts with punk, bedroom pop and analog noise. Vinyl is 180-gram. Edition of 250. Check out the video for “Float” here: http://youtu.be/rvdWSa9rHQY?list=UUPqvcMshhRs0X8JZ6ccM_jg


Friday the Thirteenth

(Anarchymoon) Used LP $7.00

“Fierce live recording from 2006. One side by each, plus a fourth collaborative side. A successful fusion of the minimal low-fi rig of Dead Machines with the maximal power cycle of Damion Romero and spacious neutron radiation of John Wiese. Sonic hallucinations, bro.” Silkscreened folder


General Assurance

(Helicopter) LP (one-sided) $15.00

A consistently brain-bending collaboration, with long passages of near-silence illuminated by clanks, beautiful technicolor drones, hovering death tones. White jacket with card. Edition of 100


Human Brain Wasting Syndrome

(Ecstatic Peace) Used LP $4.00

Hazy post-psychedelia from 2004 by John Olsen and Tovah O’Rourke, using rewired electronics, homemade reed instruments, and metal percussion. Paste-on artwork, cardboard jacket.


Live at Tzompantli

(Eclipse) Used LP $5.00

One side from the first No Fun Festival in March 2004 backed with an Ypsi street level throwdown at a screen-printing shop. “Dead-universe dying electronic creeping blast sound.”


Plays Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

(Arbor) Used LP (one-sided) $9.00

The forefathers of broken gear / appliance / wind instrument basement jamming dig in on the border of existence and twist mixer feedback and found sounds into a collage harsh, alien, and awakening.


Sings the Blues

(RRRecords - RRRGOD) 7-inch $4.50 (Out-of-stock)

Totally fucked-up schizo-shit noise from Texas nerve-bakers. Edition of 300.


Blind Chance

(Present Time Exercises - PTELP3) LP $19.50