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Three new pieces somewhere between composition, song, literary essay, poem and unreligious mantra, without embracing any genre in particular. Bosetti translates intonations of speech into complex and seemingly orchestral scores where meaning, tone and noise melt together. Inspired by Arcimboldo's 16th Century paintings, which he calls "examples of hand made convolution and shadowing," he pours words into notes, notes into noise, and noise into meaning. Repetition, meditation, hallucination. Harpsichord, piano, guitar, soprano saxophone, field recordings. The core of the sinuous "Gloriously Repeating" is generated from a short fragment from the W.G. Sebald poem "After Nature." "Life Expectations" is constructed around the intricate emotional, rhythmic and melodic counterpoints of a casual conversation, where the sensitive interaction between voices becomes the matter. The text of the surreal and short “Dead Man” implies a ready-made pseudo-zen philosophy of resurrection derived from quotes of Iron Maiden lyrics.