Heavy Duty

(Influencing Machine) CD $13.50

Reissue of Entre Vifs’ debut tape (Cthulhu Records 1989), a crucial part of the canon of industrial noise. The chaotic roars of Zorin (musician and visual propagandist in the legendary Le Syndicat) are generated by hand-designed instruments, resulting in one of the most distinctive sounding projects of the era. “Scraping, dragging, sawing, crunching noise,” says Rodger Stella of Macronympha, “the epitome of noise in the late 1980s / early ’90s and this is the most chaotic and raw of their three major releases…. [F]orward-moving, fast-paced and constantly changing noise … the tonal landscape collapsing in on itself and rebuilding in explosions of sound.”


30 Years of Excess

(Influencing Machine) 6xCassette $45.00

Three decades of Le Syndicat — some of the earliest and most elusive of the group’s tapes — none of which have been previously reissued: Phase Segments / Phase Boucles (1982); Tot Mortar (1983); Audiostatik Repress (1983); Vagynaestetatis (1985); Staying Alive (1985); and L'Arme De Force (1986). Mastered from the original source tapes by Ruelgo, artwork and graphic design of longtime collaborator Zorïn.


Bruitisme 1913–2013

(Influencing Machine) CD $7.50

Entre Vifs / Le Syndicat mastermind Zorïn honors the centennial of the publication of Russolo’s manifesto The Art of Noises with tracks by Le Syndicat, Tommi Keränen, Government Alpha, Rodger Stella, Lasse Marhaug, and Entre Vifs.


Smegma Vs. Black Leather Jesus

(Axis Mundi - AMLP01) LP $28.00 (Out-of-stock)

COMING SOON. Four years in the making, reworking and obsessing over. Silkscreened jacket, color insert, download card. Edition of 220


Solo 1975-1980

(Alga Marghen - plana-J 19TES.153) LP $28.00

Previously unreleased recordings by founding member of Smegma and one half of The Tenses. Hammered dulcimer, tape loops, thrift store records, homemade synthesizer, electric guitar, saxophone, mouth sounds, and manipulated Christian radio broadcasts. Numbered edition of 188.


Look'n For Ya

(Alga Marghen - plan-S 20TES.154 ) LP $28.00

Primitive, suburban, anti-hippie yoont recorded in the mid-1970s. Guests include Wild Man Fischer and Turkey Mon (a C.B. radio operator whose high-power transmitter signal was picked-up by the tape machine while the band was recording). Edition of 200


Hollow Gravity

(Puer Gravy) LP $37.50

The first album of new material since Seal Pool Sounds (Seal Pool 2005) by this maverick electronic explorer and former Storm Bugs / Snatch Tapes operative. The subtly unnerving and the psychologically suggestive are entwined in Sanderson’s enigmatic constructs of heightened atmospheres, generated with analog synths, primitive delay units and sequencers. Evocative echoes of sci-fi soundtrackers like Gil Mellé and Louis & Bebe Barron, and the mischievous audio contraptions of Solid Eye. 180-gram, laser-etched vinyl. Edition of 100.


Soloman's Ball

(Unwucht - UN09) 12-inch $17.00

The second in Unwucht's four-part series that reissues Direen's early '80s seven-inches (this one originally a private pressing of 100 copies) on twelve-inch vinyl, restored and remastered from different sources, and cut especially loud and deep. Direen and Meek take it slow and easy, layering menace over solid foundations and extending The Bilders' range from the lyrical acoustic harmonies of America to the gothic psychopathy of Son of Cronos, from subtle dub experimentation of "Strange Nights" to the shimmering darkness of "Dead Heat." High-quality, screen-printed sleeve with reproduction of the original artwork, and additional printed material. Edition of 350.



(Mie Music - 009) LP $12.00

Built around layered percussion and Youngs’s vocals, the asymmetrically patterned underlay is scored for drums, household objects and handheld percussion; at points scything fuzz guitar cuts through and deep synths bubble up out of nowhere before dissipating into solo shakuhachi. “Immersive and free-flowing music,” says Pitchfork. Edition of 500.


Electricity: Music for Tape and Turntable

(Ultra Eczema - UE48) LP $25.00

Since the mid-’60s, remarkable outsider Jos Steen has made poems, stories, paintings, collages, drawings, music/sound, self-published zines, tapes and, more recently, mountains of homemade CDRs, all in the service of either killing the demons in his head or jamming along to their forceful blues. Called by some “the Belgian Beefheart,” Steen spices his record-player experiments with vacuum cleaners, rotting voices, undefinable strings, pianos, and broken bottles. His past includes free jazz greats like Peter Jacquemin, André Goudbeek, Yvo van der Borght, poetry psychos like Roland Topor and Freddy de Vree, and Zappa’s own Jimmy Carl Black. Limited edition vinyl with gold and white sleeve designed by Dennis Tyfus.


Guff Vout Mulch

(Nashazphone - NP10) LP $20.00

Trans-Atlantic collaboration that sounds like what happens when Blood Stereo's re-imagined thousand-year-old Druid chants are invaded by Smegma's looped, psychedelic-folk-stomps. Liner notes by John Olson. Edition of 450.


Six Impossible Things

(Unwucht - UN08) 12-inch $17.00

The first in Unwucht's four-part series that reissues Direen's early '80s seven-inches (this one originally a private pressing of 100 copies) on twelve-inch vinyl, restored and remastered from different sources, and cut especially loud and deep. High-quality, screen-printed sleeve with reproduction of the original artwork. Additional inserts with photos, drawings, and text from private archives. Edition of 350.



(Sergent Massacre - SM03) LP $14.00

First vinyl outing for Peckham-based trio — Ben Morris, Rob Lye and Chris Boyd — who use a revolving approach to composing, improvising and recording, with sounds moving between shingled, skeletal percussion and kitchen-sink Gamelan to electronic attack and ecstatic vocalization.


Live In Nottingham

(What The ... - WHAT004) LP $25.00

Live collaboration by Wiese (to be played by Sasha Cohen in the upcoming film Noise Movie) and Yeh, in front of their best gear with loudspeakers and a room full of wanting Brits. Rude blast noises, deep-brain droning, twisting tape press record, vocals that are just torn-apart and strung up in electronic torture chambers. Recorded direct from the board for maximum clarity, detail and quality. Limited edition of 330 with insert and red silkscreened covers.



(Teenage Teardrop - TD037) CD $10.50

(Teenage Teardrop - TD037) LP $15.00

Two side-long tracks of dynamically diffused smashing, shattering and crashing sounds, mixed in stereo from Wiese's four-channel Los Angeles installation. Cover photographs by Cali Thornhill deWitt. Clear vinyl with insert. Edition of 330.


Alien Blood

(Opax - OPX030) LP $30.00

One of the most impressive and innovative MCIAA recordings to date, the original soundtrack from Roberto Opalio’s 2005-2008 film of the same name, currently getting screened as part of the Sonic Youth Etc.: Sensational Fix museum exhibition, has so far been presented at LIFE (France), and is scheduled around the globe for the next couple of years. The improvised score by My Cat Is An Alien follows the minimal and surrealistic beginning of the film with sparse echoes of eerie sounds, growing in dark timbres and pathos. Maurizio Opalio’s heavily effected "blood percussions" compress the air, while Roberto's wordless vocals, along with space toys, alientronics and mini-keyboard, walk the razor's edge of another dimension. The finale comes as one of the most epic crescendos ever performed by the Italian duo. Limited to 220 copies in handmade textured cardboard folders with full-color paste-on still images from the film.


Carrion Hut

(Singing Knives - SK016) LP $25.00

Originally a CDR with early editions of the Inside Wino Lodge LP (No Fun 2009), Carrion Hut is infused with prickly, invasive gurgles and rumblings. Let’s turn over the snort-by-snort to Daniel Baker of The Quietus: “‘The Frosted Growth’ is an exercise in muddy barbarism; Nyoukis’s non-verbal snarls, multitracked into a paranoid ooze that revels in its own ugliness … [and] gleeful incantation[s] ... recall the genuinely unsettling soundtrack work of Blood Stereo collaborator and Fluxus-inspired multidisciplinary artist Ludo Mich…. [V]ocal manipulations and rackety anti-percussive creaks … [and] a brutally realist approach to psychedelia through ritual” are “best captured on 'Late Night Vocal Gravy', a side-long experiment in the rendering of hallucination through sound in which Nyoukis patiently channels psychological dysfunction through bodily suffering and blurts it out into his tape deck…. 'Strange New Ache' ... is a Kafkaesque whirligig…. Like an animalistic satire of a society that has gorged itself silly on everything from junk food to credit ratings, there is vulgarity in abundance on Carrion Hut, but that isn't even half the story.” Screened jackets. Edition of 500.


Early Recordings 77-83

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD42) LP $22.50

Viennese performance and video/music artists’ finest archival selections of their minimal / wave / classic Trust No Women LP style. All tracks previously unreleased on vinyl.