Castle Two

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.382) CDR $8.00

Samantha Flowers’s sweet, slow, burning clump of strangeness. Eleven live spliffs created at night deep in the 836 Ashland swamp hole. Keyboard burbles and vocal waver bob alongside creepy tape jams, all recorded in between the floods sopping up sog in the process before the electronics fizz out. Pardon her hiss. Or as SF says, “Fragmented nonlinear renaissance crude nonesuch peasant sound tapestry.” Numbered edition of 60


Don’t Bump Your Head!

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.378) CDR $8.00

Chocolate Monk’s favorite gutter level archivist splices and dices field recordings sourced from the streets of Philadelphia. Discordant happenings regurgitated into hypno-vignettes. Surprising musical textures and patterns emerge. Numbered edition of 60


Scally Nike Leather Glove Smoke

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.372) Cassette $8.00

Claire Potter’s collaboration with Bridget Hayden Mother To No Swimming Laughing Child (Fort Evil Fruit 2015) was a corker. Always an amazing performer and reader, she reads unaccompanied here. Sure to get your thinking juices flowing. Numbered edition of 60


Daddy’s Got A Spice Rack

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.291) CDR $8.00

Raw, wild and beautiful guitar grunk previously released on cassette in 2014, with several pieces of text-based vocal gibber interspersed. Edition of 60.


Across The Neighborhoods

(Total Life Society - TLS009) CD $14.00

Guitarist Mark Shippy (U.S. Maple), drummer Jim Sykes (Invisible Things), vocalist Matthew Wascovich (Scarcity Of Tanks) bassist Mike Watt (Minutemen) and guitarist Norman Westberg (Swans). Cover art is by Aleksandra Waliszewska


Terracotta Tributaries

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.375) CDR $8.00

The product of several stream of consciousness recording sessions by Bob Desaulniers and Shane McDonell spanning the first half of 2017, who subject indoor and outdoor sound materials to primitive manipulation and collage in universally agreed upon real time. The voice of the Bicameral Mind. Numbered edition of 60


Potential WW3

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.371) CDR $8.00

Adam Cadell of Australia forcing Carter Thornton’s sounds through a wire into a small echo chamber hand-built from a fiddle. Numbered edition of 60



(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.374) CDR $8.00

Kev Nickells, Chis Parfitt and Al Strachan got so goosed up on the combination of scritchy violin, growling cornet, pingy toys, electronics and sop sax that they yodeled in unison “let’s record.” At some time down the line they pieced together a thing full of beautiful, otherworldly imaginings, like a less processed Biota with that soft creeping Af Ursin vibe. Numbered edition of 60


Live At Constellation

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.385) Cassette $10.00

Great live set from February 2017. Full-on electric guitar crack-pottery that blooms up into a glorious brain scrub, which will have you either shitting in your hat or clambering for the drool bucket. Come commune with a higher power. Swaddling optional. Numbered edition of 75


The Toadstool Millionaires

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.384) CDR $8.00

The unholy union follows 2016’s Pentecostal Gymnast Trapped In Lime Jello with further stabs at hobbling the mind. A two-course pig-out of time-distorting tape collage mangle and beady-eyed space bending sound processing by Gnarlos, Lucian Tielens, Karen Constance, Dylan Nyoukis, The City Councilman, Tom Chimpson, Lilly McBilllly, Elkka Reign Nyoukis, The Two Winnies and Lindy Lettuce. One section sounds like a melon-headed child fondling a dried umbilical stump. Includes I’m A Toadstool Millionare badge.


Sewing Party

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.383) CDR $8.00

“Three nights in a row I had dreams about parties and/or sewing,” explains Bryan Lewis Saunders. “Also, the batteries in my recorder were dying and I did not know. So when I went to transcribe the recordings I threw the batteries away. But then after hearing the content (the dreams) I thought this would be perfect in subject and tone for Princess Haultaine III! So then I asked him if he wanted to work with me on these parties. When he said yes, I thought, shoot, I should get those mostly dead batteries out of the trash and use them to their fullest potential because I thought that might complement the tone and noisy party style of the great duo Outréchestra. So then I milked those batteries for every electron in them. Hundreds of false starts trying to capture every word of the dreams in the state of death. It was a challenging task. And then Princess Haultaine III took those recordings and stitched them together with the music.” Numbered edition of 60


Dwindling Correspondence

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.381) CDR $8.00

Pete Cann emerges from his mystical house of clocks in Leeds and shows us what he has been working on for the last year. Sounds like a suitcase full of strangely lacquered secretions, electronic feathers and little moments of truth put through the scurry man’s mind blender. He’s got what you want, when you want it: peculiar passages. He’s got what you need, when you need it: sonic calcification. Anton Bruhin would part a million, just to keep it. The Cann man is ready to debunk your mind. Numbered edition of 54



(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.380) CDR $8.00

Fraser Burnett is Oxgang’s only one-man discordant drone unit, sent here to expose your ears to everything they thought they didn’t want to hear. He rubs carpet in your face and adds a lump of charcoal tone, while rocking back and forth in “a moment” with one eye closed and a gurn on his puss. Sure, the Northern UK has a rich vein of bleak monochromatic head borers, conjuring up that weird cocktail of dour-tempered-with-joy head gorf, but none are huffed out on the spores from Sharnoth more than FRU. Numbered edition of 54 (but numbers add up to nothing)


Wot It Is Not

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.379) CDR $8.00

Spontaneous experimental abandon by Aaron Moore and Brandstifter utilizing whatever instruments and non-instruments are at hand. Numbered edition of 60


Christmas Tape 2015

(Tusco Embassy - T/ERIP) Cassette $8.00

Just in time for Christmas 2017! Tracks by Khaki Blazer, Long Distance Poison, Wyatt Howland and David Russell, Glands Of External Secretion, Leslie Keffer, Sharkiface and Fletcher Pratt, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Quicksails, Andrew Kirchner, Yeast Culture, Superstorms, Flower Pattern, Thoabath, Fire Death, Mike Tamburo, Sikk Laffter, The Fathers, and Chemtrails. In white and gold printed box. With gold chain bracelet. Edition of 50. C90


Living In The Time Of The Golden Circle

(End Of The Alphabet - EAR012) Cassette $6.00

Seemingly concocted by a mad scientist, Living In The Time Of The Golden Circle brews up chemical cocktails using loopers, fuzz pedals, small keyboards and assorted electronics. On “Spinning In Sand” a pair of fuzzed out Casio-harpsichord tracks duels over various glitchy noises and burning organ drones. On the nine-minute “Save Petrol, Burn Cars,” distant submerged bangings and luminescent keyboards fuzzily glide between a handful of notes. An inviting collection of mini noise ragas. C35


Southern Bleach

(Was Ist Das - WAS33) Cassette $6.00

Blown-out sounds inspired by a long sunny afternoon talking mysticism and music with Cameron Stallones of Sun Araw in a beautiful Japanese garden in Los Angeles. C38


The Mysteries of Extremophilic Folk

(Knotwilg - KW01) LP (lathe cut) $25.00

“Grating electronics, analogue bloops, and a total resignation to the gods of entropy” is the ruling handed down by The Wire. “Meek guides his set-up into uniquely strange moments of delightful disorder. Submerged major key synth melodies play vital roles throughout, weaving … between small vacant spaces amid the mania.” Cover by Indonesian tripper Wedhar Riyadi.


We Contain Multitudes

(God In The Music - GITM002) LP (lathe cut) $25.00

Ecological ecstasy music for worms and stars by the high priest of his own soil-based religion. Meek’s sunny and sprawling palette recalls classic immersive electronic works by synthesizer legends Terry Riley and Suzanne Ciani.


Real Folk: Lathe Cut Singles 1993-1997

(Pica Disk) 4xCD $35.00 (Out-of-stock)

A bona-fide underground legend, Witcyst has been creating completely unique noise music from the isolation of smalltown New Zealand since the late eighties. This mysterious force of the deep noise underground is the freest of the free, unhampered by arch design or advanced technique. Forty tracks from twenty self-released seven-inch lathe-cut singles originally released in editions of ten to twenty copies. Three booklets (seventy-two pages) of artwork, photos and an extensive first-time home interview of Mykl Veet by Noel Meek. Edition of 300


Garford Mute

(Total Life Society - TLS008) 2xLP $32.00

(Total Life Society - TLS008) CD $14.00

“Matt Wascovich’s voice … [has] an urgent angularity with the melodic sense of Jack Brewer and some of the rhythmic attack of Mayo Thompson,” notes Byron Coley. “[C]ombined with the great avant-garage thunk of the players (really beautifully recorded this time around by Paul Hamann at the legendary Suma Recording Studio), and the raw imagist power of the lyrics, the material approaches classic status from its own oblique angle.” Garford Mute is the eighth album from Scarcity Of Tanks and features: Dave Cintron - guitar (Terminal Lovers), Doug Gillard - guitar (Guided By Voices), Gnarlos - electronics (Bren't Lewiis Ensemble), Don Godwin - drums (Raya Brass Band), Tom Herman - guitar, bass, acoustic guitar (Pere Ubu), Elliott Hoffman - drums (Lawton Brothers), Andrew Klimeyk - guitar, bass (X-Blank-X), Scott Krauss - drums (Pere Ubu), Steve Mackay - saxophone (The Stooges), Rich Raponi - bass, guitar (Self Destruct Button), Weasel Walter - guitar, bass (The Flying Luttenbachers), Matthew Wascovich - vocals, and Mike Watt - bass (Minutemen). Artwork by Roger Ballen (South Africa).