Live At Pompeii

(Butte County Free Music Society - BUFMS60) CDR $8.00

Anyone whose mind was sawed in half by The Stallion’s liberties-hogging interpretation of The Wall released by In The Red stands a chance of not hating what The Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble does to the soundtrack to Pink Floyd’s legendary concert film (plus a couple tertiary Floyd-related pieces), finally joining us all in the noxious haze of daylight after a fitful four-year gestation. The hairless apes don’t come at it sideways so much as burrow through the dirt underneath and pop their heads out in various places like moles trying to ambush a housecat. Hands with no arms. Torso like a leftover chile relleno. Vulcan autoharp. Alpacas recovering from the effects of tainted codeine. A cameo by Darksmith of California. You know how it is. Edition of 50, the first 25 of which include a tardigrade air freshener, because prog rock.



(Royal Sperm) Magazine $13.00

Unless you’re one of those personality-hating flatliners who’d rather embrace checklist culture than be surprised by a confusing mess that requires a sense of humor, an imagination, and the patience to answer the question “wait, what?” every time you turn the page, you’ve probably been pining for a zine exactly like this. A marvelous collection of work by WTF warriors and weirdos ascendant hand-recruited by Andy Bolus, including Leif Elggren, Murder Can Be Fun, Runciter Corp, Martin Howse, John Olson, Duncan Harrison, Philip Best, Suzy Poling, Heath Moerland, S. Glass, Cody Brant. 60 pages. Imported from France


All Bone Shockers

(Le Dernier Cri) Magazine $60.00

Fifty-six pages of painting / collage / comix by the mutant behind Evil Moisture. Nightmares getting eaten by other nightmares, shat out and sculpted into all new dementia reveries. Your eyes will go fuckin’ nuts looking at this. Every page is silkscreened, a total of eighteen inks used throughout the book. Order from Tedium House and receive a free copy of Bananafish #13, which includes an interview with Pakito and Caroline aka Le Dernier Cri.


The Door Is In The Valley

(Chocolate Monk - choc.455) CDR $6.50

Andrew J. Jarvis fends off the aimlessness, indecision, lack of energy and mental torpor of the Upper Calder Valley and inscribes this audio postcard thus: “Bats in flight, steam and hiss, hammer on stone – a vertical roll. The floating lady, a cymbal sounds! Tape loops, rocks fall – the door is in the valley. Sticks and stones, a womb a warble – the valley is the mother. Time ticks, past and – centres. A gong, an owl – the ringing Island. Stone telling stone.” Moss malady be gone! Edition of 60



(Chocolate Monk - choc.456) CDR $6.50

Recently observed at Supernormal festival applying salve to hungover Sunday brains, two-thirds of Food People beam in spoken word, spooling tapes, loops, violin, percussion, accordion, and wind instruments. Only the headstrong and foolish would refuse the soothing effect these intimate broadcasts bring. “Lila Matsumoto and Matthew Hamblin make sounds and words from cloth for layering or peddling piecemeal. A rouleau of songs, a bluster of raw sedge scuffed and hemmed. Or maybe a sylvan tableau in merit bone weave.” Don’t be a lunkhead. Edition of 60


Anathematization Of The World Is Not An Adequate Response to the World

(Chocolate Monk - choc.457) 2xCDR $9.10

Emphatically corporeal and just as human as a public school math teacher, reaching out with open arms, filling up a large space with a manifestation of expanding joy. With contributions from Richard Youngs, Pete Hope, Jesse Kudler, Le Quan Ninh, Jason Talbot and Frans de Waard. Edition of 60


Hindered Soul

(Eminent Observer) Cassette $4.50

The source material of the subtle collage on side A is a bizarre, old-woman-read dictation/exercise tape. Haunting and strangely rhythmic and beautiful in its own way. Likewise, “gives the impression of_____” on the flip is another spectral voice collage but with more space and variety of sources. C27


Ghoul Town Tales

(Dai Coelacanth) Magazine $6.50

Sixty-odd pages of loose mumbo jumbo, paranoia, gardening tips, and occasionally fictitious bedtime reading. All words, no pictures. So many words it will make you sick. Like a Northern English Blaster Al Ackerman. Lard for the soul.


The Point Of The Equator

(Chocolate Monk - choc.458) CDR $6.50

Musical eccentricity from the fine mind of him from Volcano The Bear, Wizards of Oi, Gospels Of Mars, who indirectly affirms that brain-damaged aliens disguised as avant garde percussionists rule the earth. This collection utilizes archive recordings, homemade instruments, a 21-year-old nephew (whatever the hell that’s supposed to be code for) and some stolen Chinese. Edition of 60


Stones That Move And Grow

(Chocolate Monk - choc.459) CDR $6.50

Further excursions into Rowan Forestier-Walker’s hidden sound world. Field recordings, VLF radio, foil, sand, crystal singing bowl, motors, copycat, Aeolian harp, wood stove, frequenting animals, frozen lake. Edition of 60


Trapping Configuration

(Eminent Observer) Cassette $4.50

Trivial objects, sound sculptures, field recordings, and other sonic oddities — manipulated and organized with a truly amazing touch. Natural, languid, with stretches of silence that feel like inhalations. C28



(Eminent Observer) Cassette $4.50

Seventeen delirious hodgepodges of field recordings, deconstructed musical performance, disarming electronic textures, and the occasional funky hip-hop beat. If you’re a fan of the dada totalism of LAFMS bands like Le Forte Four, this will be right up your alimentary canal. C40