Short Fuse

(Alt.Vinyl - AV071) LP + CD $24.00

Paul Thomsen Kirk’s fifth full-length album navigates the last of the concrete, glass and steel of the large urban cityscapes of Japan and enters the de-populated rural villages and barren rice fields. Sound-tracked by pounding rhythms; disembodied electronics; roughly hewn, effected samples; whirling dervish dance-marathons; concussive percussion; and twisted snippets of lost conversations, the album is akin to listening to a multi-waveband radio tuned into post-Fukushima short wave transmissions replete with static-laden, disembodied newscasters lamenting forgotten faces and life-lines to the gone forever, the extinguished firmament of normality. CD contains entire album plus three non-vinyl bonus tracks. With inserts. 180-gram, colored vinyl. Edition of 250


Theological Genocide

(Hospital - HOS497) 2xLP $30.00

Originally released by Spastik Kommunikations in 1997, Theological Genocide culminated in the Self Annihilation Tour across North America. More than simply a band or solo project, Death Squad combined writings and visuals with fearless performances full of psychological and physical confrontations. Multimedia existentialism in the flesh. Edition of 250


The Difficulty In Crossing A Field

(Hospital) 2xLP $30.00

On this chance meeting of musique concrète and pornography, previously released on CDR in 1998 by Bandaged Hand Produce, the under-heralded master of British sound collage — more sinister and rawer than Nurse With Wound — juxtaposes surrealist electronics with abstracted audio stories. Eerie and mysterious, the secret world of one man’s fetishes hidden away in nature. Edition of 250.