The Sun Is The Radioactive Wasp Egg

(Cor Ardens - 04) Cassette $10.00

Matthew Pony Payroll Bones and Jenny Moon Tucker, known for endurance-challenging performance rituals of cymbals and bells flying through the air, splintering ancient railroad surplus, and a lazy hand wielding a sparking power-tool that slowly ate through a rickety mesh of wire fence which was dragged into the center of the venue, begin with their voyeuristic transmission as two individuals casually conversing about local Baltimore eateries, the weather. Small-town observations recede toward a fluid whistling and clatter barely emerged. A swell of pots and pans heaved in pathetic rage. Sort of funny. Amphibious dirge.


Short Wave: Anomalous Recordings (1991)

(Cor Ardens - 05) Cassette $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Long-form excerpts of home recordings made by the poet, critic, musician, artist, and theorist of cyberspace — without editorial manipulations toward human musicality. With three-page essay “Another Mother of Us All (A Phenomenology of Short-Wave,” written in 1983 originally published in The Review of International Broadcasting, and a six-panel color J-card of original works derived from a Qbasic multivariable fractal program designed by the artist roughly at the same time as the recordings.


First Citizens of the Moon

(Cor Ardens - 01) Cassette $10.00

Rare and unreleased material that variously combines and departs from the traditions of poetry, performance art, home recording, mail art, radio plays, sound installation, improvisation, choral music and experimental theater. With Pomona Za, Yixuan Pan, Blue Chemise, Ami Yamasaki, Sarah M. Farmer, Malachi Lily, Vox Populi!, Church Shuttle, Jessop And Co, Crank Sturgeon, Spires that in the Sunset Rise, John M. Bennett, Creode, Couteau Sang, Anaïs Maviel, Id M Theft Able, Tavishi, Jim Strong, Anna Mikhailova, Philadelphia Women’s Slavic Ensemble. Package is wire and laser woodcut assemblage. Edition of 200.


White House

(Siltbreeze - SB40) CD $10.00

“The off-kilter tones and noises on ‘The New Snow’ sound a bit like Perry and Kingsley going nuts, at least here and there,” observes our sous chef at All Music Guide, “While the usual noise, fuzz and detuned strangeness skips around the mix. Then there’s the minute-long ‘Aime To Prochain Comme Toi Meme’, which could be anything from minimal guitars to kalimba…. [T]he majestic ‘Bitcher,’ with a just-epic enough swoop to it, [sticks] to a big and bold sound along with some heavy-duty flanging throughout on the lead guitar….” The album concludes “with one of the band’s best ever songs — the steady, addictively paced, surging ‘Outside’.”


The Pin Group

(Siltbreeze - SB63) CD $7.50

Previously released tracks from singles by Roy Montgomery, Peter Stapleton, and Ross Humphries, with Mary Heney and Peter Fryer: “Ambivalence” b/w ”Columbia” (Flying Nun 1981); “Coat” b/w ”Jim” (Flying Nun 1981); Go To Town (Flying Nun 1982); and 11 Years After (Siltbreeze 1993). Covers include The Red Krayola’s “Hurricane Fighter Plane” and the previously unreleased “Low Rider” by War. Liner notes by Bruce Russell.


Ride A Dove

(Siltbreeze - SB50) CD $10.00

Behold the awesome splatter in all its raw disregard. You may rightly wonder what you have done to deserve such thrills as will be bestowed upon skull once Harry Pussy’s guitar-drums-shriek begins its inward seepage. Something wonderful, no doubt.


Halber Selbstbetrug

(Siltbreeze - SB165) 7-inch $2.50

Perfectly lubed and gurgling oink by this contemporary Berlin outfit, informed by the bare-knuckled scrappers of the Neue Deutsche Welle fringe. “A solid chunk of head-shrieking metronomics smothered in bassy transits and overwrought in thirsty shards … of pylon guitar,” proclaims Rottenmeats, “A rhythmically sharp and feisty beast, with … transistorized megaphone … vox … full of quirky angles ending on a screamed abruptness.” Edition of 300


Daylight Moon

(Siltbreeze - SB183) LP $15.00

The first outing by this some-time member of Maher Shalal Hash Baz since his debut Drowning In The Sky (Org, 1999). His roots, style and fluidity harken back to the Kichijoji Minor days of late seventies Tokyo underground. For fans of Kousokuya, Hallelujahs, PSF, Org.


What Was Music?

(Siltbreeze - SB60) CD $10.00

Lo-fi and off-the-cuff. The explosive spirit of free jazz applied to post-punk experimental aesthetics. Gloriously primitive highbrow hoot by one of the greatest duos of all time.


Manifesto Rumoratorio

(Siltbreeze - SB182) LP $10.00

Pietro La Rocca was last heard honing his inscrutable craft with the great Sicilian ensemble Oper’azione Nafta, whose Cavuru album (Siltbreeze 2008) forged the skree of High Rise with the yelp of Sun City Girls. La Rocca and ex-pat Polish vocalist Patrycja Stefanek utilize a array of gadgets (Walkman, delays, toys, and tapes) in conjunction with voice and guitar, and the results simmer in an ardor of abstract improvisational babble — think Vetza / Joe Potts (LAFMS), Jim French / Diamanda Galás on Metalanguage, Joan La Barbara / Bruce Ditmas on Wizard Records, or Suckdog. Produced in conjunction with the Oley Freindschaft Guild of Braucherei Practitioners and the Guild of Urglaawe Braucherei and Hexerei Practitioners, Manifesto Rumoratorio speaks a language understood by, if not hundreds, then dozens of rabid wanters of abstract clatter. Includes digital download card. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016


Know Your Lloyd Pack

(Siltbreeze - SB146) 7-inch $2.50

“Captain’s log, Stardate 10.3.12: The Lloyd Pack EP is finally realized. We had picked up a distress signal some weeks back, the call letters unclear, but seemingly emitted from a slow and hostile planet known only as URP. The data transcribed mentioned project (Lloyd Pack), title, (Know Your Lloyd Pack), participants (Russell Walker, Letha Rodman Melchior, Dan Melchior) and facilitator (Siltbreeze). Upon listening to contents, our forward team —eager but without much depth — quickly attempted a single comparison to former Siltbreeze inhabitants, The Shadow Ring regarding sound and style. However, Chief Science Officer Roland Woodbe dismissed this as naive and noted the possibility of an Excalbian conspiracy in such a hasty summation. Woodbe elaborated a deeper analogy, finding in his historical dissection hints to century-old former galactic explorers such as Collective Horizontal, 49 Americans, and No Half Measures (for example). When presented with the compositions of Lloyd Pack, I found CSO Woodbe’s comprehension to be most evolved. That said, Know Your Lloyd Pack occupies its own unique aural atmosphere, too, with drollery of the highest Anglo-Saxon order, and ambience as crisp as a Gloustershire perry. Overall, I find its essence most logical.” — Tiberius Surak, Starfleet Commander


Minecxio Emanations 1993-2018

(Pica Disk - PICA047) 6xCD + DVD + book $45.00

Since 1993, this Buenos Aires group, led by its Down’s syndrome drummer/vocalist and spiritual architect Miguel Tomasín has been a universe completely of its own. Booklet 1: Liner notes by Marc Masters, Lasse Marhaug, Oren Ambarchi, Sindre Bjerga, Sixto Fernando, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, C. Spencer Yeh, John Olson and others. Booklet 2: Photos, artwork, press clippings, quotes, flyers and posters (most have not been published before). Disc 1: Early recordings, some material from small edition cassettes, some previous unreleased. Disc 2: The never-released Vedeosmas Tecretre album, recorded 2001-2003. Disc 3: Selections from the 2001-2002 Jaz Ronco Jits sessions, previously available as very limited CDRs. Disc 4: Previously unreleased conceptual pieces, including performances at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, NASA in Houston, the Atomium in Brussels, outtakes from the 10,000 Chickens Symphony and from public street protests in Buenos Aires during the December 2001 crisis. Disc 5: The never-released Roniles Dasa Selebro album, recorded 2000-2001. Disc 6: Previously unreleased collaborations with Dr. Socolinsky, Pauline Oliveros, Nelson Gastaldi, Jazzy Mel and Acid Mothers Temple. DVD: A 90-minute collage of live performances and other videos that offer a rare portal to the world of Reynols. All discs come in individual printed wallets. Edition of 500.



(I Dischi Del Barone) Magazine $5.75

Interviews with Russell Walker and Korea Undok Group. A feature on Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers. Speaker Crackle In The Garden (NZ lathe cuts - Part II), reviews. A5, 24 pages.


Twilight Immunity

(Chocolate Monk - choc.447) CDR $6.25

Shane McDonell’s first solo ride for the label is two 31-minute collages in traditional sound diary style. Sounds of voice, viola, feedback, drums, drum stick, bowed cymbal recorded through an old karaoke machine combined with radio, rental car radio feedback, river sounds, contact mic’d Broadway Bridge, keyboard/synth, voice sounds, drunken wedding orators and general party chit chat. Slickles captured all this on his trusty handheld tape machine and then, for your pleasure, cut stuff into loops, collaged it, fed some of it into his psychoacoustic computer to provide a sense of specific sound direction and panning. A stud. A gent. Numbered edition of 60


The Failing Chase

(Chocolate Monk - choc.446) CDR $6.25

Further stumblings in the direction of dreams / mind gout. Life is a failing chase and we are all living on the frontline, but music is everywhere and if you just take a minute to pinch your nose, blow real hard, and pop your ears, you can get anchored to your surroundings and hear it appear within the smear. Nyoukis grew up among a communication of barks and angry gestures so pardon the lad, willya? Features contributions from Mayuko Fujino, Seymour Glass, Natalia Beylis, and Catherine Plenevaux. Numbered edition of 60


Geronticus Eremita

(Chocolate Monk - choc.445) CDR $6.25 (Out-of-stock)

Mysterious south-coast outsider tape wonk that tries to convince you that our normal waking consciousness — rational consciousness as we call it — is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the flimsiest of screens, lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different. It’s made of “PsyOps anti-hypnosis tapes Thomas stole. No idea where,” according to Andy Bolus. “Featuring a cyborg Mrs. Mills soundalike. Used for unbrainwashing or ‘brain dirtying’.” Numbered edition of 40


Mud Hen, Prick And Green Belt

(Chocolate Monk - choc.442) CDR $6.25

As far as unsolicited demos go, this head healer has to be near the top of the Wino Lodge pile, arriving as it did in a pastel purple envelope that reeked of Old Spice with nowt but a note reading “Take Back Your Mind!” hand-scrawled in green ink, of course. It goes without saying that the mysterious Mr. Duke Pinch performing Engelbert Humperdinck songs on zither — with such somnolent mellowness that it makes Korla Pandit seem like an utter spaz in comparison — is another fine entry in Chocolate Monk’s Brain Salve canon. So don’t tell anyone. Numbered edition of 60


Buzzed In / Past These Herberts

(Chocolate Monk - choc.449) 2xCDR $8.75 (Out-of-stock)

This joint endeavor by The Pheremoans’ vulgarians Mad Headed Octogram and Russell Walker mixes spoken word and sound collage, as the pair depart on two separate voyages, both filtered through Octogram’s crude sound portals.


The Partial Obliteration of GMT

(Chocolate Monk - choc.444) CDR $6.25 (Out-of-stock)

Proof, as if any was needed, that working with Stefan Jaworzyn will drive ye bonkers. Some time ago, Mr. Tony Irving (of Ascension infamy) done a runner to the other side of our heating globe, rumored to have downed tools and taken a vow of silence in Oz backwaters. Next thing Chocolate Monk knew, a disc arrived with a scrawled note that read “In 1894, a mad French Anarchist attempted to blow up the Royal Greenwich Observatory to stop the enslavement of humanity by the regimentation of time. Since 2014 I have tried to finish the job from Brisbane with nowt but my drums and the fiest of a young fiddler.” It’s clock-smashing time. Numbered edition of 50


2018: Recent Amelioration of Lingering Proprioceptive Issues, Elimination of Winter Coat Improves Muscle Tension

(Regional Bears - RB08) Cassette $7.50

“My original approach,” explains the professor himself, “Was that of a fairly standard concrète bricolage that has characterized my previous work. I found upon listening back that the resulting semiotic content of the sounds used were not far from suggesting the type of peripheral agitations that buttress a well-hidden fragility of temperament at any given time: respiratory tics, the surfacing of unbecoming affectations, possibly born of circadian disturbances and their unconscious dream residue, and others. I had then decided that the most fitting lens through which to view these works is that of these physiological aberrations being logged, as in aural data entries, as the main determinants of these formal particularities. ‘Corporo-material conditions’ may perhaps precede my supposed choices in providing a means to navigate these recordings and place them within a scope of intent. Perhaps a more succinct title for this release would have simply been ‘Physiology Music’. In any case, one could listen in search of entertaining terminals, as one would skim a TV guide while waiting at the pharmacy or veterinarian’s office.” Totally up to you. C30


La Chrestomathie Du Désespoir

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB031) 7-inch $9.00

The inherent mystery and beauty of sound itself gets its first scrutiny by Small Cruel Party in fifteen years. Emphasis is on non-instrumental sound sources, the exact specific nature of which is not readily apparent. Manipulation of physical objects in acoustic space and a great deal of concentrated activity are the methods. Stamped white labels. Paste-on cover and insert. Edition of 200


Kid Brother

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB010) 7-inch $10.00

A splendid, minimalistic mixture of post-Savoury Days UK DIY slow-motion pop by Russell Walker and Tom James Scott. Shimmering organ melodies, sparse drumming, piano and field recordings. Edition of 200


Crystal Drops / Ground Loops

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB004) 7-inch $10.00

Circuits, pulses and wind noise recorded at home and outdoors by this London-based artist. Edition of 200.



(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB006) 7-inch $10.00

A step even further into oblivion by this Berlin artist, exploring unknown territories via daunting everyday life recordings and electronic slices of nothing and everything. Edition of 200.


City / Clear

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB009) 7-inch $10.00

Underlying heaviness and overall psychedelic guitar / synth blur blasted through a shitty amplifier by Neutral’s Sofie Herner, backed with a fragile take on kosmische musik, straight from the Utmarken elementary school. Japanese whispers. A homespun scorcher and a completely unique voice in the Swedish underground. Edition of 200.



(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB011) 7-inch $10.00

Newcastle-based improvisor Joe Murray’s mix of vocal-jaxx loops, dry breath and child chatter. Relentless squelching from a wet mouth that’s been physically spliced into cranky tape. An exploration of sharp pencil tap and wickedly pinched spools. Edition of 200. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016


Backlit Colander With Holes Shaped Like Numbers / Bok Choy Festival

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB017) 7-inch $10.00

Two six-minute montages of reversed mitosis episodes, in which scaly pods, ruptured eggs, and clumps of partially digested hair smush through one another and glom together in unstable strains of Glass-spanktified dad-noise. “Backlit Colander With Holes Shaped Like Numbers” crawls with bacteria from munched electronics, murmurs of a chimney-entrapped Frampton (plus camel, but that should go without saying), tape yoont teetering on the lip of a magnetic abyss, and piercing splats from tiny automatic paintball guns. “High” and “lonesome” are the operative descriptors of “Bok Choy Festival”: Barbara Manning’s guitar loops backfire and self-annihilate in private spritz-overdose orgies; avian-constructed effigies of Annie Hayworth curdle; narration on the topic of body dysmorphia is provided courtesy of thrift store cassettes and a Sister Rosetta Thorpe quotation. Cover artwork by Karen Constance. With insert. Edition of 200.


A Lowtides Rising... Explorations Around The Theme Of NZ Acoustic Music

(Fördämning Arkiv - 3) 2xLP $28.00

An epic sixteen-track who’s who of New Zealand underground music circa 2000, featuring Pumice, Peter Wright, Kunst / Veet (Witcyst), CJA & Anamarie, Sleep, Donald McPherson, GFrenzy, Kieran Monaghan, Swagger Jack, Birchville Cat Motel, Richard Francis, 1/3 Octave Band, Tim Cornelius, Seht, Antony Milton and James Kirk. All tracks were previously released on CDR by PseudoArcana in 2003. Gatefold jacket, insert, liner notes by Antony Milton and Matthias Andersson. Edition of 250.


The Common Error Of Ordinary

(Chocolate Monk - choc.438) Magazine + CDR $12.50

After much arm-twisting and beard-tugging, the beloved artist /composer / sound wizard injects Swedish visual / aural magic into the pipeline. Get ready to get really, really sleepy. Book is full color, 24 pages


A Serpentine Summer

(Chocolate Monk - choc.440) CDR $6.25

Brother Todd’s third ChocoMo is his sixteenth full-length album since 2015. It’s an instrumental album. “Isn’t that good?” he asks rhetorically. “Enough with my voice…. If you don’t like vaguely minimal experimental home recorded music, you’re not gonna like this either. But I do think it’s good. This one is kinda twinkly in parts and it’s built for the heat.” Edition of 60


Empty Shell

(Chocolate Monk - choc.443) CDR $6.25

This set of crud-fi experiments by Maureen Hollomas (Polly Shang Kuan Band, Jettatura, Structure, etc.) demonstrates the existence of remote viewing, a hitherto non-validated human capacity. “On first listen,” says a ChocoMo spokesgonk, “it was a feeling of a snake crawling out of something. A real vivid feeling, but on a second listen it was a cat’s tail. Go figure.” Numbered edition of 50


A World Of Difference

(Regional Bears - 15) Cassette $9.00

Enjoyably varied collage work by Frans de Waard.


Arv & Miljö

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB008) 7-inch $10.00

A ten-minute ode to Gothenburg, focusing almost entirely on the sounds of seagulls and rain, with only tiny hints of the troubled A&M past. Recordings from a window. Edition of 200


The Final Programme

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB005) 7-inch $10.00

Two prime cuts of intense noise bliss from Rodger Stella, sort of in the vein of some One Dark Eye stuff with a psychedelic twist slightly reminiscent of C.C.C.C. Stuff flies out of everywhere. Edition of 200


This Fits / This Is Familiar

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB012) 7-inch $10.00

Two tracks of just guitar and vocals, stripped down to the bare minimum and driven by an austere ambience, recorded during the Roses Always Die sessions. Edition of 200.


Light Silence, Dark Speech

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB005) 7-inch $10.00

Intimate and perplexing alto sax by this New York-based artist. Ten stripped-down mesmerizing minutes that owe just as much to free jazz skronk as they do to contemporary sound art. Edition of 200.


Käre Jesus b/w Mandys Bil

(I Dischi Del Barone - IDDB013) 7-inch $10.00

Spun from the circle around Enhet För Fri Musik, Gustaf Dicksson’s nerve-wrecking tape collage work uses found cassettes to create bizarre glimpses of an extremely cold but thrilling north. The private nature of the source material — thrift store gems like home recordings of children singing, random conversations and crude boom box experimentation, sometimes spiced up with sparse instrumentation and always layered with a rudimentary pause-rec-ff-rewind editing — adds a disturbing flavor, as if one has snuck into someone’s living room on a Saturday night and hidden behind the rugged IKEA family couch. The A-side is based on repeated snippets from a Christian congregation in Sweden, while the slow-burning B-side investigates the grueling nature of car-ownership. Edition of 200


Can We Win

(Regional Bears - RB09) Cassette $7.50

Shots Bring It In. Due to weather, noise complaints, lack of time, artistic choice, or some combination thereof, Shots’ instrumentation moves indoors. Can We Win replaces the characteristic outdoor resonance of previous releases with tighter, more enclosed environment. The sound sources remain varied as ever, but the running water, somnambulistic percussion, and rupturing metal in play are enfolded in an intimate domestic acoustic space, making for a considered and engaging listen. C32


Benzedrine Bonanza

(Regional Bears - RB07) Cassette $7.50

Where Omelette Of Disease (Förlag För Fri Musik 2018) is an orgy in painfully hard-driven feedback, and Overdrive (Team Boro Tapes 2018) focuses on rumbling low-end, Benzedrine Bonanza brings a live all-at-once approach, not unlike Schakalens Bror’s earliest cassette excretions, yet now more refined and with the later live energy successfully transferred to tape. Fully fledged free form guitar noise in a league of its own. C18


Card Funk

(Cardboard Club) LP $17.25

The debut full-length LP by RRS aka The Cardboard Prince, after countless cassettes and CDRs (and a seven). Get your card hard with the bedroom sermons of a outsider funk snack master. Lo-fi, lurid, lyrical and life-affirming stuff.


Dissecting An Utterance

(Spricht Editions) LP $18.75

A surreal panel debate (recorded live at Click Festival, Elsinore, Denmark, 2018) by four experimental vocal artists getting to the depths of what it means to be a human being with a voice — not through power points and well conceptualized reasoning, but by going straight for the heart of it. The voice in its primal form, a voice with a verbal language, a voice that can travel incoherently between timbres and concepts. Four very different aspects and views on the topics dissected live, creating a space for the body to speak its mother tongue and for the mind to let its non-linear impulses mutate for the sheer thrill of exploring its (un)natural habitat. Red Vinyl.


The Golden Handshake That Almost Broke My Wrist

(Regional Bears - 11) Cassette $9.00

Reliable madness from Joe Murray, dictaphone and otherwise, meaning: tapes, mouth sounds, text-to-speech machines, bells, and wine glasses. Guest contributors include Otto Willberg, id m theft able, and OD Gee.


Movement Musik

(Regional Bears - 13) Cassette $13.00

Thomas DeAngelo and Jim Strong follow the abnormal circumstances documented on Outten O.D.’s: A Sound Event In Five Movements (The Gift of Music 2017) with tapes, text, rooms, the former’s low fuss devices, the latter’s sculptural playables. “The Strong estate in Narberth, PA, is probed, prodded, and milked with all the dexterity of a bemused child,” says Jim. “In comparison to the two prior tapes…, something approaching ‘patience’ [is] on display, with an intermittent, hovering dread redolent of heady classics by Hastings of Malawi, East Bionic Symphonia or The Curfew Recordings. Eventually our journey circles around, as it must, [like] a dog chasing its own tail. Crucially, this music can be enjoyed solely on sensual character, without any speculation of intent or analysis, as in a dog licking its own arsehole.”


Gaze Into The Drain

(Chocolate Monk - choc.441) CDR $6.25

Lock up your grandparents. Cody Brant and Jonnie Prey are on the prowl. Two of the Monk family’s scruffiest, most colorful siblings deliver more fun than a knees-up at the crack shack. Numbered edition of 60


The Orange Teeth Of The Beaver

(Chocolate Monk - choc.450) Magazine $10.00

Scotland’s very own comic book absurdist and all ’round weird walker finally delivers a full-blown book — a mind-melting compilation of his comic strips from 2012 through 2019. Black and white with color cover, 44 pages.