Donut Oil

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COMING SOON. When Ali Robertson witnessed Seymour Glass tell Joe “Posset” Murray that he was the “only guy in the UK whose writing is worth a damn,” Robertson knew exactly who he was going to rope in for a future journalistic favor. Clearly, the Yankee behemoth knows which side of his scone is buttered. Nothing happens without fealty to the institutions of butchery and bakery, after all. “Sprinkle, crinkle, pit of mud, how I wonder who’s yer fud.” So began the silent incantation that protected the lesser half of Usurper and the decrepit 1/40th of Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble in their completion of this magenta-cloud hallucination. From what, one might ask. Hard to say, as they overcame all obstacles and nefarious phenomena seen and unseen attempting to keep them from their appointed sounds. Emboldened by bullshit sorcery, the reckless pair of hobbits dove into a shared dreamstate, thrashed around inside pink cubes for a while, where disembodied voices and conveyor belts stacked high with body parts and vegan substitutes ensorcelled and nauseated, and slid back out with nary a grease stain on their Brunello Cucinelli perforated, suede-panelled, cashmere gloves. That’s all we know. Rest assured, friend, Robertson and Glass have packed all 48 minutes of this disc with primo slurps, throttled puckers, fairytale calisthenics, fading electronics, tape manipulation, intimate congress with inanimate objects, naïve instrument prowess, and the finest crackle that can be derived from stale peat loaves. Edition of 60


Salvage Job

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COMING SOON. If it’s broken, don’t fix it. Further recordings made during the mess of the past year, which you may hear as a shining pathway out of the shit, or a “back to the egg!” warning cry. Pour yrself a drink, put on those headphones and let the gamble commence. With tracks from Hobo Sonn, Muyassar Kurdi & Ka Baird, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, A.S, Raymond Cummings, Hardworking Families, Stone Cornelius, Dora Doll, Duncan Harrison, LDSN, Angela Sawyer & Ethan Marsh, Glands Of External Secretion, Tania Caroline Chen, Mark Groves, Staubitz & Waterhouse, Kraus, Kate Armitage, Constance/Nyoukis and RRS. Artwork by Bill Nace. Edition of 100



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COMING SOON. The beloved “Beard of Bristol” Owen Chambers spent several weeks trying to unlearn guitar but found that a toxic knot once tied is hard to undo. His resolve failed him. Well, not totally. While his splendid guitar playing would remain intact he decided he could at least add a smear of “whatthefuckery” to his belt by spending the next week listening only to a handful of Glands Of External Secretions and Karen Constance recordings. He then set about making POTIONS!!!, a self-described “soup of sounds made from old Russian sci-fi films, lo-fi synth improvisations, dueling radios…, choral vocals,” and suchlike. It is better to travel well than to arrive. Artwork by Karen Constance. Edition of 60


Grimly Forming

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COMING SOON. Yet more sweet eye-and-ear yolk in the Lunk Headed Library series and further recordings from the under-documented tape-mangling sound wizard whose use of tapes, sampler, electronics, phone recordings, contact mics, and objects render “a fairly accurate … depiction of my brain turning to mush over the last eight months or so.” The 20-page A5 color booklet is a selection of collages made between 2015 and 2021. Nothing soothes mush brain like magazines, scissors, paper, and glue stick. Balance, dear Bozos. Numbered edition of 69


Crooked Doppler

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Figurative abstraction and butchery vs forced structures and speculative drifts, battling it out within noisy collages, field recordings, invented instruments, found sounds and electronics. C48