(Butte County Free Music Society) Magazine $10.00

Toni Lee Smith and Mike Byrne, Barbara Manning, Cruel Duane, Clark Brown, Maria Estevez, Lucian Tielens, Cole Marquis, Joan Of Art, Lacie Pound, Tim Smyth, Ace Farren Ford, Lilly McBilly, Manolis Pappas, S. Glass, Raoul Tinybear, Montana Swisher, Dylan Nyoukis, Steve Marquis. Full color throughout, 32pp.


Love Belch

(Butte County Free Music Society - BUFMS110) CDR $8.00

Throughout the third album of recordings from the late 1980s by EL&C (congealed into a trio for this particular session), the bent scrapings just stop and go, because destinations are a myth. The hoity-toity can have their posh beginnings and endings. Thematic development — ew, gross. If you want a meaningful, satisfying arc, go buy opera tickets. These nine tracks do not fuss with making progress from one point to another on some big deal spectrum. Between guitarists Scud Mandrill and Phil Smoot’s heavy, bulldozed twang, damaged tape yoink streaks with more unhinged glee than nude exhibitionists, shoulder to shoulder with delay pedal jabs (and ’70s kitsch, and fragments from Bren’t Lewiis sessions). For 46 minutes, thick and rennetless improv gnaws on rock-infused, decibel-saturating garnk with a level of tunnel-vision determination that’d alarm your average neurologist. Includes bagged sample of inedible orange powder.