She Came Through the Window to Stand by the Door

(Nyahh) CD $14.00

Two mesmerizing duets for cello and the William Telford organ at St Georges Church, built in 1846.


Love​-​In​-​A​-​Mist, Edible

(Nyahh) LP $16.00

Recorded over a three-year period in Ireland, Amsterdam and Morocco on pianos in various conditions of ideal concord, these immediate, unfussy recordings, comparable to holiday snapshots, are only half about the playing of a piano, according to the Ireland-based sound-receiver herself. “They are also about the people around each piano and the room in which it lives.”



(Nyahh) CD $13.50

Cyber-tech texted phonemes, sibilants, velar nasal agmas, buzzing hiss-pops and fricative fun recorded in Derry, N. Ireland in June 2019 by the performance artist / sound poet — much of whose work is organic, spontaneous and site specific — and the composer / sound artist, whose work for and with human, performers, computers and (sound) objects often deals with memory, time, language and the relationship between text, code and gesture. The ten tracks on OXS are from “20 Performance Texts (2019),” O’Doherty’s collection of computer-generated pseudorandom texts.


Selected Audio Work 1983-1999

(Nyahh) CDR $12.00

Excavated from the archives of this Irish performance artist, presented for the first time as stand-alone audio pieces, this selection of sound work was originally made using multiple tape recorders, cut ups, mixed live and then recorded back on to cassette to accompany live performances and installations. If you've never been woken up at 3am and had to wonder what in god's name your eccentric neighbor is up to at this hour, here's your chance to share in the experience. Time has added hiss and noise to the cassettes over the years, only adding to the atmosphere and texture of the originals.


… And Take The Black Work With Me

(Nyahh) CD $14.00

Ian Lynch of Dublin experimental folk group Lankum explores submerged leylines of music and song with a dark approach more rooted in the raw aesthetics of second wave black metal than contemporary folk.


Strip Ice Water To Listerine

(Nyahh) CD $14.00

In March 2020, Smith asked Turman to work on “a quick and dirty internet collab. It’s only six days old. A simple generative system. Why don’t we rework it together? Tear it apart, add your bits, then I can sprinkle some magic dust atop the rubble!” Turman was unable to get to it until after receiving the sad news that Smith had died in January 2022. By then he had developed new processes and began reworking Strip Ice Water To Listerine — cutting up, looping, and sampling Smith’s original, creating a series of rhythmic backdrops for his improvisations. In short, “an album’s worth of material that I could not stop listening to,” he says. “Unfortunately the rubble never got the magic dust but I think Tom would have liked it.” Liner notes by Thurston Moore. Cover art by Karen Constance


A Collection of Songs in the Traditional & Sean-Nós Style

(Nyahh) CD $14.00

Inspired by Alan Lomax, this compilation brings together two generations of singers from all across Ireland. Some of songs are previously released and the rest are self-made phone recordings with a rawness, authentic feel and immediacy. Tracks by Conor O’Kane, Aoife Hammond, Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin, Michael Frank Ó Confhaola, Méabh Meir, Rosie Stewart, Ruth Clinton, Fionnuala Maxwell, Neil Ní Chronoinin, Thomas McCarthy, Sarah Ghriallais.