A La Lu La

(Ultramarine - UM003) LP $25.00

Aaron Moore (Volcano the Bear), Dave Nuss (No-Neck Blues Band) and Sheila 16 (Laboratory Theater Group) create compositions from improvisations centered around strong elemental percussion, radical theatrical vocals, and classical acoustic instruments. Recurring themes are the pain of relationships, the affirmation of the feminine in myth, the hero’s journey, and continuous need to flame the passions of the heart. “A La Lu La” specifically addresses the gap of language in facilitating accurate communication, a gap that only music at its most primal can fill. The back of the album features text by Portuguese authors Jose da Fonseca and Pedro Carolino, who in 1855 created the English phrasebook “English As She is Spoke,” even though they didn’t know any English. A La Lu La mirrors the linguistic train wreck that ensues with the play of language, sound, and unintentional humor. Clear vinyl, die-cut jacket.