Gone Every Evening

(Die Stadt - DS106) 7-inch $20.00

Two strange songs -- collaborative pieces with Fabrizio Palumbo, Clodagh Simonds, Laura Sheeran, and Michael Begg -- delightful and faintly unsettling. Gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve designed by Liles.


Honey Monster

(Quasi Pop - QPOPREC11) 7-inch $9.00

Quasipop's Monster series delivers strange takes on modern pop music where's "pop" means the weirdest form of entertaining. Sweets overloads, glucose hallucinations, and like that. Purple vinyl. Edition of 500.


Miscellany Deluxe

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD61) 2xLP $20.00

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD61) 3xLP $100.00

This comprehensive, Liles-collected anthology includes as much variety and previously unreleased material as possible, with earliest recordings dating from 1984. “Find a New Husband” was made on his father’s cheap Amstrad tape-to-tape system (which ceased working properly shortly thereafter), the product of many hours of rewinding and re-playing and re-recording, and the beginning of Liles’s fascination with and addiction to tape manipulation, sound effects and recording techniques. Many of his early experiments and their accidental consequences are included in this collection, along with selections from two cassettes originally self-released under the name Lividity, given away to friends and sent as demos to assorted labels. 3xLP includes T-shirt.


Torch Songs

(Die Stadt - DS93) 2xLP $30.00

Liles reworked a live recording of Coleclough performing solo at Intergration 3 in 2004, later adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing additional live recordings supplied by Coleclough. Gatefold jacket features “I dreamt I was a river,” the poem composed and painted by Geoff Sawers during a performance with Coleclough in Geneva in March 2005 (the sound of his brush painting this lettering is audible on side B). 180-gram vinyl.