Andy Ortmann / Ben Vida

(Nihilist - NIHIL72) split LP $18.75

(Nihilist - NIHIL72) Used Split LP $12.00

Analog modular synth mayhem from two perspectives. Complex waveforms for complex times.


Eye of the Beholder

(Edition Schmid) Cassette $8.00

“Ortmann’s restless, physical compositions occupy an uncanny valley where mysterious and unidentifiable elements mimic the most undignified of human noises a bit too well,” according to Noise Not Music. “Sticky dragging textures evoke the uncomfortable but familiar sound of chewing; prepared guitar rattles clack like chattering teeth; saxophone skronks form wordless, despairing moans. The artwork already implies that Eye of the Beholder won’t be the most calming listen, but this dedication to such an abstract, disturbing sonic palette makes for some truly scary results.” Includes bonus track “Botched Consciousness Upload,” originally released on Sonic Resonance (UPD Organization, 2018). Numbered edition 85/100. C64



(Nihilist) Used CD $5.00

One seriously creeped-out Musique Machine reviewer compares this 2004 disc to Argento-inspired horror with its “sick drone elements; nerve-jarring noise; sinister rhythmic mutterings; burn-your-skin-off, seething banks of static; bizzaro samples; ’80s movie synthesizer…; bent electronics; ritual gong pounding; face forced into a sink; crippling noise with layered mix of laughter and crying…; morbid synth tones; bubbling and dripping sounds; almost dub-like bass fluttering…; looped shutting door noise or something been chopped over and over.” You know, the whole genius / madness thing. Includes booklet of track-specific illustrations. Sealed



(Beniffer Editions) 2xCassette $19.50 (Out-of-stock)

All-analog modular synthesizer exploration of the electronic darkness. Completely screenprinted box, with more optical prints inside. Two C30s. Edition of 98.


Provocative Electronics

(Pan - PAN2) LP $13.50

As in the days of musique concrete and the beginning years of synthesizer development, Ortmann (Panicsville, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Nihilist label) experiments with tones and his own brand of electronic tweakage. Not a homage, but yet another document in the ongoing history of electronic music. Limited edition of 330 hand-numbered copies, pressed on 140g vinyl, jacket housed in a two-tone silkscreened PVC sleeve with interweaving geometric designs.