Thousand Year Dreaming / Floating World

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Previously issued by What Next in 1993, the forty-three-minute Thousand Year Dreaming, performed by Lockwood, Art Baron and N. Scott Robinson, along with Libby Van Cleve (oboe and English horn), Jon Gibson (didjeridu), J.D. Parran (clarinets), Peter Zummo (trombone and didjeridu) and percussionists Michael Pugliese and Charles Wood boasts the extraordinary timing and a masterly sense of space. The acoustic beats of the conch shells’ microtonal inflections might recall Alvin Lucier, but openness to melody situates it further to the East. The previously unreleased three-part Floating World assembles field recordings from the wilds of Cape Kidnappers in New Zealand to the New York Public Library Reading Room, made by Maggi Payne, David Dunn, Larry Austin, Chris Mann, Sorrel Hays, Steve Peters, Ruth Anderson, John Cousins, Philip Dadson, Warren Burt and Brenda Hutchinson.