100 Keyboards b/w 100 Rock

(Meeuw Muzak - MM045) 7-inch $6.25 (Out-of-stock)

A headscratcher from this Kanazawa-based sound artist and general experimental noise chef. Two pieces are sourced from a recent installation work of a hundred toy keyboards, with the A-side bearing the disassociated feel of a Super-8 footage loop — bleached colors, perhaps a lone bird wheeling in the sky, or a holiday fragment of a blinking child with an uncertain smile walking toward the camera, clutching an ice cream. A beautiful, nebulous, everything-and-nothing sound, while the noisier B-side maintains a sort of relentless calm, like the optimum flow of a factory environment that 19th century socialists might have shrugged at. A demonstration of the patterns which emerge from the balance of order and chaos. Subtly energizing.