(BloodLust! - B!146) 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

The A-side of this new single by cult Italian death-industrialists Atrax Morgue was originally submitted as an alternate B-side to the Her Guts 7-inch (Bloodlust 2005), but the unsettling "Sinfonia Per Un Sadico" was chosen for that record instead, leaving “Omicidio” shelved and untouched until after Marco Corbelli’s death in 2007. It is vocal-driven Atrax Morgue song favored by Bloodlust, while the B-side is a 2009 remix/edit of "Autoerotic Death" (a choice segment of heavy, dark analog synth). Multicolor marble vinyl (ranging in tenor from dark bruises to sick bile spit up by a dying plague victim). Edition of 500.