Birth Refusal / Cassis Cornuta

(Ultra Eczema) LP $18.00

(Ultra Eczema) Used LP $9.00

Dream-team hook-up between legendary Belgian avant/industrial/savant-goof Cassis Cornuta (one of the most singular synthists/conceptualists to come out of the post Nurse bag) and John Olson and Mike Connelly of Wolf Eyes. Housed in a massively ill fold-out six-panel cover with art by Dennis Tyfus and pressed on a one-sided LP with an etching on the B-side, the sonics match slowly rending circuit boards, cold beams of Euro glare and what appears to be the first drawled chord of “Iron Man,” and fluttering electronics that hover in the air with all the malevolent anti-gravity of leather wings.
Corners of the poster jacket of the used copy are a little bent, but the vinyl is pristine.


Lost in the Cove

(Troniks) Used LP (one-sided) $15.00

Olson and Connelly from 2007. Paste-on photocopy. Edition of 118