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It's always unfortunate to have to blow heavy painkillers on actual physical pain, but Earth was built on a foundation of broken bone; most of this, the seventh Black To Comm album, was composed under the influence. And like the 2009 silent flick of the same name by Singapore filmmaker Ho Tzu Nyen, for which this album is the soundtrack, it's about slowness and decay, states of unconsciousness, sleeping and waking up, dying and being reborn. Marc Richter translates the film's post-apocalyptic collage (based on paintings by Caravaggio, Delacroix, Rembrandt, and GĂ©ricault) by employing similar collage-based sampling techniques using loops made from vintage vinyl and shellac records, combined with startling vocal work by David Aird (Vindicatrix), Renate Nikolaus's array of instruments and noise devices, singing saws played by Christopher Kline, and Rutger Zuydervelt on singing bowls. Evocative of a mindset similar to Gifts-era Loren Connors and Scott Walker's Tilt. LP includes free download card.