Don’t Call Me Dali, Darling!

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.391) CDR $8.00

German avant madman and all ’round groovy art hack Stefan Brand sports nothing but his crumpled Y-fronts, energy and a message that needs to bust out for broadcast to the outside world. Such intimate insight into the artist in his natural habitat includes a selection of his infamous Thursday morning bedroom recordings done on his favorite Casio SK1 and the SA-21 tonebank unplugged, with vocal ramblings sung directly into the recorder and a splattering of rough toy samples. Numbered edition of 60



(Chocolate Monk - choc.512) CDR $8.00

Hey, boink, you want proof that Brexshit doesn’t have to totally sour the Kraut / Limey handhold? This wee document of whatthefuckery will put the rise in your mind dumplings. The mad man of Mainz, Mr. Stefan Brandstifter, supplies sporadic spurts made of toys, glossolalia, Casio, field recordings and stuck records which he documents on his cruddy yet well made German Dictaphone; Wigan walloper Ross Scott-Buccleuch mangles, chews, loops and assembles. Potential soul scurvy averted! Keep on the grass. Edition of 60