Ashcan Mind Dig

(Ear Noises?) CDR $8.00

This “heavy swath of deftly constructed scrape” explains Andy Brack, “from Cody ‘Lonely Mutant’ Brant and Shane ‘Still got a tré flip’ McDonell is a pristinely layered construction of sounds that have nowhere else to fit but with each other. This disc is like hanging out with all your weird fucking friends, except everybody’s on time and knows exactly when they need to fade out or turn up. Also one of the refreshing instances where you’re not wondering ‘Digi or analogue?’ between juul hits, ’cause this thing is smoother in ways that your average compression worshipper only dreams about, but at the same time jagged enough for all the table flippers in the realm. Really high-class noise, through and through, nothing that’s going to beat you over the head, but you’re not bored either. I’m tempted to call it effortless, but once you take a second to sip the soda and think about the fucking thing, you can’t deny that a shit ton of effort went into this. Total masterpiece from two masters.”