Chop Shop Plays Emil Beaulieau — Red And Buried

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Fourteen untitled tracks from 1995, pure industrial noise.



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New York-based sound artist Scott Konzelmann's activities have comprised installations featuring his speaker construction assemblages and sonic compositions since 1987. His sound and noise are intrinsically connected to his sculptural objects, which, forged from re-purposed junkyard fragments fitted with functional loudspeakers, compress and articulate particular frequencies into hissing static, jet-engine drones, and noxious rumbles. The original analog tapes of Oxide happened to become moisture-damaged, creating drop-outs, print-throughs, and ghostly noise shadows of Konzelmann's muscular drone music, and the tape itself also began to crumble during playback, in eerie parallel to both William Basinski's Disintegration Loops and Hafler Trio's Intoutof. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2008.