Descending Order

(Chair Chair - hh420) CDR $8.00

Minimalist industrial from this process-obsessed duo who are so committed to understatement and simplicity, it seems almost spiteful. Loops of noise, synthetic screech, dumpster field recordings, and a general feeling of disembodiment make up the twelve tracks on their only non-cassette release aside from the CDR reissue of Repetition Is The Sincerest Form Of Repetition (BUFMS 2011). Recommended if you like Video Aventures, Craig Leon.


Repetition Is The Sincerest Form of Repetition

(Butte County Free Music Society - 37) CDR $8.00

Inspired by Non’s Pagan Muzak (more by the repeating form than by the content), Repetition Is The Sincerest Form of Repetition was created in the early 1980s by two agriculture students (now anti-GMO activists), and released on their own Chair Chair cassette label. Using a handful of sound effects records as their sole audio source, Canker and Chancre created loops on reel-to-reel tape and endless cassettes used for answering machines, which were then manipulated via cut-up, speed, direction, saturation and multitracking for their independently made submixes; those were then merged together for the final mixes with virtually no further changes, because, as Chancre explains, “We didn’t want it to sound composed, so much as manufactured, as if it was all just happening by itself.” At times maddeningly busy with the stock-in-trade of old sound effects records -- animals and machines -- smeared, repeating, overlapping, the album’s raw and relentless uneasiness is further enhanced by omnipresent crackles and infrequent but abrupt silences. Includes non-GMO pasta (raw), and one of two different reproductions of artwork from Captain Protein noodle packaging. Second edition of 37, in support of California Proposition 37.