Electric Pond: Solar Solution (Music For Synthesizer and Electronic Sounds)

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Loachfillet dwells on the lakebed of a lifelong musical vision where analogue synth, beaten bass, tape loops and aging electronics pour forth sound too crushingly deep to escape. From a funneling eddy at the start of track one, down you go, descending his bubble column to a booming bass guitar wreck shimmering with algae. You plunge deeper still, down ten expansive tracks to the finale, titled “Hell,” with waves so heavy they’d buckle prettier heads; but you’re here to stay, lungs full at last.


Organ Standards

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The sound structures of West Coast solo anomaly with LAFMS connections Loachfillet are the sort of thing that occur when one dissects Quintron’s Frog Tape, Rosa Rio’s horror picture theatre organ, or The Phantom Of The Opera, and reconstitutes them as a horrific, ungodly monster meant to roam the filthy sewers, or tend to overgrown bats and spiders in a deep, dank cave (to be determined on a case-by-case basis). Whereas East Coast stag entity and maker of ever stranger organ audacity ID M Theft Able sings, raps, abruptly stops, skips and fluctuates sound. Meaning: weird-ass sequential counting, cut-ups in a glitchular noisy atmosphere, loops and echoes of nonsensical mutterings, and at no extra charge because you are my friend, odd and playfully spazzy interludes. Certified A-1 by Guy Montag. Screenprinted and sewn foldout. Edition of 100.