Feedback In A Lover’s Telegraph

(Harbinger Sound) Used CD $9.00

Two tracks, twenty-six minutes-plus apiece. Twenty-two-panel folver in PVC envelope with stickers.


It Gets Worse

(Helicopter - HEL 93031) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

One track, sixty-six-and-a-half minutes, created by a resonant electro-acoustic feedback system using audio power amplifiers and a variety of transducers and feedback regenerators of Romero's own design. The goal is to saturate the atmosphere with natural acoustic standing waves and pulses, large sounds, that are affected (or held in place) by very small movements in order to magnify an (as of yet) indescribable phenomenon.


Plate 1 / Triad / Feedback In A Lovers Telegraph

(P-Tapes) Used CDR $8.00

Digital multi-track home recording; live recording from Beyond Baroque Foundation; live recording from The Smell. No electronic processing or synthesis used, with the exception of band-pass and acoustic filtering on “Plate 1.” Packaged in folded card sleeve with credits listed on inside flap and individually cut paper from a book affixed to outside. From 1998.



(Tone Filth - TF40) 2xLP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

For over a decade Damion Romero’s minimal sub-frequencies have been consistently intense and focused. The pure sound of Twins was recorded live with no overdubbing, effects, tapes, or feedback, and utilizes varying textures and layers of sound. Edition of 500 copies in professionally printed INA/GRM Serie Gramme-style gatefold sleeves.


Wreck (In 2 Parts)

(P-Tapes - P30) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

A collaboration tribute to / parody of the Organum & The New Blockaders' classic Wrack 12-inch courtesy of Los Angeles noisemaker Damion Romero and Japanese ear-destroyers Incapacitants. Clear vinyl.