The One Ensemble Of Daniel Padden

(Catsup Plate) Used CD $5.00

“At times turbulent and at others somber,” report Bryon Hayes of Foxy Digitalis, these “tiny symphonies … incorporate elements of Eastern European folk, minimalist drone and string-laced chamber psych. The One Ensemble’s humbly haunted, multifarious tales look back to post-WWII Europe, following displaced settlers voyaging across the Atlantic toward the unknown. Cello, bouzouki, clarinet, guitar and piano all play a key role in reciting the woeful tale of humanity’s uncertain future. The most prominent and effective instrument however, is Padden’s plaintive wordless vocal…. The intoxicating brew crafted by the deft hands of The One Ensemble…, formerly a solo venture,” now a group with Chris Hladowski, Peter Nicholson and Aby Vulliamy…, “is not difficult to swallow; its complex palette is cleverly disguised with beautiful melodies and a healthy dose of hopefulness.” Handmade digipack