(Og Music) Used LP $20.00

Vocalist / guitarist Gerard Van Herk and the minimal drumming of Tony Dewald birthed the Montreal duo’s manic rootsy sound, dubbed “sludgebilly.” Whole lotta monsters, food, alienation, love, and death, plus covers of Wire’s “Strange”and Merle Travis’s “16 Tons.”


The Worst Of Deja Voodoo

(Og Music) Used LP $30.00

Rarities, 45s, compilation tracks, and many highlights: two five-second homages to Scandinavian hardcore; a trilogy of sludgified covers; the opening track “Monsters in My Garage,” with its Cramps-like mélange of distortion and humor; and “Raised By Wolves,” in which Gerard Van Herk details how he learned to howl properly.


Too Cool To Live, Too Smart To Die

(Midnight) Used LP $15.00

Nine tracks from 1985 performed at a turbocharged punk-tinged pace. Highlights include the herky-jerky “Take Out the Trash” and “Bugs for Christmas,” a cover of Leiber & Stoller’s “Down in Mexico,” and the duo’s signature song, a cover of the old Sun Records single “Cheese and Crackers.”