Dead Souls

(Chocolate Monk - choc.226) CDR $9.00

Violin feedback bloom from Mike Collino, whose spirit of scrape triturates tiny minds. Suitably ajar tape swashbuckle with dollops of bent spooned electronic glup and soured bass harmonic preserve whispers “let’s get mysterious.” Doglady truly represents the crude with lots of style, like a spleen tarantula running roughways, educating the peasants. Let the muscle be heard.



(RRRecords - RRRDOG) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Michigan violinist Mike Collino uses loops, delays and effects to get kinda dark, creepy, industrial/experimental textures and atmospherics. Says Aaron Dilloway, “Excellent violin strangeness complete with multiple reel-to-reel tape delay warbled by bass drum kick pedal.... Killer style!” This LP collects various tracks from his cassettes. Each copy is housed in a hard vinyl laserdisc folder. The outside has a printed cover and the inside has one of RRR’s usual handmade covers.