Human Interface

(Dual Plover - DP42) CD $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Dokaka is a DIY human synthesizer: just a man and his voice. No effects, no auto-tune, no edits, no sampling. Not really a true beatboxer (he multitracks his vocals sometimes as many as 20 passes per song), he began vocally mimicking music while humming along to the television as a child and by the age of six was making tapes of his efforts. The bass-player missed a practice session by the band in which Dokaka played drums as a teenager, and he filled in by humming the bassline. The singer was so taken with his vocal ability he encouraged him to record more on his own. His vocal-only interpretations of Led Zeppelin, Slayer, The Rolling Stones, and many others gained cult status when his mp3s went viral (and attracted the attention of Björk, who incorporated his unusual skill into her 2004 Medúlla album). Available for the first time outside of Japan, Human Interface includes 17 hours of vocal insanity multi-tracked into 88 muttered micro-tracks.