A Pebble In Thousands Of Unmapped Revolutions

(Eclipse) Used LP $22.00 (Out-of-stock)

Immense, ungovernable music from 2001 that’ll turn your extremities purple. Processed voices seep through the wash of dark and hazy drones which evolve behind a primitivist mesh, slowly and organically without noticeable structure.


Halve Maen

(Eclipse) Used 2xLP $28.00

“The sound is an enveloping darkness, and not a gradual one, either; it comes down softly but with authority and takes hold as the twelve-and-a-half minute ‘Fatal Affront’ trips the listener into a fetal position. Utterly creepy yet primal and beautiful. Tension builds in the quiet, over-slow drones, single syllables by human voices. In its slow, meandering way, this music dares you to go further, to close out the world around you and go inside.” From 2003. Sealed


The Axe Helve

(Heavy Conversation) Used LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

The group’s earliest recordings of experimental drone-based music from the late ’90s.