Other Animal

(Troubleman) Used LP $10.00

Erase Errata rock hard and smart, with unimpeachable beats. “Combining the jumble of DNA, the snarling vox of the Scissor Girls, and the leaping bass of the Birthday Party,” notes Pitchfork, “They have just the right ratio of catchiness to antagonism…. [T]heir first full-length … almost topples itself with cranky excitement…. No moment goes without movement — there’s a sense of nervous anticipation in each drum’s snap. Jenny Hoysten’s carefully controlled sing-speak vocals have that blessed Kim Gordon tunelessness that sometimes stress into vibrato-heavy upturn.… Like the Gang of Four [or] Josef K…, Errata Errata pulls energy from the ever-bountiful over soul of dissatisfaction we’ve hid in our minds for the day to day. Channeled to a challenging rock context, it’s simultaneously dead serious and hideously absurd.” From 2001. Sealed