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Glen Galloway, master glumpf from (g)olden days Trumans Water and current mung mind of Octagrape, creaks out solo guitar on all tracks except “Andromedae,” where he mangles keys. Small bits of sporadic drum crunch are thrown in, and one song, “Leveled Sea,” begged so hard for a bristling vocal it was finally granted. That said, spidery worm guitars really do gnaw up most of the screen as would so many yling-yling-soaked digits re-engaging vertebrae in a dreamhaze day spa. The concept: pitting no-wave against protein sprawl. High ceilings, bare walls, wire-infested floors. Branca’s Lesson No. 1 served as monolithic diving board, alongside things like Jack Ruby and Rosa Yemen. Small and mutating on-the-fly loops are improvised and mixed live with generous panning and pitching to approximate a transparent single-member guitar army. Sprawl then reveals itself either with more flickering numbers or when mismatched single takes resemble Parable Of Arable Land or Twin Infinitives or Hairdryer Peace. O stark splurge. Ice bath in sauna room, then at least several hundred heavy towels. Best of luck on the drive home. Edition of 54