(100% Breakfast) LP $16.50

Boston clods (members of Fat Day, Goat Of Arms, The Franklin Street House, and Preggy Peggy) who mix poppy little vintage synth tunes, hardcore, prog / cutup rhythms, and dreadful costumes. Song topics include drowning and existentialism, visiting Germany, the Hadron collider, Italian movies, Richard Harris, photographers who might be Nazis, radio transmitters, coffins, graphic scores, being eaten by vultures in the desert, and the role of aphrodisiacs in Greek mythology. Gatefold jacket opens up to a board game (kinda like Candyland) that allows a player to climb a French mountain in the 19th century. Includes a ridiculous thirty-five-page rule book, an insert of cut-out tokens to move around the game, plastic stand for the tokens, and dice. Quite unbelievable.