Technology of Tears

(ReR Megacorp) Used CD $6.00

2008 reissue of Frith's mid-'80s pieces commissioned by choreographer Rosalind Newman. Guests include Henry Kaiser, John Zorn, Christian Marclay, Tenko. Still sealed but the barcode has been drilled, so we're listing at used.


What Leave Behind

(S.K. - SK28) CD $9.00

All-female Oakland collective collaborating with a giant of prepared guitar, performing Dan Plonsey’s five-part Concerto for Electric Guitar and Toy Orchestra. Lord Frith mixes shimmery noise, strange tunings, brushes, kitchen utensils, and folk-like melodies with the group’s ensemble of toy instruments, actual instruments, and objects. A far cry from a bunch of children banging around, What Leave Behind is a sophisticated sound experience created with intricate recording and mixing techniques. Surreal and dramatic.