Au Chevet Des Blessés

(Ronda) LP $18.00

Sébastien Borgo (guitar, electronics), Franq de Quengo (electronics), Olivier Manchion (bass, electronics), Nicolas Marmin (bass, electronics), and Edward Perraud (drums, percussion) founded The French Doctors when they performed with Damo Suzuki Network on October 5, 2003, at the Cafe de la Danse in Paris (documented on the second disc of Suzuki’s 2005 CD Hollyaris). Their performances that same year with Anla Courtis of Reynols and Jean-Hervé Perron of Faust are preserved in Jérôme Florenville’s documentary Le Chant de l’Imprévu. Translucent red vinyl. With poster, gauze bandage, and red sleeve covered with human blood. Edition of 200.