Conversions in Metric

(Scratch) Used CD $6.00

Scott August lays the groundwork for a new breed of electronic-based pop. The music is instantly recognizable for its Oval and Land of the Loops influences. From 1999


Rome Loves Tan

(Catsup Plate - CPR713) LP $15.00

Later French Paddleboat recordings and Scott August’s work as one-half of Vote Robot helped nudge August toward revisiting the tracks here, originally released on cassette by Union Pole. Songs and loops have been tightened up, reworked, and one song completely replaced with a more fully realized piece ("Indication of Motion”). Emphasis is on analog, homemade sound sources a la Vote Robot, though here the tone is gentle, familiar, and unabashedly pretty. The songs are, for the most part, structured on acoustic drum beats, played live and looped, with layers of chimes, bells, clarinet and warm keyboard tones in meticulous and intricate arrangements.