Metal Notes

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According to a (not making that up), Metal Notes “moves away from tradition into approaches influenced by Cage and minimalism…. [Highlights on Locust’s 2006 reissue of what was previously released on cassette by New Wilderness Foundation in 1985 include] “the opening suite ‘Gamelan NEA, [which] alternates ethereal, high-pitched patterns (a bit reminiscent of the early ‘little instruments’ experiments of the Art Ensemble of Chicago) with solemn gongs. Denise Rightmire-Womelsdorf’s ‘Keith Rays” is an effective elegy for a friend killed in a car crash. Peter Griggs’s ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is a variation on traditional music with similar charms.”


The Complete Gamelan In The New World

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2004 reissue of two legendary recordings originally released by Folkways in 1979 and 1982. This New York performance group counts as its founders Fluxus pioneer Phillip Corner, electronics composer Daniel Goode, and core member Barbara Benary. Equally inspired by the resonant decaying sounds of New York school composers like Morton Feldman, the stunning pacific gamelan music of its namesake and the wild antics of Fluxus, their sound is trancelike and beautifully inspiring. With new liner notes by Marcus Boon.