Return to Nothing / Nothing to Return

(Misanthropic Agenda - MA020) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

One side, Stephen O’Malley on guitar and bass guitar, Gerritt Wittmer on computer, and Tim Wyskida on gong and tympani, recorded live at the Flux Factory in New York in 2004; the other side, remixed by Wittmer. According to Stewart Voegtlin’s skullcrushing Stylus review, “Gerritt’s G4 --which vibrates like a ten-thousand–pound hive loosed of its bees -- relocates some of the preponderance issuing from O’Malley (i.e., tonal ascension w/out cessation … and Wyskida (who … taps away on his gong like a Tibetan monk rubbing his rolmo together…). Yellow vinyl. Edition of 500