A Slab Of Liquid Cunt

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Good Time Aussie Bogalars originate from the old gold-rush-town-cum-industrialized-backwater of Ballarat, Victoria, on the continent of Orstralia. Born into a metal scene that had once been promising but was subsequently decimated by heroin, they abandoned the bleak musical environs of Ballarat for the state capital of Melbourne to purvey their brutal blend of hardcore, noise and angular sludge. Not totally sounding like Rupture, the Stretchheads, Anal Cunt playing like Big Flame, a post-rock Eyehategod, or King Snake Roost doing hardcore, it’s otherwise hard to compare them or find touchstones for the sound on this their debut LP. Songs about bad attitudes, bad behavior, bad smells, bad people, all rife with bad language in a working-class Australian slang an outsider will have to Google to understand, these no-neck proles paint vivid pictures of 21st century white trash in Oz, like Brueghel down-under, smearing blood up-and-down the fret boards of pawn-shop six-strings.