Abersayne b/w Attersaye

(Kye - KYE706) 7-inch $9.75 (Out-of-stock)

A perfectly serviceable love song backed with a rough-and-ready late-night lament. Lyric sheet. Edition of 500.


Amateur Doubles

(Kye - KYE15) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

A two-part improvisation recorded in a Honda Civic. Dangerous, tedious, pointless and timeless, a perfect snapshot of life on the open road. Gatefold jacket, clear vinyl. Edition of 500.



(Erstwhile - ERST052) CD $14.50 (Out-of-stock)

Subtitled “musical settings for common environments and domestic situations,” the material for The Breadwinner was recorded at Lambkin's house in upstate NY, where the duo treated the entire building and its surrounding grounds as a studio, welcoming in outside sounds, which were later kept or eliminated during two years of reworking and polishing. Numerous submerged fragments reveal the beauty in everyday life. Observes Tiny Mix Tapes, “The album consists entirely of sounds from Lambkin's flat -- the radiator, the creaks in the floor, the silence/noise of the various rooms/hallways, the neighbors talking through the wall -- all edited down to roughly 50 minutes from eight hours of tape…. Most everything on The Breadwinner feels a little off and uneasy, a little smeared…. But there's really no single epiphany here, nothing really to "get," no crucial subtext to be discovered. Instead, it's just about finding appreciation in sound and sound construction.”


Salmon Run

(Kye) Used CD $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Carefully constructed arrays of sound.


Softly Softly Copy Copy

(Kye) Used CD $25.00

Field / location recordings (sampled water, ringing bells, bird calls, etc.) with the occasional violin (Samara Lubelski) and acoustic guitar (Austin Argentieri). There is constant disruption of the music’s assumed trajectory: crescendos are cut off, buildups interrupted, and conventional harmonic sensibilities nearly obliterated. A study of sound and non-sound.


The Dishwasher

(Open Mouth) LP $25.00

“Though there are separate and distinct tracks, they flow into each other organically,” explains Greg Kelley. Acoustic guitar, cymbal, tapes, voices, birds, a room, the outside world, and bow are the elements out of which the album is constructed — “not without some jagged interruptions…, but the field recording aspects (passing cars, a siren, some banter) act as a leitmotif holding things together…. As much as it doesn’t exclude the sounds of the outside world, it also lies open to interpretation. Themes recur just enough to create a connective tissue that frames some of the more seemingly disparate elements. Brief fragments of conversation invite the mind to try to understand and create its own narrative; a pizzicato, modal folksong played on guitar, then played back on tape at the end of Side A has a reprise midway through Side B…. This is not a tapestry without thread, but you’ve also got to bring some of your own.”