(Peripheral - PR015) LP $20.00

Six cuts of torrid, industrial drum machines and coruscating noise infiltrated by field recordings and ethereal samples, originally released on JFK / Artaman Tape in 1988. An impressionistic account of the assassination of Jackie Onassis’s first husband, as well as its implications and ramifications: the collective trauma and psychosis, the invasive cold war paranoia, rumours of shadow governments and the implied presence of the hidden, alien hand that guides and shapes human affairs to who-knows-what end. Our friends at Boomkat place this collaboration by Anthony DiFranco, David Padbury and Trevor Ward “somewhere between The New Blockaders and MB, and The Caretaker and Justin K Broderick, ribboning as it does from grinding machine rhythms and ferric-infused atmospheres to bombed-out dystopia and an excellent final collage of mulched news reportage, stray TV signals and greyscale drone apparitions.” Red vinyl. Edition of 300.


Interzone 3

(Industrial Recollections) CD $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

First-time CD reissue of SSS Productions’ 1992 cassette of this collaboration by noise masterminds with different approaches -- versatile Swiss aktionism meets brutal American harsh noise unit meets bleak, lo-fi UK industrial / power electronics.



(Hospital - HOS247) CD $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

A CD reissue of Hospital’s favorite cassette-only release from the legendary UK industrial icon in celebration of their twenty-third year of existence. Famed for their power electronics, Judgement instead exhibits Grey Wolves’ dark, rhythmic industrial and ritualistic, minimal synth self. Two side-long oil-slick tracks of filthy, crumbling, rotten beats hammer away with nihilistic chaos. Militant synth lines raise the occult flag. Ancient ethereal feedback howls voiceless language through the hallway of industrial fallout.