The Union | A Hem of Evening

(Mie Music - 012) 2xLP $14.00

Tom Lecky stacks and layers acoustic, electric and lap steel guitars, delivering a new kind of studio improvisation -- spontaneously made, yet feeling composed, gliding from harmonious to dissonant. MIE Music’s vinyl reissue of his debut CD (Hundred Acre 2012) sweetens the deal with A Hem of Evening: six interlocking acoustic pieces that extend the structural themes of The Union’s central acoustic tracks. Lecky again works with a range of overlapping improvisations and twisted melodic weavings, but here within a more naked and spare atmosphere. The Union is structured by continually stacking great density of sound and involutions, but A Hem of Evening works with a different geometry. In the words of Fluid Radio’s Andy Gillham, A Hem of Evening shows “a canny ability to build meaningful musical structure from free-form composition.” Includes a book of prose poems and photographs.