Guarana Superpower

(Sublime Frequencies) Used LP $10.00

This Ankara-based group of contemporary players is steeped in psychedelics, surf, and expansive rock instrumental grandeur. Formed in 1999, the band led by Özüm İtez (electric guitar) and Işık Sarıhan (percussion) drifts from majestic beauty to blazing delirium with İtez etching his manifesto for electric guitar every step of the way, backed by Sarihan’s wide variety of styles. “MEGA Lambada” and “Guarana Superpower” are more reminiscent of late ’80s post-punk experimental mind-melting, referencing Torch Of The Mystics-era Sun City Girls in grand fashion. Other cuts expand on tripped-out surf, retro Cambodian rock, electrified Thai Mor Lam and Saharan guitar music.