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A confrontation of prog, free-jazz and contemporary electronic composition with fairly intense socio-political statements. The trio masterfully oversees a complicated world where disparate elements coexist: the atypical calm of fractured quasi-lullabies; layers of what sounds like African percussion; brawny and pouncing rhythms; subtly acrobatic guitar lines; lengthy outros that resemble archetypical math-rock with repetitive, complicated rhythmic patterns; visceral dynamics; Dadaist collages of various noises, musical and otherwise; accordion intros; kazoo laments accompanied by pieces of metal and wood scraping together; kinetic drum orchestras, ancient rain forest flutes, and strings; crashing drums; wailing group vocals; very precise, discordant guitar lines. Jacket edges are roughed up, especially the spine; request a pic if you feel like it. UK pressing



([ no label ]) Used LP $40.00

“The set is completely off-the-rails,” enthuses a fan named Gérard about this mid-80s recording originally released on cassette (IndepenDance 1986) and then on CD by Canterbury Dream under the title Cold Storage. Recorded in Krefeld, Germany, "they're in fantastic form, and they sound absolutely mad. It is almost as if they have all been ensnared by a rare narcotic, one that dulls their consciences and leaves them intoxicated, irritable, and thirsty.”


This Heat

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One of the docents at All Music Guide offers this sober perspective: "[This Heat's] self-titled debut is a radical conglomeration of progressive rock, musique concrète, free improvisation, and even -- in a bizarre distillation -- aspects of British folk can be heard in Charles Hayward's singing." This is a sealed copy, though we're listing it as a used CD because it has a drill hole in the upper right corner.