Sun Pandämonium

(Pan - PAN15) LP $27.00 (Out-of-stock)

Deluxe vinyl reissue of the third full-length album from Florian Hecker (Mego 2003). Sun Pandämonium strikes from many angles with a diverse range of fiercely dynamic electronic scenarios. The computer materializes new compositional strategies, leaving behind standard musical structures and seeking out unusual timbral and textural effects. As one reviewer stated, “This record is electronic music as psilocybin science.” Pitchforkmedia described it as “the sounds and frequencies not only of diamonds being sharpened, but then being used to etch directly on the lenses of your optical readers. Call him a sick fuck, a genius, or even Mister Antichrist, but this will cleanse the audio palate as it blows your teeth out.” 140g vinyl, with six monochrome lacquered sheets, silkscreened PVC outer sleeve with the original artwork by Tina Frank and Hecker. Edition of 800.