Decimus / Hobo Sunn

(Kelippah - KEL011) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Pat Murano and Ian Murphy return to the frayed and dangerous inner world of outsider sound exploration and reproduction. Their inverted cosmoses reek of the cinematic, while avoiding both pastiche and canonized musical reference. Where Deciumus uses synthetic devices to create warped, nightmarish representations of organic, everyday sounds (creaky floorboards, a heartbeat, rats squeaking, camera shutters clicking, a taunting feral animal cry), Hobo Sonn places field recordings of actual sounds (foot falls, birds, insects, automobiles) in a dark and drifting world that feels very much like a waking bad dream. Silkscreened jackets. Edition of 300


Wary The Mind

(Amen Absen - AA003) LP $15.00

Processed feedback shifts between tape hiss, static, and muted drones. Intermittent signals of disintegrated sound seep in and recede. Sparseness. Hypnotic and glistening piano evolves into an electronic buzz accented by a raga-esque feedback swirl. Well-placed field recordings, with chimes, clatter and chattering, bring things to a gently decaying conclusion. Edition of 330.