Hollywood Autopsy

(Little Big Chief - LBCR012) LP $18.75 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded in the early 1980s, mixed by Butch Vig, the original private press album (released a mere thirty years before Little Big Chief’s reissue) came in hand-decorated jackets with a photocopied picture of the band glued to the front. In addition to producing a zine (Catholic Guilt), these students from UW Madison (Cyndee Baudhuin on bass, sax and backup vocals; drummer Julie Lindemann; Johnie “Pukeface” Shimon on guitar and vocals; Bob Wasserman on guitar, Farfisa, and vocals) embraced the amateurism of punk rock and pop culture, and rejected the cookie-cutter lyrics, nursery rhyme melodies and pummeling 3/4 beats of hardcore. Listen to their ramshackle yelp’n’grind here: http://www.mkepunk.com/releases/punk/hollywood-autopsy-st-lp/