(Turgid Animal - TA407) 7-inch $9.00

Two blackened noise mantras from North Carolina, based on the Notaricon "MI IOLH LNV HShMILH." Limited to 250 copies. Includes Horseback sticker.


Voltigeurs / Horseback

(Turgid Animal) split 10-inch $16.00

Emotionally Voided describes the Voltiguers tracks as a "hailstorm, a relentless screaming blast of freezing, scalding winds and scraped out dying melodies, a fucked-up torrent of cloudy vestige hoofing its way toward the end and catching everything in its path up in itself.... [Matthew] Bower and collaborator Samantha Davies (of Gyr/Harm) impart a wailing sort of sadness to this composition ... far distanced from the emotional hollowness of Skullflower ... making Voltigeurs a project with a much more expansive palette to draw from." Jenks Miller's Horseback, according to the same source (why not), "meld[s] ... desert-drenched emptiness with black metal's cold textures in an immensely focused way, yielding a sort of psychedelicized blackness that builds up a towering wall of unapproachability."