Infinite Light / Vibracathedral Orchestra

(Krayon Recordings - KR013) split 7-inch $8.25

VCO drops straight into a heads-down, fully tranced narco-dust trail, with guitar-born fireflies leading the way through a never-changing backdrop heat haze of low-lying smoke-mist and earth-veined throb. Tweets and rattlesnake percussion join mystic keyboard spirits blowing in a weightless drift. The first cut from Infinite Light is a section lifted from a show featuring Barry Dean on guitar, Mick Flower on guitar and organ and Pete Nolan jamming the traps, and its a full, free-rock, psych-out captured through a heavy veil of no-fi smog. Part two wraps solo harmonic guitar vignettes around a falsetto vocal cadence fluctuating at the point of saturation.