Winged Leaves

(Catsup Plate) Used CD $5.00

Glenn Donaldson brews “potent and unique acid folk balanced with incidental and instrumental pieces that focus on field recordings and less traditionally structured pieces. The songs here are based on guitar and voice improvisations, and fleshed out with layers of bowed bouzouki, banjo, and dulcimer, along with organ and percussion. There is a distant melancholy in these songs, a mournfulness that somehow manages to be stately and tuneful in the rumble of sounds passing by. Donaldson’s voice accounts for much of this: his echoing, wordless (or, at the very least, indecipherable) falsetto cuts through the layers.” Edition of 1000 in hand assembled, letterpressed chipboard digipaks, with full color tipped-on cover image and poster with Donaldson’s dizzying collage work.”