Fire In The Valley

(Eremite - MTE008) Used CD $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded live in 1996, with Moondoc in the throes of impromptu divination best achieved in front of an appreciative audience, riding the crest of a spontaneously combusting gust of energy that makes the minutes melt away. Percussionist Laurence Cook and bassist John Voigt bustle between volcanic eruptions and quieter dispersions; Cook works his cymbals and snare like pinball flippers continually buffeting a gleaming ball into nooks and crannies, while Voigt’s method is a manic juggling of bow and fingers in a continuous rough caress of his strings.


Judy's Bounce

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Early ’80s free jazz, with the free-form melodic thought of Ornette and the sharp edge of Jackie McLean or Charles Tyler.



(Eremite - MTE011) Used CD $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

“The thrill of this session is most conveyed through sheer grandeur of sound,” opines Boston Phoenix about this 1996 recording, “Moondoc’s alto sax, all sinewy, liquidy, and angular; John Voigt’s highly resonant and probing bass lines; Laurence Cook’s freewheeling drum colors. When the forceful beauties of their sounds combine to convey a surprisingly linear narrative … we’re presented with an overwhelming emotional drama…. [A] spectacular … aesthetic and spiritual adventure of high-level improvisation.”