36 Fibulae

(Chocolate Monk - Choc.545) Magazine + Cassette $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

This gnostic-horror song cycle by the visual and sound artist employs malfunctioning home-built instruments in a series of asynchronous dream-logic miniature plays. Each World is a Drop World, measured in fibulae. Most are without words and many will eventually be expressed as jewelry. Select fibulae include: 1fibulae, a small Pennsylvania suburb in which humans grow prehensile tails with a large eye at the end à la Charles Fourier’s theory of the Archibras; 9fibulae, an exploration of the erotic pleasures of botany in a world without sound; 17fibulae, an innocent game that allows the viewer to see invisible intelligences in residues of protein via various household devices; 23fibulae, The Police are here again; 28fibulae, on the manufacturing of psychoactive pharmaceuticals from a reliquary housing the preserved corpse of a child posthumously revered as a saint; and 32fibulae, against the diseases of civilization. Since the mid-’00s Strong has been developing an approach to improvisation, instrument-building, and applying material from daily life to psycho-devotional purposes. He has performed in groupings such as Melkings, Eyes of the Amaryllis and Weyesbluhd/ Weyesblood, to name a few. He also operates the tape imprint Cor Ardens. Includes badge. Numbered edition of 50