The Will To Death

(Records) Used LP $150.00

Recorded quickly, the 2004 album by Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist is guided by immediacy and plain-faced grace, comforting as Cat Stevens, introspective as Bill Callahan, yet not completely devoid of Pete Yorn-ish stuttering synthesized lead riffs and splashing cymbals. But the meat of the album occurs, according to Pitchfork, “with the simplistic ’60s guitar / drum strum and stereo separation of ‘Time Runs Out’ and the epic ‘Loss.’ Heavily reverbed vocals wash over starkly live-sounding drums and guitar; the song surges to a raucous movement of intertwined solos, one warm and one damaged in squelch. That’s a dynamic Frusciante seems to have resigned himself to, both in life and music — he’s always on the run from the darkness, but still believes in the comforting light ahead.” Includes insert sheet with lyrics and credits. Barcode on back cover is defaced,