Hair Strings and Magnets

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A continuing viola-shaped entry under the Core of the Coalman category for the bureau of international mystery recordings of Chocolate Monks. Five pieces performed on solo viola with electronic things, and recorded in empty, disused, and leaking churches, warehouse spaces, and a dance studio, while Boehringer lived in Huddersfield from 2014 to 2020. Signals bowed, intercepted, and fed-back upon themselves until they become their own memories. Scores for tracks two and five are also available for anyone who wants to take a stab. Edition of 60


The Suspicious String Quartet Plays Tape Guts At The Core Of The Coalman

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These tracks were laid down on one of those hot nights, and the tracks were burning, man, burning. Most were destroyed instantly, in fact, upon entry. Others were partly rescued and reconstituted using an advanced avant-garde dietary cloning process involving transparent magnets whose fields can be read like musical notation, but vertically. No longer needing to scratch cats with horse parts, Boehringer instead utilizes here a gravitational horsefield, altering tempos fluidly to outrun the ever-changing winds of fashion and rescue the princess, whose harmonic tongue might resist definition, but is never short on other types of suggestion.