(Harbinger Sound - 103) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Arsonicide matches the early hysterical Whitehouse sound with harsh oscillating feedback, electronics and wild vocal assaults,” explain our friends at Volcanic Tongue, who remain amazed by Gary Mundy’s bloody-minded noise from 1983 “that combines arcing cracked synth tones and sudden explosions of voice, matching the best of Maurizio Bianchi’s ‘symphonic’ work but with a supremely crude UK DIY edge that is particularly satisfying. On the flip the electronics get even more alienated and extreme, with minimal Morse Code patterns dancing beneath flat-line feedback drones and waves of minimal tone threat.” Edition of 250 copies.


Broken And Beaten in 5/8 Time

(Independent Woman) 10-inch (lathe cut) $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Generally more refined than previous Kleistwahr work, the pieces here catch Gary Mundy (also of Ramleh and Broken Flag Records) furrowing his distinct and recognizable take on a kind of contemporary psychedelia with dystopian leanings. Nodding toward the fug generated by certain krautrock groups while retaining threads of the uncompromising power-noise surges he built his reputation on, Broken And Beaten will lure you to new spaces and force you to nervously look over your shoulder.


Music For Zeitgeist Fighters

(Nashazphone) Used LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two pieces of intense, emotional, and purgative electronics by Gary Munday, described by Philip Best as “moving from one wall to another, tracer fire and the screams of soldiers in makeshift cages. Perilous geography. Some coded references to sobbing teenagers on tape or scattered corpses in plazas…. Maybe a painting, with flames in the distance and the howling of the dogs. Can’t see in or out. Fucked forever in mountains and cellars and attics and seas. Really don’t want to ruin the fun and generally I'm up for anything but this fucking shit cannot go on, can it?”



(Harbinger Sound - 102) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Our friends at Volcanic Tongue tell you everything you need to know about this classic industrial album by Gary Mundy: as one of the earliest releases on Broken Flag in 1983, Myth successfully liberates rock’n’roll from the service of generic form. “The first track is massively psychedelic,” they go on to say, “With a churning miasmic appeal that sounds like it’s devouring several decades of outlaw sound with alla the triumphal Non of the first Faust album. Later tracks are a little more pugilistic, with electronics that double all over themselves again and again, generating hypnotic matrices of pulse-based melodies and whooshing outer space effects.” Edition of 250.