77 Live

(Fucked Up And Naked) Used 2xLP $65.00 (Out-of-stock)

The wailing and screeching guitars here are the true embodiment of a life-changing assault upon the ears by one of the most distinctive and unique sounding rock bands ever. Instead of building tension, Live 77 dissipates it. These amplified drones turn into atmospheric psychedelia at high volumes, while bass and drums plod away at an irresistible relaxing groove — bare and minimal with repeating basslines, and unpredictably brief vocal appearances. Look here if you’re curious about the groundwork for Fushitsusha, Boredoms and Acid Mothers Temple. Paste-on photocopy cover. Sealed


Live 1972

(Over Level) Used CD $15.00

Early handheld audience recordings of fine Japanese rock psychedelia from 1972 (or 1974 or 1976, according to discogs). Frequently compared in sound and spirit to the Velvets and The Dead, for this slogged-out set Hawkwind comparisons may be more appropriate. Play it loud enough and you’ll think you are there, holding the mic. Six tracks: “Field of Artificial Flowers,” “More Deeply Than the Night,” “White Waking,” and untitled improvisation, “Ice Fire,” and “The Last One.”


OZ Days Live 1973

([ no label ] - 561-XLB) Used LP $60.00 (Out-of-stock)

Unauthorized single LP of material originally released as part of a double-LP (Oz Records 1973). Rallizes tracks brim with thuggish psych brilliance, while the Travellers get all squeedly and drone-oid in equal measures. Paste-on jackets. Sealed