Restoration Of Temperment / If You So Choose

(Hoss) Used Split LP $4.00

Wordless singing by Robert A. A. Lowe, gentle and piercing, buoyed by a constantly skyward-spiraling guitar arpeggio and killer blown-out melodic guitar soloing on one side, backed with Ms. Mountains’s “highly disruptive and confrontational … solo performance live in Atlanta in 2006…. Rosanne Rosannadanna meets Genet’s The Maids meets American Idol….Totally mental and fearless and beautiful.


Stone Shit Unicorn

(Chocolate Monk) Used CDR $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Baltimore’s queen of tape hiss and swagger squats down and lays another fine egg of head-scratch. Lowbrow tape collage from 2008 showcase all her chops, from backyard jam band to psychic a capella damage, to ear / soul laceration, and further still — executed in her own street-level avant-thug style. Like the sacred mushroom, this will take you beyond mangled.